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Chariceai??i??s Week in Review Aug 30 to Sept 5

Chariceai??i??s Week in Review Aug 30 to Sept 5

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  1. EBjohns11 says:
    i missed several Fantalk on fridays =(. I had been busy putting my kids to bed (9pm) and with new baby , its a lil harder now to be sitting , chatting and listening to u guys. I feel like i am out of the loop now a days. Its harder than i thought. Sorry , hopefully next time, i have more time with Chasters. But at least i have time to read the articles.

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  2. mlddz923 says:
    Thanks WebScribes for the great report to the Chaster Community. I have also seen a full picture of Charice on M magazine. She is on page 44 of the September issue.

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  3. chit says:
    I hope that Charice gets as much rest as she needs to fulfill everything that she has to do and wherever she goes. (Her schedule makes me dizzy as it is so packed. She practically lives from luggage to luggage. How many frequent flier miles has she racked up? :)) Good health to you, Charice (and Mommy).

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  4. Portia says:
    Thank you so much WebScribes for this “Week in Review” of Charice’s actvities. This is a one stop page and a very helpful article. Wait ’til Glee’s 2nd season and your hands will be full, I do hope so and thanks in advance. . You are a great Chaster!!!.

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  5. lupin says:
    i had never watched any single episode of glee in season 1. on its 2nd season, i’ll make sure that i won’t miss any single episode of the show. it’s all because of you charice… i’m truly chaddicted

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  6. niel says:
    for the first time… im the first one to comment….
    anyway… it was a hectic month for charice specially for the guesting in glee…this glee thing is really cool and im really excited…

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