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Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6-12

Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6-12

Charice’s Week in Review is a Weekly Series on CM to help you follow Charice’s hectic schedule. Each Monday, we will post a concise review of the past week’s events. We realize many Chasters: have limited time, or may miss something good with so many Charice events to follow. Think of this as medicine for Chadiction.

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12Billboard and other major sales Charts are summarized for 2010 year to date. In addition to her #1 dance hit, Pyramid, Charice made Billboard history as the first Asian to have a Top10 album on the prestigious US Billboard200 Chart where her album “CHARICE” has charted for 8 weeks total, so far. More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12 Charice is in the national US magazine, Pop Star, for the 3rd time See her on page 78 of their October issue. Charice is featured as part of a full page interview with her friend Iyaz titled, ai???Mr. POPULARITY! Read and listed (interview video) to what Iyaz said about his gal pal, Charice More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12Charice was lovely working the red-carpet for the Season 2 Glee Premiere Party. Watch the full FOX coverage plus photos and a collection of celeb tweets about Charice following the private airing of the first episode. It seems Charice sings “Listen” as a solo and Lady Gaga/Beyonce’s “telephone” as a duet. More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12Glee season two premieres on Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. on Fox network, and our view of the episodes to come got a lot clearer after we interrogated the cast the Glee Premiere bash on Sept. 7. Care to know whoai??i??s singing what song with who when? Which characters are hooking up, and More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12 The One and Only Hit-Man David Foster and Friends Returns to Mandalay Bay Events Center October 15 for a new star filled concert. The evening will be recorded for PBS broadcast on GREAT PERFORMANCES and be released as a concert CD/DVD so expect the very best performances and More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12Charice graces the pages of the September issue of M Magazine, twice! WoW, a full page photo on the coveted ai???break pageai??? in the center of the publication Then again on page 5 with Charice giving us the facts of the so-called Botox treatment.Ai??Then the story turns to Charice joining the cast of Glee starting September 21, and More >>  Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12This is two articles in one including Hollywood Life’s “Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why it is the Best Episode Yet!” and the lovely Kirstin Benson’s personal experience meeting Charice at the Glee Premiere Party, titled “Not Only Is Charice ai???The Most Talented Girl In The World,ai??i?? Sheai??i??s Also The Shyest! More >> Order lincocin

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12This is the Special People Magazine Glee Issue that has sparked scavenger hunts across North America; proving hard to find but precious to have. Thankfully CM comes through again with photos of theAi??cover and more importantly the page featuring Charice. Checkout Charice’s cute outfits and super neat locker and More >>

 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12A detailed firsthand account from a reporter present at the Glee Premiere and many other attendees she interviewed.Ai??The reaction to Charice’s performance as theAi??first episode was shown? In short, everyone was “blown away” – surprised? Of course not, Charice has continuously had that effect worldwide! More >>

Fan talk ad3 75x751 Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6 12FanTalk, September 10 episode #21Ai??teamed Eve and DJ Drake for primarilyAi??Glee talk. Again the stars of the show were the callers who said to keep your comments positive especially about Charice’s fellow Glee cast members. Stay humble Chasters. Also, how well Glee cast and Hollywood in general are appreciating Charice as a person as well as an amazing talent.Ai??Listen to the full episode below.

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What’s next for Charice – check her schedule

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8 Responses to “Chariceai??i??s Week in Review September 6-12”

  1. carl says:

    Charice ON ITV Loose Women UK

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  2. pandaywife says:
    just to thank Charicemania for all the things you’re doing for Charice, we chaddicts appreciate everything in this site, can’t thank you enough. Got to know Charice when I bought the CD July, became chaddicted instantly, my husband and sons cannot believe my chaddiction because I’m just the jazz mom they know, a little country music at the side. Charice opened Music to me, my day is not complete without visiting charicemania multiple times a day. Again big appreciation to CM and enjoying the ride as Charice and her Music engulfs my soul and my heart. To the Glee next Tuesday !!!!!

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  3. ArrVee says:
    Sept 15 is the 2nd-yr. anniversary of Charice’s duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden. I have viewed so many different videos of this so many times and could not get enough of it.

    people not familiar with Charice must think it is some kind of gimmick for Celine to have a kid sing with her, and so sweet for Charice to dedicate a song to her Mommy. But people go from “she’s so cute!” to “WHOA!!!” right after she opens her mouth to sing.

    they cannot come to grips with this level of power and perfection coming from this young girl, who holds her own against Celine. After just a few bars of the song, they realize they are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, and rise to their feet. Showing complete confidence as she projects her unbelievably powerful and beautiful voice, Charice is killing them softly with this song.

    the applause is practically continuous throughout the song, and in the end the audience did not know what hit them. In an arena where title matches between heavyweights are traditionally held, this micro-featherweight of a singer TKO’s the entire audience in just one round …

    and sent your humble scribe into some serious soul-searching, looking for answers to questions I could not even phrase fully, not until so many months of rehab in this wonderful community called ChariceMania …

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  4. Dave says:
    Hello Chasters!!! Charice is on The 10 Artists to Watch in Fall 2010

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    • ArrVee says:
      at least Charice is on the younger generation’s radar, but they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet with her …

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  5. bughaw16 says:
    awesome! charice’s name will be heard in four corners of the world! with her amazing talent and awesome personality everything is sky is the limit. happy for u cha! just continue to amaze every nation and we are always behind u.

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  6. tyramaid says:
    this week is dominated by glee.
    this is just the tip of the iceberg, as the coming weeks will see charice’s popularity soar even higher.
    as if it cannot go higher, but alas, charice’s album will be officially launch in europe, then she and df will go and conquer asia with dff series of concerts, and what have you got???

    wait, it doesn’t end there!
    november will see the release of charice next single.
    and what do you expect of that????

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    • legendcha says:
      And if she launches an album with xmas songs in time for December, granting she still has all that time), then it will be:


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