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ABC World News: Global Pop Sensations You’ve Never Heard Of

ABC World News: Global Pop Sensations You’ve Never Heard Of

33 Responses to “ABC World News: Global Pop Sensations You’ve Never Heard Of”

  1. daddy 0 says:


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  2. Zen says:
    Hello Cha and fellow Chasters,Im so glad our internet is back,happy to see updates and recent videos of our princess,Im back to my daily routine again in which Charice is among the top part.Like other chasters she is my most talented daughter in the whole world.I am single mom with a son who will be 18 this Sept.25.We love charice so much I wish someday we will see her in person. I wish to connect with our fellow chasters especially from San Diego,LA and Riverside Thnks and GOD BLESS EVERYBODY!!!

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Never heard of? Ha, ha. Oprah 5 times, Ellen, Paul O’Grady, Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, Asia, Regis and Kelly, Good Morning America, ABS CBN, Macy’s Thanksgivingday Parade, Las Vegas, and many, many more. Gee wonder who this Charice is.

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  4. Rodilion@ says:
    go!go!charice! global chasters behind you,god bless.labyo!labyo.

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  5. mdsjr says:
    “She’s sitting glued to a chair in the choir room, tackling one of those intimate scenes as she’s interrogated by Will, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) and Mike (Harry Shum Jr.). They’re all furious at her for sending a new rival, Sunshine (played by YouTube phenomenon Charice Pempengco), into the city’s slums.”

    Read the complete article from “On the set as ‘Glee’ begins its second season”

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    • justcharrie says:
      Wow, what a sneak peak of Cha’s character – poor Sunshine, seems like she will be maltreated by Rachel. Ahh…this is so exciting…how are they gonna end as bestfriends?!

      Whoa Charice!!! Can’t wait to see you in action!

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  6. jonanna says:
    off the topic but i just want to ask something. when i post here, will my IP Address seen by the admins??? coz i read a comment from one of the admins before revieling the IP addresses of some chasters which aint good. i think its better next time to use mobile phones coz they all have one IP adresses (from the same country), for privacy purposes.

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    • mdsjr says:
      Hi jonanna! What’s all the fuss. This is a friendly site and you are going to share your opinions with friends when you post your comments here in CM. When you make a reply, you put your email address, which is required, and that’s all CM will gonna see. Now if you are going to send NASTY spam emails, experts or hackers can trace your ip address through your email even your mobile phone and report it to the proper authorities. Check the net. You’ll find everything you want about emails.

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  7. trevor25 says:
    LOL at the ABC’s title – this is for those who haven’t really heard of this wunderkid! Ah…not a kid anymore..she is now a woman… one of the brightest teen star today. I know Charice trajectory is increasing day by day… To some, success is just overnight but this lady really made every Chasters glued into daily dosage of any news from her. What an addiction!!!

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  8. ArrVee says:
    though their initial response could be “Charice who?”, after they hear her perform live, they will wonder why they’ve never heard of her before, how and why they did not see her coming, how she slipped beneath their radar.

    and the natural response to them is … just Google her …

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  9. artemis gibran says:

    love and prayers,

    tita artemis

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  10. Daniel says:
    After Charice Glee appearance, she will be the “The Global Pop Sensation You Cannot Ignore”. She maybe the newest and youngest out of these group of Global Pop Sensation artists, but her career has catapulted so fast that she became one of the hottest in demand artist. With all her media exposure, guest appearances, and future concert appearances, I am betting she will surpass all of them. We might even see Charice doing endorsemenr for shampoo or even a line of clothes for teens and perfume called “Charice”, a scent that will take you to heaven.

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  11. Saint Peter says:
    Charice is not human…..She’s an Angel

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  12. nordin says:
    Charice definitely opening the mainstream entertainment world not only for Asians but also other races in the world. Go ahead unite the world through your god given talent and we, Chasters will support you all the way to the top.

    Peace be with you.

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  13. osuna says:
    Folks,here is a simple explanation of Charice. Webster Dictionary.

    Remember DF comment ? You can feel and sensed that she is the room
    and just the same when she is gone, or something similar.

    Remember Oprah….WHO ARE YOU ????

    a : a subtle sensory stimulus (as an aroma) b : a distinctive atmosphere surrounding a given source
    2: a luminous radiation : nimbus
    3: a subjective sensation (as of lights) experienced before an attack of some disorders (as epilepsy or a migraine)
    4: an energy field that is held to emanate from a living being

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    • jmartin says:
      Add this too! per Ryan Murphy:

      when she opens her mouth…Angels Fly!
      how about that?

      go Charice!

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  14. justcharrie says:
    Among these artists, Charice is the youngest and the newest of them all. Though each one of them has accomplished so much locally, I’ve no doubt Charice will surpass them all and will be the one to rise ahead of them to make herself known worldwide.

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  15. EBJohns11 says:
    well, she was here in Minneapolis but too bad i didnt get to see her. Major major disappointed. Its a private show!! Hopefully, next time – wont be that private anymore hehe.

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  16. JABUAN says:
    I hope all of the aspiring artists (above) experience success. A certain somebody said “follow your dreams” “it doesn’t happen overnight” “believe in yourself”, etc. Comparisons are a drag because each artist is unique and shouldn’t have to be measured against someone else. I learned that from a girl nicknamed Ming.

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  17. OronaManuel says:
    Hi Chasters! It’s your Mexican Chaster! Our Princess will be Numero 1 very soon! She is an Angel and the world will fall in love with her as we all Chasters are! God Bless Charice, Love you!

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    • noellen says:
      yay,,.. nice to see a chaster from Mexico.. Welcome to Charicemania,. and wish to know more chasters in your end visiting Charicemania,…

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      • OronaManuel says:
        Hi noellen! Yes, I’ve been a Chaster since I saw our princess on Oprah Show the first time back in 2008 when she sang “I have nothing” and then all other performances that came after that.
        In fact I drove more the 1000 miles just to see her in Santa Monica, CA, at the Grammy Block Party, and Greet & Meet on July 31st, and met her! She signed my CD and my Charicemainia cap and gave me a big hug!!!! Keep in touch!

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  18. LoloLando says:
    Flash in the pan, that’s what I describe aspiring singers who, with their talents, can’t get to be signed by celebrity song writers. Even now, despite the deluge of analysis on the ascension of CHARICE, I can’t pen a definitive statement why she got to the top like a speeding bullet. What I know is that mortal beings who are tops in their careers converged to put a soul where she is supposed to be.

    And why are we sooooo enamored with this child? What is in her persona that seemed to stick as glue and be a part of our daily consciousness. Can I get some sane reasons why it was so?

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    • henri_v says:

      One of my zany (not so sane) reasons and which I kid my 2 other daughters about is that Charice is the daughter in my family who could really sing!… but all in good fun… I love all my daughters!

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      • YellowEngr says:
        I thought I was the only one. I usually introduce Charice as my daughter (eventhough I’m young at 33 to be her Dad) at work and at home.

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    • gunrunner says:
      lolo lando heres my take on the mystery called charice. charice is the embodiment of the purity of our soul that have been obsured by the distractions of our daily grind. we have lost track of that child in us, that sense of wonder and abandon trust in god and the celebration of life without the fear of uncertainties and tribulations. we found it back in charice and we rediscover ourselves in the loveliness of her being. we found hope, joy, innocence, beauty, love, humility, trust and humanity that are all part of us deeply imbedded in our soul. charice is a living reminder of the beauty of our being.

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      • ArrVee says:
        very well put, gunrunner …

        before she sings, she is a child surrounded by adults. When she sings, she brings out the child in each of us, that makes us cry for no apparent reason, scream incoherently, stand up and raise our hands. But at that moment, she is the most adult-like among us – in control, under intense concentration, and commanding our attention …

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    • nonieboy says:
      Amen to that Lolo lando. I also ask that question to myself, WHY? and my honest assessment is, I’m getting older and becoming sensitive and sentimental, her life story, her struggle and her journey to fame relates my life, not necessary the fame but my humble achievement in life. thats why i also cry when she cries, laugh shes funny and get hurt when people say bad things to her. she’s like daughter to me, thats why i love her so much even though she doesn’t know me and may never will in my lifetime.

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    • LoloLando says:
      Thank you for your inputs. Now I can sense why this child is so precious to us. There seemed to be a thread that connects her to us. And that thread may relate to our love for music. Yes, in varying degrees, we are singers and we have our standards. When this standard is disturbed, we trained our sight to the singer. Who is she? And here is the catch….. our first impression is, it can’t be…how could a small being be fitted with a powerful, intoxicating voice, it’s anomalous!

      And with every passing days and with the speed of acceptance to her talent, that conduit thread expanded and became the umbilical tube where those inspiring songs passed through and mesh with our consciousness.

      Therefore who can dispute if we adopt her as our child or grandchild!! Her name is CHARICE, a grandchild of LoloLando… clap-clap-clap and another clap.

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      • julicat says:

        i love u lololando! u affirm the goodness in others, in this case, in charice…and u bring out the good in everyone reading. we can’t help but agree with u! GB.

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  19. tyramaid says:
    they are all up and coming artists, but i’ll put my money on charice to be the brightest of them all, if not now, in the next few weeks.

    she will also outlast all of these other artists.

    mark my words.

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