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“Glee” Kicks Off Season 2 with Sunshine Corazon

“Glee” Kicks Off Season 2 with Sunshine Corazon

Find Out Which Glee Stars Are Doing Duets!

Good afternoon, Gleeks. Glee season two premieres in less than two weeks (Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. on Fox ), and our view of the episodes to come got a lot clearer after we interrogated the cast last night at the premiere bash.

Care to know who’s singing what song with who when? Which characters are facing off, and which ones are hooking up? Read on for our latest Glee update, including the dish on who’s singing “one of the best duets ever recorded in the history of duets”:

Cory Monteith tells us that he and Lea Michele are going to team up again soon. He says, “Today in the studio I recorded a song that I’m going to be singing as a duet with Rachel. It’s a really good song and I think it’s one of the best duets ever recorded in the history of duets. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.” Got any theories about the song in question?

Hit the comments with your duet guesses, and then read on for news about some of the show’s other romantic pairings, plus new characters and some choice tidbits about the special Rocky Horror installment:

SHOWMANCES Glee Kicks Off Season 2 with Sunshine CorazonGlee Showmance, Subcategory Bisexual Cheerleaders: As a TV fan, are you all about homoerotic female best friendships? (Rizzoli & Isles fans, we’re looking at you.) Well, then you’ll love this season’s continuation of the Brittany-Santana “friendship with benefits.” Heather Morris says the two Cheerios are still canoodling, although Brittany also plays the field: “I’ve got a couple more relationships here and there…Of course me and Naya Rivera, Santana, we are crazy together and we have a lot of fun stuff, which we haven’t shot yet, not only in the Britney [Spears] episode, but in like the next couple episodes. We have more stories together. [And] I create more relationships with other people.”

Glee Showmance, Subcategory “Wemma”: We know you kids love Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma (Jayma Mays), but is this already the season when the Spanish teacher gets with the guidance counselor? Mays says, “I wish I could say, ‘Yes, we’re going to be married by episode three,’ but I have no idea. [Besides], you don’t want us together right away.” (Fine, fine, patience is a virtue.) For his part, Morrison reveals, “It starts out a little rough. The new dentist is in town, John Stamos, J-Sizzle as I call him. You know, my heart is still there, [but] I’m going through my whole divorce and everything so I’m a mess. Will Schuester is a mess, but his affections are really still there for Emma.” Yay!

Glee Showmance, Subcategory Real-Life: We got to talking about Kristin Chenoweth with Chris Colfer, and he freaked out, in the sweetest possible way: “Every time she’s around, I lose all control of all my senses, like I can’t see, I can’t hear, I can’t speak ’cause I’ve been in love with the woman since I was 13…I could do a whole scene with her and just forget the entire thing ’cause I’d just be on cloud nine.” Adorable, right?


Charice Glee Premiere 81 198x300 Glee Kicks Off Season 2 with Sunshine CorazonGet ready to open your heart to a new singer by the name of Corazon and a new football coach who looks tough but who secretly has a soft gooey center.

Filipino pop star Charice tells us, “My character is Sunshine Corazon, she’s an exchange student from the Phillipines, and she’s going to be a frenemy of Rachel Berry. She’s going to be a little upset in the first episode, [but] she’s a shy type person. She’s a nerdy girl, but a little bit fashionable-wise.” How paradoxical!

Jane Lynch says of tiny new castmember Charice, “She’s littler than Lea, which I think Lea loves because she was, up until then, the smallest person in the cast.”

Oh, and Rachel Berry isn’t the only person with a new frienemy. Jane Lynch spills: “There’s a new football coach, she’s female, she’s six-foot-four, she is bigger than me and she’s louder than me, but she’s got a soft spot. She has a real heart beating in herai??i??as opposed to Sue, who has a heart but she doesn’t let anybody get at it. So [Sue] goes for the jugular as far as going after Coach Beast.’ ” Dot Jones plays the new coach, whose character’s last name is officially spelled “Beiste.”


300.rocky.horror.pictureshow.072408 Glee Kicks Off Season 2 with Sunshine CorazonIn case you haven’t heard, Glee’s doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show episode later this season, and we found out that Rocky roots actually go deep in the Glee cast. Jayma Mays told us, “I’m looking forward to Rocky Horror. I sang ‘Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a Touch Me’ for my audition, so I feel like I’m reliving my audition in a weird way, and I just love that show so much so I’m really looking forward to that.”

Chris Colfer reveals, “I take full credit for the Rocky Horror Picture Show because it was my idea from the beginning. I remember in the pilot telling Ryan Murphy how I wanted to do the Time Warp. So if it’s a total horrible, horrible thing, you can blame me, but I can’t wait to do that and do the Time Warp. It’s so my thing. I can’t wait.”

But wait, there’s more: Matthew Morrison is actually a former Rocky castmember! He says, “I’m really looking forward to the Rocky Horror episode just because I actually did that show on Broadway so I can’t wait to see what that script holds. We haven’t seen the script yet. I’m looking forward to it. I’m a big fan of the show.”

As for the movie’s infamous getups (such as leather corsets and gold underpants), Cory Monteith promises that they won’t be lost in the shuffle: “Somebody’s gonna be wearing it. I don’t know if it’s me or not.”

OK, tell us in the comments: Who do you want to see wearing what costumes when Rocky Horror comes around?

Source: E! Online


Meet the Newest ‘Glee’ Cast Members

It’s less than two weeks away from the season two premiere of “Glee,” and ET caught up with the cast as they partied with their new co-stars.

Jane Lynch disclosed that her character Sue Sylvester will go head-to-head with the new football coach Shannon Beiste, played by Dot Marie Jones.

Meanwhile, John Stamos is coming in as the love interest to guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). “This is just one of those great gifts that keeps dropping in my lap,” Stamos said of joining “Glee.”

Pop star Charice also joins the cast, playing the nerdy Sunshine Corazon who is a big fan of Rachel Berry (Lea Michele). “Sunshine is kind of like a shy type,” Charice said of her character. Michele described working with the singer as “wonderful.”

Check out the video to see what the breakout stars of “Glee” are splurging on with their Hollywood paychecks, and check out the show when it returns to Fox on Cheap rogaine foam uk Tuesday, September 21.

Source: ET Online


Dish Of Salt: Charice On Joining The Cast Of ai???Gleeai??i?? – ai???Itai??i??s The Coolest Thingai??i?? Ever!

Teen signing sensation Charice chats with AccessHollywood.comai??i??s Laura Saltman about the process she went through to land her role on ai??? Did she have doubts about it actually happening? Plus, Charice responds to rumors that she got Botox to be on the show.

Source: Access Hollywood


“Glee” Kicks Off Season 2

The cast of ‘Glee’ reveal plot surprises and new characters at the series’ season two premiere in Los Angeles. (Sept. 7)


Glee archive ai??i?? more from ai???Sunshine Corazonai???

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  1. palaginghuli says:
    Hope people realize that the moment the song LISTEN by Charice gets available for download after the GLEE performance, that Chasters and new fans will be swarming to buy it. iTunes and Amazon will crash! LOL!!

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  2. oslo1000 says:
    Chasters does anyone have the e-mail address of Rosenberg, David Foster ?

    After the first episode of GLEE , come s the Charice explosion !


    Marketing , no need for another bobo huh Am not reminding . just complaining…he he

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  3. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    Today’s TFC TV Patrol news video has been uploaded. Old news about Charice’s in top 10, but any news about her is appreciated! Video also contains YouTube covers of Charice (similar to earlier Balitang America news). Enjoy!

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  4. marlyn says:
    I am so excited waiting for the first episode of Glee .So happy for Charice .The feeling is kinda like when i was waiting for the release of her album and i know right after the first episode ; she’s gonna be a household name . Thanks to the links about the The Daily Inquirer article by Mr Nepales ,that was good ; and everyone who will be watching Glee will applause Charice and will become a new Chaster .

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  5. rosyniyah says:
    Can’t wait to see Charice in Glee.

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  6. rosyniyah says:
    Can’t wait to see Charice in Glee.

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  7. Ate Lina says:
    You’re welcome Jamesjuanita. I just stumbled upon that link here in Charicemania- THE ALL-IN-ONE SOURCE OF INFORMATION regarding Charice.

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  8. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    I am not sure if somebody has already posted this today’s Balitang America segment shown tonight. Thanks and enjoy!

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  9. eva says:
    yes your right CHA!!! were also happy with your face, so dont do too much changes the way you look. a little bit was ok, good luck your gig on GLEE. GOD BLESS ALAWAYS.

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  10. RodBelt says:
    Oprah re-aired ‘Search For The Most Talented Kids’, then Charice’s album re-entered Billboard Top 200. Charice shined at the premiere party and private screening of Glee 2 followed a cascade of admiration and accolades from the myriad of entertainment columnists, peers, and her legion of fans. Are these the ramblings of, like Taal volcano (ater all, she lives in Tagaytay City), the prelude to an impending explosion that will culminate in Charice’s rise to the top after the airing of the first episode in Sept. 21? I sincerely hope so!!!!!

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    • osuna says:

      Seem like we read the same book, yes, just a matter of time, wrote this few hours ago,(below) its all gut feeling right now, it will explode by itself , probably the reason why RM is playing it down, to avoid the feeling of uneasiness among others, she is a new comer and he don’t want to create a “too much focus” on Charice. People will see it, then there is nothing they can do.

      osuna says:
      September 8, 2010 at 5:07 pm
      Glee upper management or what ever you call it, is grooming Charice quietly, just a personal gut feeling, not sure what it is but we’ll see, only weekly episode will tell for sure. Just hang in there, twist and turn inside Hollywood which we don’t know a thing about might just explode.
      Recommend or Disapprove: 31 4


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  11. Ruhla says:
    Read what Lea Michelle has to say about Charice I’m so proud!

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  12. artemis gibran says:

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  13. artemis gibran says:
    Our Little Girl is just so AMAZING!


    Our cute little girl has turned into a BEAUTIFUL and INTELLIGENT LADY. I can’t even stop my tears…her BRILIANCE can’t be hidden.LOL!

    The interviewer feels a certain level of lightness and awesomeness when she was talking with CHARICE. That’s what I call SUNSHINE Effect! LOL! Watch GLEE and you will have more of that.

    Charice also entered BB200 again.LOL! With SUNSHINE, the FUTURE is soooooo BRIGHT… I gotta wear SHADES!


    te amo,

    tita artemis

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  14. Jamesjuanita says:
    Las Vegas Chasters please contact me. I want to be involved. Charice did an excellent job in the interviews most especially on the B subject. Way to go Princess. You look beautiful, proper and well dressed. I can not contained my happiness watching you. Like what I said in my other comments I could care less if I lose my job, I have to watch Glee this Sept 21 and so on. My waiting, searching and surfing for you on the internet pays. I love what I saw. I’ll never get tired watching all of them again and again.

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  15. Ate Lina says:
    I liked what I read from The Inquirer that even before the screening of Glee S-2 epi. 1, while Mr. Ryan Murphy is on his way to his seat inside the auditorium, he predicted to the writer that people in that auditorium will appalause to Charice singing. Still as per that article, the audience applaud twice (2X) to her singing. Duets with Rachel Berry the Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce song The Telephone and her audition song Listen which is a cover for Beyonce. I will surely be doing the same when I see finally the Glee epi 1 on Sept. 21st
    and coupled with tears of joy of hapiness for “littler” princess of our heart Charice. BTW she is back on Billboard Top 200. This is 12 days before Glee. Just imagine folks what will happen to the different music charts come Sept. 21. For sure the numbers will all shoot up!! To: IamnotaCrab: despite of your annoyance are you still a fan of Charice? Just asking? PEACE.

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    • Jamesjuanita says:
      Hello Lina. I was so intrigue about the Inquirer thing that I did not give up until I found and read the article. Thank you for the info. Love you and owe you one for that. Chasters forever.

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  16. mj says:
    i jumping with joy right now and wanted to cry at the same happy and proud of you charice… you gonna be great on tv.

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  17. Portia says:
    A big WOW on the Access Hollywood interview, she handled the “B” issue in a classy way, she is just so amazing. I know and we know, Chaice is already psrt of Hollywood crowd. Bravo Charice!!!.

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    • marie says:
      I totally agree. She was straight forward and knocked that ridiculous issue out of the ball park! Good job on the whole interview, Charice!

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  18. mdsjr says:
    Charice album re-enter Billboard 200 at no. 160

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    • marie says:
      Love this part of the article:

      “Spoiler alert: Stop reading now if you don’t want to learn specific details about the season opener. We got our first glimpse of Charice as the New Directions sings Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” on campus to attract new members (The national finals will be held in New York, hence the song). Lea smiles and glances at Charice, who is watching the choir.

      There’s a funny bit by Lea as she presumes that Charice’s Sunshine does not understand English well (it’s humorously done, not offensive at all). She tries to entice Charice to audition for the New Directions.

      Competition alert

      But then she hears Charice sing in the bathroom and her competition alert instincts take over. She couldn’t help but join Charice in singing Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone.” “

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    • Marie says:
      Thanks Ruhla for this link. I feel so excited and can’t wait to watch Glee. I hope somebody could upload the 1st episode here right after the show for the sake of all those outside of USA especially here in New Zealand where Showbiz news (movies, music especially from USA) are delayed. Meaning? We’re reading or watching history! Even the staff of the department store or music store agreed that it takes months to arrive here,lol.

      Good thing is, they already played Pyramid in the radio or even in Countdown Supermarket as my friends said. For me? I haven’t hear it yet, sigh! Good thing I bought my own CD and at the school & traffic lights? they heard Charice songs…

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      • Ruhla says:
        You are welcome. Anything for Charice. I hope Charice’s songs will be included in the next Glee album or at least make them available for download at itunes. I would like to have a copy of the Telephone duet by Lea and Charice

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  19. milesaway says:
    Aaaahhhhh!The waiting game is killing me!!!!

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  20. Leir says:
    This might be off topic but I came across another Tweet from ehudmusic:

    In the lab wit @offficialcharice did 3 bangers!! Folks check this girl out… Amazing…. Talent

    Our Charice is in Overdrive right now :-)

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  21. jn says:
    In a short period, you can see the confidence of Cha in answering these left and right questions…..She was so cool when the “B” thing was asked….. Can’t wait for September 21st to come….Good luck Charice and more power.

    To CM, thanks for all these updates……
    It looks like some writers are getting their info about Charice from this site….

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  22. Maureen says:
    I love love it.. Charice was incredibly impressive, well dressed, well mannered, humble & way punctual (She came early for a premier rather than hog the spotlight from the main casts)
    Both her & Jane Lynch gave those waiting journalists good interviews & undivided attention. I do think its remarkably professional for Hollywood.
    CHARICE is well on her way to the TOP & changing it for the better as she goes!!! I love love loveeet.

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  23. Lalapot says:
    Come on sept 21!! I can’t wait for Sunshine Corazon!!!!! :D

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  24. justcharrie says:
    Wow I’m so impressed. Charice handled the B question in a very relaxed and confident manner and her answer was just perfect to clear different assumptions about that issue and I hope that will be the last time that she’ll be asked of that. Anyway, I’m very very happy that Charice’s addition to the casts has been receiving a positive remarks from relevant people in the industry and her presence in the previous premier party was warmly welcomed. Two more weeks guys…

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 34 Thumb down 2

    • chit says:
      It’s sept. 9, 12 days from sept 21. These are the longest 12 days of my life, just like all of you are feeling. But you’re all very right- Charice has become more confident and ably answers interviewers’ questions. Well poised and well-mannered all the time. Aren’t we all very proud of her? And aren’t we all happy that she’s gained the respect of Hollywood and its big, well-established stars? Hooray for our Princess!!!! :)

      Like or Dislike: Thumb up 23 Thumb down 1

      • justcharrie says:
        Oh 12 days, I’m forgetting my arithmetics lol. But you’re right this is one of the longest wait of Chaster’s life and reading Mr. Nepales’ spoiler just heightened the degree of excitement.

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