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Philippine Wonderkind Charice in Dutch ‘Stars’ Magazine

Philippine Wonderkind Charice in Dutch ‘Stars’ Magazine


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  1. LoloLando says:
    Charice is planting seeds of greatness wherever her music is heard. And her drawing power did not escape the ears of magazine publishers by featuring her for added value. She is every songwriter’s dream to sing their song as if she is the proverbial “hen” who lays golden eggs.

    Take notice that above post have titled paragraphs in question marks, meaning it’s too good to be true…U-N-B-I-L-I-B-A-B-O-L!!!

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    • ArrVee says:
      she is marking her territory as it were, in the mainstream consciousness of the audience-at-large. Here, she is shown almost in the same breadth as her idol, Beyonce. And her pictures with Celine, Mariah and David Foster speak volumes as well.

      while her idol came from Destiny’s Child, she is a Child of Destiny …

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  2. OronaManuel says:
    Hi Chasters! It’s your Mexican Chaster! As we have been saying, our Princess is getting more and more recognition and fame around the world. She will be an international superstar! I guess those who haven’t heard her singing yet, don’t know how an angel sounds like, but when they do, they will be amaized, and in love with our Princess! I have her CD because I bought it since it was released in the US because I live in a border line city between US and Mexico and I had the chance to go and see her in Santa Monica, CA, unforgetable day for me! Keep on going Princess, you will rock the world! Just keep your feet on the ground, even if you’re wearing better shoes, keep your feet on the ground! as Oprah told you, and don’t forget about us, your true CHASTERS! Love you Charice!

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  3. James Bersar says:
    I was sure of that. Charice as the world’s superpopstar. Right now we are waiting for her arrival/performing in Las Vegas, Nevada’s Henderson Pavillion. It’s all over the radio morning, day and night. Waiting gleefully, for her GlEE appearance. God Bless Charice. My wife and I love you very much.

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  4. eve says:

    Go Go Charice! I love to see Charice in magazines all over the world, but of course I’m partial to US magazines :) Well I bought yet another magazine with our princess in it and I updated the Popstar Hottest 100 article because the magazine also included a full-page poster and an article about YouTube Sensations Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance and Charice. So enjoy!

    @Fly n Dance, you can always reach CM by clicking the CONTACT US button above. Or you can send a direct e-mail to

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  5. Fly N Dance says:
    Hi guys,

    where can i find the e-mail addresses of our beloved ADMIN in here.
    I really need to ask/corfirm something really important. Thanks.


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  6. Peko53 says:
    Hey to all.
    Finally Pyramid was today on a big radiostation in the Netherlands.
    (radio 538 Veronica).( A special moment,the first time.)
    Nice to hear Charice at work. (goosebumps again.)
    Can’t wait to buy her album. For all the Dutch Chasters:The album will be in store,the last week of September. Please support our Cha and buy your copy.
    I’m sure also “something big will happen” in the Netherlands.
    Go girl,and make every chaster around the world proud. AT THE TOP!!!!!!

    An “old” man from the Netherlands.

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  7. SaTrinomaNagkita says:
    I like the way Chafvl said that Charice has “the hots” for Josh Groban. #LOL

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  8. Spockies says:
    woohooo…i’ll get a copy tomorrow of this magazine in a nearby bookstore. I used to live in rotterdam nearby Kuip stadium where Charice’s powerful voice can be heard up to where i live. I’m so proud to be pinoy!

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  9. ville says:
    mabuhay ka Charice!
    chasters love you so much, one in a billion….

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  10. rom remus says:
    Last month, a Dutch family came to visit and heard for the first time about the girl who sang at the Feyenoord’s centenial. Living in Brussels in the past 17 years, this event did not get much attention in their home. But now that they know her, with this new publicity, they will discover that their country as a whole is taking note.

    Hoe schoon!

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  11. Tina says:
    Hmmm … I’m curious about that demo that Charice did in Sweden. I think “It Can Only Get Better” was released then. Did the other songs get released or find their way in YouTube? I want to collect all her songs if they’re out there.

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  12. justcharrie says:
    After gracing US mags., I’m so happy seeing Charice in different European magazines. Charicemania is full of smart people, translations are always at hand. Thanks Chafvl! I’m sure Cha’s dream of performing with JT will happen as soon as she finds opening from her so busy schedule. It seems nothing is impossible now for the princess.

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  13. EBJohns11 says:
    i just hope her and Justin will sing and dance together !! Im sure it will, Ms O will let it happen. Shes the Fairy God Mother!

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  14. gunrunner says:
    what a relief… a new article wooot wooot thanks for feeding my frenzy for anything charice. love the article thanks admin

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    • chit says:
      gunrunner, your “woot, woot” is really cute, but what does that mean? Regarding this article about Charice in a Dutch magazine- WOW! WOW! WOW! She’s getting noticed more and more. I’m so happy for her.

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      • eve says:

        I guess this demonstrates the generation gap amongst our readers? “woot, woot” means the same as WOW! WOW! WOW! …or to say it another way, it means that gunrunner is “major, major” excited :D

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        • gunrunner says:
          @ chit and eve its really same as wow wow wow he he he. its a way of sounding like a major major scream for joy. it doesnt fit my age though he he but it fits my rugged lifestyle being a sports fanatic also.

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  15. Fly N Dance says:
    we should probably e-mail the site that Charice, on top of her singing/acting career, has enrolled already (if i’m correct since last year) in an online study in Boston. which i thought greatly adds to the “wondergirl” description, coz not all teens experiencing that kind of life would still give time for schooling, makes Charice one of a kind.

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    • SaTrinomaNagkita says:
      Yes and it’s Southern New Hampshire University in Boston, MA. I guess this was a few months old interview??? …published only recently as I have read that she has enrolled at least last summer.

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