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How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities

How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities

Charicemania is losing its coolness amongst teens and tweens. Early analysis of the stats indicate that majority of people who visit Charicemania are adults.  We also observed poor online engagements of teens and tweens when presented with lengthy articles written above their current reading level.

Current Charicemania Visitor Demographics

  • Age 13-17 — 11%
  • Age 18-34 — 32%
  • Age 35-49 — 34%
  • Age 50 + — 21%

Web Marketer’s Favorite Dream: Teenagers & Tweeners
This generation is a legitimate market for Charice and we want to reach out to this powerful demographic. Five years ago, there were just a few commercial teen magazines, and even fewer directed at tweeners. Now, there are more than a dozen, including Sports Illustrated for Kids and Elle Girl. Teen Celebrity websites such as, and have sprung up as well. So why not Charicemania for kids and  present itself as the “cool place to be” on the Web?

Now, being “cool” means we may have to throw out some of the more conventional website design “rules” to appeal to them. This generation is used to the sophisticated graphics and special effects of computer games, so we have to work to catch their attention.

Join Charice Fan Talk and help us find a happy medium solution between the younger Chasters and the older Chasters.

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85 Responses to “How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities”

  1. arniefan says:
    I hope I am not doing a disservice to this discussion by not doing more research before mentioning anything but here goes anyway.

    I would venture to say that stars of yesterday that are still out there performing today (Celine, Journey, etc) have a core following comprised of those that grew up with them. The youth grow up with their music icons not their parent’s icons.

    I recently saw an older group on TV (I don’t remember who) performing to an audience of all middle-age people. I did not see a single younger person in the audience but the audience was packed.

    A long time ago I had the opportunity to see a Roger Wittaker concert. It was packed but I did not see another person in the audience who looked as young me and I was an adult at the time. The fact that I even noticed and maybe joked about it to myself lends credence to the generation gap theory being discussed here.

    Personally, I see rock groups comprised of pot belly middle-agers and have to chuckle even if they were a fav of mine. They evidently serve a purpose to their target audience. I don’t see their relevance much anymore and would rather listen to a more youthful group as long as the music is excellent.

    Charice definitely needs to capture an audience that will grow up with her, not just grow as in being fulfilled for example like her older fans do. If she is to be an enduring superstar this must be a rather large audience.

    With that in mind can a website successfully cater to the audience she needs to capture more of and the one she has now.

    If the answer is yes then what changes are needed to make a successful transformation. In making the needed changes, the process must be as free from trial and error as possible. This involves knowing / understanding what changes are relevant.

    As mentioned in previous comments, understanding websites that successfully do what is being considered here is important in this process. It’s perhaps a little like going back to school?

    Also, I would think that an effective and successful process / effort here would include discovering / finding out and eliminating what is least effective in to make room for the new changes that need to be incorporated.

    Again this is all premised on whether or not the different target audiences can successfully co-exist on the same website to draw in the expanded audience.

    I hope I added something to the discussion instead of just retreads of what has already been commented about.

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  2. minbeauty8 says:
    Brilliant ideas and comments that will lead to a better website for Charice! We are all giving feedbacks that will give the management a wise decision in the implementation of ideas presented.

    My ideas had been talked about and I totally agree with juantamad…but still i would insist on the teens and tweens have their own site and stay connected with Charice…they would love it!

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  3. zifi says:
    One more reason why you can’t mix adults, teens and kids in a website where they can interact with each other is security of the kids. Most parents will not approve of their children interacting with adult strangers. Some people would think it is ‘creepy’.

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  4. Theo says:

    I think this site is doing more than enough, even for teens.

    I think, hopefully budget permitting, is that:

    …Instead of working her to death running around each radio station, they should be focusing on effective music video. They need to choose the best song in her album, make a music video, and then ask all those radio stations she visited to play them. Oh, yes, and choose the tweeniest song in her album, like Nobody’s Singing To Me.

    …If she must continue doing cover songs, then why not also make a music video on it, like what Whitney did with “I Will Always Love You, etc.” She has enough talent to do her own versions.” Since she knows Tommy Page, maybe she can revive his tweeny cheesy songs…

    …Last but not the least, focus on her career in the U.S. first, before international…I can guarantee that once she becomes really famous in the US, like household name famous in every house, trust me, the international community will need no door to door marketing from dj to dj.

    Charice has done enough micro-marketing….macro marketing is now what is needed.


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    • ChrisJSS says:
      Dude, every popular singer you know today did the same promotional tour in radio stations. You don’t just pop up and suddenly become a star. Aside from a chart topping hit, you also need to do some physical work, especially if you’re a new artist like Charice. This is the first time she’s done that kind of work and she’ll prolly have to do more in the future.

      The topic is for Charicemania’s improvement, not Charice’s or her management’s.

      NSTM is dope man. lol

      But I get you bro. It’ll just take more time for Charice to reach the top. Every artist has spent some time, many for years, to get to where they are today. Charice is no different, she’s going through the work now same as the others before her.

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  5. webmarketer says:
    To further comment on website–

    The logo, colors, and site design should be friendlier to the younger segment.

    A starting point will be to check the competition. Study the layout of the top sites in the teens and tweens brackets. eg., . Who are the top tween and teen idols today? They should have their own sites, facebook, and twitter accounts. Check the design of each.

    While, and let me emphasize this–while I have the highest respect, deference, and gratitude to Oprah and David for what they do for Charice, are they relevant to an 11 or 18 year old visiting ? To them, the images they see on the header that greets them above the fold are pictures of grandma and grandpa. The logo and typeface used, they couldn’t care much about… A little rearrangement and compomise are necessary.

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  6. zifi says:
    I’m going to say this again. Most teens don’t like hanging out with adults, even if it’s on the internet. It’s like going to a party with a chaperon. No, they don’t like chatting with adults. For them, it’s weird and it’s NOT cool. Have you seen kids chat and text to each other? Very few adults even understand what they are saying. Kids just have a different language from adults and are not comfortable around older people no matter how much you reassure them.

    There is also the issue of cultural diversity. Adults of different cultures usually can get along fine and the same thing with kids. But adults and kids of mixed cultures together in one website? That’s never going to happen on a huge scale.

    I say again, create a separate website for the kids. And don’t even think of naming it “Charicemania, Jr.” It’s not cool. :-)

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    • juantamad says:

      And that I should say is the reason why this world is failing!

      Your statements are full of negativity.

      I often wonder if it’s us adults who are truly at fault on letting our children choose who they really want to be around with, or are they really trying to reach out to us for more reassurance and we just kept shutting them down? Our friends often used to wonder how we are able to tote our kids around when they were at those early teen ages. The reason I said to them is because we talk a lot and we understood each other so well.

      I just don’t know where you’re trying to lead us to.

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      • ZiFi says:

        I’m just being blunt. :-) This is a discussion about how to attract more young visitors to Charice’s website, not about judging other people’s parenting skills.

        You attract more visitors to a website by understanding your potential customers and giving them what they want, not imposing on them what you think they should want. In the physical world you can tote your kids around, they don’t really have a choice. The internet is a different world. Using the internet also is not a family affair. Kids go on the internet on their own. Website visitors stay and come back if they like it. They go and don’t come back if they don’t.

        In a perfect world, everybody, regardless of race, gender, age, etc. can get together with no issues but sadly it’s not.

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        • treboR says:

          I agree with Zifi…when I was 17-18, my peers thought that 21 year olds were ‘old’…and people over 30 were ‘ancient’…lol

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  7. Abi says:
    hi. nice topic. I’m 18 and been lurker for 2 years now. even though I’m a huge fan of charice I don’t feel oblige to engage in the chat room because for some reason it feels awkward to talk with the chatters knowing that the age gap is huge. Theirs still a connection since all of us are fans of charice but I mean isn’t it great if you can talk with someone the same age as you and can relate to your stories. I don’t want to offend or sound rude but I always wonder why the statistics on youtube always says that charice audience are ranged 30 and above. I do admit that charice seems to turn some beliebers into chasters and that’s a good start since bieber’s fans are almost tweens. Hopefully after the Glee season 2 is aired more teenagers like me will turn into chaster. :D

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    • ArrVee says:
      thanks @Abi for reaching out and saying your piece. You should not feel awkward about the age gap, because we always welcome the opinions of your age group, not only for Charice’s benefit, but also because we can learn from one another.

      although I am *definitely* above 30 and have been writing here for a while, I just say my piece and try to not impose my opinions on others, because I am of the belief that we are all equal, especially in this cyberspace medium, and that we should never stop learning, especially from one another, across age groups and cultures. The only rule to follow is to show respect for one another.

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  8. pb says:
    can we use timeline type of format for the video section?

    highlight the videos with Charice’s be performances through votes

    i provided a link below as prototype

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  9. Hotwind says:
    On the redesigned main charicemania page, just make two buttons or entry levels – one for post-teens (means adults!!) and the other for young teens. This way you don’t have to spread your resources to maintain 2 separate sites.

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  10. ChrisJSS says:
    As for the topic:

    Yes, Charicemania should really make a strong effort to attract teens.

    –Regarding the articles, I really don’t get “not in their current reading level”. I’m pretty sure they understand the articles very well. One thing to note is that they really don’t like being looked down upon or underestimated because of their age. You might consider revising that statement above.

    I think most teens are pretty intelligent but the way they react compared to more mature people are just different. They are a little more outspoken. They really speak their mind.

    For the articles, why don’t we recruit teen writers? You got a lot of people in their late 20s to their 50s here. I’m certain they have daughters or grand daughters who are also avid fans of Charice. Many may write pretty well. I personally, would love to read articles from them.

    –The forum is not being used as much as it should. I know about the Glee fansite. Do they have a chat box? But the forum are full of things to talk about. But, maybe the reason why Charicemania forums are not being used as much is because people already have their say in the comments boxes of the articles in the homepage. So if you think about it, this is pretty much our forum already.

    –I would like to see the Gallery enhanced. I don’t know how, but I think it can be improved.

    –I think the design should be enhanced but not to a point that it would look cluttered. Make it look more classy. Redesign the Charicemania Logo. IMHO, it looks dull.

    –It is a good idea to have those little games here for the teens. But I think what would be a better idea is if Charicemania hosts contests! Put the games in the site but hold contests as well where there will be physical prizes OR maybe a shoutout from our Charice or maybe even a private video chat with her or FREE TICKETS!

    Let’s think of contest ideas…. A poem writing contest… a Drawing contest… the topics or themes need not be all about Charice, it can be about love, friendship, family, challenges, music, film, relationships etc etc. Charicemania admin can trim entries down to like 3 to 5, or maybe it can be trimmed down through votes, then Charice herself will pick out the final winner.

    Cover contests!!! Cover Charice songs!! It can be categorized into 2. One for singers who sing with recorded music accompaniment and the other would be for musicians who can only do covers through musical instruments like the piano or the guitar or whatever instrument. I see A LOT of Charice song covers in YT! and MOST of them ARE TEENAGERS. Check them out for yourself. Winner of this gets a special prize!!! I dunno what, but the prize should involve Charice. =)

    –Make Charicemania caps, shirts! Especially for young girls. I’m a dude, I’d like a cap. Sell hats! like what Charice always wears on stage! Also sell those bonnets, you know, that pink sorta fluffy bonnet Charice always wears in her casual attire? I don’t know what its called. lol Charicemania should have merchandise. lol

    –Charice has mulitple talents. She can sing different genres. What’s happening now is there are people lovin’ her pop music and there are people loving her old power ballad songs. We have a teen pop star and a Diva. And we have the real Charice off the stage where she’s so charming. You can separate Charice into 3. Have different entry pages for Charicemania visitors. The content should prolly be the same, but the look should be entirely different. You can have three different pics of Charice in the entry page that depicts what I just said here and visitors can choose which one they want. The Teen Pop Star, The Diva and Charice, the charmer(off stage). Its like just having different skins for the site.

    –Chat box should really be enhanced. But I love the smileys though. hahaha I like Eve’s suggestion with the Chatbox. It doesn’t need a lot of different topic rooms. But there should be one separate room where people talk about ONLY Charice. And the other room is for anything under the sun.

    –Charicemania has a YT channel. But it has no videos. You can do something like cleverTV. We need a host! A pretty host! A YOUNG host, please. A teenager OR someone in their 20s. A pair perhaps, male and female. Charicemania already has the articles. Now translate those articles into VIDEO and post the vids here and on YOUTUBE!!

    –If charicemania does all these things, you can see that everything here can be intertwined. Like articles to Videos, Charice contests featured on Videos etc etc..

    i think i can suggest more… but I’ll save some for the others. I’ll come back later. ahehe..

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    • Yobhtron says:
      Suggestion of Chasters are very commendable. Keep in flowing fellow Chasters!

      Paging Chasters that are Web Programmers, Graphic Artists, Content Editors, etc , please send your resume to CM. Your services are needed pro bono. Chasters worldwide will be indebted to you all.

      I recommend that proceeds of the sales of goods be donated to the charities supported by Charice. This will be a tremendous boost of goodwill towards Charice and CM.

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  11. abeng127 says:
    charice is on GLEE now in september .. the audiences mostly are adults she’s great..

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  12. Cizcan says:
    Why worry?? With Oprah, David Foster, and Chaddicts behind her-she is already doing very very well. And come to think of it- that she is still exploding thoughout the world!!!! Charicemania keep doing what you have been doing. No need to change to cater to a particular group. The way things are going now-it’s already a huge success for Charice- so lets just watch, enjoy and “listen” to the songs within her heart!!!!LOL!

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  13. LoloLando says:
    @ age 50+ (62 exactly)… To teeners, it is best for you to mesh or rub elbows with seniors in this Site. Doing so, will give you that inspiration that borders somehow like CHARICE making a living singing ballads of great Divas. One-liner writings are good only with jokes and it will not force your mind to think more deeply. Oldsters here will be happy to guide teeners as we have come to appreciate the beauty of reading other minds through their writings. You can also ask questions concerning class assignments because there are lots of professionals here willing to help. Right Admin?

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    • webmarketer says:


      I mean you no disrespect but please hear me out.

      What you just admonished the “teeners” to follow and do were done in a high-handed manner that the majority of young folks now thumb their noses down. Why?

      - Different time.
      - Different background.
      - Different upbringing.
      - Different peer pressure.
      - Different outlook.
      - Different standards of the day.
      - Different cultures.

      What may have well worked for your family and mine, what worked for the upbringing of Pinoy kids won’t necessarily work with others of different cultural persuasions.

      Do you honestly believe that to pontificate in this thread to a desired and pre-supposed young audience would work? The young generation of today are so much different from those of yesteryears. There are more teen and tween-oriented TV and cable programming. The marketing and merchandising thrusts for the teen and tween segments are more sophisticated. Young folks today are more independent and more techno-savvy. Like it or not, these give them a sense of empowerment. They comprise the market for extreme entertainment, bungee-jumping and hair-raising rollercoaster rides. They hold on to their adrenaline while the authority figures, if they don’t wimp out, will have to hold on to their dentures or blood pressure pills.

      So, when we start to show signs of overbearing demeanor to an audience that has a short-attention span–fastfood, microwave, internet broadband to name a few, thank you very much–the gap between the ages only widens.

      LoloLando, like I said, I don’t mean any disrespect. You may be able to make sense to a select few but you’ll lose the majority. As the old saying goes, “penny wise but a pound foolish.”

      A different approach, perhaps?

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      • LoloLando says:

        To Webmarketer, I think my comment showed no disrespect to the youth. This is just an opinion based on my experiences where I learned much on the wisdom of my grands parents. They welcome me to their conversations because by doing so, I will be acquainted with history, customs and traditions of old, which to me helped a lot in molding my character and in reconciling myself to current practices. One advice that I can’t forget was that, everything is owned by GOD and that our body is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore in my life, I tried to acquire wealth according to HIS will and that I tried not to do crazy things to besmirch the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT. There are fix and immutable rules in life that have, many times, been circumvented by the youth.

        May I know what age group you belong because most of those who replied to this post have put their age bracket? Thank you.

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        • webmarketer says:

          But that is exactly what I am talking about LoloLando. You call yourself a grandpa and you learned life’s lessons from your grandparents. There is a major disconnect between the time you learned life’s lessons then compared to now. That is a lot of water under the bridge. Would you consider yourself a baby boomer or from even an earlier generation?

          The youth of today may not be even aware of Woodstock, who the first astronaut was that walked the moon, or even the Vietnam War. But ask them about the latest techno widget and they’ll answer you at nano speed.

          I am not saying that they should not listen to sage advice. What I am saying is the methodology of distributing your pearls of wisdom. There was the wisdom of the old then, rather still “is.” However, there is the wisdom of the crowd now. It ain’t cool not to succumb to peer pressure. You have MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks where opinions of people their age matter for their own self-worth and validation.

          Lastly, again, I mean no disrespect. Despite the existence of immutable universal laws, yet again, try invoking these words to the young folks today and I can bet you they’ll give you a blank stare, laugh, and snicker behind your back. You may not get this from a select few, count family and friends, but to a larger diverse scale? Best of luck. They don’t go to web and social networking sites to hear about religion and seek advice–the overwhelming majority, that is. They want entertainment and camaraderie, not epiphany.

          Religion preached in this website like possibly from the last person on earth with a cup of water in the middle of a desert, in the company of a thirsty multitude? I don’t know. They may not find this cool. They may, however, find this crazy.

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  14. ksafan0 says:
    I would suggest that you use the nivo slider instead of the current one. It’s more elegant.

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  15. Karlo says:
    Add more rumors, and kikay things, and some funny interesring things, remember when charice mentioned that Oprah stopped the departure of their plane and charice and her mom got nervous because they thought they did something wrong in chicago, these kind of funny things we have to put. This website looks like a business newspaper with no lifestyle/showbiz page. All we see are post-concert happenings and future concerts scheds. Everybody already know that Charice have great talent, we can see that all in news and videos already, we have to help her have a nice personality and impression from from teens. Make her look cool on the articles. Put more stories/drama behind the news.

    Also change the layout of the website. The website of is very good example, very colorful and interactive. Also make the chatroom bigger, this is one big reason why people stay lurking on this website. Peace Out!

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  16. lol says:
    oh btw im just wondering if this site has mostly filipino adults(fans) in here since im the only “fil” teenager in here ;/ which is kind of weird…

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  17. lol says:
    im a teenager (btw 14 yrs old and not really a big fan of her) and i think that charice should have this catchy pop song like other teen singers so she could gain a younger/teen audience. that the only way she could “engage” teens and tweens.

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    • ebug says:
      Well it depends if charice’s next album will be geared 100% towards pop and less of david foster type songs. I think justin beiber got such fever from teens because he is precisely made for teens and usher, who is undeniably one of the best performers around, knows how to connect to this group. Anyway, going back to the topic,…CM or a fan site is actually a 24/7 party where anybody could join. But just like any other kind of party, the first thing you look for are your friends. If your friends are not around, you look for somebody you could relate to (same age, interest or style). If there ain’t any of your kind, and you still like to hang around, you look for a place somewhere in the party to keep yourself occupied. You want to be in that party, regardless, as long as you have some place to hang on or a person to party with. Probably this is the basic formula for a website to be able to cater to any demographics.

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  18. Ripley says:
    “You build it, they will come.”

    So my take on this is that once fans get hooked on Charice, whatever age they are, they seek out the websites that give them the best and accurate info about their idol, including schedules and the latest updates about her. That’s what I did when I wanted to read and learn more about Charice. And I got pointed here to Charicemania, where compared with other websites, this seems to be the busiest and most updated. Add to that the friendly welcoming attitude of the members which make it one big happy family, and you’re also hooked on CM! :)

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  19. palaginghuli says:
    Just make another website called CHARICEMANIA JR. and with different theme and graphics.

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  20. ZiFi says:
    Charicemania website is so adult-looking. Not saying that’s bad but hey, if you want teens…you guys should get what I mean. Also, contrary to what adults would want to believe, most teens DO NOT like to be together with ‘old people’. It’s better to make a separate website for them. And make sure to have people who understand teens (and tweens) run it. Oki-doki? LOL

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  21. luvkcha09 says:
    My suggestion is for CM to have a dedicated forum for tweens and teens and their own chatroom, then they can talk to their peers. I do not know how this is done, but maybe a separate section for tweens and teens with their own chatroom ?
    I like the current set-up coz it works for me and I belong to the over 30′s age group.

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  22. ubob says:
    I think the percentage is quite good enough. Charice capture the age of adulescence. Age 18 to 49 has the majority and market wise they are level who can afford pay concert. These age who run and manage the workld busineess. The 50+ 20% is good enough who can aford to pay higher class concert and can even support charice thru donation way to top. The world is controled by 50+ person.
    To capture those 13 to 17 is also good. But Charise has to make more pop R&B music, she must use her dancing talent while singing. Lately she never dance, she just walk. Like lady gaga, madona, bretney spear, beyonce, micheal jackson they are not so good voice but they dance and become a super star. If Charice use her dancing ability while singing, the way she discovered in Star King, im sure she can capture from age 3 to 93 and become a real super star.
    She needs more video with dancing power. She got only one official vidoe in Pyramid but they are only singing wih little dance move but still she got 20 million utube viewers.

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    • bonpo777 says:
      @ubob, i absolutely agree with u. Charice is too concerned with her “height” that she’s unable to showcase her dance moves anymore because she’s always wearing high heels. If she can learn to dance with heels on, then great, but she definitely needs to have some sort of choreography (maybe with backup dancers) to excite the crowd more. Most live performances can get boring without a visual extravaganza. That’s why Britney, Miley, Gaga, Bieber, etc. are so popular. And more Music Videos please. Her other songs are so great but without a music video, they lack appeal to the younger people.

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  23. AngelFace says:
    My take is that let’s stay in the middle of the demographic. Those under 17 will soon be adults and Charice will still be there for them. Those under 17 will do away from Disney girls once they become adults. But Charice will be right there for them singing “real songs” that have not been listening to. And will still be there even they have their own kids. Let’s not stoop ( not exactly what I mean) to their level.

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  24. Max says:
    May I ask that you provide the age group you are in when you comment or make suggestions. Your replies will help us determine what a particular bracket thinks. However, the information is not a requirement to comment.

    Age 13-17
    Age 18-34
    Age 35-49
    Age 50 +

    Thank you in advance.

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  25. starbuck245 says:
    Excellent topic. I look forward to the discussion and comments over the coming weeks. It is definitely a huge challenge to be all things to all people. The dedication and efforts of the CM team continue to impress me.

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  26. te55 says:
    It would be interesting to see the stats on the demographics once the second season of Glee starts airing, since that show is geared towards youngsters. I did a quick search on google & bing for ‘Charice’ and CM is one of the top Charice links next to her official site and wikipedia. I’d project a rise in visits from teens, but as active members, I think the forum needs to also be more active. ebug has a good suggestion–having them build their own group/forum. Keeping a forum active is difficult, though, especially with other popular mediums (twitter/fb) to connect with other fans. As much as I despise polls/surveys, youngsters seem to take the time to create and vote. More polls/surveys? Maybe more contests & giveaways? Continued promo for the site is always a must, and I’ll do my part by informing my younger cousins, nieces, nephews, & friends’ children. ;-) lol

    Personally, I like how the site is now. CM has been very informative and for my daily Charice fix, I visit the site quite as often as my treasure hunting on youtube for Charice videos.

    Keep it up!

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  27. Jessikai says:
    I’m 16 but I love reading the articles on here. I would feel embarrassed if someone as talented as Charice were marketed the same way as a Disney channel star. I know that she’s already appeared in many teen/tween magazines along with the Jonas Bros and the like, but I always thought she’s still maintained credibility. I might just stop coming here if the site turned out to be a flashy, bright, kid-aimed site.

    I do, however, think that we can find a happy medium. Just have a section of the site that’s aimed toward the teen/tween demographic, but still keep the articles too,. As far as that section is concerned, games and contests would probably be appealing to them.

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    • te55 says:
      “Just have a section of the site that’s aimed toward the teen/tween demographic”

      Oh, maybe have a charicemania jr. page/site with short tidbits, trivia, games, polls, forum, etc…

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      • Tina says:
        I think that’s a good idea … Charicemania jr. Look at Miley Cyrus website. The design I think is more appealing compared to The top menu has photos, shop, events, blog… It also has a newsletter signup, features column, polls, games, links to facebook and etc. They can have their own chat box. A glee section could also be put up so that they can follow Charice appearances. This would take a lot of work tho. I think we have some teeners/tweeners chasters we could tap on. I’m way past that age group. LOL

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    • ArrVee says:
      thank you JessiKai for your feedback – I hope you continue to provide us with this. It would be great if you could share with us what with Charice appeals to you or your friends/age group, which we can take into consideration when we write articles or comments.

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  28. Portia says:
    @juantamad, you hit the nail right on the head, why worry, Charice’s age is in the 32% age category which to me is high enough to get the attention of that particular age group besides Charice’s talent caters to all age group i.e., 3 to 93 years old.

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  29. ebug says:
    If I’m a teen and I read the comments here, I’m sure I’m in a middle of thirty-something-flock-of-seagulls-bunch. Everyone, particularly kids, wants to get involve with their own peers. Why not let them build their own group or forum here in CM. Let them build their own school fan club…like Roosevelt High for Charice. A contest maybe to award the biggest or wildest or the most adorable teen fan club. The teen with the most pictures of charice. Another thing is set up a store with fun stuff for kids. (but I dont know how this will work with Charice management). But just the CM logo is I think enough to make everyone get a piece or two. Just my two cents =)

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  30. juantamad says:
    Well, Charice is now 18 years old and her intelligence level and maturity can never be compared to the now attitude and all full of it mentality of the majority of american youths of today. If this article is trying to make us worry about these statistics, I would rather see this site stay on course and not try to make the appearance of trying hard to keep up with a disposable trend. No matter what, I don’t think Charice will ever try to emulate public indiscretion to get a better grip of a particular target audience.

    Charice is about quality and perfection. She already laid out her plans for her future which most of the 11% indicated above couldn’t care less about doing for themselves anyway. I think after what she had gone through in the past, the least of her worries would be to try to patronize a less receptive audience. They will all be 18 soon to recognize what real talent is all about.

    It seems to me us adults are being marginalized as insignificant prospects here for Charice’s future endeavors. Who cares about not being cool to the 11%, and how cool do you want this site to be? Do you want us to speak and write a little dumber and shallower?

    Don’t worry too much about the bottom line for Charice. It will come naturally…

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    • cueA says:
      In this Charicemania site we should strive for not putting others down when comparing them with Charice. Describing “the majority of AMERICAN youths…” as being “full of it” borders on racism and will not read well for those youths visiting this site, especially those AMERICAN youths.

      You insulted the 11% group when you said they “couldn’t care less about doing for themselves anyway”. What were you thinking about???…this special group of youths are here because they are curious about Charice and/or have become chasters…they don’t deserve to be stereotyped!!…no one does! How they live their lives is not a concern to us.

      Lastly, you inferred that “dumber and shallower” are what the youths will understand. I give them a lot more credit than that.
      I really believe that we have many excellant and sensitive writers here and we all should learn from them.

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      • juantamad says:
        How do I know this was coming?

        I am not putting anyone down. It’s the reason why I used the words majority and some. I’m not talking about the entire population of them. i know what I’m thinking and I’m standing by what I said. I have my reasons and it’s just my honest personal opinion.

        It’s probably either you’re one of the 11% of the group mentioned above or you have children who are within that group. I tend to lean towards the latter because the way you said “this special group of youths”. Sorry, but I’m one of those parents who gave tough love to my children. I don’t tell my kids they’re special when they were that age. I just told them to work hard and do their best and they will be ok. That’s what Charice got from her mom when she was growing up. I don’t think in todays America, the majority of the 11% would even try to begin to understand what Charice had gone through in her earlier teen life. If they do, they would have known about it since Oprah started telling her story.

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