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Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why It’s The Best Episode Yet!

Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why It’s The Best Episode Yet!

SPOILER ALERT! I didn’t think it was possible, but McKinley High got even MORE entertaining than before…keep reading to get the inside scoop on the season premiere of Glee!

I’m not going to lie — I thought Glee had lost it’s charm by the end of last season, but just like creator, Ryan Murphy, promised, the award-winning Fox show is coming back with a vengeance. I was at the screening and premiere party last night in Los Angeles and the first episode of the second season is the best EVER. Seriously…here’s why:

1 - Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) has competition — both literally and figuratively! Actress Dot Jones joins the cast as the new female football coach, Beaste, and gives Sue a run for her money both at the high school and in the comedy realm.

2 - The person who you’d least expect to see be a cheerleader tries out for the Cheerios…and it’s NOT Puck (Mark Salling). Even Sue’s #1 sidekick, Becky, can’t help but crack up.

3 - Charice — the girl who Oprah claims is the most talented in the world — is freaking AMAZING and puts Lea Michele to shame during her huge solo, “Listen,” from Dreamgirls.

4 - Justin Bieber has joined the cast! Well, okay…I lied. But his semi-lookalike has! Chord Overstreet — the new series regular — and his luscious blond locks and full lips might send you over the edge. Too bad his character doesn’t seem like he plays for my team…

5 - Forget guest stars! The premiere episode actually focuses on the true Gleeks, which is a welcome change. Watch out for Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang), his big new story line and his HOT abs. (Cory Monteith, who?) Plus, Heather Morris (Brittany) has the FUNNIEST one liners. I didn’t think they could get better, but they did.

6 – THE MUSIC ROCKS. Well, this is an obvious, but I loved seeing other characters besides Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) rap. Opening with Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind” and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” = sheer brilliance.

Season two of Glee premieres Sept. 21 — are YOU Gleeking out?



Not Only Is Charice ‘The Most Talented Girl In The World,’ She’s Also The Shyest!

At Tuesday night’s Glee premiere and afterparty, the 18-year-old singer spent most of the night with her family and close friends – and seemed nervous around everyone else!

I know how much you all love Charice, and after hearing hear rendition of “Listen” from Dreamgirls at the Glee premiere Sept. 7, I’m right there with you! That said, given how popular the 18-year-old international superstar is, I was surprised by how shy and quiet she is for a girl with such a huge voice!

As we walked onto the Paramount Studios lawn for the premiere afterparty, guests clamored to chat with the show’s stars. Even though she was deemed “the most talented girl in the world” by Oprah, Charice seemed unsure of herself and super shy, sticking close to her family and friends for most of the party.

But despite her shyness, Charice was the most approachable celebrity there. When I approached her for a photo she cheerfully agreed, “Of course!” and even waited while we got the camera to work. TOTALLY not a diva!

“You barely come up to my chin!” I said, bending down to be closer to this little 4’11” peanut. She laughed and nodded her head. When my group and I told the pint-sized Filipina actress she was a standout in the premiere episode, she flashed a big smile and said, “Thank you so much!” appreciatively.

Charice continued to wave and smile at us for the rest of the night — as though SHE was the one who was honored to meet us, not the other way around.

charice glee premiere kirstin benson2 Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why It’s The Best Episode Yet!

I loved meeting (and supporting) this incredibly talented and down-to-earth celebrity. But now I have one request: Charice, please stay humble…it’s really so refreshing to meet someone without attitude in Hollywood!

~ Kirstin Benson

Source: By Kirstin Benson,

Chart Moves: Disturbed, Charice, Yo Gabba Gabba, Chris Brown, Katy Perry and more

Billboard logo charice 75x75 Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why It’s The Best Episode Yet!Charice: A repeat of one of Charice’s appearances on “Oprah” (Sept. 1) lifts her self-titled album back onto the chart with a 240% gain. Meanwhile, the set could continue to benefit in the coming weeks from Charice’s addition to the cast of Fox’s “Glee” (premiering Sept. 21).

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150 Responses to “Glee Premiere Episode: Six Reasons Why It’s The Best Episode Yet!”

  1. nodoubt says:

    another bathroom scene from E!news you gogirl!!very very nerdy!!like it!!!

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    • nhivz17 says:

      lolz!!! that scene of lea and charice was so hilarious!!! lea thought charice couldn’t understand english (at first) by enunciating every words she’s telling slowly… but eventually she will realize that what she thought of were all wrong and the face-off between the two will start… i can’t wait to see the whole diva-off scene!!! :)

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  2. Rodel says:

    I never sleep at night without listening to her songs. I am really a huge fan of her…

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  3. jay_219 says:

    this link has the most detailed spoiler of glee 201 episode. read if spoilers don’t bother you.

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  4. carl says:

    Charice ON ITV Loose Women UK

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  5. oslo1000 says:
    NEGATIVES ? Crabmania ?

    I always say ” GOOGLE CHARICE “. Then i ask them to repeat themselves.

    Her talent “really kills ” all the disease.

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  6. minbeauty8 says:
    There is EVIL to thar channel that Jason had mentioned. I don’t even want to type it and dare to go to that VIRUS that try to corrupt the faith we have on Charice.

    The Lord is Thy Keeper for Charice. Nobody can ruin her destiny by someone who is/are just jealous of her.

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  7. joyfull215 says:
    omg!!!!the premier epic of glee 2 will be on sept 22 here in sydney…cant wait..just saw the promo on channel 10…

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  8. Jason says:
    Dagupan City is a mysterious poster here in CM. and I don’t feel he is a Filipino though, I might be wrong! I believe he tests and stirs water with his mostly negative comments, and of course could be on self serving purpose. His business is intrigues which sound of someone who’s playing tabloids obviously on the pessimistic side – to the extent of getting malevolent to pollute the peaceful fans interaction in our CM environment. Of course he fails because here CM CLUB we are mature individuals!

    Interestingly, I found (and you can check it out) a channel in YouTube with this address: “”. This channel declares itself as very “anti Charice” and aims at pulling her down. But beware, what puzzle me most are the “NAMES LISTED AS ITS FOUNDERS”! See for yourself while they are still there and you will be surprised!

    If you Dagupan City is an honorable and knowledgeable individual, I challenge, you better declare yourself for we don’t know your involvements and your game…your insights could be useful too, who knows.

    Meanwhile let us not allow Dagupan City rains on our parade here on Charicemania…as Charice said upon Glee success: “LET US ALL PARTY!”

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    • edy says:
      @jason all we can do is speculate and just ignore them. My guess is there are few religious fanatics that can’t accept charice change of faith and beliefs. It happened to other celebrities that did the same. fans of other artist won’t go that far.

      peace, let’s just respect them. As Charice said, this is were we get strength, move on and prove later that they are wrong.

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