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Welcome Glee Fans!

Welcome Glee Fans!

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  1. Gar says:

    New here. I’ve been lurking around this website as I’m a BIG fan of Charice. I’m really concerned that Charice’s popularity is not turning into sales that would help boost her chances of landing a high spot in the charts. That would be unfortunate if that goes on and on and nothing’s done about it.

    I tried downloading Charice’s “As Long As You’re There” from with my Paypal account but the site caters United States residents only. I’m a BIG fan of Charice here in Baguio City, Philippines. I wonder if there are site/s where non-US residents can purchase online.

    I’m not going to download merely to help her song/s climb the chart/s. It’s my love for her undeniable talent that’s driving me to buy her songs. Now, please, can anyone point me to a site,with Paypal service, where I can download her songs? Any help would be much appreciated.

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    • Senju says:

      Just go to and then buy itunes gift card Code by paying it thru paypal.make an itunes US based account.find ways where you can have address in US settings to have that account in itunes US based.once you have the account, redeemed your gift by entering the code you purchased of Itunes gift card code from Usually the code will be given to you through having an account in


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  2. marcos39325 says:

    as i said last few days any product you need good marketing place and distribution outlet/ there is a lot of people around the wold,no credith card.ordinary people they are buying cd/dvd music store or in the mall. a lot of this people want to buy charice.but where?which store? that is why people can i buy charice cd/dvd. every one of his fan want to buy it. so pls concern people make action for this problem……

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  3. jonmcroe says:

    itunes sells giftcards.I just don’t know if they have it in the phils.

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  4. musiclover123 says:
    YoutTube hits does not mean that its equivalent to sales. This is now the challenge for her management team to convert these hits into dollar sales. Majority of these YT hits could have come from the Philippines, which I suspect that they are content to just watching and/or listening to YT and not buying directly from itunes or amazon. This is my hunch. Take note that $1.29 is P55.00 Philippine money which is I think is a material sum of money in the Philippines. Don’t get me wrong, I am also puzzled by this equation. She may have a lot of fans, but do they have the disposable income to purchase her music? It is up the North American fans of Charice to help her with her music sales.

    I agree with EVA in her post, and it was also my conclusion, that the dearth of YT videos of Charice could be negatively affecting the sales of her music. Enforcement of property rights should be done.

    There is also the Chicken or Egg question. Should there be a promotion (music videos and radio airplay) or should there be significant sales before justifying a music videos and airplay? Charice is lucky to have a solid fan base to work on, but to capture her potential, music videos and radio airplay promotion first should be done coupled with a very catchy music with loads of “musical hook” in order to catch the attention of the fickle and short span attention of the US and global market.

    Like what I said in my previous posts; I am a new fan, a Filipino Canadian, I have never heard of Charice before, and it was only last April 2011 that I become aware of her. Just like the old cliche: Out of sight (or ear), out of mind.

    I did my part as a fan to buy her album and her new singles to add to the Gross Revenue and bottom line Charice. I am really impressed with her not because she a Filipino, but she has that magic in a singer and artist that I am looking for, not to mention a credible singer.

    So to conclude, YT hits does not mean sales. Itunes and amazon figures is the more accurate basis of fanbase. Please buy at the proper channels. If you love Charice, buy her music.

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    • pacoy says:
      Buying Charice song at iTunes and Amazon at “$1.29 P55.00″/song by Filipino standard here in the Philippines is very realistic and affordable, even Charice fans living in slum area can buy it. The problem is the system use in buying online. Majority of Filipinos don’t have Credit Cards. They have cash in their hands, they want to buy it, but can’t do it. Try sending representatives of iTunes and Amazon in Malls and all sari-sari stores around the country and allow people to buy it on cash basis, you will experience extra ordinary sales, North America can’t even think of it for this small country.

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  5. EVA says:
    we all know she’s gaining millions on youtube, but why selling her album not too many is buying them. guys just suggestions for all those fans, that uploading videos of CHARICE. why don’t helped her not to upload the new song’s of her, just announce that she has a new song that come’s out, tell where they can purchase the new song’s of her. at least we can help her to go up the sell’s of her CD’S, singles on iTUNES and, god bless all CHASTERS around the globe.

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    • nicole says:
      there should be like postings for the record bars in which we can purchase her songs. what about those who doesnt have cards? how about if they want to buy it cash? in which store they can go to get it?
      i have a friend who really wanted to buy but she said she doesnt have credit card… i can only get it for her though…but how about others who would love to buy it and they dont have any card?

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