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ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!

ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!

Gleeai??i??s third episode of season two premiered last night, October 5, 2010. ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? was an episode full of powerful singing and also, of a powerful message: have faith, whether in a god or in any relationship with people that you love.

A Quick Recap

Finn discovered a burnt image of Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich he made, which prompted him to visit a more prayerful side of him. Since not all members of the glee club believed in a god, they renamed Finnai??i??s suggestion of singing worship songs to singing about their spirituality. Kurt, however, further distanced himself from the group as he questioned the importance of faith. Then, his father suffered a heart attack which left him unconscious and in a coma. The glee club tried helping out Kurt by singing to him in hopes of convincing him to ask for godai??i??s help.

gleeprev91 300x219 ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!Even songs like ai???I Look to Youai??? (performed by Mercedes) and ai???Papa Can You Hear Me ai??? (by Rachel) failed to soften-up Kurtai??i??s non-believer stand. He is backed-up by Sue Sylvester in banning any songs of faith from being performed by the glee club. Meanwhile, Finnai??i??s belief on the ai???grilled cheesusai??? continues to grow as his wish about Rachel and their relationship came true. But he questions his newfound faith when his wish on becoming the quarterback again resulted to Sam (the new quarterback) in being taken away to the hospital in an ambulance. Kurt then sings ai???I Want to Hold Your Handai??? in front of the glee club, as he remembers the memories he shared with his father when he was just a child.

Mercedes brings Kurt to her church as a way of trying to convince and help him. After her rousing choir-backed performance of ai???Bridge over Troubled Waterai???, Kurt is now shown standing by his fatherai??i??s bedside, talking about how he believes in their relationship despite the lack of a recognized god or religion. Kurt then shouts for a nurse when he felt his father squeeze his hand. The show ends with a moving cover of ai???One of Us ai??? by the whole New Directions.

So Where is Charice?

To all the Chasters that tuned-in to catch Charice, your eyes didnai??i??t trick you. She wasnai??i??t really in that episode. Word is, she will be returning to Glee as Sunshine Corazon in episode seven. But do still tune-in to Glee every week so you donai??i??t get out of the loop on whatai??i??s happening to the story; so youai??i??ll be prepared once Charice blows everyoneai??i??s shoes off again with her Glee solos. And maybe, just maybe, the people behind Glee might reconsider and let her make an early appearance in the next few episodes. Showing her on the Where can i buy stromectol ivermectin pilot episode and waiting until episode seven to do that again ai??i?? is that a bad decision or what? Considering how appetizing the last two episodes were, people will get really hungry for more Charice on Glee!

Watch the full episode here:

For now, Hulu is a U.S. service only.

Welcome Glee Fans!

Charice Glee Fans 75x75 ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!You were most likely blown away by Chariceai??i??s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best of Charice in the best quality that we could find! From her perfectly controlled rendition of ai???One Moment In Timeai??? to the fun ai???Babyai??? (hey, she can rap!), if you are not yet a big fan, youai??i??ll surely become one after hearing her very best. >> continue reading


Glee Season 2 Episode 1 ai??i?? Audition

gleek out sunshine 75x75 ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!Tonightai??i??s second-season premiere offers a reassuring blast of singing, dancing and high-school-faculty power-plays. New additions to the cast include: Sunshine, an exchange student with a big smile and bigger voice (played by teenage pop star Charice, whose fan club includes Oprah Winfrey); the Justin Bieber-esque Chord Overstreet as Sam, and a new football coach, known as ai???the Beastai??? (played by Dot Jones).
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69 Responses to “ai???Grilled Cheesusai??? ai??i?? Just an Appetizer for More Charice on Glee!”

  1. xavier says:

    Charice being on the 2nd season of Glee truly is a blessing, and i have been following the tv series since season 1. maybe it wouldn’t hurt if i suggest they put some of Charice’s music in the series, “Pyramid” would represent New Direction’s aim to the top by winning the Nationals and “In this Song” would fit in perfectly with the struggles the group had to endure during the course of the series. i can already see Charice, Lea Michelle and Amber Reily belting out this wonderful ballad. More power to Charice and Glee!

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  2. Jeremy Stone says:

    Honestly, I am not a Glee fan. I was skeptic about the show. I thought that it would be a corny show like High School Musical. However, when Charice became part of Glee I thought about watching to see what it really is. After watching a few episodes, I began to appreciate Glee.

    Unlike other musical that only cover mostly broadway songs, Glee was totally different. This shows has wide genre of songs from pop, ballad, rock, adult contemporary, rap, r’n’b, country, gospel, broadway, and jazz. I also like how each story of the shows add meaning to the songs.

    Glee is a comedy show full of zest about life. It is very funny and sometimes tear-jerking. It is different from all musical shows, no wonder Glee has garnered a lot of Emmy nominations.

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  3. lurkerfan says:
    I don’t see anything wrong with people saying I won’t watch Glee unless Charice is on it. Some people watch just the episodes with Charice not because they hate Glee but because they just prefer it that way. Lately, it seems like everything people have to say here has to be censored. Not cool. Ok thumb me down, I don’t care.

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    • vinni says:

      Censorship is such a strong word. Nobody’s trying to censor anyone – I hope! There’s nothing wrong with whatever anyone says or wishes to do. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what makes them happy.

      What’s critical though is what type of reaction is generated in response to one’s preferences or statements once made public. Again, nobody’s censoring anyone. You censor your own self.

      Let’s all be prudent as to what we want published. It’s not about one person being different, or one person having his/her way. It’s about what we are trying to achieve here that matters.

      If full freedom of speech is to be observed – it goes both ways! One can say whatever one wants irrespectable of what the others may say. Remember though that it’s both ways!!!

      Making a suggestion shouldn’t be misconstrued as censorship. Censorship is totally blocking you out regardless of what you have to say. That’s not the case here! A suggestion is merely that – a suggestion!!! I can only hope that all of us here can affect a “positive” culture versus a “negative” one.

      Happy reading!!!

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  4. vinni says:

    MODERATION! That is the key to enjoying everything in life. Too much of a good thing can actually be a “bad thing”. I am sure I fall in the category of a wanting fan, but I undertand and realize that the show’s title is “GLEE” and not “Charice”!

    Try to control your raving need to splurge on Charice and understand that the world does not revolve on her alone. There are other important issues in our daily lives that warrant a more active participation and thinking from all of us. Yes, we would like to see her sing and dance all the time, but let it all happen on it’s own instead of forcing the issue.

    Free speech and all considered, sometimes it’s best to stay quiet and listen rather than banter and appear uneducated. Remember one thing folks, passing judgement doesn’t make you an intelligent person, it simply diminishes your ability to see the logic regarding the issue/s.

    As her fan worried that all these negative comments might somehow affect her, I would like to suggest we all back down from being too demanding and illogical. Let’s see what happens later and enjoy whatever moment or feeling we get from it. Remember, the show’s title is “GLEE” and nor “Charice”!

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  5. kjaz says:

    *its cast members

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  6. kjaz says:
    I agree that we should not impose a general ban on critical remarks about Glee and it’s cast members. That seems a bit excessive, and as it has been mentioned in previous posts, long-time gleeks can be quite negative about aspects of the show from time to time. Constructive criticism is healthy.

    However, as mentioned in a previous post I would think twice before giving praise to Charice and critizising Glee in the same sentence (not that I personally have a great need to critizise Glee). Freedom of speech does not entail that it’s always a good thing to voice your opinion without considering the setting and implication.

    As a fan of Charice I always ask myself if the comment I’m about to make is conducive or not to promoting her. Constructive criticism of Charice may pass such a test, as would constructive criticism of Glee. However, comments of the nature “Glee is nothing without Charice”, “I don’t really think Lea is that talented – Charice could outsing her any day of the week”, “The singing in this episode was so bad…oh I miss Sunshine” would set off my alarm bells. Hence, I would refrain from posting such comments (NB! The latter examples do not reflect what I personally think about Glee and is likely to contemplate posting :-).

    What do you think of this “conduciveness guideline” of mine? Am I too strict? Too lenient? Misguided, and a danger to free speach? I imagine opinions differ, and after all that’s part of what makes a discussion fun ;- )

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  7. mzmiamoi says:
    Youre right!!! This episode needed a ray of sunshine on that cloudy day….he he hey!!!

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    • ncube says:
      This episode is actually not bad nor is it really that good depending on from which vantage point the viewer is and through which set of spectacles he or she is viewing the show. It was slow and somewhat boring perhaps for the irreligious, non-spiritual, or for anyone who’s accustomed to the pace and lively spirit of the two previous episodes. For others, the subject may have been dealt with less reverence than one might hope or expect for such a serious and sacred topic. Quinn best expressed this emotion when she protested: “We shouldn’t be talking like this!” while discussing the existence of God. With such a controversial topic as religion and spirituality, the writer tried to cover as much ground as possible, from different perspectives and persuasions. But in doing so he could not avoid offending one group while satisfying the other.
      As for the musical numbers, the one that really stood out for me was Mercedes singing “I look to You.” I really loved her voice on this one. Her performance and the context in which the song was sung were very moving. I immediately downloaded the song (both hers and Whitney Houston’s) from iTunes. The second song that I also thought was really good was Kurt’s rendition of the Beatle’s classic “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” It was sung with such feeling and delicateness, and in a totally unique way appropriate for the story. Tina’s solo intro of “One of Us” was also breathtaking and beautiful though the whole song still mystifies me as to what its true message is. As for the storyline, Sue Sylvester’s sudden change of heart from a hard line atheist to someone seriously reconsidering that God probably does exist was for me, the highlight of the show. For those of you who have not seen the show, I recommend that you do but do so with a really open mind. Whether you’re a believer or not, an atheist or not, an agnostic, an animist, a communist, a principled anarchist, or a Charice-only fan, I think it’s always good to reflect on one’s own beliefs and those of others.
      Lastly, I would be lying if I say I didn’t miss Charice. I could imagine her singing “I Look to You” now…

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  8. camo says:
    i have saying the same thing since glee aired whether you watch because of charice or not dont belittle the cast because charice is a part that cast recurring or not.not everyone is gonna be a fan of the show but respect it enough to not put anyone down,charice is humble and she would like her fans to do same .we all have the same goal to promote charice here on this site no need to offend anyone .

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  9. Daniel says:
    I watch Glee whether Charice will be appearing or not. It is a good show for young and adults and they have different themes every week.
    You have to embrace the show just as we embrace Charice into our hearts because she’s part of the show and now a family member of the casts. It’s selfish to ignore the other cast members and only focus on Charice. So chasters, tune in every Tuesday night and support Glee and we’ll celebrate when Charice re-appear again in episode 7 and thereafter……Cheers!

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  10. redsoxcitizen says:
    My two cents… I now watch Glee because of Charice. I can see why it is a hit show – it is youthful, it pokes fun at stereotypes in America and boy, it’s got some talented performers in it too. I have my own preferences when it comes to what I watch (and I will keep that to meself) but I will show my gratitude to everyone in Glee for very ably introducing Charice to more mainstream America.

    It makes sense to those who care about her NOT to diss on the show or its main characters (whining too comes second if I may add). To the fans of Glee who happen to be visiting the CM site, rightly or wrongly it puts them off. If her success is foremost in one’s mind, then better make sure one’s comments are NOT meant to put off another group of potential allies. So be positive ambassadors for the princess and as my gramma used to say – if you got nothing good to say keep it to yourself.

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    • max says:
      Amen! You expressed very eloquently what I was trying to say in my previous comment.

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    • Ria Pineda says:
      Have you even read the comments in glee forum? They are fans there and yet they criticize the show. You are too sensitive. I may not like what some of you guys but I will defend your right to say it. If you cannot accept the opinion of others, then don’t read them rather than stopping them from saying it.

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      • ncube says:
        Bravo! I too have a bit of problem when we have to put on a “happy” and “welcomely” face directed towards a particular group of people just because we want something from them in return. That’s just way too fake for me. And besides, a vast majority of Gleeks are grown ups. Just visit the Glee forum as mentioned by Ria. They’ve got all sorts of dicussions and debates going on there and yet manage to maintain order and civility – and quite frankly, sometimes better than among ourselves here. And lastly, the fact that we’re openly telling Chasters to behave in a certain way is a give away to visiting Gleeks that our being “nice” to them is disingenuous.

        I am a Glee fan now because of Charice, and would continue watching the show with or without her. However, I do not have any problems with Chasters with opposing sentiments and views of the show. I support responsible free speech.

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  11. Ate Lina says:
    Eve, I agree with you 100%. We Chasters are like hosts to this site and we are trying to welcome new fans especially glee fans who just discovered Charice thru Glee. When we make comment on this site pro or against viewing Glee regularly, everyone including the new fans can read your preference of not watching glee just because Charice is not there. Just put yourself in the shoes of the new fans who will read your comment. The bottom line is: Be a good, welcoming host. Just keep to yourself your preference because it will ruin the main purpose of this site and that is to promote CHARICE.

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  12. eve says:
    CM exists to promote Charice and we have a tremendous opportunity to do that with Glee fans who discovered Charice’s voice in episode 1 and who WILL discover her amazing voice in future episodes. It says “Welcome Glee Fans” above. If you don’t like the show, that is fine. But CM is inviting Glee fans here to learn more about Charice and common courtesy is not to offend your guests by insulting what they are interested in.

    Imagine a Gleek being invited to a party and hearing all the other guests talking “I don’t like that show… not interested.” Nothing wrong with that, but just keep it to yourselves for the sake of our invited Glee guests. We do hope you all consider yourselves ambassadors for Charice and as such to be accordingly polite. Or we may have to rethink providing the weekly recap (which some had asked us btw to keep abreast of the show whilst leading up to Charice’s re-appearance) out of embarrassment for some ill-mannered folk.

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  13. ebjohns11 says:
    can we fast forward to episode 7 now pls? lol…i like glee but i like it more & exciting if Charice is there!

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  14. eman says:
    i’m like crazy reading all comments here i’m smiling and at the same time sad.chasters thumbsdown fellow chasters?in my own opinion we should watch and support glee.on the other hand,i also agree to those who don’t feel watching it.freedom from want so to speak.OMG now i sound crazy.i’m balimbing hahaha.peace to all chasters

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  15. kjaz says:
    I think it’s totally OK if some chasters don’t like Glee enough to watch all episodes, not only those starring Charice. However, I get upset when fans of Charice voice their love for Charice by critizising the regular cast and/or the show in general. You don’t have to put someone down in order to lift up someone else! If such opinions are voiced in a forum where Charice is relatively unknown to many, it will IMO be counter-productive in promoting Charice.

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  16. burgerray says:

    David A’s interview is actually on this link series #4. This site updates every few minutes so if it’s gone search under David A.

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  17. burgerray says:

    David A. talks about Charice on

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