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Six Flags and Coca Cola Present R&B Singer Charice, August 29

Six Flags and Coca Cola Present R&B Singer Charice, August 29

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  1. ArrVee says:
    @renji: she is known more as a vocal powerhouse and a vocal prodigy, but David Foster’s comments on how quickly she learns and adapts seems to indicate that internally, she is a musical genius of sorts, and that her brain is wired in a manner that is optimized for music and rhythm.

    i think she uses hand gestures a lot because of the way she models a song in her mind in all its complexity, probably in multiple dimensions, and her hand helps her “read” its complex components as she renders it, very much like the way her body naturally interprets a rhythm as a dance.

    notice also that she gestures mostly with her left hand, which for me indicates that she is very much a right-brained person, the right brain acknowledged by experts as the repository of the artistic side of a person.

    her gestures give us a glimpse of the rich motherlode of complex music and rhyhthm that she stores inside, indeed seeming to overload her senses as she renders it …

    but listen to the end product, where she never misses a beat, captures every nuance of a song, and is always in perfect pitch …

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  2. renji says:
    I really admire Charice. She really has a golden voice and I’m not tired listening to her album everyday. But I just hope she will also dance while performing her songs like pyramid and I love You and not just walk around the stage. And I just hope she could drop some of her hand movements and instead dance while singing to make the song and the stage more alive.I really really like to she her dance while singing her lively songs.

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    • ChrisJSS says:

      I think her hand gestures give her a little more push in her vocals. For me, I actually like the hand gestures. =) If she was not as great a singer as she is, it wouldn’t jive, haha, but she is so for me its cool. hehe

      I also want her to dance!!! Gaawwdd this girl still has something that people haven’t seen yet. She can dance! Girl got moves man. But i guess she can’t dance on stage as mush because she’s always wearing very high heels. On her next single, I bet she’s going to lose the heels, because she says the next single will be more upbeat so I’m pretty certain she’s going to dance to it.

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  3. jojo says:
    guyz!!! watch this new glee season 2 promo, this time with charice!its for real!!! so exciting!

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    • ChrisJSS says:
      OMG!!!! I my eyes were welling up when I saw this vid!!!!! I saw Charice with Rachel Berry!!! And Charice sounded AWESOME and Charice looked sooooo pretty!!! I’m so proud of her! its a different feeling when you actually see her on the show… I’m soooo excited for this 2nd season!!! LUVLUVLUVLUVLUV CHARICE!!!

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    • Marife says:
      Gosh, so excited for Charice. She looks so cute, pretty and innocent in that video. Love you Charice.

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  4. Daniel says:
    It’s been quiet here at CM lately. We’re used to new video almost everyday but now it’s time to relax for the Labor Day weekend until Glee episode on the 21st. Charice must still be shooting episodes for Glee before she hit the road again for Asian DFF tours.

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  5. ENVEE says:
    Rain or shine, I will always be here to support you all the way, Charice.To support you is sure one thing I will never regret in my entire life. I wish I could have updates of what you do everyday… just saying… I love you, Charice!!!

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  6. ChrisJSS says:
    On a lighter note, lol, GLEE is 18 days away!!! =D May I suggest the good office of Charicemania admin to host a livestream of Glee’s premiere episode (and all the succeeding episodes too. lol)??? =D Can we have a chatbox at the side of the screen also? So we can all talk while we gleefully watch our princess on Glee. =D

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  7. JAbuan says:
    I watched the Charice & Cristian Imparato duet “Adagio” again. This time I closely observed Charice and Cristian’s reactions to some vocal glitches that popped-up during the glass breaking finale at the end. Charice’s behavior was characteristic of any highly intelligent, motivated professional. Even though the adult audience was gushing and cheering, in Charice’s eyes you can tell she was mentally deconstructing the glitches. Have you ever noticed that Charice only makes a mistake one time? Thereafter, she nails it every time.

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  8. ChrisJSS says:
    I read Carl’s tweet. Hmmm.. I wonder if he was sort of kidding. It seemed quite rude. I understand that he’s going to be like the tough brother behind her sister, but I was reading back tweets and he’s a little more… uhmm, how do you say.. aggressive..? Charice mentioned once that Carl really reacts when he reads something negative about her. Like, yelling and stomping and hitting the table and stuff. lol

    Reading his tweets, you realize, hey, this is not Charice. Its her brother. And, well, apparently, the two of em are very different even though they are siblings. Sometimes i forget Carl is a kid. He’s 15 or 16? Hopefully he grows out of it. lol I wouldn’t want him to be like Fantasia’s brother. haha

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    • osuna says:
      Is this another made up issue or what ?
      Maybe we missed it, but Charice said ” over protective at times” is the same as yelling, stomping, and hitting the table and stuff ???? just curious…PEACE

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      • ChrisJSS says:
        Nope. I’m no gossip maker osuna. Oh I heard it when she said “over protective”. But she also said her brother is very vocal too when he gets pissed reading comments from haters. Don’t start asking me for evidence, I know what I heard and saw in that vid. There wasn’t anything wrong with that anyway. Let the little bro vent for his sis. But if you give people from the same side some attitude, for me, that’s an issue. Charice has some very loyal fans, these people should be treated right. Just sayin’.

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        • osuna says:

          Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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          • ChrisJSS says:
            You totally missed what I was saying. Have you seen the tweet? How you’re going about this, it seems you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about. If Carl tweeted you that, as much as an avid chaster that you are, I wonder what you’d feel. He may or may not have intentionally wanted to be rude but at first read, it did seem rude. Even the die-hard Charice fanatics in twitter found it rude. The person who Carl tweeted was an avid fan, almost all of that person’s tweets are about Charice. It wasn’t right that she was spoken to in that manner.

            I stand by Charice for everything good she represents. But I will not zip my mouth if I see there’s something wrong, especially if a fellow fan is involved. Its a good thing that that fan turned a blind eye on it, if it was me, I would’ve given him a piece of my mind. So now, I just focus on Charice and leave her family alone.

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            • osuna says:

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              • ChrisJSS says:
                Dagupan? Is that a person? I don’t know who that person is. But I’m willing to bet you’re comparing me to a hater. Sure osuna, whatever floats your boat.

                The way I see you reacting to this is, you want me to shut up. If you want me to shut up, then stop talking to me about it because if you keep asking me, I will answer back. I’m having a hard time keeping my patience with you, stop mocking me. “I admire your intelligence and knowledge… you know it all”…. BS.

                If Charice has flaws, I can discuss them without feeling the desperate need to hide them. Unlike you. My support for Charice is different from yours, you need not force your ways on me. Good or bad, truth or lies, I can talk about Charice, defend her if she has done nothing wrong and discuss issues if she is at fault. Charice is not perfect, you are delusional if you believe she is.

                I felt Carl’s tweet was uncalled for. And as a fan feeling for a fellow fan who was offended by it, I am letting other fans know that it happened. If you can turn your head and ignore things that are wrong, then that’s you, that’s not how I am. Now because of this incident, I’ve learned that it would be better if we leave her family alone when it comes to trying to reach her because from this incident, things can get complicated. Hence, I keep saying “leave the family alone”. I sincerely hope you get it. My “foot and/or mouth” are fine.

                oh.. and PEACE.

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                • osuna says:

                  Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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                • ChrisJSS says:

                  “Glory”?… “Aspirin”? “Hungry for the first one to reveal the tweet”? What…?

                  If YOU will be here 24/7…well… I won’t.

                  If what I “revealed” was a lie, then hate me all you want. But it isn’t a lie. Deal with it.

                  When the day comes that Charice becomes one of the biggest names in the industry and a hoard of fans start to frequent this site with different opinions, point of views and “revelations”, I hope they don’t get to experience you. I am not the worst kind of fan you’d have to/feel you have to deal with. Good luck with that.

                  Oh, I almost forgot— PEACE

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                • tofifiness says:
                  I love this part:

                  “..When the day comes that Charice becomes one of the biggest names in the industry and a hoard of fans start to frequent this site with different opinions, point of views and “revelations”, I hope they don’t get to experience you”.

                  It’s not just about being a fan. But as an individual whose opinion/reaction/suggestion/etc.. may varies from one another.

                  People here in CM should learn to accept this differences without the need to jump on the person’s throat and start calling them “crabs” just because this people happen to have a different opinion that doesn’t run parallel with yours.

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            • starbuck245 says:
              Hey boys (girls? :P) maybe take this offline in private chat? I suspect you both have good intentions and mean no disrespect, but are experiencing an innocent misunderstanding. These type of things are usually better resolved verbally so that tone of voice and even better face to face so that body language and facial expression can be read.

              I don’t think either of you meant or intend any disrespect to anyone, but your posted responses are getting into the danger zone where you may really dislike each other for no good reason.

              Touch gloves and go back to your corners, gentlemen!

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              • ChrisJSS says:

                lol Sorry about this guys. If our exchange is a little too much, ADMIN please feel free to erase them, no prob. Ahehe..

                Starbuck I think it is safe to say she doesn’t like me. haha but its ok. ;)

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    • starbuck245 says:
      u must b bored. carl is still young and it wouldnt be surprising if he had a very different personality than cha’s, also being very protective of cha. As long as he doesnt get carried away and drive good people away, we shoulc just consider it cute brotherly love

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      • osuna says:

        Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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        • starbuck245 says:
          hi, osuna…to chris. he seems like he is just trying to get things stirred up, not in a mean why it doesnt seem. carl seems like a nice kid and agood bro, so i was sticking for him even tho i cont feel chris is criticizing carl in a mean why… maybe its too quiet here for chris between cha shows and appearances

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          • osuna says:
            I agree starbuck,

            Carl even carries Charice high heeled shoes in public view,remember that clip ? he don’t care, just grateful he got a sister that takes care of the whole family and he is paying her back. Some followers just do not see those good things, they focus on negative.

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      • ChrisJSS says:
        Nope. If I’m not reading Charice or watching Charice, I do something else. I don’t like getting bored.

        You see starbuck, that WAS the case. I read his tweet. And it seemed he WAS driving people away, showing some attitude. Charice is as humble and loving of her fans as any artist can get. Carl is her brother and in some way or another, his actions will reflect on how they are at home.

        I get that he’s a kid. Heck I myself don’t know what I was saying when I was his age. I can’t judge his entire personality by his tweets, but his tweets did show some attitude in there that is contradictory to how Charice is to her fans.

        Lesson I personally learned here is, I should only want to know about Charice and her alone. I leave her family alone. That’s private anyway.

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        • starbuck245 says:
          No harm meant, Chris. I was just reacting to Osuna and playing with you because I (!!!) was kinda bored in between Cha appearances and news. Also, I was typing the msgs earlier on my cell phone so I couldn’t really write/type well and convey my tongue in cheek message to you. :P)

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  9. osuna says:

    Watched this a billion times, and it does not sound like a broken
    record yet. Just wondering “how can they miss this talent ” ??

    Watching closely, her eyes wanders around, and very much aware of her surroundings, she had that quality at her young age. she wants to please everyone. HAMBHILIBHABOL !!!!!

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    • ArrVee says:
      that explosive voice always with perfect pitch …
      already staring the audience down and surveying the stage like she owned it …
      believing she had something rare and precious …

      if you had the eye for this talent then, you will surely be singing like her:

      “I’ll be waiting for you …”

      p.s. – she could have competed at Italy’s TLUC at that age, captured the hearts of the audience and won, at least in her age group

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