Charice on “Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable” Japanese TV

Charice on “Kiseki Taiken Unbelievable” Japanese TV


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  1. jip140sef says:

    after watching this videos of charice its proved to me that her true to life story is one that you can admire, inspired and adore her.

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  2. rey nicolas says:

    this dramatization of princess Charice”s life story is really a tearjerker!!!!I always prepare a box of tissue before watching it.How about you??? you don”t cry??? just asking!!!!

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  3. KV says:
    One of my Japanese interpreters just wrote that she and her 12-year old daughter watched the show together. Her 12-year old was so happy to watch Charice sing Pyramid on TV! She is the one who has been listening to Charice’s CD non-stop since I gave it to her Mom weeks ago.

    The mother also noted that this show is one of the most watched show in Japan! Charice is going to get bigger in Japan folks!



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  4. jn says:
    A big thanks for the people behind the translation, video and posting of this article/vid. “Mabuhay!!!”

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  5. Magnus says:
    This is indeed a tearjerker.

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  6. jenje says:
    wow thank you for this video.. gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes

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  7. cha_fan says:
    am i the only one who noticed the 2 charice fangirls at the back LOLZ!! when the girl in front said that charice is in fact in the studio, the 2 lovely ladies at the back were in awe and held hands excitedly. woot woot!!! can’t wait to hear her live, right ladies?

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  8. tmgtw_miyi says:
    Bitzes, Mooffin, and Schoen deserve all the credit on this one. Their hard work is appreciated. =))

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    • bitzes says:
      thanks miyi! .. i had fun talking with you, schoen and mooffin and and of course subbing these videos .. :)

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  9. fdjohan says:
    Haha. This is the first time I hear mommy Raqueal speaking English. Nice to hear it. I wish all of my kids will be like Charice. Can’t stop making the parents proud.

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  10. Moira says:
    This is so, so incredible! It’s like watching my favorite J-dorama series, but so much better because it’s Charice’s story and it’s real. Thank you so much for the fabulous work translating and subbing. ^__^

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  11. LoveNuttie says:
    Wow…thanks CTV’s Jayroxii & Miyi; also Moofin & Bitzes; Blingblings and Steven for the excellent translations and the rest of the CM team for your tireless efforts & dedication to serve us all the latest Charice news & stories from all over the globe. It doesn’t go unnoticed…we truly appreciate all your hard work! Cheers! Kudos to you all :)

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  12. Schoen says:
    Wow! Thanks for working hard on these videos Bitzes and Mooffin for the translations. I salute you all. “Can I cry now?” (again!) Welcome to Blingblings from Thailand for the fast Thai translations too as well as FoongSteven from Malaysia. CTV Crew: Jayrox and Miyi keep up the good work.

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  13. visamolly says:
    I need another box of tissues. Can I have some of yours? ….. anyone???

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  14. juantamad says:
    I think I better shut up while I’m ahead of the game. I really don’t want to make anymore waves than I should since I started commenting here again. I just couldn’t help it every time I see comments that are too demanding and preachy. Charice is 18 years old and if we listen very carefully to every word she utters, we should be able to deduce from her wisdom at that tender age that she’s more than capable of handling her self in an appropriate manner. She’s an adult now and should be respected the way we the more seasoned adults are demanding respect.

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  15. Mooffin says:

    THANK YOU bitzes for subbing and CTV crew for uploading! Well done!

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