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Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

SEPTEMBER 8 UPDATE – New pics, tweets and the recorded “live premiere party webcast” added —

Join us for live-stream coverage of the Glee Season 2 Premiere Party, Tuesday September 7 starting at 6PM Pacific time, that’s 9PM Eastern. A premiere party for a TV show. Well Glee is not just any show, earning 19 Emmy nominations and winning 4 in its very first Season 1. So, expect a grand gala.

Tweet your questions for your favorite GLEE stars using #gleepremiereparty during the LIVE webcast on TUE 9/7! They may answer it LIVE on the Red Carpet during the GLEE Premiere Party Webcast tomorrow!

Yes, yes, oh yesss…Charice will be in attendance! So, join us here for live coverage with the red carpet interviews starting at 6PM LA time on Tuesday, September 7th.

Glee Premiere Charice Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania.

GLEE  Premiere Party Webcast



GLEE  Premiere Red Carpet Photos

Charice Glee Premiere Red Carpet Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

Charice Glee Premiere 1 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 2 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 3 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 4 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 5 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 6 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

Charice Glee Premiere 7 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 8 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 9 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 10 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 11 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at CharicemaniaCharice Glee Premiere 12 75x75 Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

Photo credit: SthanLee, click image to enlarge


More Insider Tweets from Glee Premiere

Glee insider tweets charice Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania

Click image to enlarge

Encore episodes of GLEE also begin tomorrow Tues 9/7 at 8pm ET on FOX leading up to the Season 2 premiere on Tue 9/21. Check your local TV listings.

Also watch all 22 episodes of Season 1 at OR

Glee archive — more from “Sunshine Corazon”

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166 Responses to “Charice at Glee Premiere Party Live at Charicemania”

  1. mdsjr says:
    Charice Enjoying the Spotlight in the US – Mania Bulletin
    ChariceMania also mentioned here.

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  2. luvkcha09 says:
    I think Charice coined a new word “Frienemies” , it might get in the dictionary one day . The other word from her ‘Chasters’ is already a word of mouth globally. Charice is really smart, and I like the way she tackled the b issue from the interviewer. That should end this issue once and for all. Well done Charice! You will grace many more Red Carpets! I love the total package- dress, purse, shoes, hair, make-up , smile and poise!

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    • kmcheeful says:
      I agree, Charice is super smart and a prodigy but “frienemies” is a well known term and is already in the oxford online dictionary and states its origin in the 1950s.

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      • luvkcha09 says:

        thanks for letting me know… Chasters are very smart too :) I learn a lot of things from my chaster pals. thanks

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        • kmcheeful says:

          cool ;) Also I agree too with what you said about how she handled the b question in the interview. I’m so impressed with her and was so proud of how she showed so much poise and maturity… she is awesome! This young girl has taught the world how to face negativity with courage and grace.

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    • ChrisJSS says:
      “Frienemies” was used in the Glee promo vid to describe Will Shuester and Sue Sylvester’s new relationship. Charice knows this. hehe and Rachel and Sunshine will be “frenemies” too because they’re vocal rivals but I think they’ll end up as friends. hehe

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  3. CutieSinger23 says:
    Sunshine Corazon!!! OMG!!! you’re sooooooooooo HOT! :) Nice dress!! Love your fashion!! :D Everyone is proud of you.. :)

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  4. ArrVee says:
    her simple style in this event highlights her natural Asian beauty, and reflects her simple, humble demeanor, that belies that rich motherlode of talent hidden within her. The basic black theme represents her back-to-basics, genuine, electronically-unadulterated talent, that ultimately gives her that touch of *real* class, and makes her the Real Deal.

    her simple style is also symbolic of her being a “blank slate” on which she can conjure up for you, right then and there, almost anything related to her craft as a total performer – any song/arrangement, any dance, and she can even mimic other singers. She is a quick study, able to memorize songs quickly, and can quickly adapt to last-minute changes in musical arrangements. She is actively exploring different genres of her craft, to see how far her deep wellspring of talent will take her.

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  5. robin says:
    CHARICE! OH MY GOODNESS! i just can’t wait to see you on Glee!!!

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  6. daddy 0 says:
    Love it Charice !! I will be normal today!!I cannot say no more!! Everybody already said it. What else can i say. All

    Oh..wait!! i guess i something to say !! TO ALL THE CRABS OUT THERE!!!.. Keep on crawling!! Keep on doing what you are doing and your IDOL will still be down there. You are the root of all evil. That is why your IDOL’s are not going anywhere . Your IDOLS dont receive the graces because of people like you. . You keep pulling other STARS down along with your IDOL!! What a shame!! Im so sorry but, that is all you get!!

    Look at Chasters, do you hear nor see us saying or badmouthing your IDOL!! We never,a s a matter of fact we support them also. But CRABS keeps on comparing. WHAT A SHAME!!SO DISGUSTING!!



    YOUR ALWAY’S BE MY NUMBER ONE!!! OOOooopppss… Sorry wrong Song!!


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  7. sunshinefan says:
    Thank you chasters for the wonderful compilation of twits from people who were there. It is really encouraging that Cha is getting admirers from just one episode of Glee. I pray it will have the same effect when the premiere is shown on the 21st. Let us always include Cha’s success in our prayers. I am so happy to be a part of the Chasters family worldwide, you are all major major wonderful fans! Probably the best fans a star can have!

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  8. thekmn3 says:
    speaking of the crabs,,last week,i watched a YT video of charice singing with “so called” pop princess of PI,i did a little comment which i’m not used to,,all i did was to voice out my true feelings about the video,charice was supposed to sing the last note but was stolen by this pop singer,,i thought it was unprofessional at all,,i said in my comment;i used to like this pop singer not ’till i saw this clip,,I now give my full support to CHARICE,,she’s the real thing..very down to earth & has fear in GOD,,and here’s what happen,,the fans emailed me questioning me & sort of etc…all i did was delete,,ignore,,,now charice is gaining more popularity!!!God bless her indeed,,,They are in Agony,in pain,jealous,,My whole family supports charice all the way^_^ guys just IGNORE!! the crabs,,sooner the’ll be among us…

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  9. ocfan says:
    Charice really made an impression on Hollywood Life reporter Kirstin Benson last night. Checkout this report:

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    • dadartful says:
      I love Charice but for Kirstin Benson to state “put Lea Michelle to shame” is definitely not too cool. It will only turn Lea Michelle fans to hate her and Charice, if you note in some comments on this article. Love and praise Charice for her talents and personality and stop comparing and putting down established stars. We Chasters all know in our mind who’s the better singer. Aloha Chasters!!!

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  10. Don says:
    Those haters that are her fellow countrymen should be ashamed of themselves. Jealousy is worst thing there is. If her haters were the ones trying to live their dream and others hated on them how would they feel? All you do is make Charice better and better. She understands that everyone isn’t going to like her and she accepts that. So you are just wasting your time.

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  11. Daniel says:
    Charice looks CHAbulous with her black dress and killer high heel
    shoes. After watching all her interviews with different media, she
    answer all their questions chaperfect. She’s ready to tackle the
    Hollywood scene with poise and classy dignity. Glee will be Charice
    stepping stone to future projects either in movies or television.
    She deserves all the adulation and big break on her career in
    music and acting. “listen” and “Telephone” are the two songs she
    sang at the Premiere episode and we know Charice aka “Sunshine”
    can sing cover songs better than the original.

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  12. Koy says:
    Here’s is Charice on ET interview :

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  13. charis says:
    Have anyone seen this before? From Access Hollywood:

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Thanks for posting this. Haven’t seen this one and I really enjoyed it. I’m glad she loves her face because I do too and you can see it’s the same Charice we have come to love and cherish.

      Like the song says: “Don’t go changin – I love you just the way you are”.

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    • Zee says:
      found that on twitter like 10 minutes ago. Go to access hollywood. my bad for mentioning her name here minutes ago, the “B” issue is done. over. no one can say anything about it anymore. after this write up.
      Interview is great so it’s all good.

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    • Joy Co says:
      @charis, boy i say this is the best of the best interview of charice. she was flawless here! she was really very conversant here and in english! wooo haaa!
      and my, she handled the botox question very well. good job charice!

      @charis, thanks for sharing.

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    • RodBelt says:
      Thank you so much for this video. Even to the point of sounding like a broken record, I would like to repeat that Charice is oozing with confidence especially when she said that she loves the way she looks. Like Jimfan, I found a song by Nat King Cole, a beautiful ballad which fully describe Charice as if the song was written for her. Here it is with the full lyrics:

      STAY AS SWEET AS YOU ARE – Stay as sweet as you are, don’t let a thing ever change you. Stay as sweet as you are, don’t let a soul rearrange you. Don’t ever lose all the charms you possess. Your loveliness, the way you say “yes”. Stay as sweet as you are. discreet as you are, you’re divine, dear. Stay as grand as you are, and as you are, tell me that your mine dear. Young and gay, or old and gray, near to me or afar. Night and day I pray that you’ll always stay as sweet as you are.

      Chasters, I urge you especially the young ones who do not know the father of Natalie Cole, one of the greatest balladeer of all time, to find the song (Limewire), play it, and tell me if I am right or wrong.

      Incidentally don’t you find Charice’s giggle and laughter contagious? I do.

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  14. lorena says:
    Wow!Wow!Wow! Charming and sweet, simple but elegant, very classic. You’re such a wonderful, amazing being on the face of the earth! We love you Charice.

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  15. camo says:
    charice my dear you did yourself and your family proud your true fans will always be proud of you .while your in hollywood wowoing the masses the crabs are lurking for crumbs.dont mind the haters from ur country most of them are so far into the forest they cant see the trees.just keep shining and do what you do best annoy the hell out of them with your amazing talent.we love you kid rock on.

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  16. dadartful says:
    A little slip of my mind here. I forgot to add might be Lady Gaga or Beyonce. So Charice sings that duet with Rachael and two solos. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm…that’s it I hope.

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  17. dadartful says:
    Hello Chasters, wasn’t Charice great in interview and appearance. She’s getting into the Hollywood mix quite gracefully. Two things I want to mention here. The comments made on her singing performance is on the event’s showing of the premier filming not a live performance. And also I read in an article posted this morning by Ann Donahue who gives out a hint that Charice sings two songs by the same artist in the premier show on the 21st, which I assume is Beyonce. With that said let the guessing begin. Aloha Chasters!!!

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    • Jarhead says:
      Charice will sing 2 songs. Shell sing listen by beyonce for her audition and telephone by lady gaga and beyonce with Rachel.

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  18. marie says:
    All I can say is YAY! Thank you stylist – love the dress, make-up, hair…captures her youthfulness! Enjoyed the interview…she is so much more comfortable now – Charice is doing a great job working with her voice/ speech coaches…

    …speaking of voice/ speech coaches, just my two cents, I’ve been reading tweet from certain crabs, from the Philippines, I wager, that’s making fun of her accent on the interview. *sigh* … Charice is working hard just to represent them through her professionalism and all the crabs can do is get on her about her “twang”? Oh, well, go, go, go Charice – show ‘em what you got =D !

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    • marie says:
      …By the way, Charice looks like Kate Hudson doesn’t she? They have facial resemblances =)

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    • osuna says:
      Let them suffer the pain and agony on Charice success, let them hang around, they are just like those, when you are having a party, they just ti-tingin and ta tanghod tanghod on the good food you are enjoying, trying to get your attention so you can throw in the left overs and feast on them, just another bunch of “gutom” on attention. We need them for good laugh. PEACE

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      • marie says:
        True lol =D Love the party analogy.

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      • Yumi says:
        Yeah, crabs back here in PI are salivating and dying of jealousy. I checked on the Glee page on FB and also on Twitter… they’re just so vicious, to think they’re her fellow Filipinos. That’s why Charice is all the more blessed. God is surely on her side :)

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 39 Thumb down 2

        • Jimwelle says:
          Some You Tube posts are even using Charice’s name to promote new daytime shows to attract and inform new viewers. They are from the other camps of the so called Pop Princess, which I won’t name names. I guess their motto is “if you can’t beat ‘em, steal and use their name”.

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      • Leir says:
        Thats funny lol, I know these crabs are like on the prowl waiting..and waiting for any oppurtunity to attack Charice…are they feeling outcast or something? I just don’t get it. Here is Charice working so hard days and night to make us proud, and some of her fellow Pinoys in PI are so caught of putting her down for no reason. More power to Charice!!!! to the top Baby!!!

        Like or Dislike: Thumb up 36 Thumb down 2

  19. OronaManuel says:
    Hi Chasters! It’s your Mexican Chaster! Wasn’t she gorgeous? Beautiful? Yes she was! She was an Angel! So Mature! There you go Princess! your realy first official red carpet appearance! and many many many more to come! Just be the greatest and keep your feet on the ground! and Don’t forget about us your true CHASTERS! Love you!!!

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  20. Leir says:
    one of the Tweet I found:

    tbrick2 #glee Charice’s Sunshine brought down the house with Dreamgirls’ Listen. Shiiit just got real for Rachel.


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  21. EBJohns11 says:
    Great Job Charice!! People admire your talent!!! Youre undeniable!

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  22. Mike Z says:
    Here’s a short & sweet singing the song Telephone from Fox 11 news at the premier:

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  23. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    Here is another YouTube upload of Charice’s interview. Can’t wait until Sept. 21st! Thanks.

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  24. angeltaz7 says:
    Great Interview..I even posted it on my FB account..well just to be re-shared by a friend to laugh at it and be mocked by his friends..well its saddening because they only saw the how many times she mentioned “uhms” and “ahs”..well for me it’s a great know Charice is still learning and I do believe that someday she can do it flawlessly..people just judge her of her “Now” they cannot see what she will become and where she came from..Hope people can’t see only her imperfections..cause we all are imperfect. Im a big fan of hers before she was an international popstar. I saw how kind Charice is when she was young..I met her personally in one of their show promoting that noodle product way back..and from that meeting I told her that I was a fan, and she is my favorite in Little Big star.. she said thank you po and gave me a sweet smile..That one I will never forget..Labyo Charice!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 51 Thumb down 2

  25. soc4961 says:
    First of all, Congratulations , Charice, for a job well done at the Glee premiere! It must be overwhelming and intimidating to be around these celebrities but you kept your “cool”. You look simply beautiful! There’s no need for a lot of makeover- you look stunning as you are!!! Your talent is just undeniable, just like what David Foster said!!! Keep up the good work and more power!!!

    TO THE CRABS who obviously don’t have anything else to do but lurk on this site and give every comment thumbs down- GO, GET A LIFE!!! If you don’t like people praising Charice, then, stay away from this site. This is for Charice’s fans only!!! So, go ahead and give me a thumbs down because that’s what miserable people do- CAN’T BE HAPPY FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S SUCCESS!!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 72 Thumb down 3

  26. Lalapot says:
    OMG! I can’t wait for Sept 21!! woot woot! Charice is so beautiful and classy on the red carpet. Great interview too. :D

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 48 Thumb down 3

  27. jimfan155 says:
    Couple things. As Charice gets more popular and more attention, these “thumbs down” will occur on many of our comments. Just accept and ignore. They just want to get a comment out of us and in this way it makes them feel important. Don’t waste your time and efforts because that’s what they want. Instead focus on Charice and leave all positive comments without addressing crabs. I know it’s difficult but ignoring them is the only way to win.

    I hope they come out with a “special” on Fox about this event and show some of the performances. I am dying to see the audience response to “Sunshine”. I dare say it would probably be on a par with her Singapore fans when they first saw her.

    Thank CM for making it easy for an oldtimer to follow the live streamed Premier Party. One click and I was there. You always make it easy for us Chasters. Kudos to Admin, Moderators, and all connected with this site. (I don’t say it nearly as much as I should.)

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  28. Bigfan says:
    Oh my God… I can’t breath, I’m so excited for the first episode of Glee! I want to ‘listen’ to Charice!!!!! :D :D :D :D

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  29. Ripley says:
    Great interview! Loved it! Hope we get the performance video. Hehehe! Anyway, Charice has turned from a beautiful young girl, that has been part of our lives for the past years, into a beautiful young lady, that will surely shine in both the music and show business. She is unstoppable! Go ahead Sunshine! Show them what you’ve got! We will support you all the way to the top! God Bless!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 61 Thumb down 3

  30. nodoubt says:
    Labbbbittt!!!! the make-up and the get-up. not too glammy, simple but klassy.. She’s oozing with natural beauty!!!GO GO GO little sunshine, you’re so organically gorgeous young lady!!!To the TOP behbeh!!!

    Like or Dislike: Thumb up 76 Thumb down 5


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