Charice in Korean News: From Girl-next-door to Diva

Charice in Korean News: From Girl-next-door to Diva

The world has seen numerous rising stars through various reality shows and competitions on the small screen, but Charice may be the face, or voice, to remember.

When Korea first got a glimpse of the girl with the big voice on local talent show “Star Kingai??i??ai??i?? in 2007, Charice looked like any other 15-year-old, bashfully smiling to the audience and cameras, dressed in pink from head to toe.

But now, with her first studio album “Charice,ai??i??ai??i?? out, after performing with big stars including Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli, appearing on top shows like “Oprahai??i??ai??i?? and “Ellen,ai??i??ai??i?? she has gained much more confidence and it seems she is ready to finally surprise the world with her signature music and charm.

The 18-year-old Filipina was playing some tunes on a piano program on her laptop when The Korea Times arrived for an interview at Warner Music Korea in Samseong-dong, southern Seoul.
“It feels great to be back,ai??i??ai??i?? she said, smiling, dressed in a sophisticated silver and black outfit with dark smoky eye-makeup.

Her new album was produced by the famed David Foster and, like Charice herself, is full of melody and color, perfect for music lovers around the world who are in desperate need of a young, hip soon-to-be diva.

“(`Chariceai??i??) is my first pop album. (We) made sure each song had different emotions. Some are heartbreaking, while others are very inspirational,ai??i??ai??i?? the singer said.

The top track “Pyramidai??i??ai??i?? is a contemporary pop number, where Charice really Seroquel 100 mg cost shows she has the style of a funky teenager yet the vocals of a true diva. Other tracks also shine throughout the album, including the powerful “In This Song,ai??i??ai??i?? the slower “Nobodyai??i??s Singing to Meai??i??ai??i?? and the upbeat number “ Her album definitely sticks out from the electronic and fast-beat numbers infatuating the eyes and ears of audiences nowadays, and after listening to her tracks, it will take no time to turn on your computer and search for more clips of her performing live.Charice started singing when she was four and was eventually led to the stage for competitions as she turned seven. Living with a single mom was never easy financially, and her winning contests helped a great deal.

“My mom was a vocal coach when I was young. She found me singing on a table and realized I could sing,ai??i??ai??i?? she said, adding that it was nice to help out and furnish their house.

Her big break came when she was invited by Oprah onto her show, and after some emotional performances and tearful life stories, Charice was given the chance to finally meet and work with some of the worldai??i??s best artists, including Celine Dion.

Fans can still watch the young yet fierce Charice performing with Dion during a concert on YouTube, with the crowd shouting and clapping and the Canadian diva watching her every move with such pride.

“I am really blessed. I canai??i??t believe it. (Meeting) Celine Dion was a special experience. Aside from the talent, she really is a true person and so special. I was so inspired,ai??i??ai??i?? she said.

Releasing a full studio album may be the start of a musical career, but Charice is not thinking of stopping there.

“I love (Korean actress) Song Hye-kyo. I want to be an actress too,ai??i??ai??i?? Charice said excitedly and it seems fans will next see her, not in front of the microphone, but on the popular musical comedy-drama “

She may be young, but Charice has started a very promising journey with vast support from fellow singers, producers, friends and family. But it would not be surprising that one of her closest friends is music.

“Everyday is now a big day for me. There is a lot of pressure and Iai??i??m busy, but still, itai??i??s fun. Itai??i??s always the beginning (for me.) Iai??i??m always thinking Iai??i??m

“I canai??i??t live without singing. It always feels great,ai??i??ai??i?? she said, smiling.

Tune in to track number three “In This Songai??i??ai??i?? with lyrics that go “Just sing this song and it takes me right back where I belong. Everyday thereai??i??s a new bridge to cross but Iai??i??m never far from home. If I put my heart, my soul, my all in this song,ai??i??ai??i?? and youai??i??ll get the idea.

By Han Sang-hee
Staff reporter

Source link: Korea Times

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  1. johnw says:

    Charice “Bashful” on StarKing1?? The girl owned the stage and the audience —”The stage was too small for her” gushed one member of the judges panel.

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  2. anitadcruz says:
    it’s always interesting to read news articles about charice.1st time i saw her fr a fwded viral ems her perf on starking oct or nov.2007 & it was amazing i kept on watching tha video.then saw on ELLEN DEGENERES tv show she was talking about that singer in the phils name charice pempengco & wanted her in her show & if anybody who knows her plz call her show &wanted her to sit right there in her show.ellen finally said they got hold of charice & will be in her prog.dec.2007 & i made sure i will be tuned in & not go anywhere that date.there came charice kinda dancing approaching ellen’s seats & little bit of interviews like how her mom taught her to sing when she was 4y/o etc & there performed sang that killer fave song of whitney’s-rendered so great gives u an electrifying goosebumps. i usually dont get goosebumps to someone singing. i get goosebumps when i go to midnight mass & hear those xmas songs being sang by the church choirs. this time 1 person name charice gave me goosebumps. then saw her at OPRAH’s,& again w/ celene, & again when she launched her “A NOTE TO GOD” This isthe song that emits more goosebumps to everybody,cha was in tears while singing it that emotions in her face u can sense,the same reactions emotions of the audience and viewers. i went to best buy electronic stores to order that cd but not avail,coz i dont have ipod (my daugh and son have but they listen to diff music-hehe) i like the cd i can play in my car or home stereo.but able to order the album “my inspiration” . thats all i knew about charice. never heard again. till i finally connected to TFC mid aug.2009, been watching ASAP & SOP that time, saw all those fil singers-thats all, watched kris aquino snn/the buzz my fave,teleserye tayong dalawa kim chiu; katorse erich/enchong ; stairway to heaven dingdongD/rhian ramos.i havent seen charice mid aug,sept,oct 2009 when i have my TFC.til i saw her guested in ASAP nov.29,2009 and wow she was approaching near the audience fr thebackstage she looks beautiful w/ that black short dress that fit her well she looks nice on it,and the song i really dont know,but i fell in love w/ her voice in that song,and i cant get enough of it,wanted to hear more of that song,she just captured me unexpectedly or unprepared, i login to chat to my niece in the phils and asked her how i can access to charice-guesting on asap and that she sang that song so beautifully i cant get it off my mind. she taught me how to do you tube, i told her im scared to go YT coz lots of hackers nowadays,& said thats the only way to ck her & i chatted w/ my friend in kuwait and asked her about that song w/song lyrics as bagwis, pangarap, and she found the title,”LIPAD NG PANGARAP” this song haunted my and i started learning how to go you tube and started watching charice w/ obssession. i have to ck all archives of any newspapers/magazines in the phil to know more about charice that i didnt know for all those years since i last saw her on Oprah.same newspaper here in u.s.a. new york post/nytimes when she dueted w/ celene was a great articles. the same obssession fr. nov.29,2009 to present july 27,2010 remain unchanged-more anxious to learn how’s she’s doing what’s up,what she twits and what she eats. its so awesome to know even she twitted she’s starving,time to eat,paksiw,tilapia whoa!and we on the CM chatted on that twitts,its awesome to discuss what she twitts. she twits a single word, the CM chabox busy chatting on that food, hehehe. thats how as me a chaster now, always excited to be one of the chasters.go to and ck the UNO chatbox and u will learn more updates on charice.that day when charice in Thailand that CM almost crashed from users all excited to see cha in thailand and Thais welcomed cha so well w/ about 15 thousand audience? that beat the crowds in toronto and philippines.and the most awaited cha’s performance was this taped recorded on july 12th star king tv game show and be shown july 24,2010 and wow, i think chasters on the CM chatrm didnt sleep waiting for the time the star king will show this tape-live-stream? the 3rd time cha visit this star king the show that gave a breakthrough for charice to be known/noticed in other countries-specially on ELLEN, and the most who was taken on cha’s performance on this star king is none other than the most powerful woman in the world-the mogul of tv show “OPRAH”.so charice was called to perform on her show,may 2008? Oprah so fascinated on cha’s performance,that she wanted to really squeeze cha after she sang,keeps on hugging cha after that perf in tears too,like a daughter w/pride when u know ur daughter has that talent u really wanted to keep on hugging/squeezing ur daughter?thats what O i can sensed felt.just as what cha kept on telling on some interviews that when they were already on the plane almost ready to lift off,2 airport security wanted them to the office-and was interrogated how they were related to O and why O wanted them? and in wonder why themselves (cha w/ momR) so the staffer took them back to Harpo Prod. O’s office and in there– the fairytales begun!! the life of charice changed and so does the life of her mom and bro carl. as we all can witness whats happening now as of present time july 27,2010. there will be more who will know charice as time goes by. love that little girl w/ a great big voice!! i’m or we’re proud of her so much we love to squeeze!!

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      thanks for sharing your story. you are not the only one LOL, a lot of chasters can say the same. welcome to chariceland, never a dull moment!

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  3. cool_babe says:
    cant wait to see korean show…with charice….

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  4. WebScribes says:
    A great article by Han Sang-hee of the Korea Times. I’m sure this Saturday’s airing of StarKing featuring Charice will again set a new record for that very popular show.
    You can see from the short “spy” video how happy they are to have Charice and make “Pyramid signs” for her!
    Every stop on Charice’s Asia promo tour has shown Chadiction is indeed a pandemic :-)

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  5. CHING says:’s all publicity !! Good Job Charice groups !! welcome to HOLLYWOOD !!

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  6. jen says:
    OZ is.. Australia if I’m not mistaken

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  7. webmarketer says:
    In case you haven’t seen this vid yet. It’s a fancam snippet of Charice’s July 2010 Star King guesting…

    播客100712 Charice on Star King – fancam

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  8. tsuki says:
    I’m really excited to see her Starking comeback video. Anyways, thank you very much for the latest update of Charice in Korea.

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  9. JusChaFever says:
    Even though everyone hates me. I am happy you have choosen to feature the article I have send you. Approve this message or not its fine I am still here. Supporting Charice and Charicemania. Go Cha!

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    • schoen says:

      JustChaFever, why do you feel that everyone´s hating you? We are getting so many news and reports that we don´t mention them anymore so as not to offend anyone. Sometimes we don´t know anymore who found what article. The news are not exclusively submitted by a single person and believe it or not, our team is doing research too usingl Charice´s foreign names and chasters are luckily everywhere around the world. Peace.

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  10. denb3ar says:
    “Just sing this song and it takes me right back where I belong. Everyday there’s a new bridge to cross but I’m never far from home. If I put my heart, my soul, my all in this song.”
    Thank you for your music. For being our voice on international scene. If you feel proud performing in front of international audiences, we feel prouder!

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  11. elsa from spain says:
    Thanks Schoen for posting an update from Korea. The Koreans love Charice and she felt coming home to where she had her 1st journey out of the Philippines…more journeys still waiting for our dear Princess and more postings and updates from Charicemania great and loyal Chasters team…thanks a lot!!!!…soon I will be moving from Spain to Oz and hopefully I can see Charice in Oz…so i will be using my Youtube username as elg021407.

    Chao and good health to all here and to Charice as always.

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