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Kiss 98.5 Presents Kissmas Bash 2010 Featuring Charice, December 04

Kiss 98.5 Presents Kissmas Bash 2010 Featuring Charice, December 04

Kissmas Bash tickets always get sold out weeks before the event itself. So if you’re sure you want to see Charice perform at the 2010 Kissmas Bash, you better buy tickets now!

The high demand for tickets is actually expected since Kissmas Bash has a long history of bringing the hottest artists to HSBC Arena. Past acts include Avril Lavigne, David Archuleta, Jay-Z, Kris Allen, and Good Charlotte. The energy of past audiences of Kissmas Bash shows were definitely high and full of screaming, so better prepare yourself and get excited and familiar with this year’s lineup.

Confirmed performers are Charice, Maroon 5, Kelly Rowland, Kevin Rudolf, Miranda Cosgrove, and Neon Trees. Some sound unfamiliar? To get you even more excited on the incredible company Charice is going to have there, here are some snippets of each artist’s bio:

Maroon 5 is probably the one most people are familiar with. They are a Grammy award winning band which has enjoyed platinum to triple platinum album success all over the world. Their hit songs include She Will Be Loved and Makes Me Wonder. Kelly Rowland is best known as a member of Destiny’s Child. She has won a total of five Grammy Awards, one for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for Dilemma.

Kevin Rudolf is a singer-songwriter and record producer who recently topped the charts with his single Let It Rock. Miranda Cosgrove is an actress/singer widely popular with tweens and teens. She starred in the movie “School of Rock” and TV shows, “Drake and Josh” and the currently very popular “iCarly”. She released her debut album “Sparks Fly” last April 2010. Neon Trees is a rock band that has recently topped the Billboard alternative rock chart with their debut single, Animal, which also reached No. 15 in the Billboard Hot 100.

Sounds fun, right? So buy your tickets here , they start from $10 to $75. The Kiss 98.5 Kissmas Bash 2010 is on December 4, 2010, 6 p.m. at the HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY. For more details, visit The Kissmas Bash 2010 page .

Calling all Chasters! Kiss 98.5 has opened a poll “Which act are you most excited to see at Kissmas Bash?” on their homepage. Charice is currently in 5th place out of six. So let’s all vote for Charice, and support her by attending the Kissmas Bash 2010. It will surely be an amazing night!

charice kss poll1 Kiss 98.5 Presents Kissmas Bash 2010 Featuring Charice, December 04

By Sofia Carrera,

69 Responses to “Kiss 98.5 Presents Kissmas Bash 2010 Featuring Charice, December 04”

  1. I am in fact pleased to glsnce at this wesite posts which carries
    plenty of useful information, thaks for providing suchh statistics.

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  2. ChariceFan says:

    An HD version of Jingle Bell Rock as posted on youtube by lantaoislands/chariceconcerts . Cheers and enjoy..

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  3. ChariceFan says:

    Here is Charice singing pyramid at the kissmas bash Again, full credit to youtube: and to the publisher by the name of lantaoislands

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  4. starbuck245 says:
    Every show, Cha does something different and gets better and better. The time between shows, she’s definitely working on her game. She has her act together, that’s for sure. No stopping this young lady.

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  5. Yobhtron says:

    It seems our Ninja Chaster for this event is kababayan01. Thank you very much for your video uploads.

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  6. ChariceFan says:

    The third set California gurl, and others . Credit to chaster from youtube kababayan01

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  7. ChariceFan says:
    Second video from Buffalo, NY

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  8. ChariceFan says:

    Ok guys first video on stage . Credit goes to kababayan01 via youtube. Please enjoy

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  9. tsuki says:

    Kissmas Bash security is getting tighter and severe. The only place to hide camera is one’s underwear. Maybe kissmas does not want to undermine other artists as far as YT view is concerned. Look at MC view and you’ll know what I mean.

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  10. oc fan says:
    … thanks issssla…cant wait to see more videos of charice’s performance at kissmas bash! chasters who attended,..videos pls!

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  11. ChariceFan says:
    Here is first backstage video from kissmas bash Video Credit must be given to isssssssla from youtube.

    More videos to come as they become available and as soon as our robot pick it up :)

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  12. yawn says:
    I wonder if Charice will perform the reported new mash-up for this radio show. I can’t wait to find out what songs they used.

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  13. artemis gibran says:
    Ha ha ha 78% already and it has not yet been seen by half of the CHASTERS lol.

    We NEED SUNSHINE now! They should have put her as the CLOSER of the show or else, the CROWD would leave after her performances lol

    The show producers should learn from her past gigs, prepare yourself do not know what might hit you.

    She is the small but the REAL DEAL of them all.

    remember that I love you always,

    tita artemis

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  14. dadartful says:
    Charice is opening the show at 6 to 6:20 and Maroon5 closing at 9:40pm. Hmmm very interesting, something different. Whoevers going have fun.

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  15. ajrod says:
    Who are you excited to see at Kissmas Bash?
    Miranda Cosgrove
    79 Votes ( 4% )
    Neon Trees
    59 Votes ( 3% )
    Kevin Rudolph
    83 Votes ( 4% )
    Kelly Rowland
    25 Votes ( 1% )
    Maroon 5
    197 Votes ( 10% )
    1583 Votes ( 78% )

    Total Votes: 2026

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  16. Starbuck245 says:
    Hehe I hope chastes didn’t do too good of a job voting. Let’s see how much of the aUdience. Tomorrow night will be for cha. It would b awesome if the voting reflects the crowd. Yell an scream long and loud cha fans. You remember from her interviews that she sYs she heArs the crowd and it inspires her (my interpretation).

    Have fun chasters !!!!!!

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    • renee says:
      totally agree with you starbucks the number of vote of charice on this poll should reflect to the audience tomorrow.

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  17. Portia says:
    Looking forward for tomorrow’s Kissmass Bash. Wow, she is already leading in the most favorite performer of this event poll.

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  18. jimfan155 says:
    Omg, 3 feet of snow in Buffalo. Looks like they need a little Sunshine to melt it away. Here she comes Buffalo. Get ready to be taken by storm.

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  19. rob47 says:
    I encourage all Chasters to E-mail the links to Charice’s Spectacular Performances to friends and relatives. You may also post them at facebook, etc….

    Only a maximum of 10 percent Filipino families here in the U.S. are FULLY supporting CHARICE. Please note that there are about five million Filipinos here. With an average family of five, there are about one million Filipino families here in the U.S. About ten percent or 100,000 are STRONG and DEDICATED CHASTERS.

    If each CHASTER will send the links to at least 20 people/families, there will be an additional 2,000,000 people/families who will appreciate how great CHARICE is as a Singer! This will speed up her popularity all over the world.

    Below are sample links of her performances during the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Rockefeller Center in NY. You may copy the two links below to your E-mail by clicking the left button of your mouse, and press the CTRL and C buttons of the keyboard. It will copy the highlighted links in blue. Then you may paste it to your E-mail by clicking the CTRL and V buttons of your keyboard.

    For the “Jingle Bell Rock” performance, I chose the link without the technical problem. It also includes the other performers. I think that it is good for the viewers to compare CHARICE with the other performers because she obviously outperformed them all!

    I hope this helps our BELOVED CHARICE!

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  20. EBjohns11 says:
    woah, good job Chasters for voting. I just voted and she has the most votes =)

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  21. Dren says:
    What the… 75% already. They should have put charice for the 1 hr show instead of maroon 5. JOKE.. PEACE ^^. Great fan of both.

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