Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

Featuring  Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

July 22 UPDATE “Head Start/Karen Davila Interview w/ English Subtitles Added
Since Charice is featured in TV shows left and right in Manila, Philippines again as part of her Asian Tour visit, we bring you the video translations courtesy of CTV Crew as Part 2 in series. She is featured in different shows. Yes, Chariceai??i??s fame is truly unstoppableai??i?? Enjoy the videos.

Five–part Interview playlist with English subtitles – Charice sits down with Karen Davila to give some very candid answers to questions from Twitter. You’re gonna love this interview!

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Charice – TV Patrol 07/16/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by CTV Crew

Charice – Showbiz News Now (SNN) 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by CTV Crew


Charice at Mega World Press Conference — PEP.ph 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

http://blog.gettydealers.org/2018/02/14/order-diabecon-side/ Video Uploaded by CTV Crew

Charice – TV Patrol Proud to be Filipino, Glee 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by Tmgtworld

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83 Responses to “Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2”

  1. jd says:
    i’m back. one of those silent chasters. haha. all about charice yesterday from 9am-2pm. that’s two hours left for work. haha. boss will kill me. don’t worry about this botox issue, whether true or just a rumor, as long as there is no significant health risks, as long as she doesn’t get obsessed with cosmetic surgey, then we should be fine with it (i am perfectly okay with it, just my opinion). If I have the monies, i will get rid some visible lines on my face. haha. or undergo derma procedures for better skin quality. I really haven’t done my research on this botox done to her. It’s just an aesthetic/cosmetic procedure. If it’s similar to TMJ (i have a TMJ problem, btw), then it’s also similar lo lasik surgery, or (ortho) dental procedures, or having hair implants, which are corrective and preventive measures for the worst-case scenarios.

    I just hope she won’t go for a lipo. she should do it the natural way.

    but then, haters and crabs will sure feast on this news.

    Charice, for me, is already very pretty and sexy. The usual and basic pampering will do such as derma/facial or non surgical procedures.

    Charice, i am so happy for you and i will support you all the way. Just stay as level-headed as you are…

    Sorry for the spam.

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  2. lmm says:
    When you are talked about in Hollywood that fast you really made it! Hollywood will not bother to print a single line just because there was that rumor and even coming from outside the US. Cha is on the radar, Guys, 24 hrs a day 7 days a week. This issue is an accurate gauge. Chasters, you are in for long long adventure! That’s the greater phenomenon the Phenomenal Charice has brought to life.

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  3. idolming says:
    UPDATE: Charice’s rep tells Us Weekly that Charice did not get Botox, but instead underwent a procedure “to relieve a jaw problem similar to TMJ.” from:http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/07/19/glee-charice-got-botox-lea-michele-mark-salling-cory-monteith/…I hope this will help us to calm down!

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  4. TOPGUN says:
    Summer is busy for everyone including Charice and it is difficult (but satisfying) to keep abreast with all the things that is going on with her. Charice is working very, very hard to keep up with her schedules to reach the top.

    Let us not lose sight of the goal by getting sidelined with this botox issue. This is entertainment….this is the material world…this is Hollywood. There is a price to pay. To dream is free but, to reach that dream…sacrifices are to be made. I do not say these loosely so let me elucidate. But in the interim, no cause to worry, this is not life threatening nor will it affect her for life, her voice or her character.

    Let me begin by saying that, many a times, Charice has been hounded by her detractors because of the “look” thing since the beginning and Charice just smiled….sometmes cried and suffered (who wouldn’t if you were a growing teenage girl?)…and yet pursued doggedly her quest for a dream to better her lot and her family in this sometimes unkind and uncaring world armed only with her talent to sing/perform and her strong and determined character.

    Now, Charice is facing yet another of the many crossroads in her young life….. preparing for the upcoming encounter with the second season of GLEE in the fall. In my opinion, Charice views this as a big “exposure or revelation” of the “Filipino” exchange student role she is going to portray. Charice wants a good “visual representation” of her Filipino origin in the world stage/media. Charice has always put it upon herself to portray the better nature of her people to the world although she SHOULD NOT HAVE because it is her dream. Nevertheless, Charice in her dream quest, carries the hope and wish to also uplift the common Filipino pride notwithstanding that, the worst, fastidious, malicious and unfounded criticisms she received are from her own people.
    And if you say that, it may also be that Charice wants to “look pretty”……who wouldn’t if you were a young lady of 18? (Although in my book, Charice is already very pretty) And now, some people want to “crucify” her?

    By now, I believe that Charice knows that, life is like war. You wake up in the morning and it is already a struggle to do all your morning chores, get to the place(s) you are supposed to be and do the things you are supposed to do. I am sure Charice has a multitude of things on her plate considering she is only eighteen and the pressure, responsibilities and duties she has to accomplish with people and events sometimes not even cooperating with her plans. So be it…. things are decided and done. And I say unequivocally, I stand by Charice and her team on this matter. And in this war of life……I say, no fear, no surrender……
    Go CHARICE !

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  5. Teepee says:
    Well…Well….Well….If there’s any doubt that Charice made it in the entertainment mainstream here in the US and probably around the world already, just read the entertainment news segment at yahoo as well as the showbiz minutes. Everything is there.

    I refrained from making any comment regarding this hulabaloo because:
    - she’s 18 years old.
    - she’s smart/intelligent thus, know what she’s doing and
    - she has experienced advisers, manager, publisher and a loving mother whose paramount concern is her well-being.
    - she has a right to do what she wants in her personal life without intrusion from her fans no matter how well meaning we all are.

    But to be very honest, I was alarmed when I read and realized that mainstream media pick it up here in the US. The tone of the news is negative considering she’s only 18 and if her handlers are trying to portray her as a wholesome teenager (simple and natural) for the kids around the world to emulate, having a botox at 18 cannot be a very good example for them. while it is probably a case of “too much ado about nothing”, we should all remember that the media will always go for sensationalism and will therefore make a mountain out of a molehill to sell. Let’s all be careful and wary Chasters. As Charice stated, she’s only , really just starting…. for this kind of publicity.

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  6. jake2charice says:

    i mean..that fast?

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  7. jake2charice says:
    OMG!guys check this out…news and rumors about charice “botox”issue has reached on hollywood newsite…http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2010/07/19/glee-charice-got-botox-lea-michele-mark-salling-cory-monteith/

    you comment on this…

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  8. gunrunner says:
    if something went wrong to my princess, i will unleash my entire arsenal to obliterate those @#$%^&*%$&*(&%$## responsible. charice you are beautiful and charming. dont mind your detractors. the procedure might affect the muscle around your jaw and neck and im having nightmares that you might lose your voice OMG can somebody stop thislunacy. lets accept the gods creation lock stock and barrel dont mess with his gifts

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    • romeo says:
      I second the motion they should remember what happen to another popular Filipina singer, Nora Aunor, whose vocal chord was affected because of beauty enchancement. But let’s all pray that nothing that bad happen to our idol Charice.

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  9. ckalehb says:
    I WILL ALWAYS LOVE HER … whatever her decisions or choices will be. good or bad… happy or sad… my LOVE for her is like a PYRAMID, it will never fade. will stand the test of time and obstacles… HURRICANES can’t break it.

    it’s simple. ENHANCEMENTS is not a problem (for me) and it’s good to look better. but NOT TOO MUCH and done in a nice, safe way. what is ENHANCEMENT of the face if it does NOT enhance but makes it look awful/horrible?

    if you peeps/chasters will fade because of this BOTOX thing… then good luck to you guys… you’re LOVE is not unconditional for Charice then. NOT eternal. just like a sand castle. look so good at the start and good times, but breaks when strong wind blows.


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    • neznez says:
      @ckalehb I agree with you 100 percent…she probably have just “facial cleanse” to Dr Belo who I heard has amazing cleansing products and etc. Everybody already jump to conclusion that she has already have “botox”. Still things never change on the old country and that is jumping to wrong conclusion and spread them like fire. Why is it everytime Charice go back to Philippines there is always big drama…

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  10. aaalo says:
    what is the big deal,don’t you know Celine Dion had cosmetic surgery when she came to Hollywood(read her bio or check wikipedia)the person help her is no one other than David Foster stop being hysterical.

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  11. eva says:

    charice, im not happy coz of this botox issues. i know its not my bussiness, look what happened to michael jackson. his always worried the way he looks and see the result. all of your fans are happy the way look, so please think 100 % before you do something. your still too young for all this cosmetic surgery. GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS.

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    • legendcha says:
      Sorry, but what’s all about this botox thing and did it come straight from her? Did she tweet about it? If not, I don’t buy anything I read about this tabloid stuff until I hear straight from her.

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      • Portia says:
        @legendcha, I agree with you, I won’t believe anything that is said about that botox issue in the tabloid, I would love to hear it from Charice or Mommy Racquel.

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    • chafvl says:


      What about this video? I cannot understand the words they are saying. I couldn’t believe the news either, but now i saw this video…

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  12. efryll says:
    geezz… i think we should stay cool and don’t make any judgement until everything is all clear regarding all these plastic surgery issue… i mean entertainment industry is like that, when your famous, a lot of issues will be thrown at your direction, whether it’s true or not, good or bad… it doesn’t matter… as long as it’s news media will definitely go for it… and Charice is a very famous personality so we should expect a lot stuff like this… and besides… rumors are just rumors until it’s proven, right? and would you cease being her fan if all these rumors are true?
    and as for her talent fee… she deserves every single penny she’s earning… it’s not like she’s earning that kind of money without doing anything… i mean she’s working very hard for it… why don’t we just be happy for her… anyways… go Charice… don’t mind all the issues and keep on striving for success… always remember we’re just right here to support you.. go break a leg in GLEE…

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    • starbuck245 says:
      efryll, good points, but has anyone here expressed any jealousy about a 100k talent fee? I don’t go out of my way to read every single post or article, but I haven’t seen anyone saying she doesn’t deserve whatever fee her manager is asking. Maybe people are unnecessarily too defensive for Charice. It’s none of our business and she doesn’t need to tell anyone. If unhappy promoters want to talk about, that’s there business. I don’t think anyone would begrudge her whatever fee people are willing to pay her. 100k isn’t even that much these days for top in demand talent.

      Beyonce is reported to have earned 87M USD last year, so 100k pales in comparison. Not that Charice is in Beyonce’s league just yet, but I’m just saying, 100k these days really isn’t that much money. Also, don’t forget it’s a business — everyone around her, including Warner the corporation, is getting a piece of the pie after expenses

      I hope and would expect that she and her team made a bunch of money at the private shows in Macau. I also trust that for now at least, Charice isn’t burdened with worrying too much about finances. I truly hope and trust that her mom and team, including David Foster and Oprah are making sure no one takes advantage of her.

      100k talent fee? Come on, it’s a lot of money, but it’s all relative – in the entertainment big leagues, it’s big business and 100k isn’t really that much.

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      • efryll says:
        hi… yeah i agree, compared to other int’l artists, a US$100k talent fee is pretty low… and yeah she deserves more… and no i’m not being defensive about it (did i sound defensive?)… all i’m saying is that they should not really make a big deal about it because whether it’s US$100k or US$100m, she deserve’s every single penny she earned.

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        • Aloha Chasters, when Charice first started to perform in the Chartiable events with David Foster her fee was rumored to be $30,000 to $40,000 per song. Since she usually sang an average of 3 songs per questing, that’s works out be about $90,000 per event. It seemed to be reasonable for those high priced events attended by Millionaires. I was not surprised by the %100,000 figure on the high end. I am sure that her fee should be higher because of her increasing draw at events. Notice that her unavailability for the Singapore Faith guesting caused them to postpone the event. I expect that the fee varies according to the expected venue. I always suspected that her Philippine fees were “very reasonable”.

          Now my take on her cosmetic procedure is that at 18 she is considered an adult and the decision is strictly hers. I will support her decisions. I can see why it may be a major concern for her and her family. Her detractors always referred to her face being “siapao” or “moon” shaped. It can be easily seen that it is a family trait. Her face is wider now then when she was in LBS. All faces become longer and wider as we age. The way Charice handles detractors is to say “thankyou po” and go on do prove them wrong. This is the one thing that she can’t rise above using only her talents.

          Charice deserves what she gets because of her hard work. Her noninvasive cosmetic procedure is not permanent. The thermage just tones and tightens the skin commonly around the neck area. The botox is usually used to reduce creases from smile and frown lines by paralyzing the facial muscles.

          Chasters just chill, it is just temporary. We all said that it is how she sings that matters not how she looks like.

          Aloha Chasters and Mahalo for supporting Charice!

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  13. champ1990 says:
    If ever this rumor is true, from my perception, this was a result of the pressure we’ve put on Charice when we clamor for her to be on Glee! I hope Charice will read the messages we’ve written to her. That she doesn’t have to change, and we don’t want her to change. We accept her for whatever her looks is. She’s already beautiful for us and her voice had us captivated to her. We don’t want anything to happen with her talent whenever she undergoes this kind of tretment. And I hope this will be the last time she’s gonna do that and I pray really hard (and I hope all Chasters will join me as well) that she’ll never cross the path that other artists did when they had gone surgery to fix their nose, their eyes, their bones, and their colors. These treatments made them go nuts and insecure. You probably know who they are, and you definitely know how insanely they behaved. I’m not a phsycologist, but from my observation, those artists were under the pressure of criticisms from their fans, media, other artists and much more from crabs! I just want to relay to Charice, that we love you. Sorry for the pressure we’ve been putting on you. We don’t expect anything from you, just be your beatiful natural self. If you make mistake we’ll forgive you and will continue to support you. Just don’t change anything with yourself. We’ve known you like that, and we don’t want you to change. Please do not feel pressured. Your simple self is what makes us happy and inspired. You have the voice that other artists are envious of. You have the character we love the most! You have the gift from G, and you shared it to us and we give back our and loyalty. You have the most talented fans in the world, us Chasters! Please don’t change, we won’t as well.

    Let G guide you and make you blossom beatifully and naturally.

    I’ve said my piece, can we now move on and drop this subject?

    Labyo labyo! woot woot! Y peace!

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  14. luvkcha09 says:
    Dah why make an issue of her talent fee? She is worth more than that. Sports stars get paid tens of millions why not Charice? And that’s not the reporter’s business either making an issue out of her income. It’s between her and the tax department only okey?

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  15. Cizcan says:
    BOTOX on Charice??? LOL!!!This is the biggest BS news I have ever read. As usual-LIES. There is no reason to believe she wants any artificial enhancement. That’s out of the question. Don’t believe in any thing that these news-gossipy papers or blogs print nowadays!!!

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  16. jessieRN says:
    charice shouldn’t sign a contract from any of these TV NETWORKS..why? becuase they will just use her. These 2 networks will try to put their home grown artist to charice…She should focus more on her international career..i hope charice can read this one…

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  17. ebjohns11 says:
    lots of videos to watch. tnx!

    yea i agree with everybody, she is very pretty without botox, hope the botox issue is wrong.

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    • karovde says:
      Apparently, the rumor is true. I didn’t believe it at first and first word uttered was ‘why’? I always said that she’s cute the way she is. OMG, this is breaking news all over the world. Great advertisement for Dr Belo. Charice still has my support though. Chasters, let’s go see Dr. Belo too. LOL!

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  18. Spike says:
    Hi Charice, people of the world, already accepted what you are! And don’t listen to the FREAK dra. bello????

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  19. idolming says:
    Charice always remember, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AS WHAT YOU ARE!

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  20. AMERICA says:
    The reason why network from(!@#_$%^) the is now trying to make news about her personal life because they want popularity. They want something about her. They want stories to be told on the net because Charice is now freelancer. They cant dictate her now because she is not exclusive on their hands. Charice has the right to live on her own. Charice has the right to do whatever she wants.When you reach 18 everything change! WHo are you to judge her? Bad news are always coming from Philippines! What is the reason behind? Jealously is the root of evil!

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  21. AMERICA says:
    Fans if you are for real please don’t try dwell on enhancement! As far as Charice is concern she is clean, her mind her Body and her Soul…..People from the Philippines please respect her life as a person. Do not try to destroy her wholesome image. Do not try to be critical on everything! Who are you to judge her life?

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  22. evan-canada says:
    I have been following our LITTLE BIG STAR now the BIGGEST STAR quietly and I enjoyed every moment of her achievements BUT Now I can’t be quite anymore knowing that a non-invasive cosmetic surgey has been done on her beautiful face. I am very MAD and angry that a foreign CHEMICAL is injected into her FACE. HAS ANYONE THOUGHT including her family not to change anything on her look? SHE IS VERY PRETTY AND UNIQUE and the world accepted her for how she looks. WHY destroy that GOD GIVEN BEAUTY? SHE IS WHAT SHE IS THAT’s why WE LOVE HER… WHO CARES FOR OTHER CHARACTERS ON GLEE? CHARICE, MY DARLING DON’T EVER ADD ANY CHEMICALS IN YOUR FACE… NEVER LISTEN TO ANY SURGERY THAT WHAT PEOPLE THINKS MAKE THEM PRETTY. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL. I CHASE YOU AT EATON”S CENTER and THAT BEAUTIFUL SWEET SMILE YOU GAVE ME I TREASURE IT EVERYDAY. YES, WE WERE BOTH INSIDE THE INDIGO BOOKSTORE.


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    • starbuck245 says:
      Take it easy e-canada. Wait for verification from a reliable source before flying off the handle. Everyone, chill. If something sounds fishy, it’s almost always false or not exactly true. Everyone take a chill pill until more comes out on this type of thing. Sheesh, the next rumor will be the Cher story about taking a few ribs out of her to make her body slimmer.

      Gawd!!! How ridiculous to get hot about this; all you’re doing is causing global heating.

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      • dadartful says:
        You tell them starbuck! All this nonsense rumors coming out, trying to get to Chasters’ goat. Charice looks great with her God given beauty and ideas like these don’t even enter her mindset. Aloha Charice and Chasters!!!

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    • neznez says:
      Why is it gossip and rumors never die? and why do we pay attention to those “gossip and rumors”?

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  23. christinedl says:
    Charice has become more beautiful everyday…as a performer and as a person…i hope that Hollywood won’t get into your system just like what happened to other artists your age…Your natural beauty inspires a lot of people…Remember the time when most of the people in the Philippines turned their backs on you but You still managed to be a WINNER at the end because You remained what you are…Stay as beautiful and grounded….we love you…

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  24. minbeauty8 says:
    Charice don’t go for any beauty enhancements the world will offer you. WHY? you don’t need that. Your skin is clean, nice and we love your face with that little touch of makeup. Everybody is unique and your beauty is natural without any changes. Remember we love being what you are! You are PRETTY already and please don’t be tempted. Stay grounded and avoid gossips that will ruin your image.

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  25. josie123 says:
    Charice, stay away from Vickie Belo.

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  26. M says:
    Just read that Charice went botox to make her face narrower and this was to make her look prettier for the show Glee. First of all, the cast of Glee are all different and unique, different colours, sizes etc. Was this necessary? Narrower face, for whose standards, remember …”beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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    • sc says:

      Her wide and round face is he harbinger of luck. I

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    • starbuck245 says:
      Hmm, where’d you read that? I’m not sure medically that Botox would be approved for an 18 year old. Sounds like BS to me. Can you cite your source and link it when you post things you “read” or “heard”? Thank you.

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        • starbuck245 says:
          ray, ty for posting that link. I still don’t know if I can believe it, until Charice herself confirms it somewhere first hand. The chewing gum part causing a wider face seems ridiculous. Althout I’m not a cosmo doctor, I know a few things about working out and body toning — she’d have to really work the chewing gum to make those jaw muscles pop out. If anything, I’d think the opposite would happen; jaw muscle toning would make her face slimmer and fat would make the face wider.

          The article almost seems like a spoof…chewing gum?!!!! Do any chasters know if Charice chews a lot of gum? The more I think about, the more ridiculous that sounds!!!

          Anyone know anyone who might offer a second indepedent opinion on jaw muscles making one’s face wider?

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          • starbuck245 says:
            Also, botox is not a completely safe chemical. Why take a chance on someone who is a unique talent and person at this stage of her life and career. Many stories abound about tragic unintended effects of botox. I won’t believe it until I hear it confirmed by Charice herself; it really sounds like a false story put out by her antagonists.

            Charice, stay away from those doctors to the stars, even if it was just a routine check up to check your blood pressure and temperature.

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            • justafan says:
              I have been a lurker here since it first came online. But today I just can’t help but comment because of this news. Please read the article carefully before making unwarranted accusation beyond what is written. She had a thermage not botox injection. “puweding i botox” it means its not botox but thermage. One cannot belt like that if someone had a botox injection in the jaw area, especially within the same day. That will be very painful experience. Once again, please read carefully. Also note that the writer put more emphasis on the botox than the actual procedure to throw the readers of to thinking that she had a botox injection. I think it is shameful to do so. We are all Charice fans but we must also be careful of what we say and do for her well being as singer and now an actress.

              I sincerely hope that everyone will understand. I wrote this not to offend anyone but to put some sense what is being said. I am pretty sure that some form of contrite response will come out soon that will contradicts this article, either from Charice camp or Dr. Belo.


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              • starbuck245 says:
                Hi Justafan, I too generally just lurk and this issue just rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it’s our natural protectiveness of Charice that’s gotten such a vociferous response to the botox issue.
                While the thermage procedure may not be invasive, you can’t say that about botox. I quote the article, “While the 30-minute thermage procedure was painless, Charice was in tears as Belo injected Botox in her face, specifically in the jaw area.”

                Injected…that doesn’t sound like a minor part of the alleged procedure. Unless something was lost in the translation (if one was done), it sounds like they injected botox way too close to those priceless pipes of Charice. I actually fear for her health if true.

                Also, again, maybe something was mis-translated, but nothing is injected with the Thermage treatment, at least if you believe the descriptions of the treatment found by googling,Thermage Treatment — it’s some sort of radio frequency treatment that breaks down collagen.

                Any chaster doctors out there who can offer professional opinion here? I’m still calling BS, or else the article was terribly reported/translated.

                I’m still thinking the article is bogus: chewing gum and something about the doctor’s boyfriend? Smells fishy to me.

                Sorry if it’s an over reaction, but I can’t help it in this case. We’ve lost too many great artists in this world way before their time due to this type of “image pressure” stuff. I just can’t believe botox has any place being used on an 18 year old.

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                • starbuck245 says:
                  ok, i cooled off now. In the chat, I saw a doctor john explain all is fine with Charice and this botox stuff.

                  Everyone is right, it is her choice, especially now that’s she’s 18 and considered an adult.

                  I’ll continue praying for her health and happiness.

                  End of this topic for me. :)

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    • grace2010 says:
      Right. I don’t think she needs beauty enhancement. For me she’s already pretty. I was saddened when I read the news about it. Whoever advised her to do this “botox” thing does not know the real appeal of natural beauty. and I like to agree with josie123, she should stay away from Vicky Belo.

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  27. rayhan says:
    We are really happy for your success Cha. You have been a very good example to all the youths because of your natural beauty inside and out. Please don’t let the entertainment world change what you are. I read an article that you went under facial botox procedure to make your face narrower. You are still very young and your face will still change. Please dont change what we see on you. We love you as are.

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  28. mj says:
    wow wow wow…im so happy and proud of what you become right now Cha. more power to you and more blessings to come. this glee thing is killing me softy,super excited to see you on united states tele. labyo.

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  29. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Really proud of her :-) Always stay humble :-)

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  30. tsuki says:
    Charice, we are really excited for your participation in Glee and very very proud. In addition, you are raising the bar for new artists who want to follow your footstep. Aside from insanely talent, beauty and brain, you still dream of becoming an entertainment lawyer. May we ride on your dream so our dreams can happen too?

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