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End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010

End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010

AUGUST 30 – FULL VIDEO SET LIST & BACKSTAGE PHOTOS NOW ADDED. CBS Radio Las Vegas’ 98.5 KLUC and 1140AM KYDZ Radio presents the End of Summer Block Party at the Henderson Pavilion featuring CHARICE and other performers. This end of the summer concert is for all ages and will feature Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush and will be hosted by Meaghan Martin from Disney’s “Camp Rock” movie and include other performances by H*Wood, The Stunners, The Fulco Family and Charice sponsored by Robert Wayne Footwear and City of Henderson (Nevada). 

Backstage with Charice

jb cat and charice 01 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010

backstage with charice 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010charice and her hot shoe 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010charice 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010jon james charice and jon q 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010jon moug with charice 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010lauren and spence with charice 75x75 End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010

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Playlist: I Love You, Pyramid, Party Dance mix, In This Song, Pyramid dance mix

Charice Philly flight End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010


L.A. Chaster Vegas Road-trip/Concert Report

written by LAfan
August 29, 2010 at 1:31 am

We, the L.A. Chasters thank everyone here for your patience in waiting for this report and the uploading of the concert videos. The good news is that there will be several EXCELLENT videos of the show coming very shortly.

This was a weekend that of us in the Chaster family in L.A. had been looking forward to since the Grammy Block Party just about a month ago. There is something special about Chasters that bind us together, where complete strangers can get together and feel like we’ve known each other for years, all bound by our love for Charice and all she represents.

Our group traveling to Vegas together consisted of younger singles to married couples with children, yet there was no wall or barriers hindering our conversations and fellowship for the 5 hour drive out to Vegas this morning. Charice’s CD was on the perpetual loop, and it was Charice karaoke throughout the entire drive out there, with sensational conversations about our special “Charice” moments shared between our Chaster family.

We finally arrived in Vegas around 3pm, and checked into our fabulous suite. We reached out to the Vegas Chasters, and all planned to meet at the show. After a quick pre-show meal, we arrived at the Henderson Pavilion just south of the Vegas strip, a fabulous outdoor concert venue with a tent covering the seating area. Much to our pleasant surprise, the weather had cooled down quite a bit by 7pm, and there was a very nice breeze blowing through the outdoor arena.

First impressions looking around the venue, there were A LOT of young teenage girls wearing red Big Time Rush t-shirts… yet, there also appeared to be a fair share of ‘older’ Asian fans scattered throughout the arena (no idea who they were there to see?)

To set the stage for our arrival, ChristineDL had not only prepared a fabulous six foot wide banner, with a beautiful picture of Charice with the message: “L.A. Chasters, We Labyo! At the Top Baby!”, but she also custom-made 8 amazing Charice T-shirts which we all wore into the arena. There were several groups of people who turned toward our group and gave a smiling endorsement, along with some who wanted to take pictures of our T-shirts and the banner.

The show kicked off at 7pm, and after two acts, I could tell that the crowd was definitely ready and willing to ‘party’ with Charice, as the mood in the crowd was festive. During the break after the 2nd act, I was sitting next to ChristineDL who looked up to the top level of the arena, and said that she really thought there was a ‘meet and greet’ going on with Charice! I looked up and saw a huge line of people waiting for someone/thing, which appeared simply like a line of people waiting for food.

I told ChristineDL not to waste her time going up to the top of the arena as there could be no possible way that Charice was doing a meet and greet up there without us knowing about it! Yet, something deep inside her Chaster heart kept urging ChristineDL to go up to verify whether Charice was up there, and she thought she had spotted someone holding up a red Charice CD standing in that line. I wished her luck and saw her jet off to the top of the arena to that mysterious line of people…

About 7 minutes later, Jazzy received a call on his cell phone from his wife who had accompanied ChristineDL on her trek for what I thought was a very long food line. To my utter and complete surprise, Jazzy’s wife had called to relay that Charice INDEED was up on the top level of the arena signing autographs and taking pictures with the fans! How could we not have known about this!!???

Jazzy, myself and the remaining L.A. Chasters abandoned our seats on the floor level, and raced up as fast as we could to where Charice was greeting the fans… and here is what transpired:

We got up there, and within seconds of our arrival, security had shut down the meet and greet and Charice had been escorted down to prepare for her set which was next. However, I came upon a frenzied ChristineDL who relayed the following story: She had gotten up there to find a HUGE line of fans waiting to see Charice, and knew that she would never get to the front of the line in time. So she waited next to Charice’s table, until the meet and greet was closed.

Then, only the video she took could do justice to what she actually did, but to describe the events in a nutshell, ChristineDL lost all sense of calm and composure and literally screamed at the top of her lungs for Charice to sign her custom-made T-shirt. At that time, the heavy duty Security team literally pushed ChristineDL away from Charice, but our fellow L.A. Chaster would not take a simple push from a security guard as a sign to back off and walk away from her moment.

ChristineDL literally pushed the security guards out of her way and made her way to Charice and in an ultra-excited state begged Charice to sign her T-shirt. And of course, needless to say, Charice being who she is, more than willingly complied with her request and signed her T-shirt! ChristineDL then told Charice to look out for our banner, and Charice acknowledged her with a smile and was then escorted away to the backstage area.

After experiencing the excitement of hearing ChristineDL’s story, we all rushed back to our floor seats which were in the 17th row center of the floor. Yet, we spotted some Vegas Chasters standing around the 5th row of the center floor, and so we decided to walk up to them to chat for a bit before Charice came on stage… then, we came to realize that security was not kicking anyone out of the standing area right in front of the stage, and so we just decided to ’stay’ down in the 5th row floor directly in front of the stage, and within moments of setting up our banner, the announcers said Charice was next, and we couldn’t have been any more excited!

During the long road trip out there, we had all speculated as to what songs she would sing… all of us were convinced that she would do a maximum of 3 songs, most likely Pyramid, Reset/I Love U Remix and Dance Medley. I really hoped Charice would start the set with the I Love You Remix, and to my joy, she did exactly that! Just as she came out on stage to the music (and she’s now seasoned enough to wait backstage before the music started), we proudly raised our 6 foot banner and welcomed Charice to the stage. Charice definitely saw our banner, and I could just sense that the show was gonna be one to remember.

After a high-tempo I Love You Remix, Charice thanked her Chasters for coming, and even gave a shout-out to the L.A. Chasters after seeing our banner!!! Without summarizing the songs in detail, as seeing the videos will give you all a sense of the environment, all I can say is that the environment in the entire arena was ELECTRIC. There was such a HIGH-ENERGY pervading throughout the arena, and I came to realize that these young, mostly Caucasian teenage girls were not just there to see Big Time Rush, but were actually SINGING ALONG to Charice’s songs!!! They were jumping up and down, dancing, and singing to Charice’s lyrics, particularly when Charice kicked into Pyramid. As you can see in the videos, Charice was having SO MUCH FUN during this performance that she invited a Chaster to come up on stage to sing Pyramid with her.

My fellow L.A. Chaster, UCLA_UST (Jay) screamed out his usual “UCLA love you” to Charice just before Charice sang Pyramid, and Charice looked at him as if to invite him up on stage… however, she also read a note that another female Chaster threw on stage, and then invited that Chaster up to sing with her. That Chaster was so stunned to be up there, but did a good job singing along, until Charice decided to take her own sunglasses off and actually put them on the female Chaster! What an amazing gift that she will treasure forever.

Charice seemed so overwhelmed by the love and energy that was filling the arena, that she seemed to have lost track of what her set-list was supposed to be! (It really felt for me like I was at a Charice SOLO concert!) Charice then sang the Dance Medley which got the crowd completely dancing and jumping, followed by another stirring rendition of In This Song. I couldn’t believe that she had already sung 4 songs by then… until she decided to sing one last song to end an amazing 5 song set with the Pyramid Remix! (I also think that she may have originally intended to sing only 3 songs, but due to the crowd response, literally forgot what her set-list was, and just added two more songs to the set!) Charice even had to take a much needed water break to clear her throat in between songs because she was having so much fun up there, and the crowd was just so amped up throughout her ENTIRE performance!

I hope the videos do justice to the unforgettable buzz in the arena during Charice’s performance, and it was clear that this younger generation of music listeners were already singing along to Charice’s songs, and I can’t even imagine what it will be like after the Glee premiere. And one last highlight were the UNBELIEVABLE dance moves that Charice kept displaying throughout her songs! One after another! MJ moves, her own signature moves, it really was a DANCE PARTY with Charice, and as much fun as she had on the stage, we couldn’t have had a better time watching our Princess blow everyone in the audience away with this power-performance!

After her set concluded, the security people made an announcement that the entire floor area in front of the stage had to be cleared of people or else they would cancel the remaining show! That was our signal to leave the arena and hope to catch Charice on her way out of the arena… unfortunately, as expected, she had to leave the arena right away for her flight for her NY show tomorrow, and after meeting up with some awesome Chasters from Utah(!) outside the arena, we concluded the evening with another fine meal reminiscing the truly unforgettable experience we had all shared together as a Chaster family!

And that is what I will conclude with here, that because of our Charice, we from all over the world are now part of the global Chaster family, and it’s such a beautiful symbol of how despite all the walls and barriers in our world, Charice has truly made these walls ‘come tumbling down’!

AND BREAKING NEWS CHASTERS!!! Charice will be having a David Foster and Friends Concert on October 15, IN LAS VEGAS!!! Can another L.A. Chaster road-trip await in the not too distant future?! Enjoy the videos Chasters! It was an AN-BEE-LEE-BA-BLLLEEE show!!!

98.5 KLUC Presents End of Summer Block Party

Las Vegas Chasters, spread the word. Here’s your chance to fill Henderson Pavilion and show your support for our princess.


Charice Vegas poster End of Summer Block Party, August 28th, 2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 6:00 p.m.

Gates open at 5 p.m.

Tickets are $19.85 plus fees.

Source:   98.5KLUC – Purchase tickets here

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    GLEE SEASON 2: Charice & Lea Michelle to perform Lady GaGa’s “Telephone” this Season!

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