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Charice Fan Talk: David Foster Preps for ASIA Tour 2010

Charice Fan Talk: David Foster Preps for ASIA Tour 2010

AUGUST 14 UPDATE – Asian Tour schedule now posted at

Acclaimed Canadian singer, songwriter and producer David Foster will head out on a 5-city Asian trek this fall. Asian fans will be treatedii??? to a full, big concert together with his world-class artists such as Natalie Cole, Charice, Peter Cetera, Ruben Studdard and The Canadian Tenors. The ai???David Foster and Friendsai??? tour will begin Oct. 19 in Tokyo, Japan visiting theaters and arenas in major markets throughout the South East Asia.

Foster has won 15 Grammy Awards for his work with some of the music industryai??i??s top-selling artists, including Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Madonna, Chicago and Andrea Bocelli.

HIT MAN David Foster & Friends 2010 Asian Tour

David foster Asian tour Charice Fan Talk: David Foster Preps for ASIA Tour 2010

David Foster and Friends Asian Tour dates: (click the dates below for details)

October 19-20 Tues/Wed – Tokyo Forum

October 23, Saturday – Manila Araneta Coliseum October 25, Monday – Bangkok Impact Arena

October 27, Wednesday – Jakarta Ritz Carlton Ballroom

October 29-30, Fri/Sat – Singapore Esplanade Concert


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28 Responses to “Charice Fan Talk: David Foster Preps for ASIA Tour 2010”

  1. marie says:

    hello got a ticket for charice and company concert in Tokyo on oct. 19 i hope i can have apicture of charice

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  2. shaun says:

    I am looking for 1 ticket for upcoming HIT MAN DAVID FOSTER & FRIENDS concert in Singapore for either 29 or 30th October. Pls let me know of any one of you are selling it. My email is

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  3. Mike Z says:

    Thailand has released “In This Song” as the next promotional single for Charice! Below you can find the official video clip for “In This Song” which was released by Warner Music Thailand! The promo clip used live audio and video footage from Charice’s Performance from Singha Presents Charice “Dreams Come True” Showcase @ Siam Discovery! Hope you all enjoy the video!!

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  4. abeng127 says:

    dear BLOGTALKRADIO I think .. i want CHARICE to sing big voice again ,, and she is a high profile with a ballad songs … she is better than pop teens music …and has powerhouse too

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  6. ykk says:

    It is really a disappointment. I had been eagerly awaiting her appearance at the concert.Guess will just have to wait for the DF and Friends concert in October. Anyway it does not make sense for her to fly all the way anyway. No worries, as a fan I will wait.With such hectic schedule, hope she takes care. Health is wealth.

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  7. Fran says:

    Is the concert with Iyaz in Singapore for Aug. 18 still on? That’s a long flight for Charice.

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  8. maejoy says:

    may i know where can i buy ticket for oct 23 (araneta) concert?


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  9. EBJohns11 says:
    I really like to encourage Chasters to watch DFF – it is worth it. It is kinda expensive but watching those Stars , David Fosters and our very own Charice is all worth it.

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  10. chasterdad says:
    Why is Hongkong being left out? I mean ther must be a considerable amount of Chasters there. The Pinoy community there is large. Can CM verify why this is so? Hk is the gate to China…can ther be an agenda for a later date to penetrate this market? Just curious……

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  11. NoelG says:
    Anybody knew something why Korea is not a part of the tour and when is Manila schedule?

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  12. admin says:


    David Foster & Friends Philippines
    Saturday, October 23 Manila Araneta Coliseum

    David Foster and Friends Asian Tour dates:

    * Tuesday, October 19 Tokyo Forum

    * Wednesday, October 20 Tokyo Forum

    * Saturday, October 23 Manila Araneta Coliseum

    * Monday, October 25 Bangkok Impact Arena

    * Wednesday, October 27 Jakarta Ritz Carlton Ballroom

    * Friday, October 29 Singapore Esplanade Concert

    * Saturday, October 30 Singapore Esplanade Concert

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  13. artemis gibran says:
    We are ready to see her ANYWHERE in the WORLD! Asia is the biggest part of this world…this is is gonna be HUGE!

    You will ROCK the WORLD!

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  14. jvfulge says:
    Attn: Admin

    Please suggest to David Foster to have his Asian Tour available in Pay Per View. Can you imagine the revenue this idea will generate? Just the Chaster’s family alone will create a humongous impact in DFF venues bucket. The rest of the outcome, I’ll just leave that in your thought. Thanks. Chasters Forever.

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    • admin says:

      Done. I just sent your suggestion to management. Read below…



      To Management;

      Re. David Foster & Friends ASIA Tour 2010 in Pay Per View

      For your consideration: Potential revenue stream generated through The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) Pay Per View service.

      TFC is an international broadcasting service owned by the ABS-CBN Corporation. The network is available in North America, Australia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. It has over 2 million subscribers in these regions. The channel is targeted towards Filipinos living abroad (approx 10 million).

      Top 10 regions with significant Filipino Population:

      1. US – 2.8M
      2. Saudi Arabia – 1.1M
      3. UAE – 500k
      4. Canada – 470k
      5. Australia – 270k
      6. Malaysia – 245k
      7. UK – 203k
      8. Japan – 202k
      9. Qatar – 195k
      10. Singapore – 157k

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      • jvfulge says:
        Your immediate response to my humble suggestion is highly appreciated and I hope our fellow chasters do the same. Thank you.

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        • ENVEE says:
          Smart, smart, smart thought!!! I will definitely subscribe for all the tours, i sawear to God. Not only we chasters get the feel of each tour, but we can see for ouselves how the tour is being embraced by the people… What a huge, huge, huge revenue.. Besides, business can never be ignored… Count me in, please…

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  15. Bart says:
    Will David Foster be on the the show or would it just be fans talking about David Foster?

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    • admin says:

      Just the fans… it would be great to have DF and his friends on the show. We’ll try to contact David and find out his availability (hope we get him). Perhaps some time in September or October?

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  16. Jeremy Stone says:
    The David Foster and Friends concert in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia are all confirmed. However, I still haven’t heard any news confirming the avid Foster and Friends concert in Philippines. I am still crossing my fingers for the news. Hope to hear from Charicemania soon.

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    • admin says:

      Hmm… I’ll take that as a sign that something big is in the works and fans should be excited to hear the news, but we’re going to have to wait …

      * Additional surprise guests (Local artists) can be expected at Manila concert???

      * 2 or 3 dates, bigger venue???

      * Collaboration with network giant ABS-CBN???

      * Kris Aquino, President Aquino, PI’s movers and shakers will be in attendance???

      * DF first visit to PI, will Charice play tour guide???

      * The tour concludes with a Charice hometown special performance ???

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      • Q-rius says:
        Those are all wonderful ideas Admin! Possibilities are endless! Whatever plans they may have for the Philippine concert, I’m pretty sure it’ll be BIG….HUGE….ENORMOUS!!!! A CONCERT OF A LIFETIME THAT SHOULD NOT BE MISSED!

        GOSH! I wonder how much is the plane ticket back home…..

        To the top baby!!!! We love you CHARICE!

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      • Jeremy Stone says:
        Wow!!! This is really something special like a big surprise. I will save my money on this and make sure I’ll buy a ticket as soon as possible. Thank you so much to the dedicated team of charicemania for the response.

        Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu. Terimah kasi. Xie xie ni. Maraming salamat.

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      • LoloLando says:
        Pretty please… also provide special seats for senior citizens. I just thought of that elderly woman who let her daughter invite CHARICE to sing in her house and was was given some valuable mementos for her performance. She will, no doubt, go to the concert.

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      • Marriot says:
        Hi Admin,
        Good idea! Would it be cool if they will sing one song in Tagalog?
        Remember, in one of their finale song is ‘America’ when they are in USA, and ‘Oh Canada’ when they were in Canada. How I wish if they will sing ‘Bayan Ko’ with Charice & Lea Salonga. God Bless! from Tokyo

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