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GleeCap: ai???Duetsai???

GleeCap: ai???Duetsai???

Gleeai??i??s fourth episode of season two premiered last night, October 12, 2010. ai???Duetsai??? was an episode bursting with duets, not just of the singing kind but also of the relationship one.

A Quick Recap

In a plan to make the members of New Directions more involved with the club, Mr. Schuster starts a contest wherein two members who will sing the best duet, will win a dinner for two at Breadstix. Sam, a new student, officially joins the glee club. He is then asked by Kurt to be his duet partner, believing that heai??i??s also gay. Sam denies this, and was hesitant at first to be paired with Kurt, but was later convinced when he heard his voice.

This pairing is deemed harmful to Samai??i??s membership in the club, due to bullying by the homophobic football team members, so Rachel and Finn plot to break the pair since they donai??i??t want Sam to leave the group. They decide to make Sam the winner of the contest so heai??i??ll feel very welcomed in the club. They convince Quinn and Sam to do a duet together, and replace their own adorable number of ai???Donai??i??t Go Breaking My Heartai??? with an offensive nun-and-priest-relationship interpretation of ai???With you Iai??i??m Born Againai??? (by Billy Preston and Syreeta Wright).

Meanwhile, the other members of the glee club handle their own pairing dramas in both amusing and questionable ways. Tina and Mike, argue about their being too Asian as a couple and Mikeai??i??s reluctance in singing. They remedy this by performing ai???Sing!ai??? (from ai???A Chorus Lineai???). Brittany feels jealous when Santana picks Mercedes to sing ai???River Deep, Mountain Highai??? (by Tina Turner) instead of her. She then decides to sing with Artie but this pairing ended in tragedy (they dropped out of the duet contest) when Artie realized that he was just being used for his voice and Brittanyai??i??s taking his virginity was not out of love. Kurt, feeling all alone in his homosexuality, decides to do ai???Le Jazz Hotai??? from ai???Victor/Victoriaai??? all by himself.

Despite the amazing performances of everyone, Quinn and Samai??i??s duet, ai???Luckyai??? (by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat), won through voting. Everyone actually voted for themselves except for Rachel and Finn, who were still plotting to make Sam win and so voted for the ai???Luckyai??? number. Order micronase powder Sam and Quinn go on to have dinner at Breadstix, but instead of using Mr. Schusterai??i??s prize, Quinn makes Sam pay the bill since itai??i??s their first date. This was actually a very sweet gesture from Quinn as she didnai??i??t actually want to have a relationship yet despite the obvious chemistry between them.

The episode ends with a duet between Rachel and Kurt to a mash-up of ai???Get Happyai??? and ai???Happy Days Are Here Againai??? which was Rachelai??i??s way of comforting Kurt. She told him that despite his being gay and alone, he is not lonely as the whole glee club will always be there to support and value him.

Watch the full episode here:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.

Whatai??i??s Next?

Gleeai??i??s next episode is titled ai???The Rocky Horror Glee Showai???. Donai??i??t forget to watch it or the weekly GleeCap here in With four episodes down, only one episode is between us and Chariceai??i??s re-appearance in Glee. Episode six is rumored to be titled ai???Never Been With a romantic-sounding title like that, Charice could easily do a heart-wrenching powerhouse ballad performance, which is what Ryan Murphy (Gleeai??i??s creator) wants her to sing on the show. So go catch-up on Glee now, Chariceai??i??s character Sunshine Corazon is just a few weeks away from another mind-blowing performance!

So how do you think Charice will come back on Glee? Another diva-off with Lea Michele? Or a solo performance? Maybe a romantic duet? Or a show choir number with the rival Vocal Adrenaline? Tell us what you think! Just leave a comment below.

By Sofia Carrera,


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30 Responses to “GleeCap: ai???Duetsai???”

  1. Sylvia says:

    I want to hear a duet w/ his co adrenaline member “Come what may” its a big song. I think she can handle it ^^

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  2. pynk says:

    I would like to hear charice and lea do a duet to “When you Beleive”.

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  3. Spawn says:

    Hi guys,

    I found this article ’bout ‘Sunshine Corazon’ in relation to common people. It’s kinda long article to read,but it highlights our Princess’ role in being a model for humility and cheerfulness amidst obstacles in one’s life. I hope that I posted it in the right topic (kindly check, Great Admin). Here’s the link:



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  4. justcharrie says:

    I missed to watch last week’s episode so I made sure that I watch this time and I’d say that I enjoyed it. My favorite duet was that of Mercedez-Santana – they really did a good performance. The wait for the next Sunshine episode has again been extended as I heard there will be replays of previous episodes for reasons I’m not sure of though I wish it’s not true. Can’t wait for Charice’s next blow minding performance. I don’t mind whichever song she’s gonna cover.

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  5. kalipay says:

    Last year when there was a buzz about Glee (first season) I tried
    watching it but did not connect with it, despite beeing a big choir fan my whole life. Possibly because the storyline is quite quirky, convuluted, contrived and too Americanized to be universal. Now as being revealed that the singers are “auto-tuned” esp.for their solo numbers somehow it has even lost its polish as a credible venue for talent-makers. Needless to say, I don’t know if this is the right gig for Charice. Although I won’t be disappointed if she is not made a full-time cast member, but just like a cone of ice-cream I would enjoy it for the moment.

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  6. Djodjo says:
    Charice is not only the most talented girl in the world.
    She is the most “luckiest” girls in the world.

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    • says:
      LOL i don’t know why people clicked thumbs down on this comment. it’s true. she’s both the most talented girl in the world and the luckiest.

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  7. 28venice says:

    The Duets are beautiful , I must say !

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  8. lord-king-leader says:
    cant wait for charice to come back

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  9. irene says:
    hello people,please help me coZ’ i don’t know how to watch the show,i’m here in germany and everytime i opened up the video ud been uploading they are not available to be watch here,im so desperate…i love charice,i find her so amazing,i can’t get enough of her,my day is not complete without watching her sing,i love very much her character esp.being so humble and respectful,i’d been following her since she was a child where she is joining singing contest on tv in the phil.,now im here,thanks falsevoice coz’i can still follow here thru youtube but this show GLEE can’t be watch here…i also want to thank all of you for supporting our own charice,she deserves to be happy….Charice keep it up kiddo…God bless you and us all c”,)

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  10. ebjohns11 says:
    tnx for this, i missed Glee last nite. im hoping to see Charice soon.

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  11. xavierk1015 says:
    after the serious tone from last week’s “grilled cheesus” episode i’m glad that the series returned to it’s hilarious antics, although i’m kinda disappointed that Sue’s not in this episode. can’t wait for Charice to make a comeback.

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    • Becky says:
      Glee will not be shown next Tuesday (they will skip a week). Hence, the sixth episode will be shown next next next week.

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      • xavierk1015 says:


        thanks for the info. just wanna greet all the chasters and gleeks out there, God bless and more power!

        by the way, how bout Charice perform one of her original songs in the series? i think “In This Song” fits in perfectly for the second season finale. i can already see Charice, Lea Michelle and Amber Riley belting out this wonderful ballad.

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  12. starbuck245 says:
    i dont think we will see charice pining about never having been kissed. her character hasnt been developed enough for the audience to care. maybe it will be coach beiste who is the subject of episode 6′s title.

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  13. blas says:
    for the episode “never been kissed”, i have a feeling charice will sing celine dion’s all by myself.

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  14. Ate Lina says:
    I watched Glee’s Duets last night. On this episode almost all of the casts got a chance to perform or sing to show off their singing talent with the exception of Artie, Brittany & Puck (no show). I enjoyed the duets, Kurt’s solo/duet but I missed Artie’s singing. I missed also the appearance and “duelling” of Sue and Beastie. The two are the spice of the show I think. Sam’s pouty lips is too disturbing for me. ha ha jk!

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  15. Perry pc says:
    I am not a Glee fan but I will watch episode 6 just because of Charice.

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7

  16. bangag says:
    I just have a quick question though.on it was told tht charice wll be bck on thr 6th ep on nov 2. Nov 2???!!!! I thght episode 6 is on oct 26.I read this frm several sources online…please….could smebdy cleae this one up? Thnx

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • ONE MYK says:
      October 26 will will be the Halloween episode. There will be a one week hiatus. I think this will be a break for the cast during Halloween week. So the next episode thereafter will be when Charice is rumored to appear which is on November 2nd.

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  17. Jeremy Stone says:
    Honestly, I am not a Glee fan. I was skeptic about the show. I thought that it would be a corny show like High School Musical. However, when Charice became part of Glee I thought about watching to see what it really is. After watching a few episodes, I began to appreciate Glee.

    Unlike other musical that only cover mostly broadway songs, Glee was totally different. This shows has wide genre of songs from pop, ballad, rock, adult contemporary, rap, r’n’b, country, gospel, broadway, and jazz. I also like how each story of the shows add meaning to the songs.

    Glee is a comedy show full of zest about life. It is very funny and sometimes tear-jerking. It is different from all musical shows, no wonder Glee has garnered a lot of Emmy nominations.

    I love Glee.

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  18. Percy says:
    I’ve always loved musicals so Glee is great for me and Charice on the show is the ‘Char-icing’ on the cake!

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  19. Jeremy Stone says:
    I like this episode. My favorite is the song “Happy Days Are Here Again” by Rachel and Kurt. Mike Chang was very funny.

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