Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila

Featuring Charice in TV News, Manila

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  1. Kanagawalocal says:

    Remember her age, people. She is only 18. She is entitled to act as a kid. For her age tho, I do believe she is very mature. Do you know many kids nowadays who would spend their money on purchasing a house for their parent or a car for their sibling? She is a very good kid in my standards! Her mom must be very proud!

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  2. Granny in Vegas says:
    I think Charice should make it known in advance to any TV host that no question should be ask about her personal family life. Her love life is ok , but family matters should be off limits . Regarding her prof. fee , talent agent, managers, publicist, producers does not come cheap in USA. Overhead takes 70 % of it.Well known singers in US becomes multimillioners . Charice just got lucky, good for her and she will work hard for that money. I just wish her mx will let her sing her other songs. I think they will let her sing all her songs on her concert w/ David Foster.

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    • Noticed that it seems to be mainly the Filipino interviewers who are interested in personal information. Their news seems to contain a lot of gossip and innuendos. Some of their questions are “verboten” in Western interviews. Our Western gossip papers just invent their own news and don’t bother to ask.

      Charice started to use her “No Comment” card in her Head Start interview. Smart Girl!

      Aloha Chasters

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  3. mdsjr says:
    “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”
    by Charles Caleb Colton

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  4. rob47 says:

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    • luvkcha09 says:
      i kinda enjoy listening to Charice imitating other singers. i think people will say whatever they want, you can’t please all people, but she has this unique talent she wants to share. and i think she is really a fan of other artists and she likes all types of songs so why not? i haven’t heard JB or Lady Gaga complaining. neither would I. :)

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    • Charice is being herself..she is honest, she is humble, she is true to herself. Just like Celine, David and Oprah advised her. She said “Every performance is like it’s my first performance”

      “I don’t depend on friends
      ‘Cause they come and go
      My belief in myself
      is gonna carry me through
      That’s why I’m learning”

      She is not going to be true to herself if she does things according to what well meaning fans want her to do. She can’t satisfy all her fans. But she can follow the advice of her Professional Entertainment Management team. Charice and Mommy Raquel are no longer just “You and Me Against the World”. They have the greatest bunch of experienced people supporting them.

      Celebrities don’t get mad when someone imitates them “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. It’s their fans who go off the deep end. Charice holds her nose when she imitates Lady Gaga to dampen her rich full voice. Lady Gaga is one of her Idols. Charice is a “little Monster” and wants to do a duet with her Idol.

      Be her supporter, one who supports her decisions. Send your personal input to her Management team if you truly want it to be considered. You don’t seem to be “serious” if you only comment here. Personal opinions should be directed to a person that can do something. We should be “tooting” Charice’s horn, not ours.

      Aloha Chasters Everywhere!

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      • lola-elrem says:

        little monster? LOL! isnt it that she was referred to as “buhanging nakaka-puwing” as a little girl joining amateur singing contests in the provinces? she is one tiny girl with a BIG VOICE!

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    • neznez says:
      Well said, just like you I am a fan of her since the day she appeared in Ellen de Generes show then after Oprah Show I am become glued on “You Tube”. I think Charice do understand regarding your concern because many times she was asked to do an example of Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, she normally cleared that she not making fun of them but rather she’s a big “fan”. Nothing that Oprah mentor had gone failure yet for example, Dr Phil, Rachel, Dr OZ and many more. So, I don’t think we have to worry about Charice.

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    • osuna says:
      Hey Rob, wake up, entertainer in America gets legal advise before they do anything, this is America my friend, go watch a comedy in las vegas and lots of comedian mimics and imitates others, nobody is complaining. Don’t stick too much on you YouTube, go out there and find out what the entertainment all about.

      She is not hurting anyone. She is a genius and you are not. PEACE

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      • rob47 says:


        Charice is not a comedian. If she is, what she is doing is fine!

        She is one of the best singers we have ever heard! And I just don’t want her to lose touch of who she really is…

        Think deep before you respond. We all love Charice and common sense should tell us that she won’t get any positive result from imitating other singers, if it is in a funny way….

        I don’t want to argue anymore. I just hope somebody who knows how to reach her manager, and who believes that this mimicking of other singers won’t help Charice, would forward my original E-mail.


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        • Aloha Rob47, I answered your other comment on the other thread but I will repeat the basic information here. You seem frustrated that you don’t know where to post your comments/advice/concerns. This is not Charice’s website but a Fan website. Her Official Website is http://www.ChariceMusic.com and is listed both on her Youtube account and the bottom right main page of ChariceMania.com.

          http://WWW.ChariceMusic.com is Charice’s official website handled by Warner Brothers Records. Charice is a contract artist on the 143 Reprise Record, a sub-label of Warner Brothers Records. 143 Reprise Records is owned by David Foster. David Foster has the same manager, Marc Johnston, as Charice and Andre Bocelli. Address your concerns to “Contact” on the top of the website. You should be able to contact David Foster, Marc Johnston and Warner Brothers at one address. Hope that helps you to properly contact the right people with the power to change things.

          Comments here will be pushed to the back pages by newer comments. Being a public forum, it might even be “thumbed down”. That is why I said this is the wrong place, it is not an email address but a Billboard. Good for selling/promoting/public bulletins, not good for contacting someone.

          Aloha and Mahalo(Thankyou) Chasters for supporting Charice!

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          • rob47 says:
            Thank you for the info, lolo Menehune!

            I’ll try to contact her manager through the website you provided.


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            • Aloha Rob47, glad to be of some help. We all try to support Charice in our own ways. I know how frustrating it can be when you have to defend yourself from your fellow fans. Unfortunately it sometimes leads to name calling or worse. I don’t like to see fans with a common goal becoming enemies for no good reason.

              Let us forget our differences and remember why we are here.

              TO SUPPORT CHARICE – Such an Amazing Girl

              Aloha and Mahalo(Thankyou) Chasters Everywhere!

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            • cueA says:

              Interesting discussion, now I’m curious…could you please share the response from WarnerBros, et al should you receive one? Thanks in advance!

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    • enad says:

      “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” again. there’s a reason why charice pressed her nose. to make her voice more of that of lady gaga.

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      • Portia says:

        I totally agree with you enad, she pressed her nose so she would sound more like Lady Gaga, it’s not an insult it is more like doing something just so you would sound or look like what you want to be the person you imitate.

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  5. idolming says:
    To CM Team and to all the contributors of this site and to all our talented youtube uploaders (so many names to mention), I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulate you all for a job well done. It surely brightens my day whenever I read new things or even older things about our Charice. She is truly a role model of the present youth, vibrant and articulate…Reading articles and comments here has become part of my daily routine. My day wont pass w/o passing at CM site. To CM team and to all my fellow Chaster, keep up the good work and more power! LABYO all!

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  6. JaYrOx says:
    Thank you for letting us in CTV Crew collaborate with you guys. As Miyi said, it’s a beautiful thing…All of us from different Charice sites working together towards a common goal, which is to help Charice get to the top. I am thankful and do feel fortunate for opportunity.

    Anyway, thank you CM. And by the way Eve… I think the word “Tyrant” is an understatement. LOL. Labyo ConfuSchoen!!! :D

    P.S. I know he hates the limelight, but to Miyi…our Kapitan…thanks for all ur hardwork. :)

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  8. Ate Lina says:
    I would also like to express my BIG Thank You to you both Eve and Schoen and also Admin and Max and all the translators of CM. We are all fans but you all particularly, are making an EXTRA effort to share Charice informations to us without receiving any
    compensation. I put you all in a pedestal in my “book” because you are my HEROES. Seriously!!

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  9. miyi says:
    Yes, thank you so much to Schoen, Eve, Capofret and all the other CM staffers who work behind the scenes. We really appreciate all of these Charice updates. =))

    And to the translators of these videos especially, aims_me2x, JayRox, Java, and I have a lot of translators now LOL, too many to name here… Chasters from different sites collaborating together. It’s beautiful.

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  10. Portia says:
    Thank you Eve and Schoen for this beautiful article. Hurray for these two lovely and energetic ladies, if not for them Team Charicemania is incomplete.

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  11. corabebot says:
    thanks everybody for the hard work. esp to eve &schoen.we all chasters really appreciate your hard work.

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  12. ebjohns11 says:
    Yeah tnx a lot to all of you cos right now im unable to help. Tnx for the update!

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Hi ebjohns11. How are you feeling? Hope all is going smoothly, for you and hubby.

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  13. jimfan155 says:
    Like many others have done, thank you Eve and Schoen for all your hard work here at CM. You keep us well informed. Special thanks to the translators, Aims_me2x, JayRox, and Java who keep us in the loop so we know what is being said.

    Just a great team of volunteers at CM who put in countless hours for us Chasters.

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  14. schoen says:

    We should all acknowledge Miyi, Jayrox and their CTV Crew, all the translators working hard to get this video subbings done. We have an international audience, our goal is to inform them and let them be a part of Charice´s wonderful world. That includes the hardworking Chasters behind the scenes. I appreciate their work and I´m very grateful for their efforts.

    And yes Eve, I´m a tyrant coz I want to get the job done! So next time work faster please. Labyo!! lol

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  15. ChrisJSS says:
    Thanks Eve and Schoen!

    Eve, you’re that lovely voice I hear with DJ Drake on Fantalk, right? =)

    For fairly new Chasters like me, being chastertized only this 2010, can anybody tell me who Schoen is? It would be nice to know the people who give all this effort to show the rest of the chasters bits and pieces of Charice’s journey to stardom. They’re like major contributors. lol. I wanna know them. =) I’m sure there are noteworthy chasters here.

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    • OMIE says:
      Schoen is a dedicated Chaster who lives in Germany. She also writes a blog about Charice in the German language: http://schoeen.wordpress.com/.

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    • eve says:
      yes, ChrisJSS, ’tis I on FanTalk radio. Schoen is the resident mystery lady, never seen her photo, but she is heard loud and clear when she BUZZES us to work together on an article… she’s good at delegating, that tyrant!! (Joke.. hehe)

      Actually, we’ve developed a close working relationship electronically over the past year since I joined CM. We have a lot of fun behind the scenes. Schoen posted a transcription of one of our Instant Messaging sessions a few weeks ago, in the Forum.

      Here’s the transcription when we were putting together the >>> Japan article about Ayaka’s cover song. It was a difficult post because the article was in Japanese and Google Translator is not quite right. Schoen was impatiently waiting on me to get the translations from my contact. In the meantime, we were discussing how to format the article etc.

      …not sure if it’ll make complete sense to the reader if you weren’t there ‘in the moment’ but what-the-heck… maybe it’ll help you to get to know us a little better. lol.

      Behind the Scenes transcription

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  16. jessica86s says:
    I’d like to be one of the first also to express my gratitude to you hardworking and beautiful ladies for keeping us entertained and updated with the goings on of Charice. Thank you again Chasters.

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  17. Rom Remus says:
    More power from above, Charice! Be the Joan of Arc of the Philippines sans the stake, unless you consider the humiliation after Little Big Star the fire you had to overcome. Joan did hers posthumously.

    But,if you were Joan, wither Philippines?

    Let it be an explosion of creative talents who also care for the little ones.

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  18. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Thanks a lot Eve and Scheon for the hard work :-) We really appreciate this :-)

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    • Mary Grace Takemura says:
      Oh Charice!!! You are really making us all proud. Today, I saw a featured news of yours on channel 4 (japanese talkshow), I was so joyful that they seemed to be proud and happy of what you’ve accomplished so far (parang, yeaah she’s Asian like us, kumbaga). gambatte, ne. I hope to see you here in Tokyo.

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  19. camel says:
    thank you EVE and Crabby Schoen!

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    • eve says:
      on behalf of Crabby and myself… thank you for the “thank you” !! We should call her Tyrant Schoen too. She is soooo demanding to work with. bwahahahaha…. :D

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