David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest

David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest

ANNOUNCEMENT: Team Charicemania would like to thank all Chasters who joined our contest. The winners will be announced here as soon as possible. Enjoy the concerts in all these asian cities. Goodluck to our dear princess Charice too. -Schoen

Get ready – Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta and Singapore Chasters – Charice is coming soon! Charicemania has arranged an exclusive interview with Charice to be hosted at her official website charicemusic.com with questions asked by the Chasters themselves.

Chasters who come up with the most original, zaniest, quirkiest questions, ideas or “whatever,” to ask, have the chance to win exclusive, limited edition Charicemania cap (not for sale) plus other surprise prizes.

prizes  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest

All you need to do is submit your interview question with proof of ticket purchase. Chasters already know everything there is to know about Charice, Buy skunk seeds with paypal so this contest will encourage you to come up with original questions or ideas, which will make this Charice Exclusive Interview all the more interesting.

How to Enter the Contest

Deadline to post your entry is September 30, 2010, 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Submit your entry by e-mail to Team@charicemania.com

Kindly include the following in your entry:

1) username, country (real names and addresses will be required only if you win)
2) seat number (attach a clear photo of your ticket)
3) your original, unique question for each ticket purchase (by video is also acceptable)
4) optional: photo of you.

The “best” questions will be selected by Team http://siana.com.br/sms-spy-ubicar-telefono-por-gps/ Charicemania and submitted to Charice herself for final selection. The winning questions (with credit to the winning chaster) will be asked during our exclusive Charice interview. Ten of the best questions will be selected, enough for a 15-20 minute interview with Charice.

Why not be a part of history, with a story to tell your friends, relatives, and grandkids (some day) that you attended the famous http://zheeia-beton.com/buy-alavert-d-online/ concert back in 2010 where you saw both the legendary David Foster and legend-to-be Charice performing together!

Concert Dates

Chasters all over asia, buy or reserve your tickets now! Check the important links below for more details about David Foster and friends concerts in Asia:

October 19 and 20

David Foster, hitmaker during the golden age of the adult-oriented rock genre from the 80s to the early 90s will come back to Japan for concerts on October 19 and 20 at Hall A of the Tokyo International Forum. The last time he was in Japan to perform was 16 years ago at the ai???JT Super Producers 94ai??? concert at the Budokan in 1994. Read more >> CM Article DFF Japan

Performers: David Foster / Peter Cetera / Natalie Cole / Charice / Ruben Studdard / The Canadian Tenors
Date: October 19, 2010 (Tue) 18:00 Doors open 19:00 Concert starts
Date: October 20, 2010 (Wed) 18:00 Doors open 19:00 Concert starts
Venue: Hall A, Tokyo International Forum
Sponsors: Kyodo Tokyo / TV Asahi / Bunka Housou / Inter FM
Tickets: On sale from July 24, 2010, for tickets: http://kyodotokyo.com/dff

Charice David Foster Friends Japan  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest



This October 23, enjoy a special evening with David Foster when he comes to Manila with his friends Peter Cetera, Natalie Cole, Ruben Studdard, the Canadian Tenors, and our very own Charice. Read more >> CM article DFF Manila

Tickets are available here: Araneta and thru Ticketnet

Ticket Prices, PhP:

  • Super VIP – 15,900
  • VIP Patron – 12,720
  • Special Lower Box – 8,480
  • Regular Lower Box – 6,360
  • Upper Box A – 3,710
  • Upper Box B – 1,590
  • General Admission – 530

DFFmla  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest

araneta coliseum seating  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest
Click image to enlarge


October 25

On his first visit to Thailand, Thai fans will be treated to a full, big concert together with his world-class artists such as Natalie Cole, CHARICE, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard and The Canadian Tenors. Fans will enjoy hit songs like Canai??i??t Help Falling In Love, Because You Love Me, Unforgettable, Breathless, I Swear, I Will Always Love You, I Have Nothing and a wide array of music. The ai???Hit Man David Foster and Friends Live in Bangkokai??? concert will be held on Monday, October 25 at Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani. Read more >> CM Article DFF Thailand

David Foster Thailand  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest



Jakarta, Kabarindo ai??i?? Diamond Entertainment is the promoter who managed to bring David Foster to Indonesia along with some of his friends. Famous artists such as Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera, Charice Pempengco, Ruben Studdard, and the Canadian Tenors will be present in the most luxurious concert of the year 2010. Read more >> CM Article DFF Indonesia

This concert will be held in the Ballroom of The Ritz Carlton ai??i?? Pacific Place on October 27, 2010, at 7:00 pm.
Tickets are available: Rajakarcis.com

David foster Indonesia1  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest



15 time Grammy award winner, David Foster opens the Singapore Sun Festival in style, with stunning performances of HITMAN David Foster and Friends. Natalie Cole, Charice, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard and The Canadian Tenors will join David as he hosts the opening two nights of the Singapore Sun Festival 2010. Read more >> CM Article DFF Singapore

Concert Details:

Date: 29-30 Oct 2010 (Friday and Saturday)
Time: 07:30PM
Duration: Approx. 120 mins with no interval
Venue: Esplanade Concert Hall, 1 Esplanade Drive

David foster singapore asia 20102  David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest

149 Responses to “David Foster & Friends Asia Tour: Exclusive Charice Interview & Contest”

  1. chariceloyal says:

    I’m a great fan of Charice from Sydney, Australia, been following her success since her first appearance in Ellen Degeneres.

    To Ms O. Winfrey and Mr D Foster, I thank you for bringing Charice to the world, your support and mentoring has made it all possible, been waiting for 40 years for such discovery to happen, Filipinos are multi talented people, given the opportunity for real talent such as Charice is almost impossible to be recognised world wide. A star from the Philippines is finally born, mabuhay Filipinos.

    David, you will have a lifetime work ahead of you, discovering more real talent in the direst and poorest area, that are more deserving to achieved fame and small fortune, not from the so called local star or celebrity, please Ms O. Winfrey and Mr D. Foster,
    your graciousness, charitable nature will be greatly appreciated, you 2 beautiful people have made a big difference to the Filipino music industry by supporting “The Little One” with the big voice.
    I’m a big fan of Celine, Whitney, Cher, Mariah, Streisand, Buble, Groban, been to most of their concert in Sydney and always pay extra to get a front row seat, sadly I would not be able to see Oprah in Sydney, just as well, she’ll make me cry, I hate crying in public. M. Jackson did that when he have their concert in Manila on the 70′s.
    Mr D. Foster, I salute you, I never knew you are the man behind my favourite songs….
    More success to Charice, Oprah, David and last but not the least, Celine, your graciousness in sharing your stage with the “Little One”, I love you all.
    I’m glued to Utube whilst I’m ironing and doing other household chore.

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  2. timcanlash says:

    ø¤º°¨„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ º¤ø„¸

    ¨°º¤ø„ …¸I’M A CHASTER!!!… :) º¤ø„¸

    ¸„ø¤º°¨°º¤ø„¸¸„ ¸„ø¤º º¤ø„¸ From Accra, Ghana, (West of Africa)

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  3. jn says:
    oCTOBER 28 2010 Singapore video Press con DFF
    Check this video Charice answering these funny questions…..

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  4. JamesC says:

    Jakarta videos are up @ http://www.youtube.com/user/nshinnosuke1

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  5. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:

    Here is Charice on T.V. Patrol News today. Cheers to all!


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  6. Don says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  7. 1604-bg says:
    Warner Music Japan has announced that Cha will have Japan tour next Feburuary at Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, in 3 major cities in Japan on their official sight,. Advance ticket for Tokyo concert already started to sell at the venue of DF&F concert on 19th and 20th this month. Many Japanese bought these advance tickets at venue after concert as Moofin already reported.
    21st.Feb at ZEPP Nagoya
    22rd.Feb ZEPP Tokyo
    25th.Feb ZEPP Osaka
    I think this is the beginning of Cha`s solo concert in Asia and her first Asian Tours out of Filipine and USA

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    • J.B. says:
      Whoaah! this is good. Her album sales reaching gold is indicative she can do solo in japan.

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    • 1604-bg says:

      Cha will have the solo concert in Tokyo two times.
      22nd and 23rd of Feb.2011 at ZEPP tokyo.
      Warner recognized indeed one concert is not enough for japanese chasters in Tokyo.
      I hope these concerts shall be a first ones after receiving the title of The Grammy award as a Best New artist.

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  8. D-J says:
    Don’t know where to put this comment…but Charice and her song “pyramid” is listed on the Billboard official voting page for world’s top 100 songs and top artists for 2010. You can vote at this link http://musicbillboard.webs.com/top100songsvote.htm

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  9. osuna says:

    Did you watch the interviews of DFF and Company including Charice in the panel ?

    Now you know how they responded from different questions ? Peter, DF, Natalie, and the Canadian Tenor in “ENGLISH’ ?, it appears they all started from humble beginning, don’t they ?

    Informal interviews with oooohhss and aahhs, and they don’t care how to speak right English and were able to communicate , don’t they ?

    Please no more bashing how Charice conducts her interviews, just be quiet and be happy and let her do how she handles herself. PEACE

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  10. TorontoFan says:
    I hope Manila and the entire Philippines will show appreciation and gratitude to David Foster with a SRO in the Coliseum.

    I’ll bet my last dollar that Filipino singers will push themselves to rub elbows with DF.

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    • starbuck245 says:
      I wonder about that, Toronto…don’t u think they would have too much pride to fall over themselves to be near DF and Cha, and the DFF concert? I don’t know anything about the music industry in the Phils, but I’d think a big star in the Phils would wait and expect to be invited…I don’t see them going out of their way to get invited. This is Cha’s homecoming and it would seem crass for the Phil stars to try and take some her her sunshine (no pun intended :)

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  11. J.B. says:
    Time flies so quickly and can’t believe tomorrow will be the manila show. Can’t wait for the videos

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  12. artemis gibran says:
    As I look at her pictures in my album, I remember the first time I saw my eyes shed tears for this little girl I so love. It was when she was announced as the 3rd winner at LBS. My heart cried with her as she held back her tears. I prophesied at once as if I was given the right to do so (lol), I said , maybe not today my child…may be not tomorrow…but one day, you will see your self standing on another shore…and you will have another LIFE…another DREAM.

    Then of course this comment page is so short for me to write what happened next. How she moved HEAVEN and EARTH as she sings with her WHOLE HEART and SOUL .

    I could not explain the joy I felt when I saw the LONGEST line during her SMX SOLO concert. She sung more than 20 songs that night…I felt so LUCKY to be there and experience a CELESTIAL gift. My tears came out again for the sheer joy that I was witnessing the unfolding of the DREAM of this little girl. I saw different kinds of people that night. YOung and old, rich and and financially challenged, even those who were in wheelchairs came to see her.

    Then of course who would ever forget the next SOLO at PICC. We do watch her in her different DFF videos…and each time she BLEW the roof of any venue, our hearts jumped in joy. But we ususally hear her sing 4 to 5 songs only. Imagine hearing her sing 20 more songs and I tell you, you can’t get enough of her. Her voice is like wine that grows tastier and more elegant as the years go by.

    Now here she is again, this time bringing her mentor and friends…the strongest yet the most gentle DAVID in her life. I wish so many good things for you my little girl! May you be BLESSED always , that you may continue to bless others. Stay FEARLESS and BEAUTIFULLY STRONG girl.Remember that we love you always…

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Well said as always, Khalil…ur…artemis. :P

      omg…20 songs…is that normal in Phils for singers to sing that many songs at one event? You’d think Cha would have been croaking like a frog at the end of such a long performance.

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    • allgringo says:
      Bravo!! Bravissimo, artemis Gibran !! Belissimo comments!
      Blew the roof girl, laser bean, Phenon, Killer, pint size…she´s the best of the best singer and most beautiful angel in the world !!!

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  13. nautilus_stone says:
    David Foster and Friends concert started as a US Tour. Now it is an Asian Tour. Soon it will be a World Tour.

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  14. anniefound says:
    I am so glad to hear that DFF concert in Manila is almost sold out. I have been wondering why there’s no mention of DFF’s coming concert with Charice there. No mention at TV Patrol, SNN (Boy Abunda), not in any media or TV programs (we have TFC). This is an opportunity for all the celebrities to rally behind Charice, because everywhere she goes, she represents the Philippines and she opened the door for the world to recognize talents in the Phils now.

    Charice, mabuhay ka! We are always praying for you and for you to continue to reap success.

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    • joe says:
      There is tv clip aired in manila television that lasted for 8 minutes regarding DDF concert in Manila. and I think 50% of the video is devoted to Charice alone.Find it in Youtube.

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  15. nautilus_stone says:
    Just a few more days for the big night on 23 October at Araneta for the David Foster and Friends!!!!

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  16. danilooo says:
    help!!!!! help!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!
    I know this is not the right place to post this. but this only place i can comment.

    I am having a problem with the site. when I go to this site it automatically in a Mobile Theme Mode and try to switch to regular theme but it doestn’t work.
    ONLY the Home Page is in the mobile mode but the rest of the pages are ok.

    also I manage to log in and able to check my profile but when i try to chat it doesn’t allow me. I also try to log-in to the profile below the chat box and the message says I have invalid password. But I manage to log-in to the main site with my password.


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  17. daddy 0 says:
    Have you guys seen the Theater/Arena in Japan where they will held the concert event?? It is a WOWWERRRRRRRR! It’s like for a very important and highly social event!! Check the link!!


    That means Charice is very important and a very special performer!!
    You can take that in the bank!!

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  18. napzter says:
    they conquer the philippines its gonna be a great concert… love u guys

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  19. duke says:
    CHARICE JAPAN TOUR 2011 http://kyodotokyo.com/charice

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  20. duke says:
    CHARICE Japan tour 2011 – Feb 22 & 23 @ Zepp Tokyo http://twitpic.com/2yyegr

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  21. jn says:
    I presumed this photo was taken when Charice arrived in Japan as per description. Saw this photo somewhere and would like to share it to you….Loved to see her in these mini-skirts fashion..


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  22. osuna says:
    Hello Philippines Celebrities,

    Are you going to the show to support our Charice ?

    All Chasters wish to know if you will spend your time to watch our very own Charice performing with other stars.

    I am sure you will be able to afford the most expensive seats in Araneta, we’ll wait and see.

    This will tell us a lot and if you do , enjoy and good luck. PEACE

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    • ebjohns11 says:
      Oh Im sure there will be lots of celebrities there for sho! David Foster and others esp our Charice – something to watch for.

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      • osuna says:
        ebjohns11 I believed you.

        Concert attendees, calling all camera owners, I will call you “Bantay Celebrities” make sure take one snap shot of well known celebs who attended the show, last time , only Boy Abunda and Dr. Vicky Belo attended her solo concert, that we know of, and they are not even a singers.

        This is a test of loyalty to a Philippine product . LOL.

        Been DFF practice to put Charice on last number, that will be nice.

        Bashing here we come…ouch..ouch !!!!PEACE

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        • palaginghuli says:
          The Philippine celebrities especially the singers will be there, believe me, but not for Charice. They are in there for themselves. I cannot imagine how many singers who will stoop in using Charice or asking a favor to try to get backstage, to meet David Foster in case he will be interested in getting them a recording contract. There will be lots of posers there, believe me.

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          • daddy 0 says:
            I agree to each one of you!! They will use her again and again and again. Just like that stupid comment from martin nievera. He is so ignorant saying they don’t need you tube sensation??? So Stupid!! Anyway, i know for sure Ms. Leah Salonga will be there. She is the only one rightful person that should be there because she support Charice very much.

            They are all ziplocks (plastic). when it comes to Charice.
            Anyway, no matter what they will be stuck there forever.

            I can’t wait to see the PI audience and I would like to know if they will be the same thing like the other countries on how they recognize the power and music of our very own CHARICE!!

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            • EBJohns11 says:

              So who were the celebrities that went to the concert. Of course i saw Arnel P and heard about Randy S. Other than that, i have no idea who went.?

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  23. osuna says:
    It appears, that the hard core basher of Charice how she handles interviews has not come out yet…he…he..he…we’ll wait and see.

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  24. jn says:
    Charice on a Japan show “Tokudane” ( iam not sure if this is the correct spelling) Date: October 18 2010, Japan with David Foster on the piano.


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  25. Lolo JP says:
    Let CHARICE’S music and rhythm WOW through the nooks and crannies of your soul!



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  26. Niel says:
    OMG, tickets are almost sold out for David Foster and Friends Manila Edition. Thank God I got 3 already.

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  27. Lolo JP says:

    I can’t tell you enough how I get this feeling of pleasure just imagining CHARICE singing all the memorable songs that have been a part of my heartbeat at different events of life’s circumstances, time and space. My mind plays during that human experience of joy in my heart that brings smile, pure goodness and love. A time that makes me think that the gift of life is worth living.

    I’m appreciative of the motivation that I get just watching Charice perform consistently at its highest level. Every performance that gives life to a song. A song that can bring us back in time…a melody that continues to live because of the singer, not the song.
    Charice can always make a song live to last. It will always be The Singer…Not The Song.


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  28. tsuki says:
    Is there a meet & greet in Tokyo? Paging Tokyo Chasters, please count us in, 2 from Okinawa, Japan near Taiwan.

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  29. neznez says:
    Finally, “ASAP” announced the DFF in coming concert, I wondering how the sales going>>>hope it sold out>>>>

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