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Charice: Asia Tour – Japan, July 18-21, 2010

Charice: Asia Tour – Japan, July 18-21, 2010

July 22 UPDATE Videos from Odaibaland and from Japan TV added with english subtitles plus news from her Warner Music Japan website

Today is Charice’s first day on the Japanese leg of her Asia tour. Japan is the third stop of a 5-city Asian Tour, starting out first in Korea, then Philippines, with the primary purpose of the tour being for Charice to promote her new CD in a series of radio and TV appearances. A meet and greet is scheduled in Japan with a contest by Tsutaya Records for the lucky winner to enjoy a private meeting with Charice and a song.

Please check back for more Japan videos as Charice makes the rounds of radio and TV appearances.

Charice receives a standing ovation!

Charice has become comfortable in Japan with her second visit here. She performed in an open air concert for the first time in Japan as the opening act of Beni. Many of those in the audience have not heard of her and yet she received a standing ovation for her last song “Crescent Moon”, with the audience overwhelmed by her immense vocal prowess. Charice, sweating after singing three songs, later said that she wanted to take a shower. She also said that she had fun and that although many don’t know her yet, there were people who were doing the pyramid sign while she sang Pyramid so she was happy. It was a very busy visit to Japan with live appearances and interviews in TV and radio. There will still be more of her to show to the media! For those of you who have not heard of her, we hope you enjoy her awesome singing voice in her album “Charice”.

Source: Warner Music Japan

Translated by Mooffin, Charicemania

Charice in OdaibaLand Japan Part 1

Video uploaded by Ronealika

Charice in OdaibaLand Japan Part 2 – Crescent Moon

Video uploaded by Ronealika

Charice – appear on Japan TV! :] (Interview.) Part 1

Video provider xcoroxnex33/Subbed by Bitzes08/translated by Mooffin

0:00 Following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, the world is raving about her!
0:07 From Asia, vocal prodigy and diva Charice!
0:10 Born in 1992 and into a poor family, Charice Pempengco
0:15 was taught how to sing from the age of 4 by her mother who wanted to be a singer herself. In no time at all, her singing prowess rivaled that of an adult’s.
0:30 She joined more than 100 singing contests and auditions and won most of them. With the prize money she was able to support her family of three.
0:40 And when she was 13,
0:50 a fan of hers uploaded on (youtube) her performance on a popular (singing) show. She suddenly became a high-profile singer. Then, offers from American media inundated her.
1:02 She also had a duet with this diva.
1:12 She caught the attention of super top-notch producer David Foster who mentored Celine Dion and other big stars and last May…
1:28 …she finally had her American debut!
1:30 Her voice has been called “the voice endowed by heaven” and her debut album “Charice” charted in at number 8 on (Billboard).
1:38 She is the first Asian to break into the top 10 albums, rewriting music history.
1:44 Must-watch Charice will sing live for the very first time on Japanese TV here at Mallywood (name of the TV segment).!
1:51 Her miraculous vocal prowess which revolutionized the music business will surely move you to tears.

2:05 Let’s ask Asia’s most talked about diva to come out! Please welcome Ms. Charice!

Charice – appear on Japan TV! :] (“Pyramid” Performance) Part 2

Video uploaded by xcoroxnex33/subbed by Bitzes08/translated by Mooffin

0:09 So now, most talked about genius-diva Charice will sing live for the very first time on Japanese TV!
0:17 She will sing “Pyramid featuring Iyaz” which is from her debut album “Charice” which entered the top 10 albums in (Billboard).
(From here, the TV interpreter is interpreting.)
They are giving away a signed poster to a viewer. They also gave her a Doraemon stuffed toy and summer kimono.

Translated by Mooffin

Beni Mezamashi, Charice シャリース in Japan (with English subtitles) July 19, 2010

Video uploaded by YuraGime/Subbed by SharisuCharice/translated by Mooffin

Next up, Asia’s newest diva’s debut on Mezamashi Live!
As the first Asian to enter the US Billboard chart, charting in at number 8, 18 year old Charice the diva appeared at yesterday’s Mezamashi Live.

Charice was born and raised in a poor family and has been joining singing
contests since the age of 7 to support her family.

A video of her singing in one of the contests she joined when she was 12 was uploaded to youtube and her amazing singing has since caught the attention of the world.

Her talent was then noticed by the big time producer of Michael Jackson and Madonna, leading to her American debut.

She has also debuted in Japan. She sang a cover of Ayaka’s song “Mikazuki” live.

So how was your first appearance at Mezamashi Live?

So this was Charice, satisfied (with her apperance at Mezamashi Live.)

She entered the US Billboard chart at number 8, surpassing the record of Mr. Kyu
Sakamoto who charted in at number 14. Amazing, isn’t it?

Translated by Mooffin

Radio Interview with DJ Sascha, 81.3FM

Charice just finished a live-stream interview with DJs Sascha and Maria Okada at Japanese radio station 81.3FM on the show “J-WAVE Holiday Special Pepsi Nex presents Love! Music! Love! Summer!” About 1200 chasters joined in the Live Chat with Charice and DJ Sascha.
the last video on the playlist is actually during the sound check and vocal warm-ups for Charice
before the interview, without any sound

videos courtesy of azncybortron aka Resonance

Charice performs Crescent Moon

video uploaded by wattscooler

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