David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010

David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010

David Foster Comes Back to Japan After 16 Years as Part of his Asian Concert Tour

David Foster, hitmaker during the golden age of the adult-oriented rock genre from the 80s to the early 90s will come back to Japan for concerts on October 19 and 20 at Hall A of the Tokyo International Forum. The last time he was in Japan to perform was 16 years ago at the “JT Super Producers 94″ concert at the Budokan in 1994.

As part his 5-country Asian tour which includes stops in Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore, a spectacular line-up of guests will perform his signature songs. The “Friends” include Peter Cetera, former lead singer of Chicago known for worldwide hits such as “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” and “The Best of Me”; Natalie Cole, R&B queen who has taken the world by storm with her duet “Unforgettable” with Nat King Cole; Charice, a teenage newcomer already huge in the US who debuted this year with a smash hit, which immediately landed 5th on the US iTunes singles chart; new R&B star Ruben Studdard who won Season 2 of American Idol Season; and the Canadian tenors, 4 singers with beautiful voices and harmonies; among others.

To commemorate this event, a spectacular CD compilation of Foster’s signature songs will be launched on September 15. Packed with the “Foster sound” and the “Foster magic” which has made vocalists’ talents shine and has transcended generations, genres and nationalities, this compilation will include 34 Assignment songs on 2 discs.

Of particular note, Michael Jackson and Madonna’s recordings are together in the same CD. Aside from them, the spectacular line-up of performers include Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Peter http://advisors.se/blogg/2018/02/12/purchase-zestril/ Cetera, Natalie Cole, Seiko Matsuda, and Andrea Bocelli, all together in one compilation made possible precisely because of David Foster.

Tickets go on sale on July http://yankilojistik.com.tr/argumentative-essay.html 24.

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Charice David Foster Friends Japan David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010

Performers: David Foster / Peter Cetera / Natalie Cole / Charice / Ruben Studdard / The Canadian Tenors
Date: October 19, 2010 (Tue) 18:00 Doors open 19:00 Concert starts
Date: October 20, 2010 (Wed) 18:00 Doors open 19:00 Concert starts
Venue: Hall A, Tokyo International Forum
Sponsors: Kyodo Tokyo / TV Asahi / Bunka Housou / Inter FM
Tickets: On sale from July 24, 2010, for tickets: http://kyodotokyo.com/dff



“David Foster Presents Love, Again”
(Subtitle: I listened to my favorite ballads. I fell in love with you again.)
In stores on September 15, 34 Tracks (in random order)

  1. Earth Song – Michael Jackson
  2. You’ll See – Madonna
  3. I Will Always Love You – Whitney Houston
  4. Glory of Love – Peter Cetera
  5. Because You Loved Me (Theme Song of Up Close and Personal) – Celine Dion
  6. Unforgettable – Natalie Cole and Nat King Cole
  7. Daite – Seiko Matsuda
  8. Through the Fire – Chaka Khan
  9. After the Love Has Gone – Earth Wind and Fire
  10. Morning – Al Jarreau
  11. Got to be Real – Cheryl Lynn
  12. Music of My Heart – Nsync and Gloria Estefan
  13. Look What You’ve Done to Me – Boz Scaggs
  14. Unbreak My Heart – Toni Braxton
  15. If You Don’t Know Me By Now – Seal
  16. Have You Ever? – Brandy
  17. Love You Like That – All For One
  18. Runaway – The Corrs
  19. Home – Michael Buble
  20. In This Song – Charice
  21. St. Elmo’s Fire – David Foster
  22. And When She Danced – Marilyn Martin and David Foster
  23. You Raise Me Up – Josh Groban
  24. Angel – Katherine Jenkins
  25. The Prayer (duet with Andrea Bocelli) – Celine Dion
    and others

Source: http://listen.jp/store/musicnews_30214_all.htm

Posted and translated by Mooffin, ChariceMania

46 Responses to “David Foster and Friends in Japan 2010”

  1. Voj says:
    Charice was Super Sonic SUGOI (great) !!! T’was at DFF/Tokyo- Charice was the STAR of the Show! Nihonjins love HER !

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  2. rotcic says:
    Charice is a amazing star!

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  3. admin says:


    David Foster & Friends Philippines
    Saturday, October 23 Manila Araneta Coliseum

    David Foster and Friends Asian Tour dates:

    * Tuesday, October 19 Tokyo Forum

    * Wednesday, October 20 Tokyo Forum

    * Saturday, October 23 Manila Araneta Coliseum

    * Monday, October 25 Bangkok Impact Arena

    * Wednesday, October 27 Jakarta Ritz Carlton Ballroom

    * Friday, October 29 Singapore Esplanade Concert

    * Saturday, October 30 Singapore Esplanade Concert

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    • amor says:
      yes mima, i would love to have a M&G IN tokyo. love to see her in person. hayzzz… can`t wait for oct 20! see u there chasters!!!

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  4. RodBelt says:
    Although this discussion is geared more toward the Japan/Asia tour of DF&F, I would like to comment on the commemorative CD to mark the occasion. Folks, just look at the singers and the quality of the songs. Nobody can argue that for Charice, the ‘newbie’ in the group, to be included in such an illustrious list of accomplished performers, David is announcing to the music world that Charice is the REAL DEAL of this generation. Her destiny to super stardom cannot be denied!

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  5. Asia Rising says:

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    • josie says:
      She must have to really establish herself and be reasonably well-known to the American mainstream to be able to sell tickets to halls and arenas of ever. But to me time it not yet ripe. Celine Dion and other singers did it after some years in the industry Let’s be patient. Charice had waited for her chance for over 8 years. why can’t we?

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    • rose says:
      To Asia Rising: In due time. She will be successful.

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  6. rct22155 says:
    I agree that the DF&F group should include at least Honkong to be able to get a foot in that humongous market which is showing interest and are quite receptive to the western type of entertainment now. I was thinking all along that the purpose of this “Asian” tour was to be able to touch base with that specific market. They can’t go wrong there unless they feel that part of Asia doesn’t have any respect for copyrights or very good copyright regulations.

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  7. mima says:
    cant wait til october..i hope that someone could arrange japan chasters of M&G…if i was near tokyo i would love to volunteer ;)…see u all in DF&F woohoo…!!!

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  8. AmazingCP says:
    Singapore Chasters buy your tickets now at Sistic… The cheapest price is S$78…

    Charice with David Foster & Friends from 29 to 30 October 2010 in SINGAPORE

    TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
    Standard – S$258, S$218, S$168, S$118, S$78
    VIP Box – S$258


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  9. AmazingCP says:
    David Foster and Friends AND our very own Asian Superstar Charice
    Singapore Sun Festival 2010

    Woot woot IM dancing now…. Singapore Chasters dont miss this show!!!

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  10. justcharrie says:
    We will see Charice again on Japan TV on August 12 on Fuji TV’s “Unbelievable”. Carl will also be shown on video, yipee!


    I think it’s the same show where Charice was first featured on Japan:


    Watch out!

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    • mooffin says:
      thanks for the heads-up! i always forget to look at her warner brothers japan page first when i’m searching for news lol.

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      • justcharrie says:
        My pleasure moofin. I think you’ve got another translation job next week, lol.

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        • mooffin says:
          yup but can’t wait…there’s so much to look forward to…it’s definitely an exciting time to be a chaster =)

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  11. maria says:
    can’t wait for oct 21!!!!! i’ll definitely be there!!! watch her V-day concert last feb along with other chasters (so lucky because i got a sponsored ticket from a chaster in spain; thanx CM team) and the experience was SUPERB!!! CHARICE is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!!

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  12. Portia says:
    I am so excited for Charice joining again the DF & Friends Concert Tour in Asia, I just could picture how people will receive them with “gaga”, I hope I can watch one of the venues mentioned in their tour.

    BTW, Charice is “IT”, she is already one of those big names in David Foster’s Presents “Love Again” CD, wow Sept. 15 will be the release date, I want to own a copy of it, just can’t wait, I love all the selections.

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  13. Salt & Pepper says:
    David Foster and Friends Concert Tour would be a sure hit in Asia – Not only legendary singers will grace the event but because of The New Voice Charice!”

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  14. EBJohns11 says:
    I had seen David Foster and Friends twice and i like to watch it again but but but thats Asia. No way i can go there . Good Luck Asian Chasters. Lucky you guys!

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  15. Maureen says:
    im going home on october because of this event. hope CM can fill me out with Mla details as soon as it confirmed please. i was wooing my bosses for a month now.. ;)

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  16. Uriel says:
    Chariceee when are you coming here in Sydneeeeey????!!!!

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  17. Hotwind says:
    I wish more countries could be added to the list, especially those that have yet to experience the magic of Charice, like Hong Kong, China, India, Taiwan, Malaysia. I hope they don’t have to wait too long.

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  18. odie052s says:
    Time permits, definitely I will watch this concert tour when it hit Manila to show my love and support not only for our Princess Charice but also for DF. Just can’t forget the the drama that unfolded when Charice delivered a very touching farewell remarks at the end of DF and Friends Ten Day City Tour in Vancouver, Canada. Don’t want to elaborate more on what had transpired during that said moment because even I only did watch it on videos, a Chaddict like me knew of the story. I feel envy for those people that personally witness this event but feel sorry for those who did not yet watched this even on videos because it is only one of the many great live performances of Charice. My friendly advice to the new Chaster, before watching the video, be sure to prepare a Chaster paraphernalia now available on all Charicemania outlets worldwide.

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  19. Jeremy Stone says:
    How soon can I purchase a ticket for the David Foster and Friends Manila concert? Where can I purchase the ticket? Arigato gozaimasu.

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  20. CutieSinger23 says:
    Nice nice :) can’t wait to watch them on OCTOBER 23!

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  21. adam says:
    Wow. Number 1 in Tokyo 100 charts. check this out http://www.j-wave.co.jp/original/tokiohot100/

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  22. ArrVee says:
    first, they experience her all by herself, with only her reputation preceding her (but what credentials!), and the stage devoid of any accompaniment, connecting with them with one of their own songs (albeit in English) through that sublime rendition of Crescent Moon.

    then with this DFF tour, they will see the context against which her talent is measured and the company she keeps, with the caliber of David and the other artists on this tour.

    with the seed of Crescent Moon planted in their hearts, her live performances of her other songs on this tour will be welcomed all the more, something that is critical in what they say is a difficult market to penetrate.

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  23. justcharrie says:
    I’m looking forward to this. For three years I’ve just been watching and listening to Charice in a monitor and now that she’s coming, no way I would let this pass!

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    • mooffin says:
      same here justcharrie =).

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    • Narita says:
      Yes justcharrie, I’ve been seeing you here for the last 3 years- you so deserve to get to watch this!

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    • Becky says:
      Enjoy, justcharrie. So happy for you.

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    • justcharrie says:
      Thanks guys! Hope to see you all…if you’re here in Japan. :)

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    • KV says:
      Go for it @justcharrie!

      Wish I could join you but I’ll be somewhere else in October!

      Too bad we were not able to connect this time. Going back to the US next week. One of my students came all the way from Fukuoka! I think I already told you that.

      Wish you the best,


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  24. Philip says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  25. jimfan155 says:
    Aside from Indonesia, Charice has already laid the foundation for this tour. Like DF has already said “….my career now rests in the hands of a 17 year old” (from 10-23-09 in MSG).

    Sure smells like a success to me.

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    • mooffin says:
      exactly. why do i get the feeling that the cities that DFF are touring are the ones that have shown amazing support for Charice and her album? it’s almost as if david foster looked at a map and said now, where is charice popular since she is our crowd-drawer lol!

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  26. ChrisJSS says:
    Did I read that right??? Charice is coming to Singapore??? WHEN??? WHEN??? WHEN???? Waaa I’m going nuts! This is fantastic! My GFs coming here on October for a vacation with me and this concert would be the perfect occasion to cap it off. YEAHH!!! Charice!!!!

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    • mooffin says:
      Yes, you read right =). Although no date was mentioned in the article for the Singapore gig.

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