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David Foster Has Surprises in Store for Mandalay Bay concert

David Foster Has Surprises in Store for Mandalay Bay concert

David Foster is such a master of music, heai??i??s known as the hitman in the record industry. Heai??i??s a platinum producer, wizard writer, artistic arranger, creative conductor and perfect pianist. Heai??i??s also the confidante to the stars, and itai??i??s because of his royal and regal reputation that he can count on them as friends.

Not content with producing this weekendai??i??s performances by Sir Elton John, Rob Thomas, Jennifer Hudson, Jason Mraz and the Canadian Tenors for Andre Agassi’s Annual GrandslamAi??at the Wynn, David has to top himself one week later. Thatai??i??s when he presents his PBS specialAi??David Foster & Friends at Mandalay Bay Events Center on Oct. 15.

David told me: ai???When we started these specials, Andre Bocelli and Michael Buble led the charge. To try to do less would be a cheat, so Iai??i??m happy to say weai??i??ve done it again with an extraordinary lineup thatai??i??s equally

Superstar Seal will headline, along with Las Vegas hometown hero Ne-Yo, Martina McBride, Earth Wind & Fire, Kenny Loggins, Michael Bolton, Ruben Studdard, Donna Summer, Charice, Chaka Khan and Natalie Cole. As if that scorecard of superstars wasnai??i??t sufficient, David promises that there also will be some surprise guests.

In our interview, David revealed that Donna, Chaka and Natalie have said that theyai??i??re up to working as a trio for the first time. ai???Itai??i??s a case of finding the right music and getting the rehearsal time. If we can pull that off, it would be incredible. All of them want to do it. Weai??i??ve certainly got Seal and Donna working on a duet, and Martina McBride,

David told me: ai???Itai??i??s a 12-month task to put the one-night-only show all together. Working on the music is the last thing you tackle. In the six weeks leading up to the show, I really reach deep into my repertoire. At this moment, I have a 4-hour show that must be cut to 93 minutes. Iai??i??ve cut it down already to 30 numbers, but by the time we arrive at Mandalay Bay, that will have to be cut to 24 numbers.

ai???However, I donai??i??t even know who will drop by to surprise us. Last year, we had Donny Osmond and Paul Anka come by out of the blue to perform Purchase detrol generic name ai???Puppy Love,ai??i?? so you never know what to expect at the last minute. I know there will already be one definite surprise, but Iai??i??m guessing there will be some other nice ones,

I asked David if even he was impressed and in awe of the superstars he signed up this year. ai???I marvel at it every day. I am humbled by their support. I walk away every time saying to myself that Iai??i??ve never seen a lineup like this before and will never again — and then I have to do it all over again a year later. Remember I grew up with a very ordinary life just 10 miles over the border into Canada.

ai???So I get excited every day about being in this business. I work in a fantasy world and have the greatest time. But the workload is phenomenal. Iai??i??m never fearful of it. I donai??i??t want it to sound egotistical, but I know Iai??i??m good but never take it for granted because I am very lucky to have this God-given

His only fear is that he dreads a last minute no-show due to circumstances beyond his or the starai??i??s control. ai???I simply want them to be happy onstage with me, and if they are, then I am and the audience will

David predicts that this will be the big year for his teen discovery Charice, now 18.

ai???Sheai??i??s set to explode now that sheai??i??s appearing onAi??Glee. She is coming into her own now at 18. Sheai??i??s a star, and you know when sheai??i??s in or out of the room. She will sing two Celine Dion songs. One is ai???To Love You More,ai??i?? and I guarantee our audience will have chills itai??i??s so emotional.”

ai???Be it Seal or Donna Summer or any of the others or the surprises, this will be one more extraordinary and memorable night I wonai??i??t even believe it

Source: Las Vegas Weekly,Ai??Robin Leach: Luxe Life

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49 Responses to “David Foster Has Surprises in Store for Mandalay Bay concert”

  1. sam gurgiolo says:
    i cant wait for this concert charice is going to be awsome i have watched videos of her singing to love u more on u tube its gana be so awsome.

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  2. denb3ar says:
    Can’t wait for her Oct 23 performance w/ David Foster and friends! This could be an emotional performance to the max. I hope I can record the event as well as others but knowing Araneta to be strict on gadgets, we can only keep our fingers cross. (maybe I am speaking too soon knowing Chasters to be persistent and mostly get away with it);)

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the time is fast approaching, or it may already be upon us, when it will very, very difficult to vid her performances, at least at large venues where security is tight.

      Frankly I haven’t bothered to look but I suspect it’s practically impossible to get any decent quality vids of the big stars’ performances such as Celine, Beyonce, Miley, Eminem (sp?) etc. Anything for them would probably be low quality stuff that may or may not even be worth watching.

      It’s been great watching Cha through the years, and Chasters and even Cha/family themselves have been great contributors to the vid collection, but Cha is exploding right before our eyes, and I hope that we all are happy and thankful that she is becoming the superstar we hoped she’d become. I for one, don’t mind the price of a ticket to see her perform a full concert in the near future or be satisfied with quality promotional pieces such as her WOW rehearsal that I thought was great, and free!

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  3. minbeauty8 says:
    Great stories and videos on early upbringing of Charice in music…she is really UNDENIABLE…AN ASSET that Philippines let slipped out of their hands due to mentalities that exist until today!! More power and good luck Charice!

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    • RodBelt says:
      It is a well known fact that a fraction of the music industry back home ignored or failed to recognize her exceptional talent then, (read: Little Big Star). Yet, Charice has always shown her love for her motherland through her words and actions. Even now that Charice is garnering the honors and recognition in the international stage, she has not forgotten her humble beginnings as exemplified by her recent greetings to her barrio folks in Gulod through Skypes. Charice focusing her talents here in the US is an opportunity that NOBODY around the world would ever ignore. To insinuate that because of the shortsightedness of a few to embrace her back home is to mean that she is no longer an asset of her beloved motherland is a total misconception. Charice will always be an ASSET and PRIDE of the Philippines UNLESS she turns her back from her origin. AND IT WILL NEVER, NEVER HAPPEN!

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      • osuna says:
        To Rodbelt and Minbeauty8

        Your statements are very parallel, and I myself agree, Charice will never never be accepted in the community if she did not crossed that international border because of her talent. You will hear a lot of “lip service” from now on and you are probably been hearing it already from some of the very popular celebrities. What it amounts to are, they are simply establishing their position by broadcasting good thing about her now and I still believed that those are questionable words.

        Charice is a very powerful person now, big time promoter, producer and song writer will listen to her if she ever recommends anyone, but I don’t think it will happen. For one thing , she don’t owe any performers in the business a bit in her beloved country, except Dave Duenas (falsevoice)and all the ninong and ninang. Inspite of her unreachable accomplishments, all she wants to do is give, give and then give.

        I don’t think either that she will ever turn her back against her beloved country, guilts within the community will linger for a very long time, she will end up as a backup or background in the business “anyway”, so its really a blessing in disguise that she did not make it and Falsevoice came along on a right time who had more talents and guts how to recognize a genuine talent. Bashing are welcome, am ready.

        Anyway, that is all I’ve got to say, and I am sure, I will be getting all the bashing in no time, sometimes truth hurts.

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    • osuna says:


      If you wish to cry today, go YouTube….”SNN Charice Interview”
      was probably done last year by Boy Abunda, its got 7 or 8 chapters because of YouTube requirements, its an eye opener for those who wish to forget what she went thru while growing up. Good luck.

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