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Charice Week in Review Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

Charice Week in Review Sept. 27 – Oct. 3

Charice’s Week in Review is a Weekly Series on CM to help you follow Charice’s hectic schedule. Each Monday, we will post a concise review of the past week’s events. We realize many Chasters: have limited time, or may miss something good with so many Charice events to follow. Think of this as medicine for Chadiction.
 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3 BBC´s Charice is super “”HOT”‘ in Japan. Her album, released in July, is already certified Gold I imagine Charice’s album is GOLD in several Countries by now. The Japanese just count faster! Pyramid was on the Japan Billboard HOT100 for 11 weeks reaching #4  and the album peaked at #11 on their BB200 More>>>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Charice’s heart-stopping take on “Listen” debuted at No. 38 of the latest results of the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. In comparison, Beyonce’s original version –featured in the movie musical Dreamgirls – ended up on a much lower spot on the Hot 100 Chart, at No. 61, when the song was released in 2007.   More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Charice took time out of her busy schedule to watch and address a singing competition she sponsored in her hometown in Cabuyao, Laguna despite being in the United States. She even entertained everyone by singing part of her Glee hit, “Telephone.”  Charice’s mom, Raquel, who was one of the judges.   More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Sunshine Corazon, aka Charice, made her first appearance as an exchange student on last week’s episode of “Glee.” Her throaty arrangements immediately served as foil to Rachel’s Broadway-ish song stylings.  The Wall Street Journal caught up with her to chat about Sunshine’s arc for the season. . . More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Charice is the latest teen star to descend onto Planet Pop. You’ll need to remember her name; she’s already huge in America and has recently landed herself a role on Glee.  Charice, you’re a relative newcomer here in the UK. Would you like to introduce yourself to Orange users?  More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3I give you, the female Justin Bieber! OK, the hair is different, and the voices don’t quite match up – he’s more Mickey Mouse with a sore throat, and she’s more junior Beyonce. Five years ago Charice appeared on a TV talent show in the Philippines. She did OK, reaching the final, and … More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3You were most likely blown away by Charice’s debut on Glee which is why you are here. Welcome to the best Charice fansite there is! If you are looking for more outstanding Charice performances, look no further. We have compiled the very best of Charice in the best quality that we could find! From her perfectly… More>>>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Sign up now and some lucky chasters will get the chance to meet Charice at the Las Vegas David Foster Hit Man concert on October 15, 2010. In addition we’ll have four (4) backstage passes for contest winners and autographed paraphernalia for all attendees including … More >>

 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3Get ready–Vegas, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore Chasters – Charice is coming soon! Charicemania has arranged an exclusive interview with Charice to be hosted at her official website with questions asked by the Chasters themselves. Submit your questions by September 30th. More >>

Fan talk ad3 75x751 Charice Week in Review Sept. 27   Oct. 3FanTalk, October 1 episode #24 teamed Eve and DJ Drake for another special Glee broadcast. They shared reviews and opinions of the “Britney – Brittney” Glee episode. Charice is expected to return in Glee episode #7. Callers shared personal Charice stories.  Listen to the full episode below.


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  1. elg021407 says:
    A recap for a week review on Charice life…great idea…thanks to the team here and to Web. Great health to all of us and to Charice as always.

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    Thanks Web for setting this up for us so we can navigate easily anything about Charice, you are one of the assets in Charicemania. BRAVO!!!

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    Although we do not say it often enough….all of us Chasters really appreciate you putting together this weekly recap. It give her great fans, and new visitors, a place to quickly visit all of the things Charice accomplishes on a weekly basis.

    My hats off to you.

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    Thanks for the update. For Charice, thanks for all the things you do that makes us happy. Hope you have a great time when you go back home for the concert. Thank you.

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