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Charice 2010 Pre-Glee

Charice 2010 Pre-Glee

Charice soared – then shot up like a rocket – and with Glee will go into “hyperdrive.” So, lets get our bearings as we approach 21 September. We will start by reviewing Billboard and other major sales Charts. In addition to her #1 dance hit, Pyramid, Charice made Billboard history as the first Asian to have a Top10 album on the prestigious US Billboard200 Chart.

00 billboard charice no8 Charice 2010 Pre Glee

  • US Billboard Hot 100 – Pyramid reached #56 – Note to God also charted #44 in 2009
  • US Billboard 200 – “Charice” reached #8 – charted 8 weeks (so far)
  • US Dance/Club Songs – Pyramid reached #1 – charted 14 weeks.
  • US Digital Songs – Pyramid reached #32
  • US Digital Albums – “Charice” reached #8
  • Canadian Hot 100 – “Pyramid” feat. Iyaz reached #41 charted 9 weeks
  • Canadian Albums – “Charice” reached #4 – charted 3 weeks
  • Japan Hot 100 – Pyramid reached #4 – charted 9 weeks & counting
  • Japan BB200 – “Charice” reached #11 charted 7 weeks & counting
  • Japan Album Sales – “Charice” reached #6 September 4th
  • AOL Video song – #15, Week of June 5, 2010
  • Yahoo! Video – #1, Week of July 10, 2010

The Korean Top100 is of special note. Charice had 8 songs in the Top 10 and her entire album was in the Top 20 on August 8th. From the charts that I can read, Charice has risen near the top of most charts throughout Asia and is doing very well in parts of Europe and South America. I hope Chasters around the globe will leave Charice’s sales chart information for their Country in the “comments section” below.

While total sales figures are not published, Charice has already had a successful year and I feel sales will soar even higher this Fall thanks to Glee, tour events and greater media coverage.

The graph at the top, I made the first of March and is my personal projection:

  • 1st part was pre-orders
  • 1st big “UP” began with the April 12 rollout.
  • The ZOOM straight up started with the Oprah show and QVC album debut May 11
  • then sales continue with TV guestings, & performances, festivals, promo tours and rollouts in various Countries

It seems accurate so far, but after September 21st; “I think I need a BIGGER graph” icon smile Charice 2010 Pre Glee

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50 Responses to “Charice 2010 Pre-Glee”

  1. chit says:
    Folks, isn’t that like what they call “breaking the glass ceiling”? As far any Asian concerned, Charive is the only one to go that high in the BB chart! Lets’ continue to support her and rejoice in her successes and achievements for Asia (and the Philippines!)

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  2. Torridme says:
    The poll between Lea and Charice is very long. Very true.

    The comparison is very improper today as Charice has yet to be in one single episode aired . Lea…..

    Lea is the hero and its thier show, Charice is a visitor . Do not for a moment think she will be allowed to take over , its as simple as that.

    Good to see them in another arena. And no vocal synthesizers.

    The competition is all made up….its television Guys. !

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  3. chaster68 says:
    I am really happy for her success, thanks fellow chasters and chasters to be for supporting her, she is the sunshine of my life,peace!

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  4. alex says:
    hi guys,

    Go see glee forum site there’s a pole between Racheal vs Sunshine


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    • jimfan155 says:
      At this point the poll will show only how popular Racheal is; as Sunshine’s character has yet to be established. I’ll wait for this poll again at the end of season 2 and look for the difference in the disparity. Right now it’s like a rookie vs a seasoned veteran as to who is the most valuable player (unfair). But just wait.

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      • ctabelle says:

        I agree w/ you jimfan155. At this point there must be no comparison between the two., it’s so unfair for Charice who is yet to show what she’s got as far as her role as Sunshine is concerned. It’s too early wait for the end of season 2 & let’s see what will happen. Charice so far never failed to prove how talented/ versatile she is as a singer/performer. She always give justice to anything she is doing esp. singing. As I understand her role in glee is a foreign exchange student who has that vocal power that is unmatched. That’s precisely her role & it’s just a piece of cup cake for her or just a mere simple soup.

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  5. ArrVee says:
    on Sept21, you will need a logarithmic graph, at least for a while …

    maybe ChariceMania can also collect statistics on hits on this site around that time …

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  6. Franz says:
    Go! Go! Go! Charice! You are wonder girl in the universe! You make us thrill everyday! You’re the greatest among the great. I love you charice. Mwuah. Kiss you.

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  7. Laura says:
    Webb, That chart/graph. Is that 6,500,000 sales volumes worldwide as in sales or just a projection,

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    • WebScribes says:
      Bless you Laura, I had uploaded the wrong image – correct one is there now. Yes, it is only a generalized projection I made last March, but the sales numbers that have been released are in line with my projection.

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    Sooner or later she will appear in the Guinnes book of world records. God bless her always…

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  9. chris says:
    it’s really unimaginable that as an Asian, we’ve been talking about International Billboard, before we never experienced this situation.
    Charice made this happen. She is gifted and has amazing talent and full of wonders. Charice will be and forever be in our memory. No wonder she is a legendary artist ever in the history of entertainment. (Proof = Record shows)

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  10. efryll says:
    ah…one word…WOW…

    i’m so thrilled for Charice… keep on soaring high… and really??? she’s got 8 songs in top 10 in Korea… that’s pretty awesome… thanks for the updates…

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  11. Luisa says:
    thank you for updates. pls continue to inform me on her progress on the chart.

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  12. LoloLando says:
    Wow, she is about to punch a hole at the top. What would happen after GLEE…..

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