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“Charice” Album is Certified Gold in Japan

“Charice” Album is Certified Gold in Japan

MANILA, Philippines – The album of international singing sensation Charice in Japan is now certified gold.

Charice, who has joined the cast the hit TV show “Glee”, thanked all her fans and supporters in Japan for supporting and buying her record.

“Chyeaa! My Album “Charice” is now certified GOLD in Japan! Thank you so much for the support!!! Japan, thank you so much :),” Charice said on her Twitter page.

Charice’s album includes the single “Crescent Moon,” an English rendition of the hit Japanese song “Mikazuki” by popular Japanese pop singer Ayaka.

In previous interview, Charice said that she was a fan of J-Pop or Japanese pop songs.

Last May, Charice went to Japan to record the album and pose for pictorials for the cover of her CD. Her Japanese album was released last July.

“Crescent Moon” by Ayaka Mikazuki

Music Recording Certifications

Charice Japan Album Cover Charice Album is Certified Gold in JapanThe global music industry typically awards recordings with certification awards based on the total units sold or shipped to the retailers. These awards and their requirements are defined by the various certifying bodies representing the music industry in various countries and territories worldwide. The standard certification awards given consist of various combinations of Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond awards, in ascending order.

  • Gold = 100,000 units sold or shipments
  • Platinum = 250,000 units sold or shipments
  • Diamond = 1 million units sold or shipments


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74 Responses to ““Charice” Album is Certified Gold in Japan”

  1. lorena says:

    Congratulations Charice!!! You’re truly a Big Star to look up to!
    Keep up the good work.

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  2. betch@y says:

    ..Mazal Tov (Congratulations) Cha!..
    Take Care of yourself and God Bless Always.. :)

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  3. zen Melchor says:
    Wow!!!CONGRATS CHA,God Bless,We love you.Stay humble and sweet as you are.

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  4. amazing says:
    How about her album in the US? does it reached Gold or Platinum? Hope it will reached that mark.

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    • aaalo says:

      Amazing: USA requirement for Gold is 500,000, Platinum 1,000,000
      Diamond 10,000,000. It is much higher than Japan(source :wikipedia)

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      • amazing says:

        I hope charice would sell 10,000,000 copies or more in the US. I haven’t seen any updates on US record sales, even the Philippines album sales. I hope when charice visit again the Philippines (david Foster and friends) she will be awarded by Platinum or Diamond record award:)

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  5. ntony9 says:

    No Need to bash an entire nation your a disgrace.

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    • jonas says:

      Very well said… Those people who always label some people as crabs are the CRABBIEST themselves.

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  6. Daniel says:
    Another milestone on Charice singing career. Congratz on this phenomenal achievement. If I recall her two PI albums, self titled “Charice” and “Inspiration” both reached platinum per Charice
    interview on Voice of America. I have her first PI album and it’s also autographed by Charice herself.

    It’s true that PI have lots of pirated CD’s and the poverty level is much worse but let’s boost the PI chasters morale for doing their part in supporting Charice. We’re all chasters and it doesn’t matter whether you’re from a third world country or the land of honey like US, we should unite as one. At this point of Charice career, each one of us who truly support Charice should put our best effort to contribute to her success. This is not a competition who’s country can put Charice album first on the gold, platinum or diamond level…..for sure this will happen naturally as they embrace Charice vocal talent.

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  7. rlf says:
    Congratulations Charice!

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  8. flor from texas says:
    Congratulations! Charice rocks! I’m glad that you got the gold for now. Soon, you will get the platinum in Japan and everywhere.

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  9. gunrunner says:
    congrats my princess. this probaly will obliterate the crabs ha ha ha not an iota of doubt my princess kills them all like a “Katana” as arvee said forged in the crucible of flaming challenges in life, charice slit open the toughest market in the world open like a total stranger barging in unknown territories with triumphant glee bwa ha ha ha this will silence doubters once and for all if the us billboard did not suffice. Like a ninja heroine charice silently wield her mighty katana with cold-blooded precision relentlessly. i should have used an m16 or AK automatic rifle but a katana is more romantic he he he.

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  10. Chajenmer says:
    Wow!!! Congrats again my Princess Charice!! Labyo!! At the top baby!! God bless & take care always. Labyo!!!

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  11. jomari says:
    to osuna i bought the album of charice at Mall of Asia Before at Music store and its really authorized store so i am sure100 percent original and you know what according to the sales lady its the last copy so they need to order more beacuase a hot cd… my sister also buy 10 copies, we are not rich but we love charice music we purchase her cd….i know it easy to get mp3 for free but not all are buying fake here in the phils…

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    • osuna says:


      I believed you, you are one of the lucky ones, you can even afford a computer, you know how it goes, people who loves Charice are the ones who can relate very well to her humble beginning, the one who are not lucky enough to buy 10 CD’s of Charice.

      Charice and the family once belong to the “have nots”, but she did not forget how she handles the Gulod Amateur last week, she knows how to look back where she came from….she is not lucky as you when she growing up, begging the neighborhood for costumes and what she can wear on the amateur contest, have you thought about that? Well it don’t matter now, what matters are people who can not afford to buy and listen to her music up close and personal. PEACE

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  12. christinedl says:
    You ahve proven your DETRACTORS wrong ONCE AGAIN…ARE THEY AWAKE NOW?? congratulations! CHARICE!!!!!!

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  13. Gail says:
    AWESOME!!!! I hope more fans will buy her CD so she can reach the very top! Congratulations Charice for breaking the ceiling!

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  14. chit says:
    Folks, I don’t see Osuna’s comment as racist or derogatory to Charice. It was only a comment, period. Let’s instead celebrate Charice’s Japanese album’s great achievement. You see, Charice is now considered every nation’s singer, esp. in Asia. These Asian friends of ours deserve our thanks for embracing her. (But let’s be proud that she doesn’t forget or is not shy about where she came from). CHEERS!!!!

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  15. Xtreme says:
    Osuna has a point. Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. But, my question to Osuna is “What country does not experience this kind of situation?”

    Congrats CHA. God bless you always.

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    • osuna says:

      …not sure how many countries does this, I am a Filipino and for sure they do it to the extreme, guess what, people who sell this needs to make a living too and this is the easy way, it works both ways and they don’t care much about ratings,

      I bet you, Charice loyal fans that cannot afford the real ones buys it too, so …where is the sales record. They pirate VIDEOS of American movies too….its not new in the Philippines, its a big business, and you know why ? the population is 10 % have’s and 90 % “have not” , really hard to swallow the truth, and you are right..

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  16. allgringo says:
    Go, go, go baby !! You have God in your heart and the world love you !!
    The heaven is the limit !!!

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  17. jn says:
    I am so happy and proud for all your achievements. Congratulations once again. Good luck!!!

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  18. HerMingJesty3 says:
    Congratulation Charice. More success to you. Gold now into Platinum and Diamond soon I pray. Yo are so love in Asia, Middle East, Europe and America. I’ve read some fans from Central America also. Stay sweet and humble as you are. Labyo.

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  19. Yobhtron says:
    Japanese fans(Chasters) might not be as loud as the fans from Charice’s home country but they show they support and appreciation by buying her album. This is the best deed that we can do to Charice. BUY THE ALBUM PEOPLE!

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  20. ArrVee says:
    the Japanese market is known to be tough to penetrate, so this is a major milestone for Charice – congratulations!

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  21. fritz.zegger says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  22. rant says:
    more golds to come as shes a certified gold digger and a platinum hunter. to the top baby.

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  23. jimfan155 says:
    Congratulations Charice. Thanks to Japan for all the support. Too bad some like to put a damper on things.

    But as long as Charice still loves her home country it really doesn’t matter what anyone else says.

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  24. CutieSinger23 says:

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  25. Ate Lina says:
    Another big congrats is in order! To achieve that number of sales of Charice album is a huge leap of her singing career. We very well how Japanese people are so nationalistic in patronizing their own. Congratiolations Charice and may your popularity soar more in Asia and around the world!!

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  26. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • eve says:
      pls. clarify which album are you talking about? We are talking about Charice’s CD from Warner/Reprise label. A CD cannot have both Platinum AND Gold certifications. You are either one or the other once you have reached the higher thresholds.

      According to wikipedia, Philippines requires these unit sales for domestic recordings and the amount in parentheses for international albums produced outside the country. It’s my understanding her 2 Philippine-produced CDs both reached Gold or Platinum.

      Gold = 10,000 (7,500)
      Platinum = 20,000 (15,000)
      Diamond = 200,000 (150,000)

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    • aaalo says:

      Kakawati,Amazing: USA requirement for Gold is 500,000, Platinum 1,000,000
      Diamond 10,000,000. It is much higher than Japan(source :wikipedia)
      Philippine Gold 12,500,Platinum 25,000

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  27. nonieboy says:
    Congrats Cha! well done dear!!!

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  28. osuna says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • RodBelt says:
      Osuna, Should I believe, what I just read??? Tell me it is a misprint. It is so shocking and an insult not only to me personally but for Charice’s legions of fans back home and country men around the world. It is much, much worse than those disgruntled naysayers and detractors that try to put her down

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      • starbuck245 says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • osuna says:

          All I am talking about is Charice album, Philippines is flooded with fake and pirated ones, that is what PEOPLE buys, and the people who buys them are not factor anymore.

          You can not blame anyone but the PILIPINO people who buys them. Who else, tell the folks dont over react, its the TRUTH….bottom line…..low album sales.

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          • skazy says:

            Of course it is the truth. The album of Charice is not the only album affected by the proliferation of fake and pirated cds in the Philippines……. I do admit that I bought both the fake and also the original cds of Charice…. the original cds cost 8 to 10 times more than the pirated ones.

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      • osuna says:
        I thought we are talking about Albums of Charice ?
        How do you expect them to buy Charice album legally in legitimate record stores, come on , we are talking about Charice Album here, the poor can not afford it , they will rather buy the “PIRATED”, ones, that is what I am talking about. So the bottom line, the legitimate album buyer is not enough to put Charice in Gold or Platinum, the legitimate record sales will not make it.

        That is the way of life over there, they pirate everything if they can do it, and its all over, sidewalk vendors, neighbors, and that is the truth. Open your eyes folks, meaning, will not be able to achieve anything on record sales, not even SILVER, if there is such a thing. They would rather put food on their table instead of ALBUM, so……they buy the “PIRATED” ones, and its cheaper, but not the same quality. PEACE

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        • CrazyforCharice says:

          Just want to say I am very disppointed with your comments here. If you keep posting comments like this then it will not be fun anymore to visit this site.

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        • Jason says:

          if that’s a valid argument why does jovit baldovino’s album faithfully, much lately released in the philippines reach gold in just a matter of few weeks? does it shows charice album is not that much patronized there based on the album sales? or could they really not afford it that pirating is their only means to have it? just a question!

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    • ranty reyes says:

      please refrain.these are racists comments.this will affect the chasters cause.

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  29. mrhappyman says:
    congrats continue soaring, GOD Bless!!!! you really deserved the award and i hope more awards to come!

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  30. M says:
    Congrats Charice! Does anyone know how much albums were sold in her home country to date?

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