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Charice: Asia Tour – Japan, July 18-21, 2010

Charice: Asia Tour – Japan, July 18-21, 2010

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  1. ronealika says:

    Here’s the vid link for Charice Photo Shoot for her Japan CD Jacket Cover.

    Enjoy it CHASTERS!!

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  2. ronealika says:

    Here’s the link of CHARICE’s LIVE in JAPAN,

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  3. Al of KCMO says:

    Hello to the great staff of,

    You guys are doing an excellent job. Charice’s story had been told to almost everyone in the world. Many had been amazed and inspired by Charice’s talents and stories. Kudos to all of you. Continue the great job!

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  4. mdsjr says:

    David Foster and Friends coming to Japan Oct. 19-20 2010. See David’s invitation.

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  5. chit says:
    Am i the only one to have noticed it when Charice sang the melody of the Doraemo show after she was presented with the stuffed toy? She did it so cute; she was quite lovable when she did it- her hosts were so tickled by it. This is an example of the little things that make Charice so endearing to everyone!

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  6. winnie says:
    Wow, the Japanese people are still asking for more songs. They really like it. They are shouting more, more after Crescent Moon.

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  7. M says:
    Cannot wait to download Crescent Moon. Charice, great as always. For some reason, she looks sad though in her Pyramid performance at OdaibaLand :-( Did anyone get the same impression or could simply be the language barrier.

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    • marie says:
      When American entertainment personalities (singers, etc – even travelers) visit Japan, they tone themselves down a little bit because they want to respect the culture in Japan which calls for restraint and self control ~ the awareness of people around you and sensitivity towards how you act towards them and how they act towards you… how you show respect. I learned that when I traveled to Japan, too. It’s not that she can’t be expressive…it just has to be in a different way. The way she bowed, smiled, all the subtleties are enough. I’m proud of her. Even in that short clip from Star King she was the same way because Koreans also practice the same social interaction practices that the Japanese do. She bowed to the host, etc.

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      • mooffin says:
        you are so right marie. i am so glad she learned the basic phrases, not just “arigato” (she said “arigatou gozaimashita” which is the polite way of saying thank you) which shows her respect to her japanese hosts and fans. japan has a very hierarchical society – you always have to be in your “place”. even though she is already bigger (despite being a newcomer) than most japanese stars, she showed great humility and sensitivity, especially in her tv appearances.

        i think it also had to do with the heat – it was amazingly hot that day and to sing in black clothes outside would get to anyone. she even mentioned she wanted to shower after her performance – it was that hot.

        she was also mirroring the audience which was more subdued than say, american or filipino audiences. it had nothing to do with her, japanese audiences are just like that, especially in concerts by foreign artists. i attended a mariah concert here once and even she had to urge the crowd to dance, clap and sing along. it’s just the japanese way of showing respect to the singer (to hear her sing rather than drown her out with cheering).

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        • marie says:
          Yup, I am sure the Japanese are very pleased with her performance and her manners. They actually get loose a bit in the Sukiri show because they appreciated how she respected them. That’s one awesome thing about being Filipino because we understand the whole respect factor ~ the differences b/w talking to an elder, etc. Exactly! She is mirroring her audience ~ awesome! Show’s how professional she is and how she cares about her fans =D

          The heat can also be a factor too haha…it is Summer lol.

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  8. alex says:
    you are really great happy for you.. very happy..

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  9. 2die4- says:
    flawless! you sing “LIVE” like no other!

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  10. bitzes/bitzes08 says:
    subbing done! ^^ credit to mooffin for the translations ..^^

    Charice videos with eng sub
    100719 on NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV;
    100719 on Mezamashi Live, Fuji TV
    100721 on Sukkiri morning show parts 1&2
    100715 on E-star (currently subbing. pardon for my li’l knowledge on chinese) ..

    i also uploaded Charice on MBC Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp ..
    To be uploaded: Star king on the 24th; KJE’s Chocolate; & Muzit.. ^^

    its on my channel:

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  11. pom2pom says:
    AMAZING. Charice another fantastic song and you sang this LIVE. AMAZING. Thank you Japan. I love you Charice. Love this song. I hope I can buy the CD here in U.S.

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  12. madzee says:
    the japanese DJs are so nice.. they so love charice and awed by her… AMAZING.. you’re a true unifying force charice… keep it up!

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  13. mooffin says:
    the japanese are tweeting about her!シャリース/

    some of the tweets:
    - charice is hot!
    - heard charice and i cried!
    - i want her cd!
    - charice is cute!
    - i bought her cd. she is way too good! it would seem that a voice like hers is impossible but it isn’t.
    - after hearing her on TV, i bought a CD which i haven’t done in a long time!
    - charice is amazing! goosebumps!
    - her voice is seriously good! i just bought her cd!
    - everyone will love her!
    - i was so moved by her voice…this is the first time i was moved by non-japanese music.

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    • bitzes/bitzes08 says:
      may i use your translations? cuz i wanna sub those videos of charice w/c has a sub ..

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      • mooffin says:
        thank you for asking first. please share with us the videos that you are subbing too.

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        • schoen says:
          Ok posted now. Welcome to the CM team by the way Mooffin. Glad to have you in our team on behalf of all the CM team members, we hope you enjoy working with us too. Being a moderator in CM is a not an easy job but we have a good team and we´re all here to help and support you.

          Thanks for subbing the videos too Bitzes.

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  14. Princess Serena says:
    Love the new vid!!!! SIMPLY AMAZING! SIMPLY CHARICE!

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  15. Princess Serena says:
    Wow her fashion style is getting more sophisticated!

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  16. yusuf says:

    her rendition of Crescent Moon, sitting down, in a radio booth, with no special effects, raw as it could be…. is simply amazing and extra ordinary

    once again, as if she hasn’t done it a gazillions times, Charice proved to everyone, why she is The Most Talented Girl(Teen) in the WORLD

    no other teen artist can pull that off.. as beautifuly and mezmerizing as she did

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  17. CharisseToo says:
    Crescent Moon is hauntingly beautiful! Just love it. She sounds even better live. Amazing!

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  18. sonia says:
    just go on charice, we are always behind you.

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  19. marie says:

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  20. becky says:
    @CBTORONTO…yes I also read the point of view of Dr.M.Roth, and I agree to him even though I’m not in the field of Medicine. I think w/o VB advice, Charice will not go on that B…x beautifying madness.Actually she feels nervous as what I read…and maybe VB encouraged her for a purpose! In addition, as a COSMETIC DOCTOR she has that PROFESSIONAL ETHIC NOT TO EXPOSE OR TO MAKE IT KNOWN TO THE PUBLIC of what she did to her clients!!! Ayun naging worldwide news tuloy!!! So Charice before you will do something always ask guidance and wisdom to the LORD and HE will not mislead you! Always be at cautious and precaution…people that surrounds you are not all good angels..some of them are bad angels!LABYO..

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  21. minbeauty8 says:
    I am enjoying right now her Crescent Moon…it makes my evening calm and felt emotional thinking about the world that surrounds her…let’s love her more!

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  22. marie says:
    The botox issue is sooooo yesterday! This thread has nothing to do with it. Raise Charice up people by raising all the good news about here above all the petty stuff.

    Anyway, Charice did awesome on the Crescent Moon vid ~ I have it on repeat on my computer haha. Go Charice ~ Fighting!

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  23. J.B. says:
    Crescent moon on radio live sounds sooo goood!

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  24. CBToronto says:
    Charice had been featured in two widely read Newspapers ( Metro and 24H ) in Toronto, Canada Today, Tuesday, July 20, 2010. The story was all about the Botox thing. According to Metro, Dr. Malcolm Roth, president of New York’s Society of Plastic Surgeons and director of plastic surgery at Mainmonides Medical Center in New York said he wasn’t sure someone so young could benefit from Botox. I hope Charice would be able to read this for her information because this comes from an expert who is very much knowledgeable in this field. Next time please be careful and don’t listen to Belo. Take care and we love you the way you look now. Good luck to your appearance on Glee!!!BTW, You are now big/popular here in Toronto because you have been featured on this two newspapers and I believed your popularity will increase more and gain more fans!!! Thanks!!!

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  25. nona says:
    I would say this, charice your not starting anymore , i always here that from you keep that to your mind pls. your huge now! pls. I know your just being humble and i like that from you but take care of everything that you do, for goodness sake charice, be aware of every person your dealing with dont trust anybody, think a million times before saying yes or doing things that makes you career suffer. You work hard for this dont let this “ANACONDA MEDIA and CRODILE BELO EAT YOU”. GO RUN HIDE FROM THEM. I am your fan because i believe in you, stay humble and grounded and show them that your happy and contented of who you are. I love you

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  26. vdc says:
    This Botox issue must go away and buried deep!

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  27. rafanadal71 says:
    Nothing against bidangbata2 video, but why not use original post by “azncybortron aka Resonance” “Crescent Moon” video performance? it has 7,000 + views compared to 2,000 on bidangbabta2 post. so everybody can concentrate on 1 video.
    not hating on anybody just making sure only a single video gets the most views.

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  28. justcharrie says:
    That radio interview was very entertaining. The live Crescent Moon was “Oohhh”” it’s so good! Was I listening to her CD? And that Beyonce again – she’s killing Beyonce songs! From that short acapella of “If I Were A Boy” she was able to give a goosebump effect and left me asking for more. The Japanese people were surely amazed with her performance afterwards in the concert, no doubt.

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  29. eve says:

    (singing) “If I Were A Boy” … I’d be in love with Charice!!! lol <3

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  30. FredL says:
    Let’s just hope this Botox issue will soon blow over. My greater concern is going forward. She has a world class publicist in Liz Rosenberg. Why not use her? Why not consult her before making any potentially controversial undertaking? This Botox thing could have been presented the right way. The same way with the appearance fee issue. Why did she not ask Rosenberg for advise on how to handle the issue instead of the bizarre response of being embarrassed and about it being “too much” for “someone just starting” her career? To her credit Charice did refer the issue to Marc in her interview with Karen Davila. She and her Mom should have done that from the outset.

    Charice and her Mom better realize and accept the fact that Charice is now “huge”. Once you make it to and (as Charice did today with the Botox story), you are definitely, huge. Both online publications are serious and influential news sources. With 25 to 30 million daily readers, Drudgereport often provide lead stories for newspapers, radio and TV newscasts around the world. She and her mom should accept the fact that Charice is now in the “entertainment big league.” Those insane Pinoy “modesty” and “utang na loob” (beholden) so called “virtues” do not cut it in this league. If she is serious about protecting and promoting her “wholesome image” she and her Mom better start putting to good use Liz’s and Marc’s expertise.

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    • ZiFi says:
      Amen. I also personally hate this ‘utang na loob’ practice. Most often, it’s used to manipulate other people.

      We may never know but how did Charice end up there with a news crew? Who thought it would be a good idea to have them there? Was she sabotaged?

      This is sad because she was making huge progress. We can just hope now that positive things will come out of this.

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    • solomon says:
      We will never know for sure whether or not her publicist were consulted. Considering the issue happened before her major television exposures of her asia tour, I believe it was a brilliant strategy. Propaganda wise they need something to boost her popularity when asians starts to ask who is she and they wont be reading the whole blog or writeup, only the title hahaha, and that would sell not only CHarice but Oprah, glee even her home country as well, to the Korean, Japanese , Thailand Malaysian masses. It was a success thou, this cosmetology thing can not bring down Charice, personally I would prefer this vanity move rather than a moral issue like sex scandal maybe, haha joke! To the top Charice !

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      • YellowEngr says:
        I have the same opinion on this. The fact the Marc Johnston was in the Philippines when procedure was done and made public.

        But that is not important anymore. Again, what is done is done. Its the past. You cannot do anything about it! If you want this Botox thing to happen, STOP bringing this up. Bringing up this Botox on every forum will only not help Charice! Garbage in, Garbage out!

        Instead, let us celebrate whatever good that Charice has — her Angelic voice. And if you remember this is the same reason that you became a fan. And this is not applicable only to being a fan. This can be applied to our daily lives.

        People, try to see the good things in every situation.

        If you think this is bad publicity, then let’s us keep on supporting Charice and let’s us take this opportunity to show her our love to Charice. Let us give justice why we call ourselves Chasters!

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        • chit says:

          Regarding this video interview with DJ Sascha and Maria Okoda, I keep watching it again and again hoping to see the two interviewers, with no luck. LOL! (It would have been nice if they were shown clearly as well.) I greatly appreciate the respect they accorded Charice, a new star. They were very, very nice and star-struck. I’m sure they both are celebrities in their own right. My hats off to them.

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