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Charice on Viva´s Suck My Pop, UK Sept. 17, 2010

Charice on Viva´s Suck My Pop, UK Sept. 17, 2010

33 Responses to “Charice on Viva´s Suck My Pop, UK Sept. 17, 2010”

  1. ejiro says:

    Some people waiting of charice’s makeover, then I wondering why should make change of her physical appearance.Her looks never comes bad at all.It’s perfect for someone has a great voice for a vocal adrenaline.

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  2. Around7 says:
    I’d like to quote the host of said,

    “…You will be singing her versions of the songs instead of the originals.”

    That’s actually what’s happening to me. I converted her youtube covers into mp3 and played them over and over with my phone.

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    • Around7 says:

      Oops… sorry about the garbled first sentence (I was excited to post :) . It should be “I’d like to quote what the host said,”

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  3. Marife says:
    Charice did great in this interview, looks like she is having a fun. The video with Iyaz is fun to watch too. Seems like they are goofing around and having a good time. Charice, super cute with her outfit. Love you Cha!!

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  4. hermiemel says:

    Charice and Iyaz in a “playful” Pyramid. She is so cool with her hand movements..Love it…wow..

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  5. GelneChris says:
    PYRAMID! PYRAMID! Woot! Woot! WOW! =))
    CHARICE ROCKS!!! ♥♥♥

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  6. champ1990 says:
    go sunny girl! lit them up with your viral cheerfulness, you rock! that’s the true spirit of an artist, loving and enjoying your craft that is music. i just luv luv luv your tenacity to achieve your dreams and be differently the best in your simple good ways! woot woot! Charice rules! Y peace

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  7. Zee says:
    Go Chayaz! ;) Big Bro and Lil Sis having fun :D

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  8. jimfan155 says:
    Last time I will say this: This is her best interview.

    So relaxed, killer smile, great look.

    Only thing when she said, soon you will have a poster on your wall. What do you mean soon? Ummm, ahhh, never mind. Bye.

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  9. artemis gibran says:
    Ha ha ha Everybody is WAITING for GLEE!

    Watch how CHARICE will do some GREAT DAMAGE to different RECORDS. HEr LISTEN and TELEPHONE will BREAK every record there is.

    Watch how CHARICE, the album will also rise through the cahrts again.

    Wait till you see CHARICE receives her FIRST GRAMMY…lol!

    I can’t help but cry for our little princess.


    Cha…continue to ROCK the WORLD!

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  10. RodBelt says:
    What can I say except: CHARICE ACED IT AGAIN! KA-CHING!!!!!

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  11. jeb says:
    i like this interview. charice was all poised. love it!!!

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  12. platanos says:
    Charice WOW…WOW…WOW… you look amazing here. It seems i’ll gonna “faint” LOL.

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  13. lorena says:
    Truly a Superstar! You’re conquering the world Charice. Go Forth and make it happen!

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  14. franz says:
    This interview is awesome. I observed charice that her every interview she has a professionalism attitude. Charice knows how to manage or handle her self in front of the camera. She is so polite and humble in answering any question. Charice had the perfect quality attitude of being a superstar and she deserve to have it. She is a confident young lady. She can easily adopt and respect the culture or the environment atmosphere in a certain country that she been visited. And im glad that she is now again exploring and soaring the entire europe continent. At her young age, i admire charice to carry out the noble task in her life. She is globally phenomena supestars. We can’t deny it, she had the ability to capture our heart in order to connect our soul to God almighty. I supposed not to say about her but i am about to force by my undescridable feelings to her amazing talent. And im glad chasters are always there to support, protect, guide and pray for her unstoppable and unlimited success of her incredible life. Charice is worth enough to inspired not only on this generation but for the coming generation and so to the next generation. That’s what we say “The unforgetable real fairy tale story” I love you charice. Chaster! Let’s grove! Jump! Turn around and shout! Charice we love you!

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  15. ArrVee says:
    that is the first time someone called her a superstar …

    and that is so telling for the interviewer to say that you’ll be singing her version of the songs and not the originals – she really does inject new life into her cover songs. And people will listen if only to see how she measures up to the original, only to find out that it is better …

    I’ve listened to her rendition of “Listen” for Season 2, and although it is amazing as always, I bet that the live performance is much better, as those powerful notes do not seem to be given justice in the recorded version.

    while they are already raving about her rendition of this song, they are just scratching the surface, because she has many other mind-blowing renditions of other songs. Glee will be a great venue to display her vocal prowess and her versatility, with a very welcoming audience.

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    • CHArmed says:
      Her version of Listen at the Nokia theater in Oprah’s Oscar’s after-party was one hell of a live performance. Never have I seen such a heart-popping veins-clogging rendition of that big song! And that’s when I became a slave for her.

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      • ArrVee says:
        I can only agree @CHArmed – at the end of that video, there’s a guy demanding like a kid for “MORE” – the magnitude of her talent is such that it leaves the audience in such awe that it brings out the children in them …

        now imagine yourself as the cast of Glee (or even the crew) listening to this in person … they may have heard about her killer vocals, but nothing would have prepared them for this …

        and if you look at different Listen video of Charice, you will notice many new comments, no doubt due to that Glee audition, and those from viewers who are watching her for the first time are particularly interesting.

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  16. insolitude123 says:
    OMG! I sometimes have a hard time catching up with the british accent but charice was able to handle the interview well. There you go girl! You have truly shown us how resilient you are and you can catch up fast. Continue to use the negative comments from crabs to your advantage by continually improving yourself, girl.

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  17. jaju says:
    What did I say? Charice is conquering the World with her voice and charm and talent and everything. The count down begins. Two days to GLEE. Yehey…

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  18. daddy 0 says:
    Charicemania Madnesas here we comee!!! Worldwie!! I think even NortH Korea is converted!!!

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  19. Amsterdam says:
    Amazing interview ! I’m so excited for the coming Glee season 2

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  20. eve says:
    Discerning music lovers the world over know a spectacular voice when they hear it. So true, can’t get enough of Charice’s versions, totally better than the originals! yehey!!! Here’s what buddyTV says about “Listen.”

    “Sunshine Corazon (Charice). Her rendition of “Listen” from Dreamgirls is a #1 iTunes track just waiting to happen.”

    “Listen” up…

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  21. osuna says:
    let see what follows in this forum

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    • edy says:
      Charice is great.. she did so well.

      let your friend or shall I say our friend criticize the host, she seem to speak English not the way our friend knows or is an expert in.

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      • osuna says:
        Yes, Yes, Yes, never learned a good grammatically correct English, but I learned real common sense, learned how to be “debt free” extra play money to spend, cruise a little bit, and live comfortably after I retire, the hell with good English, you cant spend that.

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  22. Portia says:
    What an interviw, Charice is getting so well-versed in her second language. I am totally impressed. She is really a sunshine not only in name but the truest meaning of the word, the sunshne in GLEE!!!

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  23. WebScribes says:
    Charice Releases Her First UK Single, Pyramid, On Monday Sept. 20 and is on Glee starting Sept 21st
    Like they said on this popular UK TV show. “Glee has a new superstar, a student singer and she goes by the name Charice. Before you know it, you´ll have a poster of her on your wall and you´ll be singing her versions of songs”
    Chasters, fasten your seat-belts!

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