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omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee-ful news

omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee-ful news

‘Glee’ Season 2 Premiere Is a Ray of Sunshine

Superstar Charice (as foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon) stole the show this week on Glee with her diminutive but commanding stage presence and fabulous pipes. Who would expect such a powerful voice to come out of someone so small?

I loved seeing someone finally gave Rachel a run for her money. Of course, order was restored in Glee club when Vocal Adrenaline recruited Sunshine, leaving Rachel to sing us out about What She Did For Love.


Charice on Teen CelebTV

Charice and Chord Overstreet are Glee’s newest faces, plus a sneak preview of Britney Spears’ upcoming episode!

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New Faces Steal the Show on “Glee”

Chord Overstreet and Charice join the cast for season two–and they’re already making their presence known! Get the scoop.

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Old favorites return from hiatus during fall premiere week

charice glee season2 omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee ful newsAnother new addition, Sunshine Corazon (Charice Pempengco), premieres with one of the most incredible performances ai???Gleeai??? has ever seen. This girlai??i??s voice puts everybody else on the show to shame, which is not an easy task. As a viewer who enjoys the show mostly for the comedy, and not necessarily for the music, even I was blown away. So even if the overall tone of ai???Gleeai??? seems unchanged from last season, Sunshineai??i??s debut promises that the show will step up its singing, to a new level of vocal adrenaline.

by Tatiana Cooke & Alex Duckles, The Dartmouth >> continue reading


Billboard Top 21 Under 21 List Revealed

Which young music stars have what it takes to go the distance? Billboard compiles the list based on the young stars’ “potential to rule pop culture over the next 12 months,” so this list isn’t about those one hit wonders out there.

Glee’s guest star, Charice came it at number 4, only being beat out by the top three who are: number 3, Selena Gomez, number 2, Justin Bieber and number 1, Taylor Swift.

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Charice Rocks Glee Season 2 Premiere

So TV Premiere week is in full-swing and the highly anticipated return on Glee didn’t disappoint. Aside from the usual characters on the show that we already know and love, fans are absolutely raving about Charice addition to the line-up.

Her Telephone duet with Lea Michele, aka Rachel Berry, was enough to push us over the top, and now we’re finally getting word on how exactly Charice landed the coveted role. According to MTV, Charice said that she’d spoken with her mom and her manager about Glee and how much she loved the show and wanted to be on it. So, she went in and sang for Ryan Murphy, but she really didn’t think anything would come of it. Next thing she knew, a bunch of people on twitter were congratulating her. It’s seems as though she was last person to find out she’d landed the gig, and about 30 minutes later she got an email from the Glee team saying congratulations. And that’s how it was done.

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Glee: ai???Auditionsai??i?? a success with Jane Lynch and Charice stealing the show

Glee season2 Episode1 omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee ful newsTo say Sunshine can sing is an understatement. It was apparent during a slightly awkward duo of ai???Telephoneai??? by Rachel and her in the girlai??i??s bathroom. But for anyone that had doubts about her talent, she proved how sensational her voice is during her audition for the glee club. With her song of choice, ai???Listenai??? from the movie ai???Dream Girls,ai??? she delivered a truly stunning performance and in my opinion the best song of the episode.

But Rachel is intimidated by Sunshineai??i??s talent and in the end that is what pushes Sunshine away. In a shocking twist at the conclusion of the episode, it is revealed that the new star talent will not be singing with New Directions, but rather with their arch nemesis Vocal Adrenaline.

by Chris Shores, >> continue reading


Charice full of ‘Glee’

Glee amber omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee ful newsPhilippines ai??i?? Now it can be told: According to Funfareai??i??s L.A. VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent), the cast of Glee including Lea Michele who plays the lead character Rachel, and Cory Monteith who plays Rachelai??i??s boyfriend Finn Hudson, reviewed Chariceai??i??s YouTube appearance before the premier episode of the showai??i??s second season was shot.

ai???They wanted to study Charice and how she performs,ai??? said the VDPA. ai???They probably wanted to observe Chariceai??i??s vocal

Still, they as well as audiences presumably around the world, especially Filipinos, were visibly stunned by Chariceai??i??s performance aired on Jack TV last Wednesday, Sept. 22, in which Charice sang in two of the three scenes Best cannabis seeds bank she appeared in as Sunshine Corazon, the nerdy Filipino exchange student ai??i?? Lady Gaga and Beyonceai??i??s Telephone in the Ladies Room scene with Lea, and Beyonceai??i??s Listen in the audition scene.

The VDPA, who was on the set, recalled Chariceai??i??s first shooting day when she met Amber Riley who plays Mercedes Jones. The exchange between Charice and Amber went this way:

Amber: ai???OMG, you are here! I feel so blessed, I feel so blessed that I will work with you!ai???

Charice: ai???No, thank you. You know what? I feel more blessed that I am here, that I am going to work with

Amber (Complete with elaborate hand gesture): ai???Iai??i??m more, more, more, more blessed!ai???

Of course, Charice must have been flattered that sheai??i??s finally in the same show as Kevin McHale who plays the wheelchair-bound character Artie Abrams.

ai???Heai??i??s my favorite,ai??? said Charice of Kevin in a previous interview.

People have been asking if Charice was appearing only in the premier episode. No. Charice is appearing in the whole second season.

by Ricardo F. Lo, The Philippine Star >> continue reading


“Glee Archive >> more from Sunshine Corazon


22 Responses to “omg! Charice on Teen CelebTV and More Glee-ful news”

  1. Kayumangi32 says:

    A tribute song for Sunshine Corazon “Bring Back the Sunshine”

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  2. kris says:

    Thanks Sir Ryan Murphy and the cast of Glee for giving Charice the opportunity to be on your remarkable show!

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  3. Dbl007fancharice says:

    I’m a great fan of charice and I have been following great news about her, and her improvements and public reactions from different parts of the world. I hope that Charice will not be influenced by other celebrities who failed to become a good role model for our kids. I will continue to pray that God will continue to give Charice extraordinary singing and acting talents for more decades to come. Charice, must now stay in track with her new beginnings and I hope that she can always look back from and thank God for blessing her with Angelic Voice! God bless you Charice.

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  4. scoobydoo says:
    Amazing Charice !

    If you have not seen this one. Check this out,

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    • Clint V says:
      Yes you’re right. Charice special feature on that site stayed 4 moreless 4 consecutive days. If you want to duke it out with king & queen crabs go ahead on that site and have fun but be prepared to use more than 2 handles and they gonna put your comment on hold for “moderator review” purposes…geez! I hope and pray Charice is now ok. More power Charice!

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  5. justcharrie says:
    Gleefull reviews just keep on pouring:

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    • eve says:

      Love it! “This girl’s voice puts everybody else on the show to shame, which is not an easy task. As a viewer who enjoys the show mostly for the comedy, and not necessarily for the music, even I was blown away.”

      added the review to above article… thanks justcharrie!!
      ~ Eve

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  6. justcharrie says:
    Oh and Oh!!! No single negative review on the performance of the princess. I love reading those reviews, all positive, not only once also not twice cuz I keep coming back. Reading these articles just makes me smile. :) :) Congratulation Charice!

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  7. jartz says:
    With all the achievements of Charice, we are glad to share with her happiness. But, somehow we can’t deny that there will be detractors, crabs, haters, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised that they really exist. Simply because no one has ever pleased an entire human race, even our Lord Jesus Christ failed to please all mankind in spite of his miracles, teachings and, most of all, of redeeming the world. Because of hatred and envy, they (esp. the Jews, his brethren) crucified Him on the cross. But then, Our Lord forgave them, “for they know not what they are doing” (Luke 23:34).

    Charice has experienced the same treatment from her detractors (esp. his fellow countrymen). She accepted all the criticisms of which she serves as her stepping stone to stardom. They didn’t get her along the way. Instead, they help her strive more and work hard in order to prove them wrong by believing in herself(

    How she handled all of them? “People had been telling her she wouldn’t get anywhere because she had no star quality. She wasn’t pretty. She wasn’t that good. Those were hurting, tormenting words. Amidst such distress, Mother and Daughter learned to turn to God. And for all the times we’ve cried / I always felt that God was on our side”. ( and Mom Raquel heard mass at Quiapo Church, their first time, and she “super-prayed” to God, as she put it. She prayed for something to happen, she left it to God what, so that her detractors would swallow their own words. … The tide was beginning to turn in favor of a talented girl who had a rock-steady mother. Fate can be so kind if you can wait. If you just wait. (Frank Hilario) In other words, she knows how to benefit from something bad. Just as Christ accepted death in order to give us life everlasting, so as Charice accepted all the criticisms and even forgave her detractors. As Charice told Boy Abunda during the pre-SMX solo concert interview for SNN, “Always and above all, forgiveness reigns in my heart”. (

    Who can do this? Only those who are humble enough to forgive. “For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted” (Matthew 23:12). This is the reason why we are deeply in love of this little girl with a big voice. She is really the ONE, a force to be reckoned with. She conquers our hearts by her wonderful voice and by her lifestory.

    So chasters around the world, let us imitate her virtues if we are really a TRUE FANS of her.

    Thanks Cha for giving us inspirations and a message that life is worth-living for no matter what, if you really believe in God an in yourself.

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    • Yobhtron says:
      Your post gave me the urge to listen to NOTE TO GOD by Charice.
      My eyes started to swell and tears of joy streams down my cheeks and
      I say AMEN!

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  8. juli says:

    Charice Blows Roof off Glee’s Second Season Premiere

    That sound you heard at the 45-minute mark of the one-hour long season premiere of Glee was the sound of Gleek jaws dropping to the floor.
    (This really made me laugh out loud… LOL!)

    …Rather, that was when brand new recurring character and foreign exchange student from the Philippines Sunshine Corazon blew the roof off of McKinley High School’s auditorium and made New Directions members not named Rachel Berry hit the floor with her stunning rendition of “Listen” from the movie Dreamgirls. Stunning being a severe understatement here given the way her voice made an already larger than life song into something just short of a universal phenomenon.

    Way to go, girl! :D LABYO!

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  9. Spawn says:
    I love this paragraph– Now it can be told: According to Funfare’s L.A. VDPA (Very Deep Penetration Agent), the cast of Glee including Lea Michele who plays the lead character Rachel, and Cory Monteith who plays Rachel’s boyfriend Finn Hudson, reviewed Charice’s YouTube appearance before the premier episode of the show’s second season was shot.

    “They wanted to study Charice and how she performs,” said the VDPA. “They probably wanted to observe Charice’s vocal range.”

    Looks like Lea Michelle felt threatened for real with our Princess’ presence on the show. LOL. =) Go Sunshine! Have the New Direction get floored and awed by your performance now that you’re on the opposite side!! =)

    By the way, I happen to see another article about our Princess when I read some news on Philstar’s website this mornin’ at the office(local time). Here’s the link:

    Please remove if it’s a repost Great Admin.. ;)

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    • legendcha says:
      The cast and gleeks alike probably thought she’s just acting out her performance on stage. little do they know, she’s been doing that kind of performance in real life for a long time and live!

      the world just witnessed the power of charice!

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      • Spawn says:

        Yeah, I strongly agree! :) Totally, they’re unaware about our Princess’ capability when it comes to voice handling.. Most of ‘em has dropped their jaws or mouth wide open when she took over the stage. LOL Another Priceless moment! HaHaHa.. :) I mean, they couldn’t believe what has just hit them. It’s the power of CHArisma..! :)

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  10. jn says:
    go, go Charice…..Have fun and keep it going. Good luck!!

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  11. Hotwind says:
    Charice’s a thief (but a good one) ‘cos she always steals the show wherever she perform! :)

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  12. jimfan155 says:
    Congratulations Charice. You have earned everything with your work ethic. I appreciate your achievements even more because nothing has been handed to you.

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  13. flor from texas says:
    Have fun on being Sunshine Corazon, Charice. Make everybody go nutty on you. You can’t help it, though, coz you’re just so. That’s why we love you.

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  14. Tina says:
    Charice always so humble and sweet. That’s why we all love her!

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  15. honeylie57 says:
    charice go go go…. i love your character here…and lea is doin a good job here too.thanks RYAN MURPHY for giving charice a chance to be in your show SIR RYAN MURPHY thank you sooo much.. love you charice

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  16. neznez says:
    First, you mesmerize then you become chadicted…

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  17. f2chay says:
    Go go go Charice!!! We Chasters love you!

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