Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan

Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan


Charice´s (Sharisu) album is released today, July 7th in Japan. We´ve added a list below where you could order outside Japan too. We hope to get feedback from Chasters worldwide about details on how to order.

Japan, Release Date: July 7, 2010 – Charice / Sharisu

From Asia to the United States and throughout the world. Finally, her debut album is out now. It includes a cover of Ayaka´s “Crescent” , the crescent moon as Japan´s Bonus Track.

Amazon Japan
Tower Japan

Sharisu1CD Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan charice cd japan Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan

Charice: Japan Meet & Greet

July 18-21 – A meet & greet is being planned for Charice during her visit to Japan.

From the little body that rocked the United States comes a powerful singer who’s also so sweet and adorable. Finally, Charice will perform in Japan.

Tsutaya Records will host a raffle to celebrate the launch of Charice’s album on July 7th. For those who purchase the album from Tsutaya Records, two people will have the chance to meet Charice in person and have her “sing just for you!” It will be such a gift.

For Charice to sing right before your eyes, you will surely cry. Come take your chances to win.

The winners will meet Charice in person and she will even “sing just for you!” at the meet & greet to be held somewhere in Tokyo.

How to apply: your purchase of Charice’s album from Tsutaya Records will be recorded from the QR code on the back. Visit the site for complete entry instructions at Tsutaya Records – CD/DVD department.
Entry period: July 6, 2010, to July 13 midnight.

Original Japanese Source Link: Barks Japan News
Links to other Japanese News: Warner Music Japan

Charice Photo Shoot for her Japan CD Jacket Cover

Charice Sharisu NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV July 18, 2010

Video uploaded by SharisuCharice


SHARISU (Charice’s Japanese name) arrives at the studios…

“Ohayou Gozaimasu!” – Good morning!!

Narrator: Last May, Tokyo Kawaii TV caught up with Charice who was in Japan for the first time for the production of her debut CD’s jacket. To capture the hearts of the Japanese youth, the Who’s Who of stylists, artists and producers were on hand for the production of her CD’s jacket.

First up, make-up. The one in charge is super talented make-up artist Tomoko Okada (0:40) who has been responsible for the make-up in fashion shows of 20 plus fashion brands in New York and Tokyo.

Make-up Artist Tomoko: (English) I wanna try to use a more fresh style because in your country I saw you on TV and your CD jacket look so really mature… we’ll try really fresh and Tokyo girl style. (in Japanese) I’d like to line her eyes like a cat’s, drawing the line going up while pulling her eyelid up and drawing the tip of the line very thinly. (English) I’m gonna use just Japanese language so you just smiling and singing ok?

Narrator: Now the lips.

Make-up Artist Tomoko: I’m thinking of just going with lip balm.

Narrator: Ms. Okada is using a technique of suppressing shine while emphasizing color.

Make-up Artist Tomoko: (1:45) You know this is really popular for guys, this make-up in Tokyo…we call this “mote”. (Note: “Mote” comes from the word “moteru” which means to be popular with the opposite gender.)

Narrator: The stylist in charge is Keiko Hitsotsuyama (2:05), who has worked with very famous magazines abroad. She has chosen hard and edgy items like a black leather jacket, black short boots and a daring (feminine) mini one-piece dress which typifies the popular look now in Tokyo which mixes sweetness and edginess.

Stylist Keiko: (2:25) She’s already a very cute girl so instead of styling her in a cute, frilly way, styling her in a cool, simple way will bring out what’s good about her. I wanted to bring out her strength as an artist and the power of her singing from the feet up (hence the hard, edgy boots). But I also wanted to show her femininity so I wanted to have some of her skin showing (hence the mini).

Narrator: The one in charge of the CD jacket overall is art director Shigeru Suzuki (3:02). He has been singled out as the one responsible for the Japanese PR of street fashion brands.

Art Director Suzuki: (3:12) She’s from the Philippines so she’s Asian right? And we Japanese are also Asian. We want her image as a singer here to be almost Japanese, cool, someone we (Japanese) can relate to.

Narrator: After 2 weeks, a sample of her CD jacket was finished. Charice is shown on the CD case in head to toe Tokyo street fashion. On the left is the American version of her CD jacket. Her look here emphasizes her adult, glamorous side while her Japanese stylists mixed “cool” and “cute”, bringing forth the “Tokyo style”. An email from Charice herself arrived after she saw her sample CD jacket.

Art Director Suzuki: (4:15) Charice sent an email to the stylist and it seems that Charice uploaded the CD jacket’s picture to her blog and it seems to be very popular with her fans with them saying it’s so much better than her American CD’s jacket. When I heard that, it felt great and I was so happy.

Narrator: Asia’s Cinderella girl, Charice! Will she be a breakout star in Japan too?


Sukkiri Japanese Morning Show

July 07, 2010 w/ English Subtitles

Video uploaded by Tmgtworld

Charice on Japanese TV

Video Uploaded by Jemmilyn

Translations from Video Comments: Reporters said that it is the first time that an Asian singer was ranked in top 10 at billboard. Among all Asian singers, album titled “Let’s Walk with Your Face Up” by Kyu Sakamoto was ranked up to 14th, and this time Charice became superior to him. And that her height is no more than about 5ft, but she looks full of energy. Then they referred to her backgrounds. A turning point when she got very popular was when her video was uploaded on Youtube. Her ability as a singer was well acknowledged there and its access exceeded up to 150,000,000 times. And she was cast at a television programme in the United States. There she was paid attention by David Foster. He offered her as her producer for his free will, then huge producers such as Michael Jackson & Celine Dion. And they concluded with announcement that her debut album “Charice” will be on sale on July the 7th in Japan. – Fan_of_Charice

Just a little correction, they mentioned MJ and Celine Dion as two of the big stars in which David Foster produced albums with. Additional info: towards the end of the video, the guy on the right was informed by the director that the current video playing is Charice’s English rendition of Ayaka’s 三日月. He paused and said “Uso?!” (Really, you’re kidding). Then relayed the info to the other 2 anchors – From Ninkichan


Charice on “Space Shower TV” Japan

Video Uploaded by ChariceSharisu

Translations from the Video:

Space Shower TV Highly Recommends is bringing you a featured interview. Her debut album is first for an Asian to make it on Billboard Top 10 this week. 18 years old and from the Philippines, R&B singer, this is Charice’s interview.

Is she contented because it´s her first time in Japan?

She was discovered by none other than producer David Foster. How did she feel that time?

David Foster discovered this voice, first time to be heard in Japan, here watch the rehearsal.

Lastly, a message from Charice to her Japanese fans…

NHK Tokyo-Kawaii Tv Trailer July 18

Video Uploaded by ChariceSharisu

Charice will be on Tokyo Kawaii TV 7/18 SUN: Kawaii on Air

Translation: Charice´s part only
July 18, 2010 (Sunday) 23:30 – 23:59 (General TV)

Furthermore, Tokyo Kawaii TV got contact with America’s hottest buzz Pop singer Sharisu on her first Japan visit. With amazing powerful singing, her debut album suddenly made it to the Top 10 in the US Hit Chart. “Charisma” make-up artist and stylist will make a cutting edge Tokyo style make-over to the Asian Cinderella Girl. Have fun!

thanks a lot JustCharrie

To Order from Germany:

To Order from Japan or Asia:

Note: Chasters who ordered from Yes, Charicemania Team is not connected nor responsible for this site. This is where other Chasters have ordered their Japanese Album copies. You need a valid credit card and validation could take up to three days or longer.

To Order from US:

Yes Asia USA

“I inquired at a Japanese book store (Books Sanseido located inside Mitsuwa Japanese store in Chicago) about Charice Japan CD – they said they will not carry it in store but can be ordered through them for +/- $25.00″. – From Tippo
Other branches located at:
Torrance, CA 310-782-2900
Costa Mesa, CA 714-556-2200
San Diego, CA 858-279-2900
Edgewater, New Jersey 201-941-1564
Arlington Hts, IL 847-956-0155

Our Bonus Video: Charice´s Chinese Promotional Video

Video Uploaded by Yippeew

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101 Responses to “Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan”

  1. eve says:
    Charice invaded the itunes japan pop chart 9 of her songs are in the top 200 chart and 3 of her albums are in the top 200 as well!!!
    #11 Pyramid (Japan Album Ver)
    #36 Pyramid (Single Ver)
    #39 Crescent Moon (Single Ver)
    #43 Crescent Moon (Japan Album Ver)
    #57 I Love You (Japan Album Ver)
    #89 Pyramid (Deluxe US Album Ver)
    #162 Nobody’s Singin’ To Me (Japan Album Ver)
    #173 Reset (Japan Album Ver)
    #189 Thank You (Japan Album ver)
    #6 Japan Ver
    #21 US Deluxe Ver
    #124 US Std Ver

    woot woot! Credit to Rodski for the stats posted in YouTube comments (thanks!)

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  2. YellowEngr says:
    Meet with Lady Gaga!

    She is a force to be reckoned!

    Go Cha! Labyo labyo. Tayk Cayr.

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  3. cassfahrash says:

    Could someone please update us about the schedule of Charice in Japan? like what tv shows, radio shows she could be guesting on?

    because for those who are outside Japan can watch those shows livestreaming if they download keyhole. it’s got the major tv and radio stations on there. I already have keyhole in my computer so if you guys are aware of her schedule, maybe you can share it with us so I can watch it?

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  4. mdsjr says:

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  5. RN says:

    I jolted in ecxitement and awe when i learned that Charice has released her album in Japan. I went teary eyed knowing that she has penetrated the mainstream Japan, too! I am so proud of her!!! The road is all set for her. Charice is magical. Her rise to stardom is unstoppable!!! I will forever be a supporter of you Charice. May God bless you and your loved ones. I love you all Chasters!!!

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  6. NARZ says:

    I jolted in ecxitement and awe when i learned that Charice has released her album in Japan. I went teary eyed knowing that she has penetrated the mainstream Japan, too! I am so proud of her!!! The road is all set for her. Charice is magical. Her rise to stardom is unstoppable!!! I will forever be a supporter of you Charice. May God bless you and your loved ones. I love you all Chasters!!!

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  7. jn says:
    Wow, I hope Crescent Moon by Charice will be available here in the US too…Another big launching day ….for Charice’s album…this time in Japan. Wish you all the best……

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  8. Hi Charice,

    You are amazing. Go on and conquer the world. DF must have the magic crystal to see you as “the one”. I concur of what he said. I know you will “Rock” Thailand (where I am from), Japan, Philippines, Korea, Malaysia and the rest of the world. Oprah knew from the beginning she got one very talented girl in her hand and now “goddaughter.” The rest of the world is waiting for more of you as you are just beginning and the rest will be in history. Please take care ok. Chaster forever…

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  9. kabayan01 says:
    Wow, I just received Princess Charice album from japan today. I didn’t expect it to be this early. I loved Crescent moon and I did it for you duet with DRS…

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  10. mooffin says:
    charice was featured yesterday in sukkiri, another morning show – this one’s very popular and a lot of foreign artists come to promote their albums/movies etc. some of those who were featured in the show before are taylor swift, hugh jackman, the backstreet boys, madonna, lady gaga etc. as you can see, all of these people are already famous and huge worldwide so it’s quite amazing for them to feature a newcomer like charice. the panel was really impressed with her and want her to come on the show. i have a feeling she will be. =)


    now in the spotlight in the united states is charice, the philippines’ susan boyle! she has dreamed of becoming a star since she was 4 years old so she went to auditions and joined singing contests and has won most of them. with her prize money, this amazing little girl was able to support her family. she is now 18. just like susan boyle, what changed her destiny was (youtube). when she was 12, she joined a singing contest on philippine tv, and that performance was uploaded on youtube and has reached 15 million hits. then, when she was 16, she was featured in popular tv shows in america. she was then noticed by the big-time producer of celine dion and has then released her debut album last may. AND, her album was included in (billboard’s) top 10 albums! AND she is the first asian to do so, a remarkable feat indeed!

    she is releasing her debut album in japan today. from auditioning in shows to becoming “charice of the world”, the world is now taking notice of her singing prowess.

    (panel and reporter dialogue)
    man in checkered jacket: “charice is amazing!”
    reporter: “she is on the spotlight!”
    man in white jacket: “i downloaded her song pyramid last week and she’s really good!”
    reporter: “we would love to hear her live, don’t we teri-san (man with a hat)?”
    teri-san: “she’s coming?!”
    (then they all talk at the same time i couldn’t figure out who was saying what. they also talk about that taiwanese boy who also became famous on youtube for singing whitney songs.)
    reporter: “with regards to charice, we really want to invite her on the show.”
    man in checkered jacket: “you (reporter) know something don’t you?”
    reporter: “no, i don’t know anything.
    (then they all talk at once again.)

    i think she really will be on the sow, ending with a teaser like that. =)

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  11. Ohyayay123 says:

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    • Ham says:

      and i might add lea salonga’s comment, ‘the world would be STUPID to ignore her.’

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  12. camo says:
    charice i am so proud of what you have achieved so far and more blessing is coming your way,stay swet and humble as you are ,the good chasters will support you no matter what.ONCE YOU CHOSE HOPE ANYTHING IS you kid.

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  13. tetsushi says:
    i was in H&M store here in osaka yesterday, while doing some shopping inside the store i heard the song “ sure charice will be famous here in japan.Charice will be here in japan on july 19,at MEZAMASHI LIVE in Odaiba land FUJI TV AREA in tokyo heres the link

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  14. luvkcha09 says:
    Wow, another accomplishment for our Charice. Today July 7th launching of her Japan Album and she is sitting at Number 8 Billboard chart already! how about that! Celebration is in order. Chasters are celebrating everyday!!!!!

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  15. justcharrie says:
    Rushed to Tsutaya Records today and was so overwhelmed seeing Charice’s album in the shelves lining up with the album of the big artists of today i.e. Lady Gaga, Usher, Kesha etc. in a big Japan record bar. Though lots of people inside I didn’t mind them and I took pictures of it, lol. I can’t wait for my copies from Amazon so I bought again and gifted myself haha. I love the Japanese Edition that it comes with SONGS LYRICS. Plus a bonus Charice sticker! 5 STARS!

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  16. Sy says:
    Just a reminder guys to buy the Album from reputable sources. I noticed there were websites that are selling her Albums illegally or i think they were pirated copies.

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  17. schoen says:

    Ooops! Thanks for telling us about the Chinese Video guys! We´re glad Chasters are everywhere! Changed now to Chinese Promotional Video. Glad there´s one in Chinese too!

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  18. WebScribes says:
    150,000,000 total YouTube views to date! Finally, someone that can count :-)
    I heard it – didn’t you – the formal release of Charice’s Album in Japan this morning! ( Sounded like a sonic boom ;-)
    Love the way the Japanese are promoting Charice: TV, raffle, beautiful Photos, famous Bonus song, and I’m sure much more. Japan is the 2nd (or 3rd) largest CD market in the World.

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    • eve says:
      oops except the guy in the video said “sen-go-hyaku-man” (at 1:30 minutes) which translates to 15 million, and the number shown there also translates to 15,000,000. Each 万 = 10,000 in the Japanese number system – so 1,500万 is equal to 1,500 times 10,000 or 15 million. boohoo Web… but we all know YouTube hits surpassed 100 million a while ago.

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  19. azucena gehring says:
    I am basically a Pink Floyd avid fan and collect every record they put out. I play only Pink Floyd until I discovered Charice. I am now one of Charice’s addicted fan. I purchased 15 Target records,5 walmart (I bought what was in display, 1 QVC and 1 Japanese (still waiting for it)version. I gave most of them to close friends who has birthdays and children’s graduation. Everyone is happy and I am happy to share the most beautiful voice in the world today.

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  20. artemis gibran says:
    Looking forward to get my CD from Japan with the single CRESCENT MOON.

    Girl, I’m also working hard so I can save for the next album of GLEE where they will feature your BEAUTIFUL VOICE.

    Hmmmm….fasten your seatbelt CHASTERS… WONDER GIRL will take us to a flight. Yes GO Charice…ROCK the WORLD! Congratulations.

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  21. mooffin says:
    the video above can’t be her japanese promotional video since it’s not in japanese – it’s in chinese…

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  22. Mamie says:
    it`s not a Japanese Promotional Video…..

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  23. Alice says:
    i almost cried by watching the last video(btw, it’s not jap, it’s chinese)
    her voice is just so heart touching……
    i want to buy her jap album so badly!!!!

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  24. kabayan01 says:
    Princess, what have you done to me? I couldn’t get enough of you. I downloaded your album from Itunes. Got your album from QVC. Bought 2 cds for my sis and niece. Now couldn’t wait to receive your album from Japan. I bought a lot of your albums to given away for my friends. Always take care of your health…Labyo…

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  25. insolitude123 says:
    i already ordered my japanese charice album from a different website. i used paypal to purchase it. will be expecting it soon.

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  26. XJ21 says:
    You can also order the Japanese version online at CDJapan, website is in english language. Easy to put in your order.

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  27. ebjohns11 says:
    I hope Chasters from Japan will be able to Meet and Greet. We like to see photos and videos pls.
    So I heard , shes number 4 now on Itunes POP! Thats amazing!!

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  28. XJ21 says:
    Outside Japan you can also order it from CDJapan the website is in english language.

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  29. MrAspirant08 says:
    Charice, soar high and conquer the world with your music…

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  30. camel says:
    wow… whats next??? hehe TC princess…

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