Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

Featuring  Charice in TV News, Manila Part 2

July 22 UPDATE “Head Start/Karen Davila Interview w/ English Subtitles Added
Since Charice is featured in TV shows left and right in Manila, Philippines again as part of her Asian Tour visit, we bring you the video translations courtesy of CTV Crew as Part 2 in series. She is featured in different shows. Yes, Chariceai??i??s fame is truly unstoppableai??i?? Enjoy the videos.

Five–part Interview playlist with English subtitles – Charice sits down with Karen Davila to give some very candid answers to questions from Twitter. You’re gonna love this interview!

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Charice – TV Patrol 07/16/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by CTV Crew

Charice – Showbiz News Now (SNN) 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by CTV Crew


Charice at Mega World Press Conference — PEP.ph 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

http://blog.gettydealers.org/2018/02/14/order-diabecon-side/ Video Uploaded by CTV Crew

Charice – TV Patrol Proud to be Filipino, Glee 07/15/10 (English Subtitles)

Video Uploaded by Tmgtworld

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  1. Yesterday, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and
    tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop,
    just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now
    destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic
    but I had to share it with someone!

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  2. chit says:
    Let’s focus on Charice’s achievements and triumph over her past difficulty. Let’s pray that she’ll only be surrounded by well-meaning people-who care about her without any selfish motives.

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  3. nacho says:
    nacho says:
    July 22, 2010 at 6:03 pm
    you know i blame those poeple arround her specially Belo, they should have told her that she is pretty enough to be rival of rachel in glee thats why she was chosen in the first place she dont need to freshen herself she is already fresh. your only 18 yrs old. By doing the procedure you are agreeing to those poeple saying that she is not pretty enough. I think Belo has different vision in terms of beautiful she herself did so many procedure in herself. She didnt see that charice already beautiful in and out fans love her for being natural. The fans around the world reacted because she is still young she dont need those procedure at this time. Maybe in the future when she is older like 50’s, all the poeple arround her should always meke her feel that being beautiful is not only the outside physical its also inside which now a days poeple forgot. Thats why Charice became an inspiration because she is different. She has small body but the momment she open her mouth you couldnt believe this voice comming from her. So you see she dont need to be very tall cause that her asset she have to embrace it cause i think thats why she makes it in the US. aside from her killer voice. They tried her to be taller which in fact thats what poeple like in her, being petite with a killer voice.I hope the’ve learned from this. Charice we love you for what you are humble, cute,funny,respectful loves her family, dont believe your detractors saying that your ugly please listen to us your fans YOUR BEAUTIFUL IN AND OUT.For what you are right now is what makes you stand out. WE LOVE YOU AND PROUD OF YOU WE ARE ALWAYS BEHIND YOU. Stay sweet as you are.GOD BLESS

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  4. lorena says:
    Dear Charice,if people are over reacting it’s because they love you so much and we don’t want anything harm done to you. I know at the start it came as an ugly situation as it was a shock for everyone. It’s upsetting to you and there is no other way to take it all back ( I meant all the comments that came out.)except if one could make an apology. As much as we don’t want anything harm done to you those comments made were hurtful as I felt when I was reading it. Charice be strong. Seek guidance from above, your mum, and to people who sincerely cares for you. Stay focus and conquer. And to the Chasters, “there is only one Charice”. I think this one sentence says it all.

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  5. GoCharice says:
    i agree with jimfan. people are overreacting. botox is as serious as having your teeth whitened. people should focus on charice and how far she’s gone. her talent will take her far. and we’re not helping her career any by raising a negative ruckus about this. she’s on glee! a filipina. on glee! and we saw her career rise. can’t we focus on that instead?

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  6. chasterdad says:
    I’m one of those undercover chasters….been like that since I discovered Charice 2 years ago. I’ve seen her progress and develop just as I did my own children, reason for my happiness and joy seeing kids grow-up and become what they are in their full potentials. For Charice, she has been an oasis of solace for me in terms of what she has shared particularly in her early days of being discovered and appreciated slowly but surely.
    Now back to this Belo fiasco. I should say shame on this woman, considering that she is supposed to be a Godmother who provides protection and wordly advices and still you get this whole negativity issue regarding her own personal agenda with Charice. Belo thrives on controversies and hopefully like that Hasyden Kho mess, this brouhaha she caused with Charice gets extinguished pronto and into oblivion fast.
    I’ve always admired and supported Charice and watched her progress to what she has become now with all my sincerest support and well wishes. I have never been a fan of any actor or singer until Charice came along…..like countless Chasters, I too have been smitten by the girls exceptional talent, innocence and humility.
    I would support her no matter what regardless this latest Belo botox brouhaha. She has been a bridge connecting every part of the world to each other and made everyone into a global community. Look from Chasters and newly converts from all walks of life, age, creed and nationalities and you’ll find them all united and wired on to Charice.
    Charice is a force to reckon with and this the world is discovering from day to day that this statemnt is actually true. She now transcends mere singing because she brings people together in clean wholesome fun and happiness.
    We need Charice because of these reason. Support her for this.

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  7. evan-canada says:
    WE ALL HAVE TO PRAY HARD ENOUGH FOR CHARICE HEALTH now that we all KNEW that a foreign substance is injected into her jaw. TO HER MOM, WE CARE SO MUCH for your darling daughter just like our own child. SHE IS STILL VERY YOUNG just turn 18. KEEP AN EYE CLOSELY TO the environment where she is now. SATAN is always around and can twist her mind in any second. WE LOVE YOU CHARICE NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS WE SUPPORT since from the time you compete in the LITTLE BIG STAR until ETERNITY… PLEASE NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN. TREASURE THAT GOD GIVEN BEAUTY AND DON’t SPOIL IT. YOU ARE VERY BEAUTIFUL in the EYES OF GOD AND TO ALL WHO LOVE YOU SO DEARLY …

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  8. gunrunner says:
    to charice, i love you from the depths of my soul. when you were imbroigled in this ugly issue which we never really understood the real story, it did not diminsih my admiration for you. i was sad because what seems to be an ordinary incident have been blown out of proportions by suckers and demagogue around you feasting on your fame. im sad because it somehow “lost” the innocence we always admire not because of your own making but because of the indiscretion of the people around you who are supposed to guide you being so young and naive. No. this will not destroy you. it will make you stronger. it will make you soar higher. just be careful next time. dont trust too easily and be cautious in all major decisions. i love you and i could wage war to defend you in all fronts.

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  9. jimfan155 says:
    We think of Charice, as a grandaughter, a daughter, a sister, a best friend and we care for her soooo much, that we all want what’s best for her. Some are more passionate than others as some have known about her for years while new fans are coming aboard everyday.

    Us older Chasters love that she overcame, “I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough” obstacles to let her talent bring her to the level of success she has reached, thus far. So for this report of botox came out, we were kind of shocked to the point of saying “Why, at 18 does she need this?” In our eyes, she’s perfect, as is. She has been a perfect role model.

    Does this tarnish her “star”? No, not in my eyes. Knowing decisions have to be made everyday, but not knowing 100% the reasons for the decisions, I don’t think we are qualified to tell her what to do. Only her family and advisors know the real deal and we have to live by her choices. I will do that, enjoy her performances, buy her cd’s and support Charice as I always have.

    In all our lives there will always be the question. “Why?” If you go left, why didn’t you go right? Always choices, and it’s up to us to make the right choice for “us”. So it’s up to Charice to make the right choice for her. We are always saying how smart she is , but now that is being questioned and some are calling her naive. When she has sung with Celine, Andrea, connected with Oprah, DF, been to the US, Canada, England, Asia, even appears to finally won them over in the Filipines, been selected for Glee, is that not proof enough she is doing fine?

    I will pray that she always makes the right decisions but what’s done is done and no amount of complaining will change it. Does that mean we can’t offer opinions? Of course not. I just hope they are informed opinions and not ones where we jump to conclusions. Also, hope they are not overly critical and put in a positive manner. There are different ways of putting things and I would like to see them put in a way that won’t cause Charice too much stress. But you know, that’s me.

    Love you Cha.

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  10. lorena says:
    Im a fan of charice for almost 2 years now and always lurking in the chatbox. Most of the time I find myself laughing just reading comments,and sometimes, gets a bit upset as people finds it hard to mind their own business. As a fan, I would like to comment in a way that’s not gonna hurt CHARICE, I think she’s had a lot of heartaches already, and for an 18 year old it’s too much to handle. If you think that when we were at that age were very emotionally vulnerable. Charice had a very tough upbringing, the reason why she’s so brave to face those negative remarks and bad publicities but I guess behind it like everyone of us she melts down and hope this news will just go away. As they say it’s not easy to be on the spotlight. People will follow you and will look for any mistakes to satisfy them. Charice is so trusting and naive, people who coax and persuades her should think the BEST for HER now and in the future, should think what’s good for her health and wellbeing, without being selfish. My dear Charice LOve yourself unconditionally, with that comes protecting yourself from harm. You have a natural beauty don’t let it go away.

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  11. iankuya23 says:
    guys its not the only controversy she will be dealing with..there’s goin to be more in the near future..that’s the nature of her work remember..but like what I’ve said from her past issues and all that, think again why you guys are here..a.)to support her no matter what=) or b.)to help her critics criticize her even more=((

    and if u guys are wonderin, my answer is definitely a.)to support her no matter what=D

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  12. grace2010 says:

    How true is this, botox is for older people 40+ http://fashionista.com/2010/07/18-year-old-pop-star-charice-gets-botox-how-young-is-too-young/

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  13. grace2010 says:
    All because of Dr. Belo.! OMG! While watching the video, Charice seems to be innocent and naive at what this “botox” could affect her image to public. If she had known or understood the negative effect, I don’t think she would have her face go for this procedure. How could this cosmetic doctor be a godmother to someone innocent like charice when she only cares for her business and not to her god daughter. If she cares about Charice, first, she shouldnt have convinced Charice for this “botox” thing at such a young age. Second, why was it done on cam? why was it videotaped with media present during the procedure? So the Doctor could get publicity? Yes, this Belo had been and up until now in very contreversial issue in the Philippines.

    A lot of actors and actresses have undergone cosmetic procedure, plastic surgery or any procedural beauty enahncement but they were all discrete. So long as they can keep it, they keep it as secret. Because they know that they will be bashed by people especially their detractors. But what this Vicky Belo did was put Charice into disgusting situation. How could she do this to Charice?
    The biggest mistake I guess was they videotaped it and published to the media. Anyway, this shouldn’t be a surpise since this Doctor is involved in (video-ing)sex scandal video issue. So I shouldn’t wonder why she allowed this botox procedure to be videptaped.

    Third, the media in the Philippines sucks! Especially the network that Charice considers “home”, ABS-CBN. They’re even very proud to exagerate the whole thing to the extent of using the words like “RETOKE”.

    For me, Charice as an innocent girl, is just a victim of careless and user people like Vicky Belo.

    Charice, I’d like you to know that you dont need any beauty enhancement or any cosmetic surgery because YOU ARE already PRETTY. Beautiful inside out. Always ask advise from the expert if you need this or that. You were accepted and loved by how you look like since you were discovered. And you are even more loved all becuase of your TALENT. You gained lots of fans because you are naturally beauitful and naturally talented.

    Sorry but for me, the negtive effect espcially to Charice’s image is all because of Vicky Belo.

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    • jd says:
      @ grace2010, I couldn’t agree more…media hype, sensationalism, and belo. I’m really saddened by people feasting on this issue, as well as on those stupid people who assume and jump into conclusions.

      I really don’t like cursing in general, but in my mind, I cursed BELO (that old ha@!) and Charice’s supposed-to-be home network.

      This issue is everywhere, really everywhere. And haters/crabs will continue to bring up and take this thing against her. i just really hope this issue will die the soonest.


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  14. Rivendel says:
    Charice will always have my support. If all this talk about botox is true,she still has my support. After all her voice, her singing is what attracted me to her.

    I did not put her on a pedestal,almost to the point of calling her a saint. A princess that can do no wrong. A role model for my children as it is not her job to parent them. I did not put my hopes and dreams on her nor do i live my life through her success. That at the slightest provocation i am ready to tear her down. Disappointed that she has not live up to the fairytale idea that i have for her.

    Instead i saw a girl who has worked so much for her age,still does. Her talent alone cannot sustain her, she has to work harder than most. I admire her tenacity to do what is needed. I would have collapsed and gave up a long time ago. I would have gave in to the people that says i am not good enough. Her strong character and her brilliant singing of course, keeps me going back seeking for news about her daily.

    Above all, she is not my property. I do not own her. I do not have the right to tell her what to do. I am not her mother nor father. I am not anybody in her life but her fan. According to thesaurus a fan is an ardent admirer.

    Her body is her own. What she does is her business. Perhaps i can be disgusted under the guise of being concern. But what right do i have? None.

    Why am i her fan? Reason number 1, she is the only singer that captured my attention. She has the capacity to enthrall me with her singing, that i can’t help myself but cry. I feel her pain, her joy through her song. Reason number 2, her strong character, her resolve to always do her best.

    Charice,you have my support. Do what makes you happy. The key word here is happiness.

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    • j_e_m says:
      Very well said Rivendel… People have their own beliefs and perceptions… We have our free will and democracy… But the question is do people know what’s the true meaning of free will and democracy… Do people know how to respect others’ free will and democracy… I will support Charice forever no matter what because I truly admire her, everything about her! Charice to the top!!!

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  15. vdc says:
    She rose to stardom without any enhancement to her appearance. Her fans, her admirers and everyone supporting her around the world accepted her looks as it is. Why alter her looks? What matters is her performance and her God given talent that people appreciate. She is well loved by her fans and everyone that have witnessed her performance. I just hope that she is consulting with someone with regards to all these artificial cosmetic enhancements. She is 18 and growing and not an over 40 year old woman. She doesn’t need any enhancement. She is pretty and wholesome as she is.

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  16. green-planet says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • j_e_m says:
      If you really are a fan and you really want to support her… Go ahead and take that 2 hour ride to Bangkok… But if you’re not then don’t go… You have free will as well as Charice…

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      I hope you will re-consider your decision. You might be disappointed but if you look at the whole issue you will not put the blame squarely on Charice. Charice just barely turned 18, do you realize the pressure she is having to please all of her fans and everybody? Put yourself in her shoes for a moment before you judge her. Read LAFans comment, it will shed light on the issue. Thankyou

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    • tess168 says:
      i’m an avid, avid ,avid fan of CHARICE, and always a lurker, and this is my first time to participate in this chatbox,….. and has been spending hours, and hours everyday just to watch her latest videos and read the latest news,( to the extent of buying my own laptop for this purpose)…but reading your comment and has compelled me and FORCED ME TO say something , and i can’t let this pass without saying a word….as i said i’m a fan and as such, everything is in there, an unconditional love and admiration for Charice , patience, understanding, willingness to give whatever i can and utmost respect, but being a fan doesn’t mean that i OWNED HER,,..she is still entitled to do whatever she thinks is best for her and who are we to judge her ….. with all this botox stuff, i’m so sad and terribly hurt by how you reacted and how on earth , IF YOU ARE A FAN , can you say those words: “nakakawalang gana ka sa ginawa mo” ,,, what she has done was not a criminal offense, she didn’t commit adultery, she didn’t go beyond what she is suppose to do as person, and as a performer, and what has been done was not even a surgery , it’s just a simple and short procedure and to think that ALMOST all of the actors and actresses has done MAJOR enhancements too ,and nobody has reacted , but with CHARICE i just don’t know why some are OVERREACTING TO IT, including YOU…….i can say that you are not a fan, and CHARICE doesn’t deserve, you….what i’m saying here is nothing personal against you and believe me, i respect you as a person as well as your opinion, but compared to me as a fan and the rest of GENUINE CHASTERS, you are no match to us, coz despite what has happened and what she has done, OUR LOVE FOR CHARICE HAS NOT CHANGED… NOT EVEN A BIT……as what j_e_m said, if you are really a fan , then,go and take the 2 hour ride to see her but if you are not, then just pray for CHARICE that she will pass all these trials.

      and for you my dear CHARICE…this is not the end of the world baby, go and walk with your head up, nothing to be ashamed of….just concentrate on what you are doing and we are always here for you no matter what….and to her LOYAL AND TRUE FANS,, i thank you for all your undying love and support to our dear CHARICE…GOD BLESS!!!!!

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      • green-planet says:

        Ate Tess168, thanks for that very long response. i appreciate that. thank you for reacting with much emotions.

        charice has just arrived in thailand and her fans mobbed her at the airport. she has a lot of fans here too.

        anyway, thank you for disapproving my comment. at the end of the day, i’m gonna take that 2 hour ride to see her in Bangkok. hopefully.

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  17. vdc says:
    Another article about her botox procedure is on CNN.com check the link below; cut and paste


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  18. LAfan says:
    Completely agree Eve. I’ve been swamped with work lately but I feel compelled to add my two cents to this whole sickening display of sensationalism in the media. It’s during times like these where I can understand why Charice may not want to stay in the entertainment industry for the rest of her life. I think there are two problematic issues here:

    1. Context: As a lawyer, I know that it’s really easy for antagonists to take statements completely out of context to suit their own nefarious purposes. The original “article” where all of this ridiculous media frenzy originated–which I don’t even want to link to because that is exactly what they want from all of this (the ABS-CBN “news” article titled “Charice undergoes cosmetic procedures for ‘Glee’) is so chock-full of isolated statements which appear to be completely taken out of context to present this false assertion that the treatment (which we still don’t know the specific for, and which we have no right to know the full details of) was done FOR her role on Glee.

    It’s impossible for me to believe that Charice and her team would have been so eager to publicize whatever this whole procedure was, to ‘further’ her success on Glee. What an absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical assertion. Yet, of course, the irresponsible media/entertainment industry has just rushed in as fast as they can to report this “news” as fact, and even after the clarification from Charice’s team, the perception remains that it’s just a cover-up for the ‘real story’ or whatever ‘it’ really was that happened across the pacific ocean.

    Yes, it would break my heart if the ‘story’ about Charice getting the procedure to ‘make her face more narrow’–simply for cosmetic reasons– was even remotely true. Charice and her team have come out and said that is completely not true, so I believe them. But the sheer fact that this ‘procedure’ was even allowed to be videotaped, followed by this ‘journalist’ interview of the ‘doctor’ immediately afterwards is just absolutely disgusting.

    If anyone here thinks that this is ‘great publicity’ for Charice and this ‘quack’ doctor–and that ‘we should all go and book appointments’ with this quack–then I guess things are quite a bit different in the world you live in. Here in the U.S., the overriding sentiment is that doctors need to keep their mouths SHUT regarding any treatments they provide for their patients, and there is really nothing positive about an 18 year old teenager feeling pressured to ‘narrow her face’–which again, I don’t accept as fact due to the way this whole thing has unraveled.

    This issue just highlights for everyone how sick and crazy this entertainment world is, and how quick people are to rush into judgments to try to bring a rising star down. Charice already has her detractors due to her ethnicity, and even from ‘supposed fans of Glee’ who are so threatened that she will outshine the current cast. This type of sensationalized ‘news’ is just what these detractors were waiting for, even if it is completely baseless and without merit. Which leads me to my next point:

    2. “Lost in Translation”: It’s really frustrating for me to read all these articles in the US publications ‘citing’ the original article from ABS-CBN. Just as the first ‘rumor’ of Charice on Glee was somehow reported inaccurately and ‘lost in translation’ somewhere in the communication, I have to believe that this original article which still distorts the truth with the misleading title is in some way also ‘lost in translation’.

    It would be unfair to focus all the ‘blame’ on her management team based in the Philippines, but it’s hard to imagine that Liz Rosenberg would have approved this type of ‘journalistic’ endeavor here in the states. I can’t imagine her U.S. team (and even Oprah) being okay with the video team following her into this ‘doctor’s’ office to videotape her facial treatment. And I can’t imagine Marc Johnson okaying whatever this ‘doctor’ may have tried to push on Charice at the last minute. At any rate, I’m sure the truth will overcome all this ridiculous tabloid press, and hopefully this too will pass soon enough.

    However, if what I read was true, that this ‘doctor’ is one of Charice’s godparents, then I have to seriously question what on earth was going through this ‘doctor’s’ mind in granting an interview to this ‘news agency’ to essentially talk about her goddaughter’s procedure. Even if the doctor’s comments were possibly taken out of context, simply granting an interview of Charice’s procedure is just absolutely disturbing. The whole issue of Charice having 24 godparents or something like that is a discussion for another thread, but not knowing much at all about this godparent thing, I found it quite remarkable that someone being baptized has to select 24 godparents! I wondered at that time whether all 24 of her godparents were truly there for Charice because of her, or for themselves. I had no reason to doubt anything until now.

    It just sickens me to even think of the possibility that this doctor and others in her circle may be seeking to promote themselves at the expense of Charice. As an American, I’m not familiar with this whole ‘crab’ mentality that posters here frequently mention, but I truly hope this episode is not an indication of someone in Charice’s circle using her to promote her own business.

    At any rate, I know Charice loves being back home, and the Philippines will always be home for her, but I just hope that this kind of irresponsible journalism doesn’t become a normal occurrence every time she goes back home and speaks with the ‘media’ over there. I know David Foster and her US team were urging Charice to plant roots in L.A., and we all know that the paparazzi here is just as nasty, but at least there wouldn’t be any issues of articles being ‘lost in translation’ as there has been recently.

    Like Eve said, I truly hope this issue will fade away quickly and we can all go back to focusing on the Charice that the world fell in love with, her true beauty both inside and out. Regardless of what the detractors continue to throw at her, Charice will only grow stronger and wiser from these types of incidents, and despite the opposition, the world won’t be able to deny her once in a lifetime quality and God-given talents. And even if they do, we’ll all still be here to support our Charice. Stay strong Charice, you’ve been through much tougher things before than this, and you’ll continue to heap coals on your detractors heads with your grace, humility and pure heart, as well as your beauty which exudes from within you.

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      Thank you LAFan for putting this whole issue in context in a logical and intelligent manner. I concur with you in all your points. Fans of Charice love her because of her tremendous talents and I might add exotic and unique looks which stands out in a crowd! I cringe to think that someone even suggests to alter anything!
      I am more disappointed with the adults who should know better, clearly some people are merely using Charice’s name to promote themselves . Shame on you.
      To Charice: you are beautiful outside and inside and we love you, please continue singing and doing what you love to do, don’t get pressured to conform to showbiz standards. You set the standard of purity and humility and honesty and genuinness in showbiz and the music industry and the world will be better for it!

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    • bluedanube says:

      I can see your point, but the situation under that issue, is that most artists are TV network employees.
      plus, as an observer of non-american idol seasons, I became sadly aware that these guys and girls in the franchise are being USED all the time, from endorsement to sublime political messages (that never contradict FOX’ political orientation). opportunites and surrounding conditions are set up in a way that they have only one choice, or lose their careers (that will last less than 2 yrs anyway). they are employees in a much less happy situation than the filipino TV artists. the money machine uses them for scandal and ratings, and they would endorse anything that works (but botox wouldn’t). they would make up just any story, to endorse their affiliates.

      as for the godfathers/mothers, they are also seen as protectors and saviors, in an utterly complicated “hogwarts” world called celeb society. idealism can only go so far.

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  19. Granny in Vegas says:
    At first I did not believed the news about Charice trip to Bello until I saw the news tonight on ET , the article on a NY news and the video itself w/ Charice and the Docter w/ syringe on hand and latter on Charice was saying that she wants to look fresh. I was saddened by this because somebody in the Phil. talked her into it. Since she agreed to have it done , it should have been done discreetly. The uproar is not much to the procedure since it is being done everywhere and considered a very safe procedure but why it was done to Charice since she is so young and clearly does not need it. Facial shape can easily be remedied by hair style. Botox effect goes away in 5… months and since the reason it was done is to make her face narrower then Charice will need repeated injection.Five or more repeated injection will mke paralysis permanent. Even the most benign procedure can go wrong. Just 3 days ago it was featured on PBS a Botox injection gone wrong. If Charice is 40 yrs old I dont think it will make news. Her publicist stated that it was for TMJ ( temporo mandibular joint dysfunction ) but I know better. Dr. Bello just plastered all over the wall that Charice is vain after all.At least this was the impression I got from one article here. I hope Charice will get a second opinion next time somebody talked her into some procedure.

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  20. neznez says:
    I really dont think her Manager Mark will allow this non-sense that you guys talking about. I really think she probably just have “facial cleansing” like she really needs because of wearing make-ups everyday. The “facial cleansing” is a treatment and it release those dirts and black heads that absorb from make ups. I don’t think Dr Belo would jeopardize her license here in U.S. May be Charice is legal age in the Philippines, but in U.S. she’s still underage.

    Just think a “TMZ” get hold of this issues they will turn it around local LA beauty salon treated underage of botox.

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  21. jimfan155 says:
    I will support Charice and her decisions as she has always made informed and thought out choices in the past. I don’t know all the facts, nor is it any of my business. What she and her mom decide to do is really up to them and I have to believe, will always be in Charice best interest. We will all have opinions, but it’s better to have informed opinions than jumping to conclusions.

    I prefer to dwell on the fact that 10,000 people were cheering for an incredible performance at the Eastwood Mall and that she was requested to sing by one of her idols, Sarah Geronimo at Sarah’s birthday celebration. My, oh my, she has come far in such a short period of time.

    The downside to becoming popular is the papparazzi and the tabloids. But that comes with the territory and I just hope her advisors will teach her how to handle it.

    I’m will support your decisions, Charice, as long as it’s not detrimental to your health and well being.

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  22. eve says:
    @ karovde – Do things work differently in Phil that this is considered great advertising for Dr. Belo? This would be a disaster for a doctor’s practice in the USA. Omg I would run and hide from Big Mouth Belo. What entertainer in their right mind would want to see her if their private business is not kept “private?” Doesn’t doctor-patient confidentiality exist in Phil? Or is it just the (witch) doctor’s own personal failing? I hear she is very controversial.

    Although I see nothing wrong with this procedure, which is a 13-minute non-invasive therapy, the negative connotations of that B-word (botox – which was NOT injected btw) cannot be good for Cha’s humble, self-effacing image. I have also heard that Charice went in for a mere facial and Belo’s sales talk convinced her otherwise. A witch indeed taking advantage of Cha’s good nature for her own selfish reasons. There is no way Charice at her young age and naivete would even understand its implications or even be aware of the whole botox controversy.

    Fortunately these stories have a short shelf life and will be forgotten in another week. I support you all the way Charice.

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    • bluedanube says:

      obviously, business habits are somewhat different, when we see virtually every artist in a GMA7 show, expressing thanks to the belo medical group, and at least 5 more companies.
      without advertisers and sponsors they can’t work, neither artists nor networks.
      in the botox ad issue, they went a bit far, and forgot that the whole world was watching, because it is CHARICE.
      when artists can openly talk about their beauty sponsors, even when it is a complete surgical facility, eventually this is a sign of freedom, while in america everything needs to be hidden, due to some narrow and shallow societal codes.
      but that freedom is easily eaten up, when artists are talked into such procedure for the sake of endorsing alone, or for the sake of “protection” in their careers, called mutual business.
      I don’t care anyway, but listeners should be very aware that in this situation advertisers have strong influence in the content and message of the programs they are watching, and the message might be to spend money on look, outfit and beauty procedures, to not appear inferior. and then, the difference to other, western ways of running media, seems not that wide any more.

      but I care for charice and other young artists.
      the thing to learn for their environment is, FREEDOM and RESPECT for these young talents.
      THEY MUST HAVE AN ULTIMATE SAY, or they are very hilarious in their function as role models.
      then, watch how this will become more easy even in the philippines, rather than in hollywood.

      but we are not yet there.
      to the contrary, we see charice in utang-na-loob to some 25 ninongs and ninangs, and when any of them want something, it is obviously difficult for charice, to turn down that request.
      she needs moral support exactly in this: deciding by herself, what advice to follow, what request to obey. or not.

      this is my call for modernity – trust charice!
      when she does not like it, give her time, and allow her to say no!

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