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Charice Magazine Interview: Rollingstone, Us Weekly and Seventeen

Charice Magazine Interview: Rollingstone, Us Weekly and Seventeen

Charice was in New York City yesterday, making the rounds of interviews with magazine biggies.  Yesterday, she visited Seventeen (circulation: monthly, 2.3 million), Rollingstone (circulation: bi-weekly, 1.4 million), and US Weekly (circulation: weekly, 1.8 million) and performed Beyonce’s “HALO,” exclusively for the staffers there.

The editorial staff was so enchanted by Charice’s sweet voice that they let the fans know via twitter:

Charice celebrity tweets Charice Magazine Interview: Rollingstone, Us Weekly and Seventeen
US Weekly tweet Charice Magazine Interview: Rollingstone, Us Weekly and Seventeen


A chaster was on hand to record what happened!!!

Quote from the video uploader: “We met Charice, her publicist, her manager, and another girl at the reception area of Wenner Media, NYC. Liz offered to take our pictures! Wow! Had a short meet and greet chat on our way to the US Weekly Dept. to meet and perform for some of the Rollingstone and Us Weekly staffers.

– rca45na

Video Uploaded by rca45na

Video: Halo
“Here she covers the song Halo for the staffers. Actually she also sang Pyramid to warm up her vocals and Baby by Justin Bieber due to popular demand or staff request. But I know I will run out of space which I did during the recording of these videos. Sorry I have to skip some portions of Charice’s performances. Hope you enjoyed the show. God bless Charice! And thank you to Liz, Mark, and Charice for being so accommodating. 2 Thumbs up!”


Video Uploaded by rca45na

The Day I Met Charice

by rca45na aka krazyforyou
I apologize to the reader for my frantic style of writing. My friends here know that I am the ultimate Charice fan. Charice’s album is always playing and on replay mode during office hours on my work station computer.

There was this contest for passes to see Charice showcase her new album before the media biggies in NYC which I joined but did not win. The last time Charice visited Us Weekly Online w/ Ian Drew, which I believe was recorded in our office studio just next door to where I sit and I missed that entirely. And the hall of fame song writer’s awards where Charice honored her godfather David Foster by singing his most famous song at the awards night. The least I wanted to do there was to see Charice walking on the red carpet. Because all this happened in the city I am in made it bitter sweet not seeing Charice in person.

I was imagining I could by chance meet the mother and daughter in Times Square. Impossible! It was too hot outside! I also played the Charice trivia game and was given the title Ultimate Fan hoping to win the chance to meet Charice one weekend too.

First time I saw Charice in the flesh was riding on the Macy’s float in 2008 which I took a video of and was when I officially became a fan. Next I saw her perform at the Prudential Arena in a DFF concert tour last year. And just like you charicemanians spend hours watching Charice Youtube videos. My only wish is to meet Charice face to face and have a complete fan experience.

Then I read from the pages of Charicemania that Charice is flying to the US again to meet magazine publishers including my company’s Rollingstone magazine. That was Monday morning when she left the Philippines and will be arriving at night of the same day. So I calculated that she will be meeting these publishers starting Tuesday. She said she will work for two days making that Tuesday or Wednesday when she may come to our office building. She did not come Tuesday or Wednesday, but learned from a reliable source that Charice is scheduled to appear Thursday 2PM. So imagine me and my co workers being able to meet and greet with Ms. Charice upclose and personal with the timely help of my friends and coworkers that Thursday.

I got a sudden personal invite from one of the senior editors to sit and watch Charice perform only that day, two hours before she was to arrive and only because by a slim chance another editor called my supervisor friend about an entirely different matter and the name of Charice was inserted in the conversation. She mentioned out of context that I was dying to meet Charice.

I was prepared with my Charice cd, Pentel pen (July 6), Sony Cybershot camera (July7), even brought a white fedora hat for her as a gift just in case (July 8); things any fan should have when they meet Charice.

I was able to have pictures and video taken from the reception area to the board room also because the person in charge of security to bring Charice’s group to our floor is a friend who knew I am a big fan and called me only minutes before our idol’s arrival. I did not get that call by the way but my office mates did, so my friends went looking for me in a hurry. And this was happening while I was waiting at the end of the building where I was not aware it’s not supposed to take place. I knew that 2PM is the set time of the meet. I got suspicious that I was at the wrong area. So I decided to go to the reception area after I circled the whole 2nd floor wondering what is going on. He, the one in charge of security whispered to Charice that she has one of her biggest fan in the building dying to see her while riding the elevator.

So I learned from my friends that we have to be ready to meet Charice at the reception area and that I was the only non editorial staff allowed to be inside the board room to watch Charice perform. I pulled my camera out of my trousers and got ready to shoot.

Elevator doors opening no Charice yet. The door number one opened and I saw Ms.Charice with Liz Rosenberg and an assistant. Bloopers! I pressed the off button instead of snapping a picture of our idol. Liz Rosenberg noticed how nervous we were, but she realized we were fans. She offered to take a picture of me with Charice. Wow! But Bloopers again! I dropped my copy of Charice’s cd for my autograph request. It was captured in one shot. Clumsy me!

My face was contorted. My pen and cd and envelop spilled on the floor with a bang. I hurriedly gathered everything back to an envelope. Liz Rosenberg patiently waited and shot a perfect picture of me and Charice. Bing!

Charice was all calm. I believe this has happened before in her many meet and greet sessions. These were not captured in my video clips. Watch my 6 part videos for everything else.

After she sang Halo I approached her to request an autograph on my copy of her latest music cd. I shook her hand, smiled, looked her in the eye and said “I’ll see you at your concerts”. She gave me a big smile. They were still conversing with the editors when I left the room. I believe the big topic for this meeting is about her being in Glee. So I left quietly with a huge sense of satisfaction. And I thank the Lord for one great and unforgettable day.

Expect, the Lord willing, that Charice will appear on Us Weekly issues repeatedly come Glee season. Who knows she might even be featured in Rollingstone magazine. I only wish but it would come as the biggest surprise if she by any chance happen to land any of the covers of all these popular American magazines. The end.

Posted by Schoen

98 Responses to “Charice Magazine Interview: Rollingstone, Us Weekly and Seventeen”

  1. krazyforyou says:

    You won’t see part 6 of my video in Youtube anymore because Warner Brothers took it down due to infringement of rights, which I don’t know why they did it also to my upload. But I can tolerate their move even though I don’t perfectly understand their motivations. I can only guess. So be it. Anyway we can still enjoy the copy I sent to Charicemania.

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  2. krazyforyou says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. krazyforyou says:
    I saw part 6 of my video used by ABS CBN – ANC one on one interview with Ms. Karen Davila, godmother of Charice. I was a bit disappointed that the producers used the copy of the person who stole my video who probably led them to believe that they were Charice’s audition video at Glee. I was hoping there was a follow up question about Charice’s wonderful experience with the editors and staff of these popular American magazines. I hope they know that Charice has loving fans and friends even in these publications.I hope they will visit Charicemania to verify the facts.

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    • aaalo says:
      I saw it too,but Tech Pinas made correction today. Charice made the correction on KD show.

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      • krazyforyou says:
        Can we hear Tech Pinas version? Do you have a link to that? I know Charice made a correction on ANC with KD. But I don’t like our Charice being on a defensive mode it felt so negative having to correct the false information. I’d rather that they use my video for its true value. It made me feel sad that they mispoke. Now I might have to explain and be on a defensive as well. I hate that. It just doesn’t feel right. I hope ANC check their facts and set things straight. How could they have mistaken my video for an audition by Charice for Glee? Hmmmm.

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    • Capofret says:
      someone reuploaded your video and put the title as something like “charice’s glee audition”. if you are a new fan who just stumbled to this video you might believe it. but the other fans especially those who constantly check charice’s videos will not. that’s not your fault. anyway, it’s good charice also cleared it out. glee is a hot topic, so anything with charice and glee will get interest from people.

      i don’t like people reuploading videos and then renaming or tagging differently. it’s only misleading people and it takes away the credit from the original uploader.

      so in future, for chasters who are planning to upload videos you took personally, better put title or watermark on it.

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  4. Ferdie says:
    If you are wondering where the new arraingement of Charice’s cover version of Halo in the above video, well watch this video of here Philippine concert with musician/composer maestro Ryan Cayabyab

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  5. ZiFi says:
    Because Charice is probably a very high “search” on YouTube, some people are taking advantage of this and are using Charice’s videos & name on YouTube to get hits; copying videos by other users and reuploading the copies under their own channels. Charice fans should familiarize themselves with the usernames of these cretins & avoid clicking on their videos. If their videos contain misleading title/description/tags, flag it as spam so that YouTube will take action and suspend or even remove their accounts. Support the original uploader to reward him/her for sharing the video.

    To the top, Charice! :-)

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    • aaalo says:
      please check how many “Susan boyle” video on youtube,how many hits each got. Is it hurt SusaN or help her?In another case, Oprah took anybody’s post of “note to god” DOWN,now go see what kind of hit Oprah’s exclusive video get. I don’t think It help Charice. remember not long ago,Mocrosoft let people have free access of window while Apple didn’t, Apple learned the lesson. if you want help Charice,you should encourage people to spread the video all over the cyber space. if you just care about hitting count,copied right, that not going to help Charice.”copying is another form of flattery,complement”

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      • SaTrinomaNagkita says:

        True and I agree but one has to give credit to the original uploader especially if no watermark was provided in uploaded video. It is worse when someone would claim it as their own. Chasters would easily recognize those is that happens. However, to the uninitiated that would be mis/mal-information.

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    • krazyforyou says:
      zifi. Take it easy on those fans I say. I learned from the Lord Jesus, “those who are for us are not against us.” As long as they don’t crucify Charice they could be friends of ours. Whatever their motivation is as long as they share God’s gift that is Charice to us and to the world of entertainment. I guess its okay to allow them to grow and develop a healthy conscience with more gentle proddings.

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  6. Maureen says:
    this is awesome! truly happy for krazyforyou and thankful for the uploads. we get witness, well, share the experience of meeting charice in person in an exclusive event at that.. feeling VIP din me ;)) chasters represent!

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  7. Yobhtron says:
    Her impromptu performance was impressive. Her gesticulations adds aura on her incredible personality.

    It is disheartening to know that some Youtubers already copied this video and uploaded it as their own. These people really possesses epidermis of pachyderms.

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  8. ArrVee says:
    i noticed that she puts on her “performance cap” when she needs to concentrate, then takes it off after the song. I first noticed this in this video of her studio recording session of “What’s My World”:

    (this reminds me of a comment made of her video of one of her performances at TLUC in Italy, where the commenter didn’t know about her, but simply said something like “that girl in the white cap is really talented”, which struck me as an understatement)

    another thing after the song is when she reverts to her conversational voice and sweetly says “Thank You”, you could not believe that came from the same person that just gave that powerful Halo rendition.

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  9. eve says:
    Well this video is sneaking up on 28,000 views so I guess I was wrong about it topping off at 30K. It has captured the following honors 48 hours after krazyforyou posted it… EPIC!!!

    btw the Lady Gaga Tribute video posted by UsWeekly 10 weeks ago only has 23,000 hits… they should have recorded this one! But what makes this one so amazing is that it is so raw, no microphone! Just Charice, the ultimate performer, having fun with Ian at 52secs. and also improvising with the hat krazyforyou had just given to her as a gift and using it as a prop to great effect at 2:10 in the second half of the song.

    Honors for this video (11)
    #11 – Most Discussed (Today)) – Music
    #28 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Australia
    #9 – Most Viewed (Today)) - Music – Canada
    #72 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – United Kingdom
    #52 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Ireland
    #43 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – New Zealand
    #25 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music
    #68 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – South Korea
    #88 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Hong Kong
    #48 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Music
    #25 – Top Rated (Today)) – Music

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  10. ebug says:
    Wow!!! This is a high caliber performance! =)

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  11. CHING says:
    She is amazing w/ out microphone, unbelievable !!

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  12. anita d. cruz says:
    hello krazyforyou:thanks a lot4these videos,we @ the CM fans site were looking forward4someone2upload videos2link on our charice.when that upload came,CM linked to us right away,& have our own delights seein cha entering wenner media bldg down that boardrm where all of u gathered & she sang wow,how many times again & again i have watched it,&again today-& maybe more days2watch it.she’s so awesome to watch,so simple,plain,humble, simple,thats why shes so lovable.u must be nervewrecked just for the thought charice will be there @ ur bldg, in ur mind u have to see her & not to miss her again like b4,preparing ur gears-cd,pentalpen,camera,even a hat for cha,all were ready,& when u saw cha-everything is falling down,cam turned off instead of shooting,hehehe, i was lol here,well, at least ur efforts,ur excited mind were paid off,u were able to see cha eye to eye,shook hands, see upclose and personal how she birit,ohhh so great!! i am envious/jealous of ur experience, we too were hoping to have that kind of experience, but i doubt it.its hard to get that kind of celeb connection- i saw charice here in houston june 3,2010 but the experience unlike urs,urs so special, haha!! next time she comes back there,feed us a lot of her videos ,hehehe we’re anxious to see her and hear her beautiful voice. Ty rca45. fr.anitadcruz

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    • krazyforyou says:
      anitadcruz. I tried not to enjoy myself too much during the visit. How could I? I was too nervous. The opportunity came so sudden. I know I can’t crash the meeting with the editors, so my only chance is to ambush her and with any streak of fortune we might be able to take a picture. I hope they were not freaked out by my strange presence, but I can care less. But thank you Jesus! It went unexpectedly amazing! Now I can enjoy the videos with all charicemanians. This will not happen again here probably so enjoy this till the next great video of Charice. I hope you encounter Charice face to face too and have a satisfaction greater than mine.

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  13. jn says:
    Krazyforyou, A big thanks…..Hope to see more of your vids as Charice grace on more future magazine covers/or even a section or even attend big events in NY….Gracias again!!!

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  14. idolming says:
    krazyforyou you filled our hearts with so much joy w/ your wonderful story and video coverage. We all felt the same the very first time seeing Charice. But yours is different, its a wonderful and amazing meet and greet. Thank you so much a million times for sharing your videos and experience!

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  15. dmatrix95 says:
    I’m so happy for you krazyforyou. I could feel your excitement coz I can still remember the first time I met Charice. Thanks for sharing your video. Go Charicemania. Charice fans are growing by the minute.

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    • ebjohns11 says:
      Good to hear from you Dmatrix, Havent heard from you in a long time.
      Charice – Best singer LIVE!!

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  16. tonz says:
    Look at Marc. He must have heard our princess singing like forever, yet, he is still in rapt attention just listening to her yet again. Just think what will Cha do to us when we are the ones doing the listening? HaHa

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    • ArrVee says:
      on the other hand, her mom looks very relaxed here: :-)

      listening to this again just amazes me with her vocal power and control, and I am amazed as well at the composure of the videographer.

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      • krazyforyou says:
        arrvee. Her mom was not present at this meeting. You’re probably refering to Liz R. Charice said her mom chose to remain at their hotel to rest a bit, I guess.

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        • ArrVee says:
          @krazyforyou, I was just making a contrasting comparison of her mom in that video vs that of Marc in your video, and I think her mom was even yawning for a while in that video of her rehearsal for the O’Grady show …

          by the way, like everyone I want to thank you for your wonderful videos. What struck me was when you asked Charice to say something for the Chasters, she lightened up and remarked that you were also a Chaster, and even recognized your screen name. Isn’t it amazing how ChariceMania can make us immediately make connections when we meet?

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  17. tcfromva says:
    my husband and i are so jealous but happy for you. why can’t we be so lucky to have the connections and the job that you have. why can’t we live in New York or California or any other cities that she visited. I just find comfort in believing in patience that someday we’ll have the pleasure of meeting Charice and that will be a day we’ll treasure with fondness and joy. Thanks for sharing your experience and again confirming what a nice person Charice really is.
    tc from va

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    • krazyforyou says:
      tcfromva. I am so happy to be able to serve the Charice globe wide fans with this once in a life time opportunity. I hope more of Charice fans will be able to cover and spot shoot her other stops in major cities of America and Asia. Charice is indeed a great and beautiful person. Let’s take care of Charice. I hope you too can be of service to Charice fans around the globe. Smiles. Peace.

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  18. jessica86s says:
    Thank you for sharing this chaster experience of yours. Interesting, funny, exciting, and rewarding as happy endings should go. Or should I say, the great beginnings of new found levels of experiencing Charice, now that you’ve finally met and greeted and shook her hand, up close and personal? I’m so happy for you and wish you many more pleasant encounters with Charice.

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    • krazyforyou says:
      jessica86s.I said to my friend and co-worker, I asked him, will you take my picture with Charice?” I said to him, “now is not the time to be timid my friend!” Because I did not want to miss my chance of meeting Charice given the opportunity that has been. I believe if you’re a fan don’t hesitate to be bold and go for it and take your chances. I wish all of the fans can have a day hanging out with our superstar- Charice. God bless you.

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  19. denb3ar says:
    Congratulations krazyforyou, you’re lucky to meet Charice in the flesh and pictures taken with her! A million fans would love to be in your shoe!

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  20. jessica86s says:
    I’d realy be surprised and darned disappointed if Charice didn’t win a few Grammies this year. I’m sure she’s making friends and connecting with the people who nominate and vote in the Grammies through these rounds she’s making. So far, I haven’t seen or heard a negative or derrogatory remark or feedback from these people she’s visited. I have all my fingers and toes crossed. lol. GO CHARICE -All the way to the Top Babe!

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  21. aroc says:
    wonderful!go go go charice.Waiting to see you on any magazines cover.

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  22. hyu says:
    fly like a rocket cha…fly high soar hi… at the deepest part of my self your my ultimate IDOL..

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  23. krazyforyou says:
    Thank you po Schoen for editing my piece of story. Thank you po Charicemanians. God bless you all.

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  24. YYYY says:
    WOW! Check out her gestures and facial expressions. I can already see her in Glee!

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