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Bangkok Post Interviews Charice: Internet Made the Video Star

Bangkok Post Interviews Charice: Internet Made the Video Star

45 Responses to “Bangkok Post Interviews Charice: Internet Made the Video Star”

  1. jun says:

    @jD; Whats happening to me….I am experiencing the same….Im a certified CHASTER now…Ive been following cha’s performance way back Little Big Star until its eating more than 3/4 of my working hours in all related sites……Help!….Go CHasters!..go charice!

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    • LoloLando says:

      It’s time you go to your medic. I recommend MAX to give you the RX prescription to cure your malady. Shall I say call him at your own risk?? heheheheh. Or maybe JP…where his intoxicating prose will transform you in a state of suspended animation while you are being baked into cookies as in Soylent Green. Ngeeee

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  2. mdsjr says:

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  3. Cancarother says:
    I would also want to commend the article writers. They really did a very very good job in this interview. Kudos to Onsiri of Bangkok Post and Paula Ho of The Nation. I love you guys!!

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  4. Cancarother says:
    I can still remember that time more than 3 yrs ago when I was posting comments on Charice’s YouTube videos like asking “Is it just me”. Now I realized that what I felt about her person at those times, I thought before were unreal, happened to so many people around the globe. It is now what they called “chaddictive”. Once you get to listen to her renditions and followed it up with more, then you are hooked. I believed there is no one who can firmly say “i liked her before but not anymore”. Moreso than this is the URGE to follow every bit of her daily life. Every Chaster (Charice’s huge fanbase) I knew, wanted to know where she is at, what she is doing, where is her next performance kind of stuffs. This girl, now a lady, is undeniably a global wunderkind who amazes and mesmerizes anyone who happen to cross her path to superstardom.

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  5. gandalf says:
    I’m looking forward to seeking legal advice from Atty. Charice! With perhaps a bit of song – pro bono. hehe. Hope that would be many many years down the road though, coz I’m enjoying every scene of her life movie (agree with @tac114) unfolding before our very eyes. Can’t wait for the next act/scene – Glee! I’m betting she’s good for AT LEAST one Grammy. That’s for sure!

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  6. nequi says:
    Thai writers are better than most coming from Filipino writers. They’re more sensitive and considerate. They don’t sensationalize something just to make money out of it. Unfortunately it’s not the same where Charice comes from. They don’t stop until they could break her spirit. I don’t understand why some people hate her so much when all she has done is give pride to her country. It’s really so frustrating knowing that some of the haters come from her own people. I admire the talents of our artists in the Philippines. Its just that i don’t follow them as much as i do with Cha. But i don’t belittle them or bash them. Sometimes i wonder why couldn’t they be happy for what she has achieved cos we have enjoyed that too.

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    • Jessica86s says:
      @nequi, there have been dissertations and numerous articles with good referrences and research materials which, in sum, talk about the origins of that “CRAB Mentality”, so prevalent in countries who, unfortunately or fortunately, have gone through colonization under some other country (in the case of the Philippines, I believe there were three). And the only way to survive and relieve their agony was to adapt to a way that was acceptable and beneficial to the colonizers. This gave birth to that famous or should I say infamous, “Crab Mentality”. It is such a horrible concept that I would rather not expound any further. Just so you may know, but it is not hopeless and I believe the Filipinos in general are beginning to change. After centuries of this, it is unrealistic to expect an overnight change. But slowly, hopefully with more personalities of the likes of Charice in the lime light and attention of the media there, the change might be accellerated. I pray that the new leaders have similar attitudes and values like Charice. I admire Charice for standing fast in her beliefs inspite of the resistance and negativity thrown at her there. Maybe if all the Filipino chasters were more conscientious in adapting similar values as modeled by Charice, the Philippines would be a better place too.

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  7. SuperCoolCritic says:

    CHARICE NOT LUCKY – Try to bring tons of luck, go to Ellen, Oprah, David F., etc. and deliver these truck loads of luck along with your not-good-enough talent, then, you’ll be at the door step just waiting for all your lucks & realizing your dream remains a dream.

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    • justcharrie says:
      I believe your message is positive it was just misunderstood. Sorry but I’ve mistakenly click the TD and I couldn’t undo it.

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    • nequi says:

      @SuperCoolCritic…….i don’t understand what u r saying. Maybe next time u would make ur position clear. After all, that’s the purpose of communication – to get our message across. What’s the purpose of communicating if u don’t want to be understood?

      i wonder if ur the same SuperCoolCritic whose comments i’ve read in some blogs? U sound like not so fond of Charice in them. And even here i have yet to sense that fondness for Charice. I just can’t see very clearly what ur up to. What gives? I was supposed to click thumbs down for ur message but clicked the other one. But it’s really thumbs down for me because i don’t understand what ur saying.

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      • SuperCoolCritic says:
        nequi – I’m sorry to be misunderstood about my comment CHARICE NOT LUCKY. Let me explain a bit, Charice don’t need any single drop of luck… it’s all her TALENT & hardwork that brought her to where she is now…(Success is 99% perspiration).. I read alot people saying she is very lucky… no she’s not… I should have added…Charice not lucky but blessed…

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    • SuperCoolCritic says:
      CHARICE NOT LUCKY BUT BLESSED… I’m sorry to be misunderstood about my previous comment. Let me explain a bit, Charice don’t need any single drop of luck… it’s all her God-given TALENT & hardwork that brought her to where she is now…(Success is 99% perspiration).. I read a lot people saying she is very lucky… no she’s not…in fact a lot of her fellow countrymen trying to pull her down… however, she’s blessed…

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      • lee says:

        Hi Chasters! I am a newbie to this great site. I became a Charice fans just last month. It only took one song, Listen, which she delivered in the Kodak Theater to get me hooked with the voice behind the Voice. It’s good to know that I am not just the only one who keeps on watching her performance in YouTube over and over again. I am normal after all. And now I found this great site just yesterday.

        Back to the topic at hand: Charice is not lucky. Personally, I believe that there are at least three necessary ingredients for anyone to reach great heights and these are (1) Talent (2) World class work ethic (3) Favorable circumstances. No. 3 is mostly what people call luck. However, I would prefer to call this divine intervention or divine plan. If we try to look at Charice life, she got all of these in great abundance. Then you throw into the mix her humility, sincerity, the desire to give her best to her ever growing fans (like me), the ‘bubbliness’, and her faith in God, then what we got is a force of nature that no one can deny. If she can manange to keep all these cards up in her sleeve and even add some more, then we, her fans, will be in for a very long and memorable dance! After all, I think God gives her to us not just to serenade our spirit with her angelic voice, but also to uplift and inspire our spirit to conquer our own personal battles in life. More power to you Charice and to all Chasters out there!

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  8. CARA says:
    thank you Thailand for the warm welcome to charice,,,you know she can do both like marie osmond shes not only a famous singer but also makes collectible dolls ,so charice can be a singer/lawyer too.

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  9. john says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • henri_v says:
      you really believe its just luck where she is now? … or that she worked really hard to be where she is now? … hers is a God-given talent that she has learned to nurture properly, not by crossing her fingers (for luck) but by knowing in her heart that all these come from an infinite source other a flip of a coin… if all of what happens to her comes to an end, it would be by choice and not because she jinxed herself… sorry, just couldn’t help but voice out…

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    • justcharrie says:
      Oh john, she’s ready for everything. She’s ready if all of these ends soon but the thing is, her destiny for greatness is not ready to give her up.

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  10. Don says:
    Not many artist can say they have plans other than singing for the rest of their lives. Charice is very smart to think way ahead of it all. I am sure she will be around for a very long time, because things are going to get bigger and greater for her in the near future. Acting is going to be in her blood now, and I know she will want more of that in the future too. Grammy is in her future too.Plus singing with her idols is her dream to come. Don’ count her out just yet. She has a long, long time to go.

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  11. jn says:
    Just want to share with you all this new article from Thailand regarding Charice’s visit

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  12. jn says:
    Nice and impressive write-up from our Thai friends…Indeed very inspiring and accurate….Charice always says, singing is her life…I guess even though she spents time studying on line for 2 hours a day, it will take a long time for her to finish her academics then be a lawyer so lets “chill down”, we will all still be hearing Charice singing to all of us for a long time….(Heh!Heh!heh!) i applaud Charice conviction to be a lawyer one day, she definitely is planning her future ahead once the lights are down…(it cannot be denied that we aged and then our popularity slims down( She is just being realistic and practical….whatever you do Cha, keep it going….Good luck and God bless. I am so happy for your success…..

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  13. luvkcha09 says:
    Very nice article from Thailand. Charice has hindsight and foresight. She also has realistic expectations and is always preparing for bigger opportunities. We all can learn from her. In order to succeed one has to prepare oneself, and that is what Charice is doing, she is already preparing for her future life and has a plan B. I wish that is long into the future though because I want to hear Charice sing and perform for the next 25 years at least:) I love this girl! The biggest show in the planet right now is Charice, never a dull moment!

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  14. tinka_kuwait says:
    The writing is as crisp and evocative as reading a fine novel. Hats off to the 2 of you for a snappy write up about charice. I am a freelance writer too and inspired to create inspiring story for CHARICE as she touched a million lives on this planet. It’s weird,as i was addicted reading and following chrice update’s daily. I just confirmed : i am a fan of her too. LOL

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  15. Yobhtron says:
    The Bangkok Post article is one of the best write ups about Charice this year. I’m still at awe on the hospitality of the Thais. I tend to believe a comment of a Thai Chaster that “Thailand loves Charice more than her country”.

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  16. Princess Serena says:
    Charice is in the August 2010 issue ofReadear’s Digest. Will buyone tom.Hopefully there’s a copy alrady here in the Phils. yey!

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  17. tac114 says:
    I have never been this addicted to any celebrity before. I can relate to everyone who says they just can’t get enough of her. Her story, her voice and her personality is nothing short of inspiring. It’s like I’m watching a movie and I can’t wait to see what happens to her next. I just want her to succeed in everything she does. If she wants to be a lawyer I would still support her in her decision and wish her all the best. I think it’s a very smart move for her down the road but I really really hope that that road is still far far away because I still want to enjoy her voice and her performances and I think the rest of the world as well. Charice you are truly a gift. May you continue to shine and inspire the rest of humanity.

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    • jd says:
      I am a chaddict too. I hate Charice in a good way. haha! Before she eats half of my 8-hour job. And now, it’s almost 3/4 of my working hours. Lately , I have to render a few hours, everyday, of OT(Y) just to finish my paperworks. I really love this girl. The other day, my mum brought up the ‘B’ thing, and I came to Charice’s defense and explained my chaster mum the story behind it. Then she and my grandma said, “Si Charice na lang ang ligawan at pakasalan mo.”

      Btw, this is a good article.


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  18. Tofifiness says:
    I am SOOO IMPRESSED to the highest degree with the writers Onsiri Pravattiyagul and Paula Ho. The interview is sooo interesting and very very very informative. The entire article is like a breath of fresh air. They were able capture the essence of CHARICE and her voice and her life.

    This is the kind of article that our homeland Philippines should be writing about. Seems like Thailand loves Charice more than Philippines love her :/

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  19. ChrisJSS says:
    As an admirer of her talent and her story, I really can’t help but feel sad every time she says she doesn’t want to be an artist forever or something to that degree. I was over-filled with joy and aspirations when she said that she loves singing.. and that singing is her life. It was amazing to hear someone with that huge a talent utter those words of passion for her chosen craft. Her capabilities and story has lifted her up to be more than just a mere singer, but a source of inspiration. With her saying that she does not intend to last and be what she says she always wanted to be, makes me a little sad.

    Maybe she is just always overwhelmed by the media prying in to her life and maybe she is getting tired. But if it IS her destiny to be an icon in the music business, she will continue on. I still believe that she has the goods to reach icon status. I know she has the passion and the drive because she shows it, however it would be sweeter if she articulated it in words. When I heard Charice say “I love singing… Singing is my life…” it made me feel so inspired and I know it made a lot of people feel the same way too. But then she says I don’t want to be doing this forever. It kinda ruins my “awww…” moment.

    But, being a realist. She is correct in getting herself prepared for other things than singing.

    Whatever path you may choose, good luck to you Charice. And as long as you’re still holding and/or tossing that mic, I’ll prolly still be here with my eyes closed, a smile on my face and ears opened wide.

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  20. pinoyrock says:
    Charice is the real Truman Show. Every single day on hourly basis, people are waiting and watching in suspense what’s gonna happen next. Her life is a show watched by millions!

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  21. gunrunner says:
    lovely write up. congrats charice you always make us feel proud and happy keep soaring keep dreaming we are behind you. labyu labyu

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  22. tsuki says:
    Charice is like a reality show right before our own eyes that people keep guessing what happen next. Her dream of private life is still way beyond near future so let’s just enjoy what will happen at the end of this month & in August 2010.

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  23. tyramaid says:
    something have to be learned here.

    everybody knows that charice is a dreamer, so people tend to overlook that she’s also a realist. remember the business they put up 2years ago, because they said they are not sure how long she’s going to last in the show business. she’s smart, way too smart to a lot of people who missed to see that.

    reality check.
    among the current famous young singers, who do you think will sustain their popularity until old age? my bet is NONE.
    flashback 30 years ago, who among them are still around?
    to my knowledge, there’s only madonna.
    there are others who may be still around, but they became obscure to the current pop culture, even DF is not spared (but now he’s got charice).
    this is an illustration to jamie foster’s pronouncement that failure rate for singers is 99%.
    i believe so (but hope that charice is inside the 1% success rate), and i also believe that charice have this in mind, that is why this early on she’s already developing another career, a lasting one.
    she don’t intend to be an artist forever, because she knew her math.
    again, i applaud her, her mother, and her mentors for guiding her to the right path.

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  24. And this is a Charice write-up from The Nation, another famous English broadsheet in Thailand. It’s written by Paula Ho


    thank you… added above

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  25. May the Glee cast welcome you with open arms. The problem with BELO has nothing to do with your performances.

    I know you are a gritty one , I slight detour on your career course
    will not matter much.


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  26. johnlongbeach says:
    i kinda feel sad when she said that she does not want to be an artist forever at this early stage of her career…at one point, she also said singing is her life…i want her to be an artist forever…she’s born for that…i guess…

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Oh course her fans may be disappointed that she says she doesn’t want to be an artist forever, but I’m sure that when she earns her degree and even passing the bar exam to become a lawyer, she will always be an entertainer, whether that will become the sole focus in her life, we’ll just have to see.

      If I may indulge myself by playing amateur psychologist for a second, I’m sure that the “not be an artist my entire life” talk is simply to reassure herself that if for whatever reason her singing and entertaining career doesn’t continue to grow, that she will have something to fall back on.

      I’m not so sure it’s all that psychologically comfortable at any age to put all one’s eggs in one basket. Charice is probably still not completely believing that the whirlwind of the past two to three years is real. I’m sure that in the near future, once it becomes clear that she is here to stay and grow as an artist, the lawyer career can be put on hold. However, the entertainment business can be fickle and fame fleeting, so it’s smart of her to have a fall back plan if she feels her career is stalling or she gets to a point where it isn’t fun and enjoyable to her.

      I’m sure she will be successful in the entertainment business; how big, who knows, I’d like to say BIG, but one never knows. I can easily see Charice get into producing and developing and promoting Phil and other Asian artists, along with promoting and developing charitable organizations to give back to her community — a huge humanitarian as well as an artist.

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      • hermiemel says:
        Yes Starbuck245, I totally agree with you on your “psychological” profile on Charice creating a plan B to fall back on after her music career. I don’t think that she is thinking of going down on her career but I think this is very healthy and smart, and at 18 years old she already “figure out” things for herself. I can’t imagine many teenagers much less adults having a roadmap already plan for their life. Charice has the number one item to be succesfull in life: COURAGE.

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  27. Von Al says:
    Thank you, Thailand, for the warm welcome and support you gave to Charice. Thai audience are awesome people.

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  28. lmm says:
    It’s like reading an exciting novel that you cannot put down even for a moment.

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