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Charice Effect on Glee Ripples of Oprah Effect?

Charice Effect on Glee Ripples of Oprah Effect?

Charice’s debut on Glee last Tuesday was impressive as it turned heads and raised eyebrows for those who don’t know the Filipina singer. Well, unless you’ve been following this young pint-sized singer from the Philippines on Oprah a few years back. Charice has been a regular guest of the Oprah Show the last 2 years, appearing five times. Her latest was when Charice launched her debut album ‘Pyramid’ last May. Oprah who later on became her god-mother named Charice as “the most talented girl in the world.”

CNBC ran an episode of the so called Oprah Effect a year ago, about Oprah’s cunning ability to persuade millions of her audience and her ability to brand unknown products and companies from no names to brand names. A little mention of your soap, lotion or CD on the Oprah Show can make a huge impact that converts into a fortune. Let’s go back to Charice.

Charice Glee Listen1 Charice Effect on Glee Ripples of Oprah Effect?

How the Oprah Effect rippled to Charice Effect on Glee?

The buzz on Charice in the internet seems endless after her appearance on the Fox musical show Glee. conducted a Glee Poll on the favorite season two new cast additions on the show Glee. The result was Sunshine Corazon (Charice) as the favorite new cast member, besting three others like Dustin Goolsby, Shannon Bieste and Sam Evans.

Entertainment Weekly conducted the same poll on their own and Charice as Sunshine Corazon emerged leading with 45.23% followed by Coach Beiste, Sam and Goolsby. conducted their own poll on “which song made you sing with Glee (Audition Episode)” and it turns out Listen sang by Sunshine was the number one choice so far followed by Empire State of Mind, Telephone, Billionaire and What I did For Love.

According to Billboard, Glee’s season two debut last Tuesday received 12.3 million total viewers, with 5.5 rating, the highest in preliminary adults 18-49 demographic.

Note: Glee season 2 debut was 20% up compared to the first season finale last June with 11.1 million viewers.

Glee’s five soundtracks featuring songs covered by the cast have sold 2.7 million to date, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The Glee show ranks No. 6 on Billboard’s Maximum Exposure list, up from No. 77 last year.

The numbers ain’t no joke. Glee is considered a powerhouse in comedy television. The genius direction of Ryan Murphy with the talented cast of Lea Michelle, Matthew Morrison, Jane Lynch and others, has received lots of accolades and awards in it’s debut season last year.

In the meantime, Charice has a strong base of followers even before joining the musical comedy show Glee.

Question: Is the 20% spike from the last season’s finale to it’s season two debut last Delivery trazodone Tuesday because of Charice?

Who knows? But one thing we’re sure of is Charice’s addition to the show added diversity and sure added a boost to the pop television phenomena Glee. Harry Shum, Jr as “Mike” on the Audition Episode calls it “We Asians are a very tight community.” when Rachel asked them how did they know that she sent Charice to the crack house.

Actually, the Oprah Effect has not only rippled to Charice’s impressive appearance on Glee but to her young music career in general. As Charice, 18, calls Oprah, her fairy god-mother who made her dreams come true.

By richwebnews, ALLVOICES

Charice sings a blow-the-roof-off rendition of BeyoncAi??’s “Listen,” and “Glee” co-creator Brad Falchuk says the intercut reactions of the “Glee” cast to her performance were all real. “It was shock,” he says. “She’s 4 foot 2 and she can sing like that?


“Glee” Archive — More from Sunshine Corazon

64 Responses to “Charice Effect on Glee Ripples of Oprah Effect?”

  1. dollie says:

    Charice is amazing. She has a powerful voice. I hope she will act as Kim in Miss Saigon. I watch Glee because of Charice. We will support you all the way. Go Charice go.

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  2. minty710 says:

    Guys! Vote for Charice – PYRAMID Top 100 songs: musicbillboard.we­bs(dot)com/t­­­­op100songsvote.htm Currently she’s within the top 5 with 2,000+, let’s keep it up! At the top, Cha!

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  3. Goodby Beyonce.!

    This one is fluid has no pauses, no frills.

    If it is Live singing , Charice wins handsdown.
    No auto =tune ,….better still.

    ” Always better than the originals.’ Is it really true ?

    See “Beyonce LISTEN in Oprah.” link right now

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  4. jepoy says:
    i love you charice everytime i heard your voice my heart is beating so fast, i dont know why, i usally dnt listen to any music but its your voice that hook me into it :)

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  5. h3nr1_x says:
    Charice blown away Beyonce!!with this rendition the earth stop and the music world change forever

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  6. elg021407 says:
    I feel great with this song…her hand gestures is so powerful always it dances with her voice…so AWESOME. CONGRATS CHARICE!!!

    Good health always to you and Team Charicemania here and all Chasters and to our Princess and her family.

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  7. MrAspirant08 says:
    It really feels so great everytime I see Charice succeed in everything she does. She deserves worldwide praise for her talent.

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  8. mae c. says:
    the first episode of season 2 is AWESOME…because of charice..:D hope she return

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  9. Jessica86s says:
    There is no doubt in my mind what so ever that Charice caused that spike in Glee’s viewership with her appearance at the first episode of the second season of the show and her joining the Glee cast even just as a “recurring guest”.

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  10. chengna2010 says:

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  11. J.B. says:
    It’s could even be more amazing if her live version of Listen was shown on TV.

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  12. chpneyhomo says:

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  13. joel felix says:
    Two words…chills and goosebumps

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  14. Teepee says:
    At Osuna thank you so much. That’s another wonderful write up.

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  15. Jaiho says: Watch this vid and look how is she now…isn’t that a blessing from God?

    This little girl “Charice” was just hoping to win so she can help her mother and give them a little comfort in life. She loves her mom and brother so much that she will do everything for them. God listen to her prayers and He blessed her more than what she asked for. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Our dearest Charice we chasters are also praying for and your family, that God may continue to bless you and protect you and your family. Don’t change our dearest charice be humble and continue to give thanks to God Who Blessed you to be with the important and precious people, who now is loving and supporting you to have your dreams come true. labyo labyo “Cha” from Chasters…:))

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  16. Teepee says:
    To Fran……… “put up or shut up” indeed!!! What a marvelous comment. I have a feeling the whole Chasterdom shares your sentiment. Kudos!!

    While I am at this subject, may I also thank the whole Admin responsible for maintaining this site that serves as the watering hole for all Chasters AND special mention to Webscribes!!! You are one great Chaster. Anyone in the Entertainment field would be very lucky to have a fan like you and (I’ll be really bold here to say this) We Treasure You and all the wonderful things that you contribute to everything “Charice”. To the Chasters, really getting nearer to the pinnacle, one step at a time. From the southwest end of America (San Diego) to the rest of the chasters around the world, here’s a high five and please keep ‘em going!!!

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    • osuna says:

      check this out, if you have not
      the truth and nothing but the truth

      And now, others are so proud, where were they when mom raq use to
      make her outfit from scratch when she was in her amateur days,

      what was the saying ? you will never reach your destination if you don’t look back where you came from… that the right word ?
      anyway….she is much, much different from others

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  17. nencur says:
    Hi Princess Charice !
    one of your fan from the Caribbean
    Keep it up ok !!

    Curacao in Netherland Antilles

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  18. melvinjonas says:
    We were indeed lucky enough to experience the development of Charice from her initial exposures in the Philippines to where she stands right now in the global stage.

    Her life story has become one huge reality show that can be experienced in all entertainment mediums. From YouTube to TV Shows, Charice continue to give us the ultimate satisfaction of being serenaded by a true, down-to-earth Diva for a very long time.

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    • ArrVee says:
      that makes the experience of this generation of Chasters unique, and it will be different from that of the next generation, not necessarily of age or demographics, but as defined by the phase in her career that one connected with her. Being with her from the beginning puts her every success and challenge in a unique perspective, with us cheering her all the way from the sidelines as our adopted sister, daughter or grand-daughter, and also as a personal champion.

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