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Charice at Star King: Three-peat Engagement

Charice at Star King: Three-peat Engagement

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  1. elisamae says:

    i really fun of the star king show like the episode when sungmin do some magic tricks and mr.kang ho dong step on a feet one of the guys who waiting for the rose and thats so funny episode………. and i watch the other episode that kangin,ryeowook and eunhyuk eating some food that didn’t finish also i love the other episodes that i watch in youtube???

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  2. Talisa says:

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  3. arlene says:
    kindly anyone pls help me i want to join unos box in charice mania but dont know how huhu kindly email me in my account plssssss

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  4. ruby says:
    thumbs up ! luckyrainorig WOW LEGS!

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  5. LuckyRain0rig says:
    This video of Charice in StarKing made me laughed, clapped, cried (still crying even when I’m typing this). Charice is really a down-to-earth person. Thank you again StarKing. Thank you Korea!

    One more thing- Charice is looking great each time I see her. She not only got killer voive BUT also killer legs (WOW LEGS!). And I love her shoes! God Bless you Cha! More power to you.

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  6. ruby says:
    one thing for sure i never ever got tired watching over and over the very first appearance of charice on star king–the very start she made the world blown away by her voice, the most amazing total stage perfomance adding her great dance moves with the super junior!…Personally “my all time favorite!” which i would love to have a vcd copy of my own as one of my precious and most CHARISED possesions forever.

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  7. AFBlues says:
    Charice is the most talented Asian singer I have seen in my life time! She’s the real deal! Can’t wait to she her in “Glee” next month in September!

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  8. tmgtw_miyi says:
    sorry guys, SK took down the YT upload, it’s re-uploaded via twitvid here:

    please do not mention the show’s name in the comments box.

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  9. sha2213 says:
    Charice really really amazing, Leetuk was really nice to her…… i think they look good.

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  10. marylin_bueno says:
    I would like to comment, how sweet and thoughtful is Leeteuk. In her first visit to starking, he was the one who gave water to charice. See for yourselves what he did on charice 3rd visit. Very gentle and remarkable.

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    • cora says:
      Yeah I agree. I have watched already this starking episode for the 10th time. specially when charice sang the one moment in time. I do not get tired watching it. I noticed also lee teuk. Thank you sbs for uploading this video.

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    • sha2213 says:
      Its my fisrt time to post here but i’ve been a luker for a long time now, i had a chance to meet charice last May during the album lunch here in Manila. She is really cute, nice, down to earth and unbelievable talent! i just love her!!i always check this site everyday for updates. AMAZING TALENT!!!!

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  11. mj says:
    wow cha, i cant help myself watching these videos gazillion times. there is no song you cant sing with such perfection… as a fan i cant ask for more.

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  12. ArrVee says:
    Luna’s shirt says “Please do not feed the models”, something that is quite funny

    however, after that incident with someone shouting something rude, derogatory and discouraging that made her cry, this reminds us to be careful of what we “feed” upcoming talent, lest we nip them in the bud.

    on the other side, we must also protect ourselves against the “bad food” others may send us to pull us down.

    as an aside, does anyone know what that round tag on Charice’s waist says?

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    • ReyBorja says:
      Charice had experienced a deluge of derogatory and discouraging comments… up to togay, but knows how to use them to her advantage. Another amazing talent!
      Round tag says CHARICE PEMPENGCO, so Korean viewers know who the guest is.

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      • ArrVee says:
        thanks ReyBorja

        you are absolutely right – knowing how to deal with criticism and discouragement is another talent, seldom mentioned but nevertheless very important. To be able to deal with criticism is an indication of a well-placed sense of self-esteem. To be able to continue on inspite of discouragement is an indication of character.

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    • BoOyah! says:
      Not sure if anybody has responded to your query, but if none has done so yet….the words on the round yellow tag is Charice’s name written in Korean.

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  13. oman_chaster says:
    lol@ daddy 0. i cant hep but to say were on the same boat.same exact story. haha. im a 31 year old ofw husband and my wife is also like that to me. isnt it ironic that we men are the ones more chaddictted than most women lol. labyo.

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  14. daddy 0 says:
    That is Charice!! When the girl opens her mouth, your mouth too will open and worst though, it will jaw drop. So make sure you close it so no fly will zoom in. She is AWESOME.

    Not like my wife when she opens her mouth in the morning, all she say is,

    Honey!! did you cook breakfast!! Did you take out the Dog!!!
    Are you in the computer again with Charice!!! And I say, no I’m not!!! But my hands are all over Charicemania!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    This is a one solid chaster est since 2006!!

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    • tito_ngel says:
      @ daddy O that was funny. You crack me up. I’m in the same scenario. Every time my wife always said to me that I spend more time with Charice than her. Ha! ha! ha! But I told her(wife) that she is still my #!. About Charice is a like a daughter we never had.

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    • elg021407 says:
      I gave a THUMBS UP to this amusing FUNNY story…it makes my day great! So far my hubby would always say: What’s up honey with our dear Princess?

      And of course, I would talk and talk and mind you, HE WOULD NOT RESPONDS AT ALL…and I asked any violent reaction?

      He would replied with a pause in every word like you are eating your favorite chocolate and you feel the taste is realllllllly good….he would say it like this very slow with a pause: Everything is great and as a good husband who loves his wife, I have no choice but to listen to my beautiful wife.


      We would have a great laugh after this..Charice’s magic really soars in our personal relationship.

      This is great that Charicemania team may consider a collection of funny and amusing story like what Daddy O wrote… CHA-MUSING CHADDICT STORY WITH A GREAT PUNCHLINE for LAUGHER IS THE BEST MEDICINE, GOOD FOR THE HEART TOO..just as we love Starking host and the audience reaction, Daddy O was creative to share his amusing story.

      Chao and sending good thoughts of love and good health to all Chasters and here…of course to dear Princess Charice and her family.

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    • tadp013 says:
      Our life story daddy O

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  15. Teepee says:
    @ Arrvee – a unifying effect indeed. There’s a last paragraph from my write up that I deleted as it’s getting too long, wherein I was playfully recommending to make her a goodwill ambassador to at least the ASEAN nations and am also requesting Warner to let her visit the remainder of Asia if time and schedule permits. All of a sudden, I felt a special kinship to these people after witnessing their love and affection to our sweetheart Charice.

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  16. Teepee says:
    Charice indeed has come full circle with her latest appearance at Star King, where everything started. I have always been looking forward to this event, where Charice will return triumphantly to that show, with a convincing top ten showing at the Billboard 200 and accolades from everyone and everywhere. And she did not disappoint. Her entrance, with that sweet smile and the self written board, (albeit in Korean) of her gratitude to the program says it all. While Arrvee stated “you had me at MSG, and we will always have Madison, she had me in her first appearance at Star King and yes, we will always have Star King and that explains the bliss that I have been experiencing of late. Reflecting on her successful Asian visit….the enthusiasm of the Japanese, of the enormous crowd in Thailand that rivals Toronto, the Korean’s pure joy of having her back in that magical show and the Philippines’ delight in welcoming their very own are all etched in everyone’s consciousness by now. Charice really transcends borders, language, colors and culture. What an accomplishment indeed!!!!

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    • ArrVee says:
      @Teepee, like you, I was in shock and awe with the first 2 Star King performances, and I’ve viewed them countless times. But it was her MSG performance where she reached deeper and grabbed me by the heart, that took me a while to figure out why …

      and when we see how she transcends the borders you mention, she creates a unifying effect among us, don’t you think?

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  17. jn says:
    The duet of Charice with (So Hyang), a Korean artist, “When you believe” was so soothing and inspirational…..The blending of their voices just made one shiver because it pierced well the inner core of one’s soul….Just so beautiful….

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  18. chit says:
    I rejoice at the triumph and success that Charice has gained this far. I know that because she has emtremely strong work ethic and a powerful team, esp. her mother, she will go farther and reach higher stars soon. Let’s help her, support her, and be her cheerleaders. Like you all, I can NOT let a day pass without watching her performances again and again. By the way, I am a 63-year old grandma.

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  19. elg021407 says:
    Almost the duets Charice had done with Korean artists are so fitting to the MAX that i love to hear them….the song When you Believe when both great singers says AHHHHHHHHHHH….it tickles in my heart…it just penetrates that i had to play it always in my I-pod…so good for my spirit…try listening and experience what i have captured in that song… something unexplainable, something new, something refresh, overall so soothing to my spirit…I SAY THIS IS CHARICE’S MAGIC.

    Chao to all and sending good thoughts of love and health especially to dear Princess Charice and her family.

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  20. cashmere says:
    can someone upload charice’s 3rd star king visit with subtitles. i want to have it on my computer just in case the video will be deleted on youtube.

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  21. ENVEE says:
    It always feels like I am opening a gift on a Christmas day!!! It has always been an honor to watch you perform anywhere and anytime of the day, Charice. I love the Koreans. I love the Chasters. I love the connection in between all of us, thank you Charice and thank God for that!!!

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  22. dang says:
    Know what my morning ritual is? Watching Charice in Star King 1st and 3rd visit again and again. She soothes my aching heart as my sister just had her chemo and so far away from me. She is in Canada. Watching her antiques with Mr. Kang Ho Dong makes me laugh. Her performances with Khu-yun and Soh-yang are truly amazing. I love watching the amazement looks on the other guests faces especially the K-pop singers. Their mouth gaping and even their star struck gazes. It helps me forget a moment of sadness and give me a warm feeling by watching their reactions and hearing her sing. Charice, you are like a soothing balm that heals an aching wound. Your warm personality makes someone feel you are close to them and that you are a reachable star. No arrogance or malice in your small but powerful frame. You are indeed a gift that should be cherish.

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    • jimfan155 says:
      Hi Dang. Is your sister a Chaster? There is no better therapy than the power of love and happiness. Like you said once you watch her videos or listen to her music for those moments you can put yourself in a better place.

      I wish you and your family all the best. Stay strong.

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      • dang says:
        Thanks jim, unfortunately, she hasn’t the time or energy to watch her video cause most of the time were spent in therapy or in hospital. She is also suffering from severe scoliosis so she can’t really stay too long sitting and easily gets tired. I have asked her to watch the video in this website as even before I discovered this website, I always watch Charice in the youtube. But this website has a better reception and the video is definitely clearer. I never fail to watch this every morning even while chatting with my sister if she is strong enough to sit for a while. If not, I get my news about her from my other sister who is also in Canada. Thank so much for your concern and hope everything is A-okay with you and your family. God Bless.

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        • jimfan155 says:
          Hi Dang. Sorry your sister is experiencing so much pain. Just as a suggestion, even if she is unable to watch Charice videos, maybe she could have her cds playing in the room on a cd player. Hearing her is always a positive moment for me. Of course I cannot even remotely feel what your sister is feeling, so I may be way off base with this. If I am, I apologize – it’s just that her music makes me feel so good and for me is very soothing.

          I will keep you in my prayers. Right now things are going good for me and my family, so I will count my blessings and not take anything for granted.

          Take care.

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  23. SuperCoolCritic says:
    CHARICE, A CROSSOVER – not only to all music genre but also to the other side. No wonder why very very few Asians before was able to crossed over the border towards unfamiliar territory of world stage. Charice definitely has raised the bar of singing criteria inspiring you to do more… work hard… what you have was not good enough… the sky is not the limit. Vote for CHARICE, Ambassador of World HIT – Hope, Inspiration & Talent…

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