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MTV Buzzworthy Photos: Charice

MTV Buzzworthy Photos: Charice

As rising stars go Charice’s ascent has been pretty dizzying by anyone’s standards. The YouTube star made her breakthrough on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where she sang “My Heart Will Go On” for Celine Dion. Since then she’s begun recording professionally, releasing her single “Pyramid,” and has been lined up for recurring guest role on “Glee” next season.

So, seeing as how this wunderkind is on such a quick rise, we thought no better time than now to capture her on camera. In these exclusive MTV shots, we find Charice on the precipice of stardom, but still exhibiting personable charm.

New MTV Photos: Charice (photo credit: Kareem Black/MTV)

Charice MTV Buzzworthy Photos: Charice
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Check out Charice’s MTV Buzzworthy interview as well as her Pyramid video featuring Iyaz…



by Chris Ryan,


Bonus video from Kareem Black/MTV

video uploaded by capofret23

Posted by Eve

30 Responses to “MTV Buzzworthy Photos: Charice”

  1. Capofret says:

    kareem black, the photographer, also took a video of charice during this photoshoot. she looked tired but she was gracious in granting his request to sing…pyramid acapella


    Nice video… I added it above. Thanks capo!!


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  2. Jeszah says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • eve says:

      No offense taken. We’re based in Canada, but our readers do seem to enjoy telling stories. But hey, we have the best coverage of Charice anywhere so at least you can enjoy reading the articles, if not the comments. Welcome, anyway, during your brief visit lol.

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    • LoloLando says:
      Your comment can have different connotations, but given that you are a lurker or new in this Site, you can be right in saying you are “TOTALLY TURNED OFF”. Or it can be “TURNED ON” switch for most of us who has settled in this SITE for over 2 years.

      That American people hate to read long comments, may run counter to most Americans who are posting and commenting at this SITE. Their joy seemed incomplete if they are only juicing out their emotions in a one liner. This SITE gave them the space and privilege to read, learn, write and expound their thoughts on paper for the benefit of all. Suddenly, we all became writers of sort, with only CHARICE as our subject. Why so? Because she is schooling us about the true value of hard work and love for parents.

      You are right, this is the only website that is open to all objective commentaries:LONG OR SHORT. This website has accumulated so much honey from bee-writers that every nook and corners of the world has been “colonized” by CHARICEMANIA. BTW its management are staffed mostly by North Americans.

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    • scoobydoo says:

      Geeez … your comment turned me off.
      Where in the world you came from?

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    • Jessikai says:
      What the heck, I’m a 16 year old American girl, and I’m not turned off by long comments. If you really don’t like the long comments, then just don’t read them. No need to act like it’s a personal offense. And btw, I’m not even Filipino, but I’m proud of Charice.

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  3. ebjohns11 says:
    pretty/ nice photo’s of Charice =)

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  4. CutieSinger23 says:
    wow! hot!! nice pictures :)

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  5. Alekzxandr says:
    Isn’t Looney Tunes under Warner Brothers?? It is very possible that Charice would appear in a Looney Tunes movie with Tweety! LOL. It’s amazing that her dream journal had become a road map to her dream destinations in life. Like everything is connected! God bless you Charice! We love you!! ;-)

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  6. madzee says:
    perhaps… warner brothers or disney, will make a movie about friendship between charice and tweety bird. hehehe. (something like michael jordan with bugs bunny)… well she’s been with the alvin and the chipmunk, right? hehehe. we’ll never know. there’s nothing really impossible… =) keep on dreaming charice and we’ll be here to watch them unfold.

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    • madzee says:
      hey, i have a question.. do you know why charice official music video of pyramid is being blocked now? it is said:

      “This video contains content from WMG, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.”

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      • madzee says:
        i mean in youtube. i can’t access it anymore…

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      • eve says:

        Record labels do that sometimes, for example, I was unable to watch some videos in the USA when Charice appeared in Toronto, Canada, until chasters re-uploaded the station videos on youtube. I’m sure chasters would rather watch Charice’s OMV in her official channel so it’s unfortunate that it is no longer available. Speculation is that WMG wants the hits to reflect viewership in the USA to get a sense of her popularity here, but your guess is as good as mine.

        Has the video been blocked in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia as well? Can chasters give a shout out please? I have heard it is blocked in UAE and Philippines, but how about other countries?

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        • bluedanube says:

          Austria – no go.
          IMHO this whole policy is questionable, especially “pulling back”.
          When a restaurant tells a visitor, that s/he won’t be served because s/he is from the wrong country, they would get in trouble..

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        • jersey_26 says:

          Oh just sad,,i can’t access Charice OMV and even the studio version in Taiwan,it’s blocked too.I used to watch these vids of Cha, and now,no more.I wonder if WMG would put it back again,i just hope so,,still a lot of people would like to see it..around the world.

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        • trust says:
          nop,you can watch all charice´s video in my country mexico,not blocked at all,yes,I´m a proud to the bones mexican-italian chaster !!! hola to all !! still on honeymoon,kisses and hugs to all !! mua !! chariceeeeeeee..mommy raqz !! thanks for your best wishes about my marriage !!! love ya guys !!

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        • LuckyRain0rig says:

          Yes Eve, I have been wondering why the “Pyramid” Vid is blocked. ( I am from Vancouver, BC, BTW). Why did they do that?…blocked on Copyright grounds, now?

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  7. anitadcruz says:
    @mdsjr thanks for that link-reader’s digest asia? for me there’s no previous or recent news on charice, i still read-re-read,watched&re-watch all those videos,articles, i hunger for her, i love reading/watching news about her old or new news. i go to CM site chatbox just to ask other chasters whats new or news and anybody knows where and what charice doing,me or we want to know where her abouts,it gives excitement for the day knowing where she is,like a fulfillment to know the answer whats her schedule. there’s like anxiety attached if i or we dont go to CM or read/watch her videos, recent or previous it dont matter,it gives satisfaction each day i login to You Tube,CM watch charice,hearing that wonderful voice-its such a heartstruck-like it gives life,joy. my son fixed my laptop browser w/big colorful name of CHARICE and several small pictures on the very top,w/ charicemania on default w/her tweets,radio fantalk,and all the songs of charice ready to click for video w/ lyrics (videoke)so u can sing along,for me this is new and happy for my son doing it for me-he knew it makes me happy for what he did.i’ve never had this obssession since nora aunor-phils superstar for 4decades,never admired any more phil singers since,tho i watched them.only now,well since nov.29,2009 charice captivated me when i heard her sang in asap “LIPAD NG PANGARAP” there i began searching about her- news articles old or new and now learned how to go to YT that i don’t do before-just to watch her music videos.and more and more it becomes shock & awe in admiring her,her talents keeps on revealing-impersonator,may not be a pro on playing piano,guitar,drums but she can play,beatboxing,drawing pictures of her dreams or fantasies of what she wants to fulfill or achieve.a growing little girl,drawing her dreams or fantasies-thats awesome,drew picture of celine and her; andrea bocellie and her ; mariah carey and her, whitney houston&her; drew a car of a limosine she wants to ride on? and a bighouse,and tweetybird? as she handed that dream journal she called to Prophet”O” in w/c “O” had fulfilled 1 by 1 -such an accomplishment for charice, awaiting for that dream to come true will be her meeting w/ “tweetybird” such a little girl u can tell still amazed w/ cartoon characters,and we knew how she can talk like a chipmunk is awesome and funny. yes, we can say she’s the “VOICE OF THE NEW GENERATION” like what DF said,”the star is born tonight”; “THE ONE”. congrats for the success charice! and good mothering of MomR being a single mom! a little bro.carl-protective of charice,these 3′s in a family is great fam.

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  8. LoloLando says:
    The exceptional speed with which CHARICE trailblazed the music firmament leaves no doubt that some unseen forces are pushing her to become the SINGER WITHOUT BORDERS. In another vein, she approximates the deeds of Bob Hope who visited American forces the world over to perk and uplift their morale. CHARICE is now the ambassador of the OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKERS (OFWs)as evidenced by their countless comments here in CHARICEMANIA. It is through this Site that Filipinos from all corners of the globe converged and be known to each other.

    If not from CHARICEMANIA, would I have known Noellen, EB Johns, 18wheeleredy,Maria, KV, Eve, the 60 somethin’ posters like Max, ArrVee, JimFan, Maria, and other top commentators? CHARICE wiggled her charm into our consciousness and mesmerized us with her multi-genre voice that in the end, we all became CHADDICTS, like puppets on CHARICE’s strings.

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    • eve says:

      and not only that, but chasters around the globe are brought together by our common love and admiration for this undeniable talent. Max is caucasian, JimFan and myself are also Americans. There are many other chasters from France, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, London, Germany, Australia, Japan, other Asian countries and more! We had a recent Fantalk caller from Antigua (thanks Jeanine!) who was as passionate at defending Charice as any of us.

      It’s our goal at CM to promote Charice internationally and welcome everyone! And it is Charice’s “personable charm” and talent that makes that all possible. She’s an Ambassador for World Unity!

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      • idolming says:
        @Lololano @ eve, I just want you to know that i’m teary eyed just reading your comments! I totally agree, She’s an Ambassador for World Unity! How i wish all the people on this planet will become Charice fans!

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      • bluedanube says:
        white austrian here!
        mabuhay sa lahat ng pilipinos!

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        • eve says:

          I’m impressed! I believe it means “long live the Filipinos.” Thank you kindly.

          Impressed also with your blog. I notice it is also in English rather than German. Awesome. Hope to see you again…

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      • sunshinefan says:

        Charice belongs to the world. While she is Asian, and she is proud of her roots, she knows her music is for everyone. That is why she loves all chasters, without classifications or discrimination. Music after all knows no boundaries.

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  9. mdsjr says:
    Take a look at the collection of this Chaster.

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    • idolming says:
      Whoawww! This is great! I have some of this, but still trying to complete my collection! But Charice youtube videos!!! and pictures!!! ohhhh! i have copied & downloaded thousands, using RealPlayer & Applian software! I just bought a 500gb external harddrive and back-up by Mozy just to be safe all my Charice video’s & pictures will remain forever! hehehe!

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  10. jn says:
    I knew that this Buzzworthy.mtv video interview was not a recent one, probably a month or 2 months old (my guess) but it still always amazes me….So sweet, no pretention and just honest answers..That dream journal is a visualization of her goals in life. She probably achieved all of them but for sure she still has more dreams and goals of her life..Good luck Charice…..

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    • Eve says:
      You’re right, the MTV Buzzworthy Interview is referenced above and was posted here at CM two months ago. I decided to include it in MTV’s current article for the benefit of new visitors and fans. I’m thrilled that a popular site like MTV thought Charice buzzworthy enough to feature her again and release some “new” photos. Charice’s star is definitely rising at a “dizzying” pace as the writer says!! So exciting to be following her progress here at CM, a recent Comment said something like watching our own reality show unfold lol. Perhaps Oprah is keeping tabs and will have another future show dedicated to Charice (crossing fingers).

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  11. elg021407 says:
    I love so much the dream journal story of Charice…truly the power of visualization manifested that fast and the Universe honor the desire and intention of Charice for her heart is pure and her intention is to for the goodness of all…to be inspired in her music and to keep on hoping and believin in our talents.

    Remember that Starking latest video when one of the judges told her that her purity cannot hold even on the stick that it falls…meaning, her pure intention is really a force to reckon with, manifesting thru her voice and emotions…it just flows the goodness…i do feel it and i cannot deny that Charice always rocks me.

    btw, i love the cover song ANGEL, Charice sang for one of her Chaster fan in grieving… one of my favorite song in the 1998 movie named City of Angels…her angelic voice was great. There are about 3 videos of this in Youtube, you can check it out and feel the purity of her voice.

    Chao again and good health to all here and to Charice and her family always.

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