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Charice: Asia Tour – Philippines, July 15-17, 2010

Charice: Asia Tour – Philippines, July 15-17, 2010

JULY 20 UPDATE – CONCERT REVIEW OF SRO CROWD; NEW VIDEOS at Venice Piazza and Eastwood Mall.

MANILA – Charice continues her Asia Tour from Korea to the Philippines for the next 3 days. First stop in the 3-day series is her show at Newport Plaza, Resorts World, July 15th at 8pm. Tomorrow, the 16th, she will be at the Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill. And on Saturday, July 17th, she will perform at Eastwood Mall. All shows begin at 8PM.

Charice also made appearances at several television shows: UKG Morning Jam to perform “Pyramid Dance Mix”, Eat Bulaga where they gave her a warm welcome, and at E-Live.


Charice’s Standing Room Only Crowd

Charice was scheduled for three gigs as part of a five-leg Asian tour to promote the 18-year-old Filipina international singerai??i??s self-titled US debut album on Warner Music.

The first show, held Thursday night at the Newport Plaza of Resorts World Manila, attracted an SRO crowd, which spilled over the 800-capacity venue.

High Spirits

Charice was in high spirits, matching the upbeat tempo of the opening number, ai???I Love Youai??? (a track from her album), with energetic vocals amid snappy stage moves with four dancers.

A cover of Beyonceai??i??s ai???Haloai??? followedai??i??the songai??i??s spiritual-inspirational bent serving as prelude to a song Charice personally dedicated to her audience: ai???In This The tune, co-written for Charice by her album producer and musical mentor David Foster, captured the confidence-building scenario which the Purchase lasuna online singer is currently engaged in, and had enough musical bombast to win over first-time listeners.

Although she had to perform the albumai??i??s first single ai???Pyramidai??? alone (the original studio version is a duet with Virgin Islands singer Iyaz), Charice was never at a loss; she even comfortably filled in for Iyazai??i??s rap parts.

For the finale she did a lighthearted cover of Justin Bieberai??i??s ai???Baby,ai??? as well as a short medley of hits by Miley Cyrus and other teenage pop stars. A couple of videos were shown, one about Chariceai??i??s dizzying ascent to fame, the other highlighting Fosterai??i??s topnotch reputation as songwriter-producerai??i??both apparently prepared by Warnerai??i??s promotional team to drum up more interest for the Charice CD.

‘Glee’ Song

A press conference was held at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel a few hours before the show at Resorts World during which reporters kept fishing for more details on Chariceai??i??s coming appearance on the US musical-comedy-drama TV series ai??? But she herself couldnai??i??t divulge anything other than her shooting schedule which starts July 28.

Raquel had one other bit of info: First on the shooting sequence is Charice in a scene with one of the lead characters, Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele).

Charice will reportedly shoot 10 episodes for season 2 of the series, which airs this September.

In the meantime, she proceeds with the Asian leg of the album promo tour to Japan (July 19-21), Thailand (July 21-23) and Malaysia (July 24-26). She returns to Manila in October for the ai???David Foster and Friendsai??? concert, which she said will also include Natalie Cole and Peter Cetera, among others.

.By Pocholo Concepcion, Philippine Daily Inquirer

Newport Plaza, 7/15

PLAYLIST: (1) I Love You and Halo, (2) In This Song, (3) Pyramid, (4) Baby (acapella)

Charice – Umagang Kay Ganda 07/16/10 (English Subtitles)/PYRAMID DANCE MIX

Video uploaded by CTV Crew


PYRAMID ON EAT BULAGA-w/ English Subtitles

Video uploaded by n0yp1

Charice Pyramid at Eat Bulaga (Studio view)

Video uploaded by Charaqster


Video uploaded by ocyrnets


Venice Piazza 7/16

PLAYLIST: Halo, In This Song, Baby (Charice ventures into the crowd), Pyramid

videos uploaded by rsmmagno and soursweetie1291


Eastwood Mall 7/17

The Eastwood Mall concert was by far the biggest and the best concert of the 3-day series. Not even a damp and rainy evening prevented an estimated crowd of over 10,000 fans from coming to witness Charice performing LIVE with her powerful vocals.

video upload by tdo888

PLAYLIST: (1-4) Charaqster vidz: I Love You, Halo… (2) Halo (pop version) (3) In This Song, Pop40 Medley, Somebody to Love (Justin Bieber cover) (4) Baby, Pyramid (5) Halo (6) Pyramid

Videos uploaded by Charaqster and D4Dona


Fan Talk: Asia Tour – Philippines

Click play button to listen41 Charice: Asia Tour   Philippines, July 15 17, 2010

Los Angeles

New York



Abu Dhabi

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Posted by Eve and Schoen

87 Responses to “Charice: Asia Tour – Philippines, July 15-17, 2010”

  1. rgr97 says:

    Check this video out — Charice @ EastWood Mall Open Park 1 – July 17, 2010 (Concert Crowd)

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  2. CrazyforCharice says:

    I found this aerial shot of the crowd who came to see Charice perform last July 17, 2010 @ Eastwood Open Park, Libis, Quezon City, Philippines. Photo from Eastwood management. I thought it’s never too late to see how big the crowd was at Charice’s home ground.

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  3. charicefan says:

    i’ve notice your video link on venice piazza it didn’t have “uploaded by” below it. Is it from charicemania?

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    • eve says:

      On a playlist (there are four videos for Venice Piazza), there may be several uploaders so it’s not always practical to include all of their names. Charicemania usually includes the name as a courtesy even though you will notice other blogsites virtually never include the names of the uploaders especially since it is the original video that is embedded – just double-click to view it at and you’ll find the name there. I added two names above, but you’ll have to double-click to figure out which name belongs to which video.

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  4. j_e_m says:
    Watching her sing always make me cry… She’s really God’s gift to everyone… Amazing!

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    • gemma says:

      I have been following charice ever since I saw her on the Ellen show and got fascinated by her story.I am happy for her success specially here abroad and hoped that Hollywood will not corrupt her but it seems that I was wrong.she had just released her first album and now we are hearing about botox.Considering she is only 18 yrs.old that is a little bit hard to comprehend.Well, at least she was in the entertainment news section today of the 24hrs vancouver daily news paper because of it.Explaining Botox as a procedure to correct muscle pain or jaw problem is a little bit hard to swallow for some people.

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  5. cat says:
    hi! i’m one of those silent fan who choses to observe and cheers their idols from a distance. I can’t remember exactly how or when my love for this little girl with a voice as powerful as her spirit and a heart as huge as the world started. All i know is that i have seen and felt all her pains and happiness from the time she first sang her contest piece on that now infamous LBS show to the day I read she had her 3-day reunion/mini/major concert/promotions here in the PI. As a filipino, I’m so happy that my fellow filipinos whom, were not so crazy about her before accepts and embraces her now regardless if she got recognized abroad first. At least now, they are seeing what O,E,DF and the rest of the world saw on her and were humble enough to accept their shortcomings to their kababayan and showed to that rest of the world that indeed, she is a TREASURE. And filipinos are very loyal fans, ‘though they are very hard to please and takes a long time to give in, once they fell in love with you, you’ll own their hearts forever. I decided to comment too because of the recent news about our princess having her face treated at Belo’s. For those who don’t who Dr. Vicky Belo is, she’s a cosmetic surgeon and a good one. Although, i fear that it might affect Cha’s singing, I also know that Dr. Belo has a good track record and she doesn’t do these procedures just for fun. She takes her job very seriously and even has the President’s sister as a client/friend not to mention a lot of other local celebrities Sarah G. included on her wing.All I’m saying is that, i know she took good care of Cha and made sure whatever treatment she did with fer will not affect her voice because she knows, i’m sure of this, she’ll be hold liable not only by Cha’s mom, but to ALL the people who are behind the Int’l Pop Princess’s back. And THEY won’t forgive her for it. On the report, it said that after the procedure, Cha went to Eastwood for the 3rd night of her concert. So i got really crazy and searched for all available videos of hers of that night to check on her if it has affected her in any way. I saw ‘talgrace’s eastwood backstage video of Cha and saw her coming out of the make-shift dressing room, flanked by her brother and a lot of people, she stops infront of talgrace’s camera for like a million of seconds and smiled. I wept. For happiness I guess. She’s alright, and her smile is as magnificent, as brilliant as aver. Like a burst of sunlight in a cloudy afternoon, as MJ song had said. Then, I was able to sleep. I guess, we’re all just soo over protective, we forgot that she’s 18 and adult. One who can decide whatever it is that she thinks best for her too. I would still love her, i think this is one of those ‘forever’ thing. And I would love her for who she is inside and out.

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    • pardzleo says:
      @cat, i also understand why some of her fans reacted to charice’s face treatment…chasters are one of the most loyal, tenacious and very protective fans …i think…its natural for them to react whenever charice’s do something that they think is harmful for her…but as long as charice remains humble, clean…will not transform into a sex kitten like what happened to other pop artists today..a little treatment here and there is okay…she will be loved and idolized by us…

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      • transistor_09 says:

        May I correct something Belo is not a cosmetic surgeon, she didn’t even pass as a dermatologist, she’s just a medical doctor who attends seminars in different countries about cosmetic enhancements… just saying. :)

        I labyo Cha…:)

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  6. eve says:

    I can never get enough of Charice singing HALO. Here’s a nice video angle at Eastwood Mall. I added it to Playlist above. I loved the Karen Davila interview too. I’d say this was one of the best visits back home for Charice, very exciting to see the warm welcome everywhere and appearances for the first time at Eat Bulaga and E-Live. I’ve never heard of the shows, but from all the comments here, it seems Charice is finally being accepted by everyone at home, Joey de Leon lol. It was like a 3-day WELCOME HOME party.

    rah rah Charice At The Top Baby!

    HALO at Eastwood

    ABS-CBN feature article: Sarah Geronimo admits she’s a huge fan of Charice

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    • ArrVee says:
      same here with me, @Eve – she sings Halo with impunity, like she didn’t get the memo that it is a difficult song to sing. And she even kicks it up a notch with some of her personal touches, like it was not difficult enough.

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    • enad says:

      i remember one particular episode of Eat Bulaga with some of the hosts saying something bad about Charice. Ironically, they invited her to perform on their show.

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  7. N- says:
    I like her outfit during Eastwood performance.Simple,clean and chic.I hope she keeps it that way. Less is more applies well on her.Her voice is her best accessory.

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  8. DADDY 0 says:


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    • LuckyRain0rig says:

      Well, I am a 49 years old mother of a 15 yrs. young girl and I can not let a day go by without listening to Charice’s songs and streaming youtube. Charice is so addictive.
      Whatever happens Charice, we your loyal fans will always love you and pray for you each day (yes I do pray for you). Vancouver, Canada loves you Cha!

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  9. artemis gibran says:
    IF IT’s CHARICE , it must be GREAT. SUPER GREAT. Even Joey de Leon who used to criticize her, can’t help but SWALLOW his pride…ha ha ha and greet CHARICE and asked people to take pictures with her. He stole a kiss from her too, and CHARICE though surprised, even replied, thank you Sir. Oh my God…what a HUMBLE KID. She can forgive easily.


    Go GIRL…ROCK the world! We love you! You inspire us by your humility and magnanimity in TRIUMPH!

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  10. jn says:
    Nice to see that finally Cha is very well appreciated and given a really warm welcome by her home country…Good luck Charice….You deserve to be praise and emulated for what you’ve done to this nation as a whole. Your outpouring charm, humbleness and talent made the whole world proud of you. You are indeed an inspiration.

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  11. yusuf says:
    a world in rift with religious and political differences
    a nation separated by vast body of water
    an island confused by hundreds of language
    an industry divided by competition

    Charice brought them all together… as one nation, proud of the color of their skin, proud of the humbleness of their noses, proud of their height and built……..most of all, PROUD OF THEIR TALENT

    no other Filipino artist have accomplished so much in so little time, and still there is a lot more She will be conquering…..God willing

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  12. Jessica86s says:
    Finally, with the show of unabashed groveling and difficulty in swallowing some very jagged and hurtful words previously hurled at Charice (during that controversial outburst of false nationalism of some aging Filipino artist) by a host of one of the Philippines’ popular variety shows at GMA 7, and an almost over enthusiastic display of appreciation and delight of the show’s performers when they greeted and performed with and for Charice during her first and only appearance at that show Eat Bulaga, and the unprecedented nationwide coverage (almost simultaneously and consecutively) of the major news and latest “buzz” shows in all the Philippine television channels, CHARICE’s love affair with the Filipino people no longer remains unrequited. Her affection and love for her people is now visibly reciprocated. Although some may view it as a result of colonial mentality, with all this hype having originated from abroad, nevertheless, it still is a genuine, heartfelt response and declaration of the Filipino’s recognition and appreciation of Charice’s effort to win over their love and acceptance. And once again, the humility of Charice’s character responds with her eager acceptance of the responsibility and promise not to let them down and to make then even prouder with her best efforts to show the world that the Filipinos and all the Asians for that matter are as worthy and deserving as any other westerner, of the praise and recognition for their outstanding talents and abilities in the international performing arts. The road has been prepared and paved for this event for Charice’s star to shine ever so brightly.

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  13. neznez says:
    I just watch the whole episode of “Eat Bulaga” on I am very impress that they put together a full production for Charice. The video above only show partial of the opening intro for Charice. Hooray for “Eat Bulaga” well done…

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  14. daddy 0 says:
    Charice, you deserve to be paid for $100,000.00 or even higher!!!
    AM i right people!!!!!!! Say WOOT WOOT!!! LAB YOU!!!!

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  15. 8yerhartawt says:

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  16. mj says:
    This is so great. Cha,you will now capture the hearts of GMA viewers especially those who are die hard fans of GMA products or talents only. You are now the catalyst of peace between the two networks. Labyo Labyo. Cant wait to see u on Glee!

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  17. ariesssa says:
    I like the ANC karen davila interview. wow its very informative. thanks everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Ohyayay123 says:
    Charice is really an international artist, ’cause she is now guesting on both stations. She’s promoting her international album not only in abs cbn. btw,
    She looks stunning, taller and you can see that she really grown up as a person and as an artist. :) love you charice
    look at her outfit. Wow :) as in wow:)

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  19. Etucrepus08 says:
    Charice thanks for making us all proud… Don’t change my charice… O btw nice styling with the hat… Say hi to mommyraqz and carl… Hope to see you here in Singapore… Stay focus and stay pretty…

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  20. scarlet says:
    To all organizer at Eastwood mall,spononsors,supporters and fans who made this event possible to our dear princess CHARICE thank you so much for the AWESOME job you all have done! to CHARICE you inspired us in everyway not only by your TALENT but because there’s something in you that other people or artist don’t have. your humbleness,being real respectful to others and kind and generous to everyone! Keep up the great work girl!! your working so hard this days..i hope you get more sleep..recharge stay healthy as possible..!May God keep you and whole team always…love you!

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  21. jn says:
    Charice Asian tour back in the Philippines is a blast. Charice is all smiles despite the fatique and time constraints…As always, she is always a joy to watch even on videos for those who are not living in PI….For sure, she has gained new fans and supporters with this 3 day PI tour….I can see hope and admiration among the ppl. God bless Charice and take care. Let’s continue to give our full support to this rising global star.

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  22. krazyforyou says:
    I’m very very happy for our princess. God bless you Charice! May you gain millions of fans as you tour Asia and add more momentum to your fast rising popularity in the American mass media. We are here to support Charice any way we can. Excellent job! You are a hard worker. May you find your next big hit. Enjoy! We love you Ms. Charice!

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    • pardzleo says:
      @krazyforyou, a year ago i watched charice performed here (eastwood mall) and she sang covers from various artists, but tonight, she sang her own songs but halo which she made it her own. the crowd before weren’t as big as tonight. There was a blast in attendance. And she is the hottest item now here in PI. Pyramid is #1 in Radio countdowns and charts here. Big names in entertainment biz were also spotted here. I myself saw her manager Marc watched the show. i would also like to thank you for giving us the chance to see your vid of cha at us mag interview. was the hat she wore there came from you?…

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  23. Q-rius says:
    Charice’s 3-day performance in Manila has been AMAZING. A definite “WOWER” as Oprah would say. Her Eastwood performance is by far the best, I think. So happy for all the Chasters young and old who came out in the rain and witnessed the new global DIVA in action. She is one of the best, if not THE BEST live performer!

    To the top baby, like a pyramid!

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  24. justcharrie says:
    I so loved that Headstart interview with Karen Davila. Charice answered questions honestly and confidently and she graciously sang every requested song so heavenly beautiful! Everything was perfect. Gosh she’s improving each day!

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  25. Joy Co says:
    I don’t know if my eyes are deceiving me or is it really that Charice’s arms are legs are more toned down. In some of the videos taken from her mall tour in the PI, she shows a much rounder, fuller and firmer deltoids, a bump on her biceps and a somewhat beginning of a nice tricep. Her legs looked firmer and stronger. Ha ha ha … great job Charice! awesome awesome my dear.

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    • perla says:

      of course, she’s turning into a woman being 18, now. it’s no wonder, really that sge’s getting rounder. also, she is very humble for telling the fil. viewers and reporter that her talent fee might not be 100K. and even then, she deserves it. maybe in the philippines, her filipina manager doesn’t demand that much knowing how poor we are and she is just happy to perform in front of pinoy audience but in the USA I’m sure her manager there would ask for that talent fee because it’s more expensive to do business there.

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  26. Portia says:
    Awesome, just can’t get enough of her performances, getting intoxicated of pleasure with her voice, demeanor and everything else about her. What I can say is that we are all touched by an “angel” named CHARICE.

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  27. Daniel says:
    Congratz Charice ! You’re now an International Superstar. Glad that GMA are now embracing her to be a guest at their shows instead of being exclusive to ABS-CBN. Charice is now sporting her own clothing style along with high heels shoes and different style of hats.

    All PI media are excited to see Charice back because she’s the only celebrity that’s humble, clean character with no hint of intrigue, and a real nice and friendly personality ( met her five times and
    I don’t see or feel any changes on her character despite all her success). Hoping to see her for the sixth time at the Grammy Block Party on July 31 if I am able to buy a ticket because they require non-member to be accompanied by a member of the Grammy Academy chapter.

    Continued success on your Asian Tour…at the TOP OF THE WORLD BABY!

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  28. josh says:
    WOW!!! they did an awesome job welcoming Charice not like the other show called ASAP. I’m blown away by this show Eat Bulaga

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  29. EBJohns11 says:
    EAT Bulaga has done good job welcoming Charice. So funny when the Lady said , “get close to Charice cos its gonna be uploaded on youtube” hehe .

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  30. justcharrie says:
    Gee! The reception that GMA did for Charice made me cry for joy much more when Mr. Joey de Leon approached Charice for a picture. Upon knowing that Charice will guest in Eat Bulaga, I suddenly remembered the article he wrote that denotes one as a non-fan. I despised him because of that. Now I’d say I forgive him and I thank him for showing his admiration to our princess.

    This article proves more that he is now a Chaster.

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    • Ana illegas says:
      yes dear, me too i felt the same and u see Charice is really a very respectful young lady. She even addressed him sir,,,She said Thank you sir joey. OMG, i just love her. May God continue to bless,protect and bless her good health always and forever.

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    • Gal Ing says:
      What article? Keep moving forward.

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