Charice: Asia Tour – Thailand, July 22-23, 2010

Charice: Asia Tour – Thailand, July 22-23, 2010

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  1. zayeeda says:

    Link to Charice’s Pyramid performance at WoodyTalk show.

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  2. zayeeda says:

    This is the link to the rehearsal of Charice & Woody on their endless love duet.

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  3. jimfan155 says:
    Don’t know if it was scripted or improvisation (I believe Charice is great at that) but it was just fun. Besides Woody looks like a young Jerry Lewis, and sings as good as him.

    No foul, especially with Mommy Raquel in the wings.

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  4. Portia says:
    I just had fun watching the Charice/Woody Endless Love duet, it is so funny and their camaraderie is so good so with the format of the interview.

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  5. mj says:
    woody was so amazed with charice like everybody else… i can tell that she is so proud of charice and the pride she gave to all Asians.

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  6. SuperCoolCritic says:
    “Woody’s gone crazy with Charice” I would not be surprised… Chasters has gone crazy already … otherwise you’re not but Crabsters.

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  7. mdsjr says:
    Lifted fron I’m Not Most People: Thailand Album sales of Charice

    “Last 30 July, I spoke with one executive from Warner Music Thailand as to how many CD copies were sold alone on-site during Charice’s concert at Siam Discovery last 23 July: 200+ copies!!! Of course, that doesn’t include those people who bought from other shops or record stores on that day. When asked for the overall album sales, they already sold 4,000+ copies! Not bad for an Asian artist who’s making a debut in the international arena.”

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  8. AmazingCP says:
    Sorry admin.. Here clearer video WoodyTalk – Charice Pempengco 1.8.10 2/5 .. Thanks

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  9. AmazingCP says:

    And this one too…..Charice sung happy birthday during her interview with Woody..

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  10. AmazingCP says:

    Are we missing something?? First time I’ve seen this video Note to God Charice on The Woody Talk Show, Thailand Part 4/9

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  11. arniefan says:
    This was absolutely fab entertainment. Charice and Woody had my rapt attention throughout. Right from the start with her great “look” to that very entertaining duet. Throw in Charice’s great singing where she’s always doing something different with each song (her own and the covers), keeping them fresh and renewed; nothing oldhat here. I want a new CD with this stuff including the material in the most recent events. That interview went pretty darn smooth, too, and definitely set a new expectation. Now I can’t wait to see what Charice has in store for us in Glee. Maybe I can even retain her as my lawyer – me first!!!

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  12. CharisseToo says:
    Dunno if anyone posted this link before but Charice’ website in Thailand is like Charicemania’s sister site. No wonder the Thai fans were kept very well-informed of Charice’ events and latest videos. Thai Chasters are growing in numbers everyday. It is a well-maintained site and I have seen interesting photos of Charice that I haven’t seen before. Just like Charicemania, you can really tell it is empowered by the loooove of true diehard Chasters. Check out the site…they also have updates of how her CD is doing in thailand.

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  13. pardzleo says:
    woody’s attempt to hold charice in the hips stirred quite a backlash to some of the chasters (and for me it’s scripted)…LOL…what more if charice will be kissed in one of the episodes of glee? or in her next mtv?..a riot would entail..LOL..LOL..Come on guys, accept the truth, she is growing a pretty young lady and with a talent like that, people whom she will meet for the future will be smitten…like the chasters…so cool down guys, charice personality and conduct emit respect and dignity…she is not a slut…

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    • webmarketer says:
      Yup. And I don’t understand what the big deal is. Much ado about “Woody’s doodoo.” Just watch the vid and accept it for what it is.

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  14. webmarketer says:

    Woody got what he wanted–start at 4:17. No biggie. But it was the same move he failed to get when Charice rebuffed him the first time. The second time around, he hit paydirt.

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  15. Princess Serena says:
    Pyramid at No.19 in Malaysia’s:

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  16. neznez says:

    okay that Woody is all over Charice, someone to batuk him..

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  17. chit says:
    I believe that the host was star-struck and in awe of Charice’s achievement. Regarding the duet, the moves were for effect and not anything offensive. Charice conducts herself with so much dignity that nobody would even dare start any nonsense toward her. And Charice showed him what she’s made of- real talent and powerful voice. She never went off-key, something I can’t say about the guy. On the whole, it was great exposure for Charice.

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  18. CharisseToo says:
    Calm dowm guys, especially those who think Charice was disrespected by Woody etc, etc… They were just fooling around and it’s probably kind of “effect” they wanted to achieve for a love song, whatever… but it is by no means sexual harrassment – with a full orchastra behind them and cameras infront with millions of viewers later on to witness. If you check this video of their rehearsal, Charice had her arms around Woody and it is what it is – just a performance of a love song. Let’s not ruin it. I thought this was a very light and fun performance unlike anything we have ever seen before. Charice was enjoying herself too because Woody is such a good host and he made he very comfortable.


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  19. aMontrealfan says:
    The support to Charice by her Thai fans was GREAT!! The crowd was the largest ever seen in Asia – as a Charice fan myself it was a pleasure to see, I’m grateful to all Thai Fans. The interview by Woody, to my opinion, was conducted professionally, it was good. The duet (My Endless Love) after the interview would have been satisfactory if that single event (1:08/5:16 of video) did not happen. Charice defended herself from what she believe is an inappropriate move, and she defended herself instinctively. It could have ended to a more embarrassing (unethical scene) situation to both if Charice did not stop it, imagine millions of people viewing the video

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  20. Ate Lina says:
    HELLO CHASTERS! Let’s all accept it that our lil’ princess is now a Lady with a killer legs. haha. That’s a plus for her personality being in the show biz. I so love Charice & Woody’s duet of Endless Love. For me it has some “KILIG” factor on it.LOL Woody looks like Luis Manzano in a way. Their performance is very entertaining, hilarious but with some cute way expressing of LOVE.

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