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Charice Sings ai???In This Songai??? Live on KTLA 5 News

Charice Sings ai???In This Songai??? Live on KTLA 5 News

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  1. newfan says:

    A new fan of Charice here. I can’t get enough of her voice and her story. I don’t normally comment on message boards or blogs, but I wanted to wish her well, not that she needs it but because of how she has touched so many, including myself. I can’t imagine the load she has to carry… the moment she entered singing contests at an early age to support her family, she had her whole family on her shoulder, and now she has not only the whole Philippines but the whole world to carry or live up to…
    I say to Charice let go of your load. If you are reading people’s comments, please pick and choose the things that will make you improve and better as a person and threw all the other nonsense away! Like so many who admire you in this board, I too understand the non verbal cues that you have when speaking in English. I would rather have completely broken grammar that answers the question correctly and charismatically, than having grammatically perfect response that totally misses the point of the question. I’m sure your interview coach has already told you, great speakers many times pause and think before answering questions. Silence shows intelligence not ignorance. Also, paraphrasing question is a form of active listening, it will not only give you some time to think about your answers but also confirm that you heard the question correctly… I know we are programmed since childhood that when asked a question by our teachers in school that we are suppose to raise our hand with answers, not respond with another question, but paraphrasing works wonders as well.
    I see you as a bright leader, someone who has vision/dream, has the competency of attaining that dream – your angelic voice, and honesty/charismatic – all these characteristics is what sets you apart from other new singers and will make you a legend.

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  2. hermiemel says:

    Charice is DF “ace in the hole” She is lovely and always fascinating. She is so adorable. And she has that “voice” that you never get tired of listening. She is just perfect.

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  3. 28venice says:

    If we only we can have four more of the likes of CHA…….


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  4. lord-king-leader says:

    i got work on that day so i cant attend the concert,wish i could go there and get an autograph hehe

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  5. zen58 says:

    Hi,Cha can’t wait to see you live in Las Vrgas this friday and to meet other Chasters too.Love you and God Bless!!!

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  6. chariana says:
    The only way to get better in conversational English is to speak English as primary language. That comes with time and practice. Grammar can be learned. Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz speaks with an accent but their English is grammatically correct in general.

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  7. bonpo777 says:
    Let’s put this grammar issue to rest please. Even David Foster can’t complete his sentences with an occasional ummm. Charice does a wonderful job in all her interviews. She’s beautiful, charming, and pleasing to listen to no matter what she’s saying or singing. I just love this girl so much. I can’t get enough of her.

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  8. Felfifer says:
    I am looking forward to sing this Song in Mandalay Bay’s David Foster and Friends Concert on Oct 15, 2010.

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  9. Fran says:
    It’s time we dwell on positives versus all the negative chatter about English and accents….really a waste of time.

    Has anyone considered this…..on hearing the great David Foster say that Charice is the “torch bearer” for the super diva singers like Celine, Whitney etc. has got to be one of the greatest compliment and honor for her. She is considered the world’s champion for the silent majority “30 years and above” in upholding old school music and traditional singing in contrast to all the crazy gimmickry out there. The excitement on DF’s concerts attest to the fact that these type of music will never die and is returning in vogue because of Charice. She is also forging ahead with the younger set with great pop and R&B sounds in her album and in her Glee appearances. She is becoming the generational bridge between these music genres because she has the talent to do them all.

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  10. hermiemel says:
    It humbles me to think that people are so generous of their “praises” of Charice.

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  11. hermiemel says:
    Charice is now 18 but 3 years ago she was thrown into the fire of baptism in the American music scene. It took Charice & DF almost 3 yrs to bring out Charice’s debut album w/c landed in #8 in the US Billboard 200. And Charice has been promoting this album to the world since May 2010. And for her to succeed and to think that she is so young, came from a poor background from the Philippines and speaking her 2nd language to the world is hard to comprehend.

    Their journey together since the beginning is one that is the stuff of legend. I am sure that communication between them is one of the key element of their success. From her duets with Celine & Andrea, presidential inagurations, Dodger opening day anthem singer, teen magazines interviews, Readers Digest cover, numerous charities, personal and private performances, movie and TV apperances, awards, celebrity apperances, KFests and Oprah shows, it is probably safe to say that Charice has “surpassed” Oprah and DF’s expectation.

    I’m not inside the loop of her inner circles so I wouldn’t know exactly what happened-but we are witnessing Charice who is probably the biggest story in the music industry right now.

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  12. Joan says:
    I just have to say. Luv Cha’s hair in this clip. She’s really glowing. Can’t wait to see her live again in Manila.

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    • arnold says:

      all i can say to cha’ is “congratulation” keep up the good work, always make the filipino proud………….pleas don’t mind all the negative issues that they’ve been throwing to you….. you are good……..

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