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Charice: No. 4 on “21 under 21″ Billboard Feature

Charice: No. 4 on “21 under 21″ Billboard Feature

Music’s Hottest Minors Under 21 – They’re young, they’re on a white-hot winning streak, and most importantly, they’re just getting started: These are’s “21 Under 21,” selected not only for their tender age but also for their potential to rule the pop culture zeitgeist over the next 12 months.

Whether it’s a country star whose every song lyric demands hours of analysis (Is she singing about Joe, Taylor or Kanye?!), a beloved breakout character on TV’s hottest high school musical, or a newcomer who landed a record deal on the strength of one Lady Gaga cover, expect them all to to keep us watching — and listening — in the year to come. On to the countdown of our picks!


Charice: No. 4 on Billboard’s List of “21 under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors”

No. 1 Taylor Swift
No. 2 Justin Bieber
No. 3 Selena Gomez

21 under 21 Charice: No. 4 on 21 under 21 Billboard Feature


No. 4 Charice

Birthdate: Paper writing service May 10, 1992 (age 18)

Why She’s Hot: Oprah and “Glee”: they’re two of TV’s most powerful zeitgeist-definers, and both have fallen head over heels for Charice Pempengco. Credit the Queen of All Media for plucking the Filipina sensation from obscurity two years ago and introducing her to Celine Dion. The hype finally paid off this spring, when Charice debuted in the Billboard 200 top 10 with her first U.S. album. But its Fox’s high school musical hit, on which she now plays a foreign exchange student with killer pipes to match Rachel Berry’s, where Charice will show millions of Gleeks that she can out-sing the best of them.

Charice no. 4 21 under 21 Charice: No. 4 on 21 under 21 Billboard Feature


Charice performs “Pyramid” at Billboard HQ


Mashup Mondays: Charice Goes Country (You’re Still The One)


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64 Responses to “Charice: No. 4 on “21 under 21″ Billboard Feature”

  1. Nequi says:

    I’m just so happy and proud of Charice. No other celebrity has ever made me feel this way. She indeed has a very positive presence wherever she is and whatever she does. I pray that God will continue to bless and guide her for the world needs someone like her especially the young. God bless u Charice and all the Chasters! Congratulations to Cha and all the Chasters for a job exceptionally done.

  2. Marife says:

    Congrats Charice! Keep soaring high! Love you.

  3. mrhappyman says:

    congrats you’re no. 4 at “21 under 21″, a superstar is born!!!!

  4. J.B. says:

    Her superb acting in Glee broke the last barriers she had to go mainstream. Soon she’ll be a household name in the US.

  5. Von Al says:

    Praise be to God for He constantly bless our dear princess Charice. Congratulations to all Chasters for a job well done. We are so proud of you, Charice. I have never been prouder of somebody other than you. Thank you for making us proud and happy. Your millions of loyal fans throughout the world will always support you. You are truly an angel sent by God because you have inspired millions of people around the globe.

  6. RANDY B. says:

    WOW! She’s started to climb on TOP OF THE PYRAMID. Pyramiiddddddd!

    Calling ORONAMANUEL! Thanks for the wonderful reply thru email. You forgot to mention your e-mail address. I can’t reply. Please add me in your YM or Facebook (if you have any).

    Hello to all Chasters all over the world! Our princess made it…. Hurrayyyy!

  7. nona says:

    I can’t believe im crying right now “Yes Im so Glad You Made It”. It must be a good SIGN HUH.

  8. nona says:

    Congratulation Charice, We made it. Were just here…Bless your Heart Always. Im just a lurker most of the time now, im giving way to all the newbie here LOL. Love your mom more and your brother.

  9. NEGE says:

    yay….!!! happy for charice!!!

    -C4C Nege

  10. DK & JJ says:

    Congrats, Ate Cha!!!!!! We are prouder to be Filipinos.

  11. Daniel says:

    Congrats to Charice aka “Sunshine” for being #4 on the list. Pat your self in the back Chasters and Chagleekster for contributing to Charice success. Our efforts and prayers finally paid off. By supporting Charice by buying her albums, Glee songs, uploading videos, voting to a variety of contests, and making positive comments on different websites, the mainstream US audience and the world is finally taking notice not to mention Oprah, Regis, Dr. Phil, Ellen, David Foster and many artists she came in contact with for the past three years.
    ….All the the way to the TOP !!

  12. minbeauty8 says:

    When two are more gathered in prayers for SUCCESS the Lord listens. Charice is one of those characters that is PURE and GENTLE that I can’t speak no more of how to describe her talent, ability, personality and well-balanced behaviour. CONGRATULATIONS! Take good care of yourself!

  13. Ate Lina says:

    A BIG congratulations to Charice for gaining #4 on Billboard Hotest 21 Under 21! Let your Sunshine throughout the mainstream. Even Josh Groban (your crush) is happy for your success in Glee. Now more and more people will witness your amazing, undeniable talent. Chasters are SO, SO, PROUD OF YOU!!

  14. RodBelt says:

    The praises, accolades, and raves keep on pouring like the rains during the monsoon season in the Philippines. For a change,let us turn our attention to OPERATION SMILE. Charice is set to perform at the Smile gala tomorrow, Sept. 24. It remains to be seen whether as a solo act being the Youth Ambassador of Operation Smile or as a part of the Glee cast. Either way, her performance will surely bring more cheers and will reinforce her undeniable destiny to super stardom.

    To the fellow Chasters and to her fans around the world: Charice has given us SO MUCH HAPPINESS that I find it very difficult to find more words to express our feelings about her. It is about time that we show our gratitude aside from the cheers and accolades we are bestowing upon her by supporting her through OPERATION SMILE. Last year, through Charice efforts, Operation Smile won $20,000 in the “Regift the Fruitcake” campaign. Her modest goal of raising $5,000 was surpassed by raising over $11,000 through the efforts of the Chasters and her other fans. That amount translated to bringing smiles to 83 children.

    This year, there are tens of thousands more Chasters basking in the glory of our princess that surpassing that amount is almost a no-brainer. Granting that the economy is not in a good shape, we in our own little ways can contribute a few bucks through small sacrifices – like missing a McDonald meal or a movie, maybe? Please visit and donate through Let us do our part to bring more smiles to the less fortunate children around the world.

    “I am honored to help Operation Smile and the work they do in helping children around the world. To have a chance to change the quality of even one child’s life and ensure a better future could not be more important.” – CHARICE, 2009.

  15. Fly N Dance says:

    isn’t it amazing, before we can still track down every article that Charice was featured on, now we can’t anymore. they keep on coming. lol

    • here2support says:

      Those were the days. Haha. Now, Charice is everywhere and it’s hard to keep track of all the things people say and the places she’s at and the venues she’s performing in.

  16. Ohyayay123 says:

    One STEP CLOSER TO STARDOM. Charice is getting there at the TOP. :)

  17. Yobhtron says:

    IMHO, Charice should be ahead of Selena and Justin. David Archuleta wasn’t included and he has more talent than most of the artists on the list. Hype and popularity were big factors in making the list.

  18. palaginghuli says:

    I am teary eyed again. Hu-hu-hu!!!

  19. here2support says:

    In my opinion, Charice is AT THE TOP…now she just needs to stay there. People know her, she’s mentioned on every magazine possible, she’s on TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, social networking sites. SHE’S EVERYWHERE. The world can not deny that she isn’t famous. SHE MADE IT. I’m proud of you Charice. Keep that success going. We’ll be right behind you cheering for you in everything you do.

  20. chengna2010 says:

    she’s so greeaaat!!!! shine sunshine!!!

  21. eve says:

    “a beloved breakout character on TV’s hottest high school musical” – could it be…? well YES IT IS – our beloved Chariceee!!!! …at NO. 4 on the list of Music’s Hottest Minors! I’m usually pretty skeptical about most things, but Charice has won my heart over, her talent is just too undeniable and too far a cut above the rest.

    Wow, she placed ahead of some well-known names like Nick Jonas (6), Demi Lovato (8), Miley Cyrus (10) and her co-star Chris Colfer (# 13) who plays Kurt Hummel on Glee. The complete “21 under 21″ list includes:

    5-Soulja Boy, 6-Nick Jonas, 7-Willow Smith, 8-Demi Lovato, 9-Greyson Chance, 10-Miley Cyrus, 11-Lex Luger, 12-Taylor Momsen, 13-Chris Colfer (Glee’s Kurt Hummel), 14-Miranda Cosgrove, 15-Diggy Simmons, 16-Wonder Girls, 17-Never Shout Never, 18-New Boyz, 19-Nikki Yanofsky, 20-Cody Simpson, and 21-Sean Kingston

  22. gunrunner says:

    congrats my princess labyu and take care. stay grounded and sweet as you are. keep inspiring us in this troubled world you are like a comforting angel easing our pains and charging our souls and keeping the smiles in our face. you gave us stories to be proud of.

  23. trevor25 says:

    Charice is the epitome of minor age with mature heart and mind! Keep soaring high. Fans are getting more solid and wide. God bless all your works and stay foot onto ground. We all love you… My family adores you.

  24. mystic_falls21 says:

    no doubt about that.she’s PHENOMENAL.

  25. levi says:

    So happy for you Charice!

  26. sheldonbuzz says:

    Your hard work and dedication finally paid off Charice. I am very, very happy for you. Your blessing from God is outpouring, treasure it with all your heart. We love you here in Australia.

  27. MARGIL says:

    WOW Charice…per Billboard, “selected not only for their tender age but also for their potential to rule the pop culture zeitgeist over the next 12 months.”

    World will be amazed with your talent…you have so much to offer…
    You are indeed a role model to all teenagers…

    Go girl!!! Let your voice be heard!!!

  28. chit says:

    Charice is getting closer and closer to the top! Way to go, GIRL!!!

  29. jojox says:

    wooooooooooow! just wow


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