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GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than Ever

GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than Ever

Glee season two opener is a fast-moving and fun-packed season episode titled Audition. It also marks a new school year at McKinley High, and that means changes in personnel and positions plus budget cuts. Positioning from the school faculty power play to student club shenanigans (Glee and rival Vocal Adrenaline).

Two new singing prospects arrived at McKinley High that is Filipina singing sensation Charice as foreign exchange student Sunshine and Chord Overstreet as Sam. Sunshine pursued the audition while Sam has a second thought to be in the football team.

Rachel Berry meets Sunshine Corazon in the women’s bathroom. She originally encouraged Sunshine to join glee club, because she thought Sunshine was an exchange student who couldnai??i??t speak English and would admire Rachel from the sidelines. Blah! Blah! Blah! she shouted at Sunshine.

Then she heard Sunshine sing, and dropped her jaw, I mean the papers she’s holding, eventually she can’t tamed her greedy glands to join the showdown with Sunshine of song Telephone by Lady Gaga. It was a breathtaking auto-tuned duet by the way, until Sue snapped in rudely! SHUT UP!

Bad Berry.Rachel realized she had some serious competition on her hands. So she did what Rachel Berry does. She sabotaged her. Instead of sending Sunshine to glee club auditions, Rachel directed her to a crack house.

Finally with the given right address, Sunshine auditioned with the song ai???Listenai??? and blew the glee club (and me) away, but she was quickly snatched up by Vocal Adrenalineai??i??s new coach ai??i?? all thanks to Sue Sylvester. On top of that Sunshine was upset of that bad girl Rachel anyway.

The competition is on! Sounds exciting huh! What’s next? Hair grabbing?

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New Stars Hit a High Note on ‘Glee’

yahoo logo GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than EverOther popular lookups on Yahoo! gave a boost to Charice, who plays Sunshine Corazon. Web searches on “charice” soared 191% following the premiere, and related lookups on “charice on glee” jumped 482%. Even more impressive was the sudden 516% spike on “charicemania,” the actress’s website.

Anyone who has followed the 18-year-old’s career knows she’s hardly new to show business. The singer actress already counts Oprah Winfrey as one of her biggest fans. Now that she’s on one of television’s most popular shows, expect Charice’s fan base, as well as her search profile, to roar even louder.

by Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo >> continue reading

Charice yahoo trending GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than Ever


‘Glee’ Returns With Jay-Z, Lady Gaga, Beyonce Songs

rollinstone logo GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than EverIn ‘Auditionsai??s’ the season two premiere, Rachel finally meets her match ai??i?? and Finn raps about life in the concrete jungle.

After a first season that devolved into a frenzy of too many songs and not enough long-term plot, Glee made a fresh start as it returned for its second season last night. Rachel, Kurt, Finn and Sue saw two key additions to their McKinley High School crew ai??i?? Sunshine (real-life Filipina pop star Charice) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) ai??i?? as the glee club went on a recruiting mission, the football players and the Cheerios fought to keep their spots and Sue and Mr. Schuester battled a Where can i buy stromectol new football coach. And what about those songs …

Rachel runs into Sunshine ai??i?? a potential new member, played by the Filipina pop star Charice ai??i?? in the girlsai??s room, and momentarily abandons her spotlight-hogging to hear the sunny one launch into the Lady Gaga and Beyonce song. The Auto-Tuned power struggle reaches its climax when Sue walks in and yells, “Shut Up!” Sue, we’ll respectfully disagree on this one: Rachel has finally met her match, and we want to hear the competition play out.

After Rachel initially steers her to a crack house, Sunshine finally finds the auditions for New Directions and delivers this tune from Dreamgirls (“Broadway show first!” Rachel helpfully explains), simultaneously bringing down the McKinley High auditorium and launching Charice’s stateside career.

by Erica Futterman, RolingStone >> continue reading


New Kid in Town: Charice Joins the ai???Gleeai??i?? Club

NY times logo GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than EverThere were a lot of highlights from Tuesday nightai??i??s season premiere that we could have singled out: Jacob Ben Israelai??i??s journalistic exposAi?? of New Directions (ai???What did you do over your big gay summer?ai???) or just about any scene featuring Sue Sylvester. But the above musical number, which introduces the Filipino pop star Charice to the series as the exchange student Sunshine Corazon, was irresistible for at least three reasons: to see Charice and Lea Michele fill in for the BeyoncAi?? and Lady Gaga roles on ai???Telephoneai???; to see Ms. Micheleai??i??s character, Rachel Berry, revealed as the most ignorant busybody this side of Ned Flanders; and to see such a character get her just desserts.

by Davie Itzkoff, The New York Times >> continue reading


Charice On Being Cast For Glee: ai???I Found Out On Twitterai???

Perez logo GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than EverIf you didnai??i??t catch Glee last night you missed out big time!

Charice made her debut performance on Glee last night as exchange student Sunshine Corazon and KILLED IT! What you may not know about Charice and Glee is that she found out that she was cast on the show via twitter.

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‘Glee’ Season 2 Premiere Recap: Charice faces off with Lea Michele in ‘Audition’

NY daily news logo GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than EverThe newbies get a crack at showing off their pipes next. First up is Not Sunshine, whoai??i??s real name is Sam and who is also dyslexic. Finn hears him sing “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” in the shower. He wants to join in but he doesn’t want to get all down with the nude new guy.

Then Rachel and her bangs, in their perkily racist way, attempt to recruit Sunshine as a chorus member while both parties are in the bathroom. The clear implication is that her job in glee club will be to smile and sway while Rachel and her bangs bring down the house. Sunshine is polite enough to take Rachel’s social retardation in stride, but then she starts nonchalantly belting out “Telephone” and Rachel and her bangs make an angry “durr!” face.

Still, Rachel and her bangs will not be defeated so easily: they join in and the three of them do a back-and-forth Gaga-off that’s actually phenomenal (unlimited props to Charice, who plays Sunshine, for going note-for-note with Lea Michele). But unless “Glee” plans on matching that famous “Telephone” video by those two army recruits, they should step up their game.

Rachel’s threatened enough to sabotage Sunshine’s audition by sending her to a crackhouse under the auspices of trying to keep the glee club intact and untainted by new blood. Turns out she’s not lying, but the whole thing just reinforces the notion that Rachel may be peppy, but sheai??i??s also kind of a sociopath.

by Anthony Benigno, New York Daily News >> continue reading

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Chariceai??i??s Glee Songs Available Now on iTunes

“Charice, you are a serial Killer…you keep killing the original song with your version. Listen is now a Charice song!!!” ~ Dana Kennedy

Buy now GleeCap: Charice Makes Sun Shine Brighter Than Ever


Charice as Sunshine Corazon on Glee


“Glee” Archive — More from Sunshine Corazon

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  1. Hotwind says:
    Charice did really well in the premier episode, all the reviews said so and her “Listen” showstopper was an absolute knockout. I bet many viewers were either cheering in their living room watching the show or have to get over their amazement and pick their jaws off the floor. Well, the next episode is a Britney Spears one, I’m just waiting patiently for Glee to have a Charice episode in the not so distant future. That would be great!

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  2. chariana says:
    Charice has brought Asia on a silver-platter to the U$. As much as I loved her on Glee and do want to see more of her in it in this season, I don’t think being a regular on Glee is the path for her. I see her as an international artist for many years to come. Besides, she will be busy with David Foster’s Asia tour and other projects and may not have the time to film more episodes. I love Charice but I do not want over-saturation. I love the anticipation of waiting for her next video or song.

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