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How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities

How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities

Charicemania is losing its coolness amongst teens and tweens. Early analysis of the stats indicate that majority of people who visit Charicemania are adults.  We also observed poor online engagements of teens and tweens when presented with lengthy articles written above their current reading level.

Current Charicemania Visitor Demographics

  • Age 13-17 — 11%
  • Age 18-34 — 32%
  • Age 35-49 — 34%
  • Age 50 + — 21%

Web Marketer’s Favorite Dream: Teenagers & Tweeners
This generation is a legitimate market for Charice and we want to reach out to this powerful demographic. Five years ago, there were just a few commercial teen magazines, and even fewer directed at tweeners. Now, there are more than a dozen, including Sports Illustrated for Kids and Elle Girl. Teen Celebrity websites such as, and have sprung up as well. So why not Charicemania for kids and  present itself as the “cool place to be” on the Web?

Now, being “cool” means we may have to throw out some of the more conventional website design “rules” to appeal to them. This generation is used to the sophisticated graphics and special effects of computer games, so we have to work to catch their attention.

Join Charice Fan Talk and help us find a happy medium solution between the younger Chasters and the older Chasters.

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85 Responses to “How to Engage Teens and Tweens: Brainstorm Online Activities”

  1. Mick Diaz says:

    Enormously interesting appreciate it, It is my opinion your current readers might probably want even more content such as this keep up the good work.

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  2. Laura says:
    Lately, people are using long Names, Fil. vegetables, funny Fil. names and Fil food names and people are not talking much about Charice but themselves are driving away the younger and specially english speaker. MODS should be more pro active in enforcing Chat rules. During peak hours, people speaks in Fil. dialects and this is causing more people to leave the site. I already forbid my grandchildren in entering the sites with out me or their mother to monitor the conversation. Some of the topic or names being flaunted on the site is not suitable at all for a fan site.

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  3. hertzblaster says:
    And I’ll bet Charice will participate in that site more often.

    Charicemania and Charicediva are for young at heart and where serious matters are most of the time discussed.

    Charice is still a teen, She will be more comfortable there.

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  4. hertzblaster says:

    Build a website for them where the site is teen looking.

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  5. hertzblaster says:
    Suggestion to promote Cha to teens,

    Build a Charicemania-Teens Website!

    Let them talk with lesser restriction or use Jejemon’s language

    or Mamon’s Language or whatever…

    Group them together where they belong.

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  6. LoloLando says:
    Putting only percentages on demographic levels don’t ring a bell. Please give figures and if it totals in millions, then, this Site is effective. You can also take tab of others Sites involving Charice for comparison. My gut feel is that we belong to the top 10 bracket.

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  7. Maureen says:
    Well, I like CM because of the articles but that is because I do like reading and I love Charice. I have visited the teen sites where I do appreciate the design and the interactive concept, you can develop a page or a tab solely for the kiddos with big colorful fonts, a few flashy articles or even links to those already here, counters, tweets, simple games such as choosing t-shirt designs (templates ready available) with official entrants should be 18 years & below only. What else is there? Charice’s remixed songs as background.

    It isnt a bad goal to focus on teens but Tween Stars will outgrow their demographic soon enough. I do believe this is the edge that Charice has over them and it will be proven over time. As predicted by many, her popularity with teens will grow with GLEE & possibly when her new single once released thats why its very important for CM to be ready & super cool. This is my thoughts.. ;)

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    • LoloLando says:
      You are right, Maureen, soon these teens will outgrow their demographic and come to terms with the music of CHARICE. She is equipt with multi-genre pipes, which her contemporaries rarely possess. Let us wait when they are in their twenties when another set of teens with different persuasions will appear. I’m sure CHARICE can easily adjust with these changes. I was thinking of these youngsters who sang ” I am Telling You, I’m not Comming”. Where are they now? CHARICE’s voice has that magnet that when heard will stick in us forever.

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  8. jimfan155 says:
    I really used to think Charice could have it all – the 8 to 88, but it is going to be very, very tough. The Asian appearances were successful, but when she came back to America (Macy’s) though it was not a major appearance, it did show there are mountains to climb to reach that young segment.

    Can you give a piece to the youthful, a piece to all the other demographics, yet hold the interest of everyone at the same time? Or do you have to concentrate on one area and cross over after you have conquered one piece? It’s up to Charice management to decide what road to go down. Do you want to be a jack of all trades but master of none or do you want to master a part and then go after another? Then how do you hold onto the first part you have conquered.? Do you really need everyone?

    Her management has to study the fan base of the most successful younger performers and figure out the tactics necessary to get their attention. How did Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, even BTR, etc. do it and does Charice have the necessary characteristics to do the same and at what cost? Will they accept her and embrace her in like manner?

    Her management includes Liz Rosenberg and DF. These are huge names in the “industry” but do the young kids know about them and who they are? On her David Foster and Friends tours can she expect many younger fans to attend? With Natalie Cole, Peter Cetera and Charice probably being the youngest, unless she made a huge impact with her Asian fans, I would expect a more mature crowd.

    Her Glee appearances should give a barometer of how she will do. But it won’t be her show, alone.
    She will have to share the limelight. Does she need her own Disney tv show to showcase her talents and gather younger fans?

    Her singing has shown a maturity that maybe well beyond what the others in her age group may like. If that’s the case and she has a fan base for that genre what’s wrong with that? Why not concentrate on your strengths first before branching out into other forms of music? Every genre has performers who sell out every time they have a concert. Why not increase your fan base in what has made you successful to this point before going after something else?

    Looks like I have more questions than solutions so it’s a very difficult game plan they need for her. Jumping back and forth from different genres can be confusing, because you create an interest in one area for a while but you need to be consistent in order to sustain that interest. So you need a clear cut path and stick to the game plan and give it a chance to succeed.

    Maybe direct this brainstorming session to people 18 and younger only and get their feedback. Being from the old school, my way of thinking may be so out of touch with the younger set, that their input is vital and could create an interest if questions are asked of that demographic. Maybe something like, “For our Junior or Young Chasters, we need your feedback. How can we……………….”

    Anyway, just my 2 cents or 1 cent, because I’m still confused. The only thing I am 100% sure of is that Charice will be a major superstar in due time.

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    • ArrVee says:
      Charice’s strengths are her vocals, her versatility, and her adaptability. Though she does not look the part of a traditional teen idol, much less a “manufactured” one, she has genuine and world-beating talent that ultimately cannot be ignored. I do not have answers to the many questions posed here, but only have great hopes, that her talent will overcome the boundaries of traditional demographics, to endure over time.

      many teen idols enjoy spectacular success, especially if they have been methodically “manufactured”, but struggle to sustain this over time. Those that are particularly vulnerable are those who became popular because of their youthful looks, or even their youthful voices (that can even be mimicked by Charice), because they grow up and out of these, and find the need to reinvent themselves. Many end up as a flash in the pan, their fires of popularity rapidly having run out; only those with real talent and the ability and boldness to reinvent themselves emerge out of this stage, and with renewed life.

      rather than a flash in the pan, Charice’s talent is the deep sustained heat of smoldering coals, that will slow-cook the audience into tender surrender, as she becomes omnipresent in the mainstream consciousness, across demographics and genres, and her work will endure over time.

      [on the other hand, the rest of us here do not need to be "slow-cooked" - we have been seared and fire-branded with her name, and there is no turning back ... :-) ]

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      • LoloLando says:
        This is what really delights me: being able to read, digest, and be inspired of the thoughts of seasoned writers from this Site and there are lots of them. With CHARICE as the only subject, you will be amazed at how they are able to extract and mix the “protons and neutrons” from their brain to produce an atomic explosion of prose and poetry. They are those who made CHARICEMANIA evolved from its humble beginning to be what it is now: “A ONE-STOP SOURCE FOR ALL THINGS CHARICE”.

        CM management really laid down the nest for us to lay those “inspirational eggs of ideas and thoughts” for our consumption.

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  9. ZiFi says:
    Why do you keep coming back to this fan site? Because it is good enough for you. The numbers in the article clearly show that this website is not good enough for teens. If it is, why aren’t they coming back? You cannot just dismiss the younger generation. Charice needs them and every possible way to promote her to that segment of fans must be taken advantage of, including creating fan sites that cater to them. Right now, I don’t know of any Charice fan site that is specific to teens. Making a separate website for teens is not about segregation. It’s about providing an experience that is tailored to their particular tastes.

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    • juantamad says:
      Very simple answer to your questions. Too much competition. You think Charice is the only one who’s trying to get this kind of attention? I keep saying it here that Charice is not 16 anymore. You should ask her if this is bothering her as much as you do, we’re not bothered by it.

      Charice will be fine without these teens you are worrying about…

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      • ZiFi says:
        Geez, dude. You always have too simplistic an answer to everything. Yeah, charice is not 16 anymore but she’s not 60 either. Her songs in her album were picked so as to keep the adult fans and also attract young ones. There’s the answer to the question if she wants more young fans or not.

        I’m not bothered and I’m not worried either. The article called for us to ‘brainstorm’ on how to attract more fans, specifically teen ones and that is why we are here with our opinions. The goal is help her expand her fan base and help her better her career. I see nothing wrong with that. It’s not your sweat, it’s not your money, it’s not your time that will be spent so I don’t know why this whole thing BOTHERS you so much.

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        • juantamad says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • ZiFi says:
            Heh! You’re impossible, dude. You say that I’m worried, that I’m bothered, now you’re insinuating that I’m mad. Tell me again, why are you so against the marketing of Charice to the younger generation? One would think that as a fan, you care about promoting her to a wider audience.

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          • ZiFi says:

            Heh! You’re impossible. Probably why your kids just let you tote them around while they grinned and bore it: :-)

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  10. gunrunner says:
    my formula is simple and its not about cm. its more on the kind of song that charice will release. the song will take care of itself like Pied Piper it will lure the kids in drones he eh he. kids have no time to spend in long articles what they hear is what they sing and dance to

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    • Pisces23 says:
      @ gunrunner. I was thinking the same ‘… the song will take care of itself…’. I kinda compare it to an eatery – what if McDonald will only serve soup and salad, would their be kids around? Regardless, I will always be here lurking for I like anything CHARICE.

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  11. lol says:

    I think that they should have a fansite just for teens cuz i go to celebrity fansite sometimes( justin b, miley, selena). In that fansite, they should have a gallery of her (events, apperances,magazine scans,candids, etc) to make it more a bit interesting. Maybe put a biography of her for some people who doesnt know her. Also, put updates on her like the news and whats going on about her something like that.

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  12. chit says:
    I am a teacher of elementary students in NYC. I honestly believe that this age group, the tweens, is not going to visit this site as they are more into TV shows (Nickelodeon, Disney Channel) and the teens are more into their games and gadgets (WII, PS, etc.-same is true with the tweens in this regard), if they are not at their part time jobs or doing homework during schooldays. Only very avid Chasters will go to this site. (Some parents have their computers blocked as well.) Perhaps after these kids are exposed to Charice on TV, read GLEE, then they might get interested in her. Then games (like the Charice Pyramid) and colorful graphics might help. (But as a few Chasters had said, CM crew, don’t spread yourselves too thin. It might do more harm than good. We need you to keep this site running!)

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  13. starbuck245 says:
    Nice comments; it really shows people are paying attention and want to help. Lots of great ideas. Let’s hear more from the under 18 group if we could. Maybe those with sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, etc. could have them take a look at the CM site and add their ideas.

    Graphics, having Cha more prominently featured, quotes from younger celebrities (shum, any kpop starts, etc.(maybe a problem with getting their ok?), seeing who is online (users can can opt out/go private lurk mode), delete own comments, are all very good ideas that wouldn’t take too much effort.

    My main concern is the CM team spreading yourselves too thin trying to be all things to all people and ending up losing everyone — trying to do so much so that it’s all just adequate and not doing anything well. This site is pretty fantastic compared to most other fan sites; I’m not sure how much more time and effort the CM team can give — afterall they have families and work.

    Afterall, I don’t think they are getting paid to do this and even if they were, it would come down to time of which we all have precious little to spare. Don’t spread yourselves too think, CM team. With a few tweaks here and there, as suggested by other posters, you will have done much more than any of us could have imagined a dedicated group of fans could ever do for a rising international celebrity such as Cha. I’m sure that she truly appreciates all you and other Chasters have done to help her achieve her goals.

    After reading the comments and ideas posted, I’m incredibly, jaw droppingly amazed at the commitment and dedication of the CM team to promoting Cha to the world through this website. I’ve been here for about three months and to find out this site has been here for two (three?) years old blows me away…really, I’m just floored. Other than the minimal income from banner ads. I know from trying to start and maintain a website for my job at work how difficult it is technically and content wise to keep a website going — and I was getting paid to do so as part of my job, not my main job, but as a “volunteer.” Also, it occurred to me to donate $$ to your effort if possible, but in the end it really comes down to your dedication and love of Cha that keeps this site going…not any monetary reward.

    A tip of the hat to you CM WS team as well as the dedicated Chasters to make this site the wonderful community it is. My day is not complete with logging on here at least a couple times a day (Hmmm, can’t you monetize that someway? Partner with google/amazon/itunes? I buy tons of stuff through Amazon.).

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    • LoloLando says:
      For me, this Site is sufficient. What more could I ask for, almost all news about CHARICE are here. This Site is all about CHARICE and because of her, CHARICEMANIA has increased its population. She is the medium and the substance. I came here to listen, read and appreciate the many songs and write-ups, long and short, that Chasters so lovingly heaped on her.

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  14. Portia says:
    I have read all the comments and suggestions regarding on how to let the “teens and tweens” be engaged/involved in this site so as to increase and raise the bar of Charice’s popularity in that particular age group. Here’s my two cents: I thought that this site is already ageless, colorless, shapeless, sizeless, educationless, and more more “less” friendly. What we need to improve is our tact and respect to one another. We have to listen to one’s opinions by not being rude if we do not agree and give praises to the great ones. This site has survived for so many years and to me is still the best amongst the fan-based site that I have visited. This community is so warm, funny, well-opinionated (in a good way) and also you can learn something out of those comments and can be applied in the real world. As long as we share the bond and common interest which is all about CHARICE”, everything will be okay. I do not want (just my opinion)that teens and tweens will be segregated, what I want is the wholesome interactions between different ages, races, cultural differences, etc., so that we have only “ONE” comunity that is called ‘THE CHASTERS”.

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    • LoloLando says:
      I admire you for your comment. We are all one in support of CHARICE. Segregation only breds discontent. It was not only her voice, but her instinct to survive the many hurdles in life that gravitated my attention to her. Her story earned for her countless praises because almost all of us have walked the same path, for survival. She is the “blue-print” of what life should be, given her situation. FIGHT WITH CONVICTION BUT WITH RESPECT FOR ONE ANOTHER.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      I agree with you portia on improving our attitude towards other and not to be shallow minded or label people as “crabs” when we don’t agree with their thoughts and opinions. If everyone always apply the golden rule and be kind to each other, we don’t need anymore razzle dazzle. I like charicemania because its simple and readable and easy to navigate. I love reading the comments section most of all.

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  15. webmarketer says:
    To admin–

    Stop censuring posts in favor of others. As long as the Terms of Use are met and the post is within reason, there is no need to arbitrarily delete replies.

    Either that or there is something wrong with the WP template you use for your content management.
    Webmarketer, Charicemania has a spam filter that sometimes puts comments into our spam box. We do not arbitrarily censor, edit or delete comments that meet the rules for posting comments. There are no comments from you at the current time in the spam box, or that have been moderated. In order to assist you, you must be more specific about your complaint.

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    • webmarketer says:
      The comment I reference to has been posted since last night. It was published since last night. So, it has been visible, not filtered, for over 10 hours–give or take.

      At around 9:30 AM EST, when I wanted to post to a reply on said comment, it was nowhere to be found. Even another previous comment with a number of thumbs up has the approval reduced to “1″. At about 11:00 AM, it was back.

      Like I said before, it could also be a WP template issue, although this has never happened in the sites that I run. Could it also be an issue of rotating servers? That the backup is showing the fallback site–that is not updated? I don’t know. This is a guess.

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  16. florida says:
    I am an adult and visits this site daily. I enjoy most reading the articles posted in this site and the exchange of ideas and opinions on various issues discussed here.

    If we can get the teens to write here, so much the better, but please don’t take away what we already have. We have funny and humorous comments; we have informative and challenging discussions, and we have items that inspire, that nourish the soul, that build bridges that could connect us all to be one loving, nurturing,caring and believing community.

    I subscribe and read various types of magazines, but nothing beats the joy i get from my free subscription at

    To all contributors, keep on writing. You are well appreciated.

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  17. gleepanda says:
    What an interesting topic, so interesting that I had to post(my first)! I had these concerns the first time I visited the website. I am in my early 20s and I am an artist/graphic designer.

    What I have noticed is the lack of images of Charice. Maybe add an image of her in the background. Also the banner needs to be more about Charice. I have much respect for David Foster and Oprah but I don’t feel that its a website about Charice with their pictures there. The quotes are a nice touch though. Quotes could also be incorporated in an introductory flash video or in the background.

    Fonts size and images are what really gets people’s attention. Article titles font size and the image could be bigger. Also use of videos would be awesome e.g. “Video of the Day” or “Latest Videos”. The gallery could also be utilized in this way e.g “Pic of the Day” or “Latest Pic”. Incorporating these aspects in the homepage goes a long way. I do love how informative the site is but there needs to be a balance between text, graphics, and media.

    I think that the website should be for everyone. Instead of having separate sites for teens and adults will only create a strain on the fanbase. Instead have a multiple chatrooms where certain topics are discussed e.g. “General Chat”, “All About Charice”, etc. The chatroom seems too simple. I like seeing who’s online. Seeing as I use it more than the forums, maybe more chat options are needed. Or maybe its just me!

    The other ideas are brilliant such as games, polls, etc. I know I typed too much, I was just excited because I really love this site. This site is definitely the place I go to for Charice. And I’m also very happy that its making a effort to accommodate all Chasters!

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    • Princess Serena says:
      Totally agree with you.The CM website is great for me but for the teens and tweens they need something more eye catchy.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      Hi Gleepanda,
      nice suggestions, perhaps you can share your talents on how to incorporate your suggestions. I am sure it will be appreciated.

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  18. Princess Serena says:
    I belong to the late 20′s group. I’m a Psychologist and an elementary school teacher for 9 years already.I’ve been handling kids all my life!!! Kids nowadays especially in my school know Charice’s song Pyramid even grade 1 pupils…but they also love and are into KPOP and of course Justin Bieber. They love songs that are fast and danceable.MOstly Pop with a hint of R&B (Kind of like the songs that Bieber makes,Selena Gomez,Jayson Derulo, Iyaz and etc.) AS for the websites these kids visits well…they are almost always colorful, interactive, chatroom, lots of galleries and videos, plus some mini flash games. As for Charice Singing she is always AMAZING! It is good that they are coming up with a next single that is fast and danceable.It wil be also nice maybe if there are back up dancers too. The dance moves of course should be great and something that the kids can follow.Kids loves to dance and sing very much!

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  19. Daniel says:
    This is one tough decision to make. Trying to garner more teens or tweens in this site depends on how they can connect to Charice
    though her music and her Glee appearance. I belong in the 50+ group
    and Charice garnered her fans and audience singing ballad songs from
    yesteryear which most of us the 30-88 group can relate to. Miley,
    Justin, Selena, and other teen artist started singing songs catering
    to teens audience from the very first start, that’s why they have a
    huge following in this age group. I agree to all different comments
    here: Teens are most likely feel awkward chatting with someone not
    their same age group and interest. I don’t even go in the chat room unless I know the people chatting there. Trying to establish another
    website just for teens means having someone to monitor that site and
    the extra expense involved to make it, I feel Warner Bros. should be
    the one to make this call since it was their idea to reach the younger crowd.

    Now to make this site more teen friendly without alienating the
    young at heart weak in the knees Chasters. Let’s stay in the middle and compromise by adding more interesting games, tidbits, maybe a forum geared to younger audience, updating the look of CM by
    adding more teens in the banner instead of just Oprah and David
    ( like Lea Michele picture and her quote, ” Charice has a gorgeous voice” or Harry Shums, Jr. tweeting, ” Charice has that
    killer MJ moves”). But in all honesty, no matter what you do in
    this site, you can never please everyone because of diverse background of Chasters around the world. Just my 99 cents input
    for the the day !!

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  20. colmijez says:
    Brainstorm time! I have some ideas I’d like to throw in the pot…

    >No need to make a separate site, just add a teen section to this site, but…

    >Definitely a separate chat box for the teens. They want to talk about things that the adults don’t want to talk about or can’t relate to and vice versa.

    >Changing the CM banner –maybe Charice’s picture is a better choice.

    >Set a bigger font size for the text, just a couple of points bigger for easier readability.

    >Adding simple effects on the photos or graphics to help them visually pop out (e.g. shadows).

    >The all encompassing News section I think would be enough. You could put the different categories as a submenu or eliminate them all together.

    >Core Menu Subcategorized(Home, Charice, Community, News, Media, Links)

    About Charice
    Charice Official Sites (also twitter, fb pages, yt…)
    Singles and Albums (list of all her available singles and albums)
    Events/Appearances (tour dates, live performances…)
    About Charicemania (include something about the dedicated CM crew :D)
    CM Teens
    Forum (include a teen forum within the forum)
    CM Merchandise
    Recent News
    Charting News
    Archived News
    Downloads (wallpapers, avies, lyrics & chords…)
    CM Links (fantalk, twitter, fb page…)
    Recommended Fansites
    Recommended Sites (DF’s site, iGR…)

    >If you want to reach the gap between the adults and the teens or the tweens you shouldn’t make a whole lot of separation. For example, games can be for everybody, as well as the forum, polls and quizzes.

    >The articles are great the way they are. No need to change the style of writing to accommodate the younger crowd, that can seem a little patronizing. Just avoid writing everything in a single paragraph. If it’s a really long article, put in one or two more related pictures within the article just to break the monotony of words.

    There are my suggestions :) If there’s anything I can do to help, I’d be glad to do so.

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    • colmijez says:
      sorry my tabs didn’t work, just reposting this part

      >Core Menu Subcategorized(Home, Charice, Community, News, Media, Links)

      About Charice
      Charice Official Sites (also twitter, fb pages, yt…)
      Singles and Albums (list of all her available singles and albums)
      Events/Appearances (tour dates, live performances…)
      About Charicemania (include something about the dedicated CM crew )
      CM Teens
      Forum (include a teen forum within the forum)
      CM Merchandise
      Recent News
      Charting News
      Archived News
      Downloads (wallpapers, avies, lyrics & chords…)
      CM Links (fantalk, twitter, fb page…)
      Recommended Fansites
      Recommended Sites (DF’s site, iGR…)

      additional suggestion: the ability to delete your own comment -_-

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  21. starbuck245 says:
    Over 40 here but still a goof and will try almost anything new if it doesn’t kill me.

    Hmmm, I hate to say it but at a minimum CM would need a separate chat and comments area for teens. Maybe even a different website entirely. That being said, where is Warner Bros in this effort? The news at Cha’s official website is not updated daily or even every few days. I stopped going there long ago because there’s nothing there that I don’t find here at CM.

    Try to learn from other teen websites: Beiber’s or Miley’s? I’m not sure a whiz bang super duper website is all that necessary. Although more pleasing to the eye than CM, Miley’s website is pretty boring at to me and doesn’t contain 1/2 the content as CM for anyone interested in the artist. The chat room isn’t that well used from what I saw; however, the smiley icons are and CM should consider making them easily accessible under the message box.

    MY totally unscientific cruise around the internet found that there weren’t that many chat rooms for Miley; only one seemed to be well used, but others were devoid of chatters: 7 in one that I visited. Also the discussions weren’t about Miley all the time — pretty much chit chat, teen style without the mods continually warning them to “keep it clean.”

    My two points, if I really have two, is 1. I’m not sure a separate chat room in CM will work — teens want to chat away w/o the threat of an mod/adult giving the a hard time…they can police themselves; 2. I’m not sure a website is a make or break piece of the marketing strategy — whether CM is successful in attracting and hold teens to its website may be a non-issue to the broader marketing and promotional strategy of team Charice.

    It’s an interesting discussion, but maybe the effort should go into making this the great site it is for the middle grounders — 30 somethings and up.

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