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Charice at Star King: Three-peat Engagement

Charice at Star King: Three-peat Engagement


Finally, Charice’s appearance on Star King aired on Korean television on July 24th. It marked the third appearance for Charice on the popular Korean television show and was highly anticipated as this is where her road to stardom began all the way back in 2007, when a smitten fan (Coolsmurf) posted the now famous video performance of Charice wowing the Korean judges.

Over 1,000 chasters were in the chatroom, which promptly crashed! And over 5,000 viewers were watching the livestream which aired from 2:30 to 3:30AM Pacific Time, 6:30PM in Korea. There were touching moments as Charice presented the host Kang Ho Dong with an autographed copy of her self-titled CD ‘Charice’ and a personal handwritten sign in Korean, translated “Thank you so much Starking ~Charice Pempengco.”

She had a duet with So Hyang performing ‘When You Believe’ (originally by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey), sang Bodyguard Medley,, and had a battle of sorts with Luna performing ‘One Moment In Time,’ after which she gave touching words of advice to “believe in yourself” that brought tears to Luna’s eyes.

Enjoy the videos!

Charice at Star King w/ English Subtitles

Video uploaded by CTV Crew

Message from a Korean Chaster friend about ‘One Moment in Time’
performed by both Luna and Charice (video # 3 above):

Hi Schoen,
Luna is one of the famous singers.
Of course Charice is more more better than Luna.
But she is younger than Charice.
While Luna singing, a sound system was not good.
After her song, she said, she thought that “I can sing more good, but i can’t.”
At that time, a cast tell luna “you have to be here in Korea.”
The word means “Luna can’t success if she enter other countries.”
That’s why she cried.
I am sorry that Luna cried…
I want other chasters know this truth.
Yesterday, I am proud of Charice more and more~
It was great day.
Thanks~schoen – From Korea


charice starking korea 1 Charice at Star King: Three peat Engagement

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Charice at Korean TV Show ‘Chocolate’

video uploaded by AllkpopIsAwesome


First Star King Appearance

October, 2007 – Charice performs And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going and a duet with Kyu Hyun of Super Junior, A Whole New World, while also charming the judges with her easy banter and dance moves

Original upload by Coolsmurf; HQ upload by bidangbata2

It was that amazing performance that caught the attention of Ellen Degeneres on the other side of the world and prompted claims that the little girl in the video was lip syncing! Fortunately, Ellen believed it and was impressed enough to make a televised plea to Charice, ai???If anyone knows this girl, tell her we want her. [Ellen points her finger to the camera] ai???Youai??i?? come here…ai???

>>> The Ellen Plea Video <<<


Ellen Degeneres Show

Charice made her very first visit to America for that fateful performance in November, 2007, when she again wowed the audience and received her first ever standing ovation from the incredulous audience as she confidently worked the stage to belt out And Iai??i??m Telling You Iai??i??m Not Going (the song made famous by Jennifer Hudson in her Oscar-winning role in the Dream Girls movie).

>>> The Ellen Performance <<<

Ellen and her studio audience were obviously smitten as well as they watched Charice perform flawlessly with the now common ‘jaws dropped effect’ that a live Charice performance tends to elicit. Ellen had watched Charice during rehearsals and it prompted her to make this crystal-ball gazing introduction: ai???She’s 15 years old. You are gonna be blown away. This is the most incredible gift Iai??i??m giving you today. You’re gonna go, ‘I was there the day that girl was on the show.’ She is amazing. ” And the next day… “We just watched her begin her stardom. You can just smell the star on her.”

The rest, as they say, is history as it marked the beginning of Chariceai??i??s fairytale journey as she continued on to appear in the Oprah Show, Paul Oai??i??Grady Show (London), Madison Square Garden-New York with Celine Dion, Tuscany-Italy with Andrea Bocelli, President Obama inaugural galas, Oscar Night parties, and the David Foster Hitman Concert, 10-city tour & numerous fundraising galas with Foster throughout 2008 and 2009. In all of these shows, Charice consistently showed her vocal power and perfect pitch as she garnered standing ovations at every appearance from appreciative crowds who surely recognized her great voice and stage presence when they saw it.


Star King Appearance… Again

After that first Ellen Show, Charice was again invited back to Star King in December, 2007, after a poll in which Korean viewers voted Charice as the most favorite guest that they would like to return to Star King for an encore performance.

Star King Second Appearance – duet with Lena Park

Now we are happy to announce that Charice has once again been invited to Star King for a repeat third engagement! (“three-peat”) This time, however, she will be a young lady of 18 with a hit record under her belt Pyramid, her new international self-titled CD CHARICE (produced by Warner Bros./Reprise Records), and the incredible achievement of being the first Asian artist ever to not only hit the Top 10 on the Billboard 200, but to debut there at # 8 in the CD’s first week of release!

Weai??i??re proud of you, Charice, and weai??i??re excited to see your triumphant return to the show where it all started. You have come full circle, but this is by no means the end of your journey. Your fairy tale story continues on a dizzying spin of appearances which began several weeks ago in America and that continues this month on a swing through Asia.

Asia Tour

Chariceai??i??s Asian Tour to promote her album begins in Korea next week where she will stop by Star King on July 12th to pre-tape the show to be aired on Korean TV on July 24th. Her Asia Tour will continue on a swing from Korea to Philippines to Japan to Thailand and, finally, Malaysia.


There isnai??i??t an artist who deserves success Write my essay and accolades more than Charice, who started from very humble beginnings. We are so proud of you Charice.


Written by Eve

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Fan Talk: Charice Goes from Star King to Star Queen

Click play button to listen4 Charice at Star King: Three peat Engagement

351 Responses to “Charice at Star King: Three-peat Engagement”

  1. dang says:
    You know what my morning ritual is? Watching Charice again and again till lunchtime and beyond. I love watching her perform in Star King 1st and 3rd visit. The host Kang Ho Dong, Eunyuk and Leeteuk are so funny. Even Kim Hee Chul and I couldn’t help smiling seeing Jung Yong Hwa mouth gaping with a matching dreamy eyes while looking on as he was so amazed by the powerful voice of Charice. Even Leeteuk is biting his fingers in amazement. I wish Charice could sing with SJ, NCBlue, Soh-yang and Khu-yun. I have never heard of K.Will but research him. Tae-Yeon will blend beautifully also with Charice. She is a good singer. Go! Charice, you have already captured the whole world. You are love because you stay humble and down to earth. No specs of malice in your body nor arrogance. That’s way Oprah loves you and helped you. You are a pure joy to watch. One momentarily forgot the sadness in one’s heart when one sees and hear you sing. You soothe one’s heart like a healing balm.

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  2. bugzy says:
    wow awesome… wot a wonderful ASian tour success.

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  3. lorena says:
    Charice is the biggest brightest,shining star you can see from above. And now everyone is looking up at you. Yet, your still grounded, very humble and appreciative of everything you have reached and everyone who has helped you. You’re “the Inspiration” of each and everyone of us! You are a true role model! Bless you!

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  4. jn says:
    I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this latest Korea vids of Cha…..It was like the first video….and I don’t know what’s going on these past days, I’ve been watching the Charice visits to Korea (from her ist until the 3rd one) and my son is getting so annoyed that I keep on repeating it…..I guess, this is what we call “Chaddiction”.

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  5. LoloLando says:
    To Charicemania Management,

    May I request that you write a separate column about the interview of Karen Davila with Charice on July 10, 2010. This is a very good literature for beginners and middle-ager like me about Charice’s history from age 3 to 18. In it are candid replies of Charice to edgy questions from Karen and other Twitters (special mention to JAYROX). You can also feast on requested songs from Charice–in A Cappella. This was segmented in 5 parts and I saw the video somewhere inside this POST.

    Thank you.

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  6. efryll says:
    yey… eng subs… kamsahamnida Mr. Edward Yoo for the translations and mlyl for the subs, the admin and everyone else… thank you very much…

    now it’s making more sense than before… hehe…

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  7. dang says:
    No matter how many times I watched this video whether the 1st visit or the third, I couldn’t get enough. I love the duet with Khy-Yun of SJ, A whole new world and with Soh-Yang, When you believe. I love their harmonious combination of voices. Kangin seems to be so smitten with Charice. I love the reaction of Eunyuk and Lee teuk in the third visit. You can see how proud they are that they have met Charice first before the others. They are in awe and also the reaction of the NCBlue. Actually, all of them, they couldn’t believe they are hearing Charice in person. Great Talent and Great personality are rare combination. Charice has both. I bet the 2nd season of Glee where Charice will be casting in will definitely become a hit. It will further develop her vocal and acting abilities. Millions love you Charice, you are a rare model not only of the new Generation but of the Millenium. Love you, Charice.

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  8. latest ranking chart on daum.. 13 of her songs made it to top 20!! koreans love charice.. ^^

    i wonder if her album placed a rank in other major portal music charts sites like monkey3,Bugs,Dosirak,Soribada, cyworld?…that would be awesome if it did! ..

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  9. Princess Serena says:
    Click here to see Charice impact in Korea: (though I don’t understand hangul) I jsut saw this on the chatbox.

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  10. LAfan says:
    By the amount of responses on this Star King thread, there clearly is something ‘magical’ about Charice performing on this show. Maybe because for the rest of us outside the Philippines who didn’t have the privilege of watching her as a pint-sized girl blossom into the ‘world-star’ until she broke through with the first Star King performance on Youtube. The chemistry she had with that hilarious host from the first episode on is part of the magic, and even though the guest judges changed each time she performed, watching all of their reactions live on stage as she hits her stride adds to the overall impact of ‘being there without actually being there’ in person.

    Charice’s first performance on SK will always hold the most special place in my heart because of her innocence yet overwhelming charm and charisma that she exuded on that day. The judges then were amazed not just by her singing, but by her personality, charm and even her dancing skills. This third performance has become a special performance for me as well, seeing how much she’s grown during the three years, developing so much confidence and peace about herself, yet maintaining her genuine humility and grace. The judge’s reactions during the first performance were my favorite, but the touching moment with Luna as well as all those who kept rubbing their arms because of the ‘goosebumps’ throughout all her songs in this episode was equally memorable.

    The funny thing is, I’ve watched this third performance countless times now in the past few days, and each time, I physically felt as though there was a cold draft in the room because I kept getting chills and shivers. I can’t believe I just realized tonight that I was getting the same ‘goosebumps’ each time Charice entered the ‘zone’, and I was mirroring the judges who were rubbing their arms (and legs) throughout the performances! :)

    Yes, this episode focused on Whitney songs, and I think Star King (and Korea) really believes that Charice is the new Whitney of our time. The Korean ‘Mariah’ was no doubt good, but Charice’s whitney parts took the vocals to another level for me.

    The other day, I was in a sandwich store in L.A. and Whitney’s “I have nothing” was playing on the radio. And the FIRST thought that came into my head was, that Charice’s version/vocals were honestly even better than Whitney’s original! I never thought growing up that I would ever hear anyone else come close to Whitney Houston, yet we’ve all now encountered an 18 year old who IMHO has taken what Whitney has done and raised the bar for this new generation. It will really be interesting to see how this current generation of music listeners growing up on ‘auto-tune’ and robotic dance tunes will embrace this VOICE who has made her introduction into this puzzling musical landscape today.

    I keep hearing and reading from those who have seen Charice live, that no youtube video can convey what Charice does live. After thousands of views on youtube, I will finally get to experience for the first time this musical wonder and prodigy on Saturday at the Grammy Block Party. I have no doubt that it will rival the emotions of those who heard the Beatles or Michael Jackson live for the first time. Thank you to Charicemania for putting together the meet and greet event on Saturday, and I look forward to seeing all the Chasters in L.A. this weekend! It’s going to be AHN–BEE–LEEEVE-AA-BLLLE! :)

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    • jn says:
      I can’t agree anything less with your sentiments LaFan……Charice made the world united with her music and wonderful personality….Say “Hi” for me to Charice once you meet her later this week….Good luck!!!

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      • LAfan says:

        Thanks jn! I’ll be sure to let Charice know how proud we all are of her, and how we’ll always continue to support her through thick and thin! For the Chasters still waiting for their chance to see Charice live, I’m sure we won’t have to wait too long before Charice launches her first solo debut world-wide tour! Can you imagine what a 2+ hour solo concert featuring just Charice singing all her own songs would be like? Can’t believe it’s less than 3 days before I too can join the ranks of those who can attest to having witnessed the sheer power of a Charice live performance. And to top it off with a meet and greet afterward will make for a truly, truly special and unforgettable day…

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  11. admin says:

    “If you speak English, you probably understood what she was saying. She said, “I LOVE YOU FOREVER” while making eye-contact with me.”
    ~ Kang Ho Dong

    No matter how many times I watch this, he still cracks me up. HILARIOUS!

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    • ArrVee says:
      yes – that “eye-contact” thing was so hilarious, especially coming from a former wrestler

      one other amusing thing with him was that while Charice was singing, you could see him inspecting the CD that Charice gave him, with which he was visibly touched.

      and since he is all too familiar with Charice’s talent, he looks at the audience while Charice whips it up, amused by their reactions, and every now and then letting out a belly laugh.

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  12. dang says:

    You couldn’t have said it better. Charice is one of a kind. A Phenomenon everyone is enjoying right now. Though she came from a broken family, it shows how good her mother is in rearing her child to remain humble with a great personality. She knows gratitude and always look back at her humble beginning. I have seen Charice joins contests in TV when she was still small and that Little Big Star. I hated one of the judges who said she has no charisma and only knows how to imitate. How wrong he was and now must be eating up his words. We should never judge charisma by the mestiza or mestizo looks. It should be by real TALENT. Be proud because Charice always says she came from Philippines and proudt at that. Let us all be like her. A great persona.

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  13. ArrVee says:
    thanks for the English subtitles – that adds another layer of emotional context to the show. You can feel their love and respect for her, allowing you to place yourself in their shoes and realize that her effects on people do transcend cultural boundaries.

    I remember when it came out, that “One Moment In Time” was dedicated to the athletes at the Olympics, but did not remember that it was at the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics – this definitely adds more meaning to the song. All songs sung except Pyramid were by Whitney Houston or included her – maybe Whitney Houston is really popular in S.Korea, and maybe because of that song.

    and before you can phrase the question in your mind of who Whitney Houston’s heir-apparent is, you are blasted in spectacular manner with the answer, with Charice’s unforgettable “One Moment In Time” rendition.

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  14. Lorlene says:

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  15. Lolo JP says:

    Thank you for the information about her names. It’s truly astonishing and worthy to give it a thought that everything that’s unfolding is falling in place–I would consider providential events.

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  16. mooffin says:
    awesome translation and subs! thank you CTV crew!

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  17. ArrVee says:
    @Lolo JP – you said it very well, that she is not competing with anyone when she sings. She is giving glory to HIM who gave her this great gift, using it to heal our broken spirit and inspire us to pick ourselves up and continue on.

    to discuss her purpose is a simple matter of looking up the meanings of her given names:

    She is Charmaine Clarice – Famous Singer …

    (even the meanings of her names gives you goosebumps!)

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    • Tom says:
      Tnx for the info ArrVee, its only now I realize the meaning of Charice’s name- Famous Singer, I remember when she guested in Italy one of the judges said, “She is a gift from God”,she is destined to be a famous singer from the day she was born. Amen.

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      • ArrVee says:

        Most name origin sites cite “Song” as a meaning for “Charmaine”, among others. I had to exercise some “poetic license” to make the jump to “Singer”.

        The word “Song” still works for her, especially when used in the context of “In This Song”, which was written for her, about her life.

        With “Charmaine” interpreted to mean “Song”, the lyrics “I keep giving my heart, my soul, my own, in this Song …” gains new meaning (and gives you goosebumps).

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  18. KV says:
    Wow. These are awesome translations! Thank you, Edward and the Charice.TV crew for such wonderfully superb work!!! And thank you for sharing with CM!


    Wishing you all the best,


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  19. minbeauty8 says:
    TREMENDOUS FEELING that I couldn’t describe it for myself. Look what she is bringing to this world…LOVE! This is an example of PEACE that this world needs. Young generation in which before they don’t know each other and now they are embracing each given talent that God has given to them. There’s joy, excitement, gratitude and tears to release the emotion of hope. These are the qualities of Asian men and women that bring them to ladders of success!

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  20. hermiemel says:
    She probably travelled thousands of miles over the last three years performing and appearing in hundred of shows, charities, festivals, interviews, specials..etc and it is really cool and nice for Charice to look and travel back to Star King and perform for them again. Tells you something about how grateful she is for the break they gave her 2 years ago.

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  21. Lolo JP says:

    Your last paragraph totally wraps up the reason why she catches people’s heart, most especially me. For some personal reasons as a result of my physical and emotional challenges, I’m deeply moved as I watch her brief moments of integrity, compassion and grace in all of her performances. Ever since I found her sing on the Oprah show, never did I once feel that she was competing with the other singers. All I see was Charice, singing to better herself, as always. We are all here in CM for different reasons to share our personal views about the spectacle we are witnessing. Here is a child of God who found her definiteness of purpose with a simmering passion to achieve her dream…Charice, the person. Singing to herald the triumph of “faith” is Charice, the ultimate singer!

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  22. mooffin says:
    if her one moment in time video here goes viral, she can single-handedly revive the power ballad genre! the youth are growing up today not knowing what real singing is but slowly and surely they are being exposed to it. american idol lit the fire, glee stoked it and charice, if given the chance, will make the music industry burn big and bright again!

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  23. aroc says:
    wow wow wow !Charice,youn always rock me.Everytime I see you perform ,I have to rub my arms to pacify my chaotic nerves.You really are amazing and nobody can beat you.

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  24. abi says:
    Her guesting on star king is superb. I can’t find words to describe how magnificent her performance was. After the Star King episode aired I frequently visit our sister website: and I can say the website is doing great 100 new members per day how awesome is that? LOL. )))

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    • eve says:

      that is awesome abi – Charicemania Hits KOREA a third time!! And very exciting indeed that she returns with her international debut album and worldwide acclaim. Her appearances at StarKing, Thailand, Philippines, Europe, Japan were nothing short of sensational.

      If you speak and read fluent Korean, we could surely use you as a translator if you are willing… or anyone for that matter. Please feel free to submit any interesting Korean articles from your website along with English translation and we could publish here for the benefit of Charice’s international fans. E-mail to

      If you’d like to be one of our translators, that’s even better! especially for translating Korean videos to be subtitled into English. Give us a buzz.

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  25. pom2pom says:
    Hello dadartful,
    just want to thank you for taking a time to call the tv station here in Hawaii. Yeh I guess we have to wait a month or so. Thanks :)

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  26. Princess Serena says:

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  27. ArrVee says:
    @SuperCoolCritic, whenever she visits a place for the first time to perform (especially when she was not yet that well-known), the audience’s reactions are always interesting, because they mirror our reactions when we first discovered her.

    i think this is best illustrated by her duet with Celine Dion at Madison Square Garden. They think Celine is just being charitable to this young shy girl who wants to sing with her to her Mommy, and they think that is so sweet of her – until she opens her mouth to sing, and they are astounded by the power, world-class quality and beauty of her voice, and they applaud in disbelief. As she flexes her vocal power, the applause from the audience increases as she continues to shatter one expectation after another, until a point in the song when people realize that they are witnessing a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, and rise to their feet in wild applause. But that was just a gentle ballad, and they ain’t seen nuthin’ yet with this girl.

    having just discovered her, one scrambles to view other videos of her, and stumbles onto her renditions of BGM, “Listen”, “One Moment In Time”, “All By Myself” and her other jaw-dropping performances, including those that showcase her versatility in rapping and dancing.

    and THEN you learn about her background and how she has been singing all her life to help put food on the table – the juxtaposition of her other-worldly talents against this just grabs you by the heart, and you realize that you really ain’t seen nuthin’ yet with this girl …

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    • jn says:
      ArrVee, you’ve said it well…..that is my sentiment too…..Thank you.
      Let’s continue supporting Charice!!!!

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    • SuperCoolCritic says:
      @ArrVee – I couldn’t agree anything less. Much words have been said repeatedly about her UNBELIEVEABLE showmanship… In her 1st 2nd 3rd SK appearance, I observed people just run out words in their indescribeable & touching experience with Charice…turning them SPEECHLESS, BREATHLESS, AWED, CHILLED, JAW-DROPPED… etc. `These are famous & big celebrities with their own followings. CHARICE’s purely ENTERTAINER OF ENTERTAINERS.-SuperCoolCritic.

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  28. Princess Serena says:
    Form the peeps in the chatbox: Charice at No.35 in Brazil hot a100.
    check it out:

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  29. SuperCoolCritic says:
    CHARICE’S HALF TALENT….I’m still waiting for the whole of IT…. so far she’s been showcasing HALF OF IT.. but then again the world was already amazed…ocassionally she’s giving a HINT.. notice that a single stoke of gesture sends reverberating signal to people watching her to feedback astounding effects of admiration… something magical happening here.. gradually she’s disclosing one by one… and patiently the world awAits.. . The world ain’t seen HALF OF IT yet… just my observation…. – SUPERCOOL CRITIC.

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