Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan

Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan


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  1. becky says:
    If the comments I read that she got a BOTOX, I think it’s not yet time for her to do this kind of beautifying madness..she’s still so YOUNG!!!Don’t always go with the advice of Belo, because she wants to make money from you! Stay as you are Charice, and you’re pretty!!!…Be content of your physical appearance…GOD created us to be like HIM because HE loves us…and don’t make any renovation or refurbish your physical appearance…repentance always at the last!!!

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    • josie says:
      i am sure no botox was used on her. botox is used when you augment sags or wrinkles but nor when you have fat removed. Gigi Conejero stated that a procedure to have her jawline less prominent was made. Fat removal maybe but not botox application

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  2. ArrVee says:
    those Japanese photographs are great, enhancing her natural beauty while adding that subtle Japanese touch to connect with the audience, and the black-and-white theme lending it an air of sophistication, to reflect how far she has gone in the past years.

    for me, her signature hat adds a sense of mystery, hinting that there is more, much more to her than meets the eye, kept under cover of her innocuous appearance, with nary a trace of the rich motherlode of world-beating talent that lies just beneath the surface. Might as well, since no photograph can do justice to her out-of-this-world talent, which is best experienced in a live performance.

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  3. minbeauty says:
    I commend that japanese make up artist giving Charice the best look for her age…simple stroke of those pencils reveal the pretty, innocent but sexy look for magazine covers! I love it so much!!!

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  4. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Glad that we have a Japanese translator :-)
    Thanks a lot “justcharrie” :-), its your turn this time.
    Charicemania is indeed amazing:-), has a lot of multilingual translators:-) This is a universal site :-)

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  5. marie says:
    NHK Tokyo Kawaii vid is already in You Tube =) :

    The make up artist said (in English) at about 1:57 “”I wanna try you-look-more-fresh style because in your country I saw your tv and cd … you look really mature…”- Okada Tomoko.

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  6. rommel says:
    Hi chasters, i am glad that i was able to visit this website .I am greatful that she made it in Glee , now i am excited to watch Glee .I know time will come that she will reach the status of Celine Dionne or Beyonce as one of the top Superstars in the whole world.I am now excited to see her transformation after her enhancement with Vicky Belo. She deserve it and what ever she want to do for her enhancement it’s just normal because she is an international celebrity.To Charice more power !I will support you all the way!

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  7. justcharrie says:
    Watch Charice in Japan morning show “Sukkiri” live on the 21st through this site.

    Download and enjoy Japanese TV programs.

    “Sukkiri” is in NTV [二本テレビ」

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    • KV says:
      Thanks, justcharrie!

      I just downloaded the app and maybe, who knows?, this is how I am finally going to learn to speak Japanese!

      On my way there in a couple of days, arriving the day after Charice is out of Japan. Too bad, but I won’t have time to look for her there anyway. But at least, I can buy her Japanese record!

      Hope you’re well!

      All the best,


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  8. justcharrie says:
    Charice will guest in Japan’s morning TV show “Sukkiri” on July 21.

    Lots of TV and radio appearances while in Japan

    Charice who’s been the subject of talks in various tv shows since (her album) was released is currently doing some promotion in Japan. This time, there’ll be lots of opportunities to hear her sing live for everyone. First, on 7/19 Mezamashi Live, she will sing as BENI’s opening act. On the same date 7/19, “J-WAVE HOLIDAY SPECIAL PEPSI NEX presents LOVE!MUSIC,LOVE!SUMMER” ‘s live streaming that will be broadcast real time through USTREAM.
    On 7/21, she will appear in NTV’s “Sukkiri”. There will be many other appearances. It keeps getting exciting, keep an eye on Charice!

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    • ZSHE says:
      Please help me….I would like to know what time will be in japan charice`s shows will be aired on television?I would really appreciate if you could give me the info regarding her TV apperances…. Sooo busy !!! but I`ll see to it that I would watch her sing!!! I REALLY LIKE CHARICE!!!

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  9. frfyokohama says:
    Charicehas entered on the charts today 07.15.2010!!
    Oricon Music ranking Chart: No. 2
    Billboard Hot 100: No. 4(Pyramid)
    Top 100 Albums: No. 22
    Wow..!!! Has purchased my second copy at Tsutaya.. hoping to win for the two lucky chaster to see and hear charice sing live face to face.!!

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  10. justcharrie says:

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  11. justcharrie says:

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  12. lifesatwist says:
    On the day Charice’s album was released here in Japan, off I went to several record shops but her album’s gone already at 12 noon! Not giving up, I went to Kinukuniya and luckily they had 2 albums left, so I bought them all! I was so happy, eager to get back to my car and played her album at full blast with open windows! ..People turning around probably thinking ” What a crazy ‘gaijin’ (foreigner)” hahahaha ! I love everything in it! I’ve been promoting it to all my students and friends, young and old alike. :-) To the top, Baby!!

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  13. justcharrie says:

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  14. justcharrie says:
    Good news from Japan just keep on coming! Now CHARICE debuts @ #14 in ORICON CHART! – considered in Japan as gauge for sales and popularity. How’s that?

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  15. enad says:
    i didnt know what sharisu meant. now i know. so charice is sharisu in japan, huh? go charice, aka sharisu, conquer japan!

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  16. j_e_m says:
    I’m having a fantastic day here in Taiwan. This is why…..

    I was buying some fresh veggies and meat at the traditional market here in Taipei when I realized I didn’t have enough cash with me. So off I went to a convenience store to withdraw some cash. When I got in the store, I heard Charice belting the song Pyramid. So I waited for the song to finish just to make sure which radio station was playing it. I was even happier when it was a local Taiwanese radio station not ICRT (the one and only Enlgish radio station here in Taiwan). The DJ even told the story about Charice’s past and how she worked hard to get to the top. This means more and more local Taiwanese people are listening to Charice’s song. To the top baby!!!

    I just want to share this with you cause it really made my day!

    Love you Charice!!!

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    • ChrisJSS says:
      I have a somewhat similar story. :)

      I was in Orchard Rd here in Singapore which is a shopping district. Along the streets, you would see various acts, from dancers to acrobats to drum groups etc etc. Tents are also put up in several spots and these are where events are held.

      I just got out of a mall, stuck in my earphones and played “Charice” in shuffle and repeat. I then heard “in this song” playing in the background. I got confused for a second, I thought I was hearing my cd. Then I turned to a tent nearby where an event was being held and saw 2 young Singaporeans girls singing “in this song” with all their might. I ran towards the tent. It was an event for the youth with several mentions of the upcoming Youth Olympics here. I stayed until the event was over, it really made my day.

      “in this song” is not even a released single and yet it has caught on with the youth. Really, really proud of my girl Charice!:)

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      • ArrVee says:

        singing “with all their might” – Charice makes it look so easy, and all her songs are deceptively difficult. “In This Song” also seems like a simple song, but people connect with it at a deeper level.

        this little girl is a real trooper though (even her name sounds like someone we know):

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  17. from1chicago says:
    J14 magazine is now on sale and Charice is there! The write up is short but worth reading and looking, considering that this is her first US magazine appearance. Check it out!!
    Love Cha…

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  18. Angelia says:
    I have just received my copy of the Japan Edition. It was realeased on July 7, 2010 in Japan and I got mine on July 8, 2010, in the US. I ordered from . The album is $21…and altogether, I paid about $34 including shipping. I did 2 days shipping, and it got here right on time! It may be a little pricey, but it’s all worth it! This album is selling like hot cakes once again!! hehe I’m happy for you Charice! At the top baby! =D

    Here’s a picture of me and the album!:

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  19. justcharrie says:
    Watch the trailer of Charice’s make-over during her first visit to Japan

    Charice will be on Tokyo Kawaii TV 7/18 SUN

    July 18, 2010 (Sunday) 23:30 – 23:59 (General TV)

    NHK’s character “DomoKun” has become global.

    The “Let’s Make DomoKun Cute Project” which was broadcasted in April this year has received great response from people across the country. So this time it’s the second edition!

    From showbiz to handicraft industry, showing off their work, the masters competing with techniques and ideas, we will show you the all-out coverage of the evolution of “Domo-Kun’s amazing style transformation.

    That Akkina and Minami Akina Chan will take the DomoKun image change challenge! What would the Shibuya fashion leader create for our trend-filled sense DomoKun?

    Now, from Polymer Clay and Wool Felt in the craft’s industry to traditional craft of Gimp, what would be the transcending techniques of the competing masters?

    Furthermore, Tokyo Kawaii TV got contact with America’s hottest buzz Pop singer Sharisu on her first Japan visit. With amazing powerful singing, her debut album suddenly made it to the Top 10 in the US Hit Chart. “Charisma” make-up artist and stylist will make a cutting edge Tokyo style make-over to the Asian Cinderella Girl. Have fun!

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  20. OMIE says:
    I should add one more thing about the Chinese video which I found out with the help of Google Translate: The three Chinese characters which represent her name on this video become Xiaruisi in the Pinyin transcription commonly used in mainland China.

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  21. OMIE says:
    The Chinese promotional video posted here is actually from Taiwan. Unfortunately, Youtube is not available to Internet users in mainland China. Charice fans in the People’s Republic, however, can watch most of her videos at the sites and .

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  22. jn says:
    Good luck Charice on your Asian tour. Wish you all the best!!!

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  23. Sy says:
    Geez shipping and handling on the Japanese album almost cost the same amount as the CD itself. Gotta find another way. I’m really iffy on the YesAsia website.

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    • kabayan01 says:
      Yes Sy it’s true, but for our Princess. I don’t mind paying for it. I love Crescent Moon and the duet with DRS I did for you. I’ll support our Princess whenever I can.

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  24. Sy says:
    Hi Guys, just found out we can purchase Charice’s Japan Album through Amazon Japan. Here’s the website. Or if link does not work just search for Amazon Japan.

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  25. tsuki says:
    How come Tsutaya in Okinawa, Japan does not sell Charice CD? Any info is highly appreciated.

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    • b0neDaddy says:
      i bought my CD at tower records… any tower records in JP is sellin her CD.. i bought it at album launching date… july 7..

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  26. pardzleo says:
    yayyy!…oh man….charice has one of the most influential women in the world, a legend in music, a loving family, and the fans (CHASTERS) who are sooooo LOYAL and sooo GOOD at MULTI TASKING…from finding and posting links of cha’s performances and tv promotions… to translating different languages for the fans… can i say…

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    • SendMeAnAngel09 says:
      Agree :-) Everyone now can understand whatever kind of language this world has.
      This site “Charicemania” is so amazing… so fantastic! Lots of terrific genuine writers/contributors/correspondents/translators from all over the world who are giving services for free out of love :-)) Really love this site :-) and Chasters are one of a kind :-))

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  27. TonyVernsky says:
    Hi Charice,

    I just want to wish you the best of everything and good luck to your Asian tour.

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  28. rodski says:
    Hi Eve, here’s the most updated chart from itunes Japan Pop Charts:

    #9 – Pyramid, Japan Album Ver (#33 in Top Song)
    #37 – Pyramid, Single Ver(#196 in Top Song)
    #45 – Crescent Moon, Japan Album Ver
    #50 – Crescent Moon, Single Ver
    #73 – I Love You, Japan Album Ver
    #119 – Pyramid, US Deluxe Ver
    #126 – Nobody’s Singin’ To Me, Japan Album Ver
    #144 – Reset, Japan Album Ver
    #145 – In This Song, Japan Album Ver
    #176 -Thank You, Japan Album Ver

    Top Pop Albums:
    #6 – Japan Album Ver (#23 in Top Album)
    #29 – US Deluxe Ver (#149 in Top Album)
    #43- Int’l Ver

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  29. honeybee1665 says:
    hello chasters,
    for a very long time i didn’t post any comment here….its me HONEYBEE…i read it that charice will be in Odaiba on July 19 3:30pm maybe until 5pm.i’m trying to ask my supervisor to get my work leave for this day coz we’re so busy at work, reason why i seldom join the chatrum.& they don’t let me b4 to get a work leave eventhough they were killing me working till sunday for 5 weeks already….by this time bec. charice will be here in Japan they might gave for what i’m ask for just to watch her in Odaiba & take some vids also for the chasters to watch after her performance.
    old chasters maybe remember that i went to Vegas last year just to watch her in D & F concert,now she’s here in Japan on the 19th i don’t want to miss it…i let u know guys if i can & if i am sure i am going with Japanini( Lea)to be w/ me on that day an old chaster too lol!pray for me for my work leave (LMAO!)

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    • Marriot says:
      hello honeybee, thanks for the information. i want to watch Charice in Obaida, could you tell us more on how to get the details and other information of her appreance in Odaiba. thanks

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