Manila Presents David Foster ‘Hit Man’ Concert Featuring Charice, 10/23/2010

Manila Presents David Foster ‘Hit Man’ Concert Featuring Charice, 10/23/2010

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  1. joy says:
    i really really want to watch the concert of charice.but,the ticket is expensive…got no money to buy hu hu ..there is a price range of 500 plus but, i dont think i will enjoy watching during the concert coz, i am far sighted,.. i’m from i wish can see charice one day..hope charice will have a concert in zamboanga city. :)

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  2. MrAspirant08 says:
    FINALLY!!! I am going to attend DFF concert in Manila.
    I have been saving money just for this concert.
    Happy to see Charice again.
    For sure, the concert will be a blast.

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  3. kumforme says:
    Hi guys, I’m just thinking that maybe Filipino Chasters could also come up with something to give DF during his concert here in Manila. You know, to thank him for his support and love for Charice. He has been a great mentor and godfather to Charice.

    Like give him a token, letter or anything that we could show our love and appreciation for him too. :)

    What do you think Chasters?

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    • justcharrie says:
      I like your suggestion @kumforme. I’m in for that.

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      • kumforme says:
        Thanks justcharrie. But I’m not sure how it’s going to be organized. When I chatted with some of the Fil Chasters earlier, they’re also suggesting that we bring glowsticks and wear blue shirts for the Araneta concert. Those were just the suggestions I was able to catch up.

        So I hope the admin here will encourage the Fil Chasters to post their suggestions/plans in this particular article so all of us may be updated if indeed the plans pushes through.


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    • ArrVee says:
      maybe we (ChariceMania) can also adopt him as our godfather, and present him with a token of this …

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    • MrAspirant08 says:
      That would be a great idea!

      Philippine-based Chasters may present a token which is authentically Filipino made…

      Undeniably, Mr. Foster is a great driving force who is making Charice as one of the best world renowned singers.

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    • mlddz923 says:
      Hi Kumforme I like your suggestion and i a more than happy to give donation for it if it requires. Please count me in.

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  4. jn says:
    David Foster inviting all for the DFF concert in Manila…See vid

    Loved how he says “Mahal Kita.”

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  5. Spawn says:
    Hi Guys

    Eeeeeeeeeh..! Aaaaaaaahhh..! Ok,you might be wonderin’ why my post is kinda like to a LUNATIC who’s havin’ Schzisoprenia(arrgh,can’t remember the correct spelling!LOL). The reason is, I found a similar article on Manila Bulletin’s website just like what Lolo Lando mentioned and eve posted several days ago. DF’s coming to PI town! Not only that, he’ll also visit our Princess’ house! Prepare the limo and the red carpet Chasters! LOL.. ;) BTW, here’s the link:

    See ya on the BIG event guys! ;)

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  6. lola-elrem says:
    i am sending my sister and favorite nieces to watch this once in a lifetime concert, and i hope they will have the chance to meet charice and david foster as i did in new york last fall. we are a family of chasters!

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  7. mpasig52 says:
    My husband and I plus a dear friend will be watching the show on Oct.23. It’s quite expensive so my husband and my friend used their senior citizen cards when we paid for the tickets. I wish I had one too but I need two more years to qualify for a card. Anyway, we’ll just manage our expenses for the next months to include the tickets in our budget.It worth the sacrifice and I wouldn’t exchange it for any shopping trip to the malls.
    By the way, my friend is a new chaster and she is excited to see Charice sing live in Araneta Coliseum.I hope to see you there, chasters!!!

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  8. LoloLando says:
    There is this Philstar, Entertainment page, issue dated today, Aug. 27 where David Foster was interested to scout Filipino Singers, aside from visiting the house of CHARICE in Tagaytay. In his coming concert, he, David, will pick one to jam with him for 30 seconds.

    He also mentioned, with interest, names like Flip a Filipino in the 70′s, Lea Salonga and Mr.Pineda from Journey

    Paging Philippine Chasters, please post this news here for our consumption. Thank you.

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    • eve says:

      I believe this is the article you are referring to.

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      • LoloLando says:
        Eve, that is the article. Please have that posted here. There are nuggets of ideas that Chasters could pick on it. Thank you.

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        • eve says:

          The link is sufficient here inasmuch as it relates to DFF’s concert in Manila. With just a brief mention of Charice being one of the performers, I’m not sure what other nuggets are contained here that isn’t already discussed above other than the lucky audience member who’ll be picked at random to sing her heart out for 30 seconds! Sounds like it’s just for fun, certainly not the way he would go about picking his next superstar… at random for 30 seconds??

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  9. ilsid says:
    so, how’s the ticket sales?
    i’ve already reserved two tickets for me and for my friend on the regular lower box section. quiet expensive but it’s ok. i’ll just cut down some of my expenses :-) just to see this once in a lifetime concert.

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  10. odie052s says:
    I have attended 2 concerts of Charice in Manila, the Journey Begins and her Valentine Concert with my youngest daughter only as my escort since I couldn’t afford to bring along all members of my family though all of them wanted to go because we are family of Chasters. How happy I am the first time when I heard my eldest grandchild singing to the tune of Pyramid not only because that she could maybe someday be a great singer like Charice, but as she grows, she may learn to know (hoping with my guidance) the other side of Charice’s greatness and truly understand why her family most especially her grandfather became one of the most fanatic fan of his generation. I was hoping that on this coming DFF concert, I can bring along my grand daughter to make this event more enjoyable and most meaningful. Paging all Chasters Grand Lolos and Grand Lolas! This is your best gift to your grandchildren ahead of Christmas Day.

    BTW, hope that there would also be a Meet and Greet of Chasters. Just can’t forget when I was able to attend an exclusive program organized by Sennheizer Microphone. It was a priceless moment with Chasters and with the Princess, Mom Raqs and brother Carl. (Can’t forgot the date Nov. 29,2009 because it is our Barangay Fiesta and I opted to go there lol).

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  11. osuna says:
    I feel sad for those who cannot come to the show
    please accept my sympathy, I myself can not come.

    Please listen to this song and just change the word around.

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  12. mdsjr says:
    Though the DFF prices are posted here already in CM, but here in Manila, the Araneta Coliseum, Ticketnet and its outlets doesn’t have prices yet posted. Still I tried to see for myself if I could buy tickets at SM North Edsa outlet. Just got home with my wife tonight after watching “The Expandables”. Nice movie. Well no prices there yet and not even a promo poster to be seen. Maybe tomorrow….

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