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Charice in Korean News

Charice in Korean News

English translation:

The singer Charice visited Korea to promote her debut album “Charice”.
She dropped by SBS studio where the TV show “StarKing” which made her dream come true was being taped.

Charice thanked them very much and said ai???My life has changed dramatically since I appeared in this

She also sang the song, “Pyramid” from her worldwide debut album released last May.

TodayA?s taping of the show with Charice will be aired on July 24.

This is her 4th time visiting the show “StarKing” since she showed on 38th, 48th and 90th shows.

In Autumn 2007, since her show in “StarKing” was posted on Youtube, she had the opportunities to apprear in the “Paul Oai??i??Grady Show” in the UK, “Oprah Winfrey Show” in the US and in other famous talk shows.

This made for her to be chosen by the worldA?s best producer, David Foster. She signed a contract with the major record company “Warner Music” and first stepped as a singer.

Her debut album “Charice” has ranked at number 8th on the Billboard album charts and she broke the record as she was the first asian singer who ranked in the top 10.

Charice, who became the famous singer in the world from a poor Filipina, visited Korea again on the 11th and she will appear in the SBS “StarKing” on the 12th, Colospa cheap the MBC radio show “A Bae Chulsooai??i??s Music camp” on the 14th, the SBS “Kim Jungeunai??i??s Chocolateai??i??” and so on.

A Bae Chulsooai??i??s Music camp

MBC FM4U 18:00 to 20:00 pm daily

Kim Jungeunai??i??s Chocolate is a South Korean late night music program which began airing on March 10, 2008 on Tuesday nights at 12:35am on SBS replacing Lee Juk’s Music Space. It was then moved to Wednesday nights at 12:30am, and later Saturday nights at 12:10am. It is hosted by famed actress, Kim Jung-eun.

She will depart from Korea on the 15th and continue her album promotion in Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

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Translated by Bitzes/bitzes08A?s Korean friend, Junwoo Jung

NOTE: We have more news from Korea, weA?ll try to get them all translated. Please check again here later. Thanks Bitzes/bitzes08.

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85 Responses to “Charice in Korean News”

  1. bitzes/bitzes08 says:

    Charice in Korean Times!

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  2. webmarketer says:

    Vid snippet of Charice’s guesting in Star King on July 2010.

    100712 Charice on Star King – fancam


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  3. bitzes/bitzes08 says:

    here’s Charice’s Interview on Bae Chulsoo’s Music Camp on July 16 ..

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  4. marie says:

    Per – Charice’s interview from Music Camp 7/16. It’s very easy to understand because it’s in English/ Korean =D

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  5. Cincha says:

    Hopefully someone uploads her guestings in KoreaxD
    Definitely cannot wait for Star King and her duet

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  6. bitzes/bitzes08 says:

    Charice’s radio appearance on Bae Chulsoo’s Music camp was aired yesterday July 16 .. i can’t access the site cuz u need to have an account in MBC ..

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  7. shin tae-hee says:
    super junior members leeteuk and eunhyuk still remeber her wen she return to korea!!!im an elf and i really envy her cause she got that talent and did able to perform to korea!!!specially wen she sang with my kyuhyun oppa!!!im sure elf will be dying to be with them as well!!!!anyway charice is still have a long way to go..but im pretty sure she will make legacy that will be remember throughout the world@!!!!…charice your a pride of your country!!!korea korea rocks!!!
    suju hwaiting!!!!go charice!!

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    • Jonas says:
      It’s good to hear that SUJU and the elves adore Charice. Kyuhyun and Charice’s duet seems destined to become a classic. By the way, how did you get your name elves? Yes, Korea rocks!

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      • Rivendel says:
        i believe the ELF stands for everlasting friends,name for super junior fans.

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      • shin tae-hee says:

        we elfs, really admire her..she did a good job wen she first went to korea specially wen she sung with kyuhyun oppa…it was also the time that i did know charice pempengco because of the show…hahahaa.. elf stands for everlasting friends..
        it is the fanclub of super junior members and im one of them!!!proud to be one..yap korea and philippines relationship become stronger because of that..and i love it…i love both countries!!!
        korea rocks,,elf forever,,,suju hwaiting..

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  8. Q-rius says:

    Admin/Moderator. Please post. Charice Korean documentary the early years a must watch!

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  9. LoloJP says:

    You are like cream and sugar in my coffee–gee, it takes mocha-supreme.

    Isn’t it a nice feeling that on account of the chaos that are happening around us, there is still an icon that we can look up to who can usher us into a place of peace and calm where we can spend some virtuous moments of our time to get along and disagree with respect.
    I yearn to see those familiar names here in Charicemania since I joined in 2008. I miss them but I’ll remember them.

    And because both of you are related, I wish you well and and all I hope for is, may I stay a bit longer to enjoy the music of CHARICE and never have to–”GUNtoosoon.”


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  10. shin tae-hee says:
    try to watched for her first appearance in starking,,standing ovation with the judges…hahahha,,,,funny with sujus manager…=)

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  11. shin tae-hee says:
    shes so lucky to be with super junior..hahahah…fans are dying to be with them,,two thumbs up to her..=)

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    • Jonas says:

      I think that more than anything, Charice and Suju/StarKing did wonders for Philippines-South Korea relations.

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  12. honeylie57 says:

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  13. Socal123 says:
    Charice will appear in the S. Korean music program MUZIT (Cable channel Y-Star) on July 31. This is hosted by K-Will with whom she recorded a duet for the song, Endless Love.

    Source: Allkpop

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  14. jhesa43 says:
    I cant see any video of Charice in youtube when she was in Korea last 2 days ago…why why why…even korean news…ZERO…

    wwwwwaaaaaaaa….please post here please

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    • schoen says:

      Jhesa43, we´re still waiting. If we´re informed right, one show will be aired today.


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    • shin tae-hee says:
      hey…just wit for the 24th..hahhaha..they will still not gonna upload it unless it they already show it in tv…they just taped it…so lets just wait for it…hahaha..starking was the name of the show..try to watch charice previous performances with well known korean singers1!!!!love charice to perform in korean stage again..=)

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      • Jonas says:

        I liked Charice’s performances with South Korean singers, and I’m sure I will like also the new ones.

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  15. ZiFi says:
    Wow, this JusChaFever guy is really persistent. He’s back on YouTube again. He already is using charicecrazyfanatic, VoiceOfTheDecade, gleecharice and JusChaChannel as usernames and now he has another new one: CyrusHollywood. Fellow Charice fans, avoid this guy’s videos on YouTube. He is littering YouTube with copied Charice videos and misleading garbage videos with Charice’s name on them. He mentions ChariceMania in one video to catch attention, and I guess, to suck up to true Charice fans. This guy thinks he can make good bucks on YouTube by using Charice’s name.

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    • aaalo says:
      stop advertizing for this guy,most of us just stay with Charicemanic-the best fan site. don’t mention the guy here please.

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    • Aloha ZiFi, looks like he reuploaded the RS and USW “Halo” tape. He mislabels it as “Charice GLEE Season 2 Audition” using “ChaGleek” username. He also disabled commenting. He also still has the “ChaBeiber” account.

      Aloha Chasters!

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  16. ASIANLEE says:
    YEA.. CHARICE.. ;D
    YEA… hehe Wonderful..
    Love Your voice Chairce..
    GO ASIANS.. ;D

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