Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

JULY 12 UPDATE – Charice Named ‘Breakout Artist of the Month.’
With her powerful voice, Charice became famous from her Youtube clip. At this moment, she is ready to be known worldwide with her first single ai??? Popular singer Iyaz (Replay) also joins her to make this song much more colorful.

In addition, Charice also received support from people in the entertainment industry, like Oprah Winfrey and David Foster. Music critics named her as “The Voice” of today’s music industry and she has been compared with the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion! The year 2010 makes her an artist to watch out for.

Catch Charice on Singled Out Cell spy, Spyware iphone. for the month of July on Channel [V] Thailand (84) (Thailand’s True Visions TV A31 and D84).

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singled out Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

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Channel [V] Breakout Artist

Charice’s single Pyramid has been on the charts for 7 weeks and is currently at no. 1 on the The [V] Countdown. Charice has also been named as Breakout Artist of the Month.

V Countdown no 1 Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

Channel V Breakout Artist Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice

Philippineai??i??s hottest pop sensation Charice Pempengco is breaking into the international music scene! CHANNEL [V] makes sure to celebrate in a big way by making her the Breakout Artist of the Month.

Charice has recently released her self-titled debut album, produced by Grammy-winning producer David Foster. Her first single ai???Pyramidai??i?? is already getting airplay at the clubs.
Born and raised in the Philippines, Charice began singing at the age of 4. When she was 15, a web-savvy fan began posting a series of her performances on YouTube including appearances on the local talent show Little Big Star and the hit South Korean talent show Star King. She instantly became an Internet sensation and made appearances on American TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Source: Channel – Music

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23 Responses to “Channel [V] Thailand Singled Out: The Amazing Girl, Charice”

  1. Jose Tan says:

    Recent photos of Charice in Thailand. These were taken at the airport when Chasters Thailand met with her. Feel free to share the photos to your FB, MYSpase or Twitter.

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  2. apayagamin says:
    yeah.. i was watching V top20 and Pyramid is the number one song.. yehey!!!!!!

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    • efryll says:
      yeah me too… i saw it yesterday… i was really glad… haha… i never watched V top 20, just yesterday… i don’t know… i just have a hunch that pyramid will be on the top spot so i keep on watching until the VJ announced the no. 1 song… and buela… no. 1 Pyramid… can’t help smiling while it was being played… i’m very proud… like a proud ate with a younger sister graduating valedictorian in her class… haha… sounds OA but that’s how i felt… and also the VJ said she was glad to see an Asian on the no. 1 spot…

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  3. mdsjr says:
    We all should remember that the charice Team is one of the best management there is. It is not like in the Philippines where the management is just the artist and the manager. The Charice team to name a few:
    1. Warner Bros/Reprise Worldwide
    2. Mark T. Johnson of Align Entertainment Group
    3. Liz Rosenberg, Publicist, Liz Rosenberg Media
    4. David Foster, 143 Records
    5. Oprah Winfrey, Harpo/Oprah Winfrey Network
    6. Ed Shapiro, Entertainment Lawyer
    All the persons named above are also Charice’s Godfathers and Godmothers. Lastly, her mother is with her all the time. I think these persons know what they are doing. Why don’t we just contribute whatever we can for Charice success and leave these people do their job. So let us all relax and enjoy the ride….

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  4. Mr. Marc , the pacing of Charice is blinding !

    It can kill the ” VOICE ”

    How about it…this time consiously PLS.

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  5. Juvy says:
    can`t believe it what I`m hearing everyday Pyramid is constantly played by a popular “RnB” Radio Station BIG FM here in Germany although her single will be out in August and her album in September, it`s a good way of publicity though. When Charice comes and do the promotions, people can familiarize it right away, bestimmt! Wahnsinn!!

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  6. Ilham says:
    When the breakout artist of charice publishing on v channel? T.T please tell me,

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  7. justcharrie says:
    Ahhh…our princess is exploding worldwide. Before, we’re only hearing about her in Tagalog news…then comes in English…what was third? French? And now, news in different languages comes one after the other…I feel a flick of GLEEfullness in my heart :)…

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  8. epic says:
    i’d luv to hear Charice sing “Note to God” at the 2011 World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain. It’d be heavenly. Can the entire Charice supporters find a way and do something to make it happen??

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  9. kimora says:

    MORE. cheers! God bless u always!

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  10. kimora says:
    Charice, spread ur wings as u travel around the globe. let them hear ur “VOICE” from within. The voice from an angel sent from above. Show them the very special gift (from god) that no one can take away from u. Stay humble as u are right now so people will love you

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  11. don7dynamo says:
    the other day i was watching Channel V Asia here in Vietnam, and she’s the breakout artist for the month.

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  12. Princess Serena says:
    @tsuki: LOL! WE LOVE YOU CHARICE!!!!

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  13. artemis gibran says:
    If it’s from CHARICE…it must be GREAT.

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  14. tsuki says:
    Charice, to the top baby. For your visit, I hope the Thai fans will be less than Toronto Eaton Centre and the venue will be on the first floor for safety and security reasons. Also, do just soft songs or the roof might collapse (joke only). LOL.

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