Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan

Meet and Greet with Charice (Sharisu) in Japan


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  1. It is truly a nice and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. mdsjr says:

    1st videos to appear on youtube from OdaibaLand Japan….Enjoy!!

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  3. Yobhtron says:
    Charice is a big hit in Japan. Thank you Japan and Japanese Chasters for your love and support for Charice.

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  4. daddy 0 says:
    I bet you, Liz Rozenberg gone hysterical about the Botox thing in the Philippines. I hope before the PI media start this kidn of publicity, they should consult first with LR. She is so good to turn arouned the media frenzy!!

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    • Rivendel says:
      That scandal in the Philippines,if you can call it a scandal is nothing new to Ms. Rozenberg. Imagine Madonna for a client.

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  5. honeybee1665 says:
    chasters here’s a vid in SUKKIRI JULY 20 japanese tv host were so amazed & they ask charice to come back…hope u like it….sorry can’t take the vid just saw this YT vid & share it to chasters coz my video cam HDD got a problem…labyo chasters

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  6. neznez says:
    I am glad Charice is going back early in U.S she needs to be to the people who protect her. I am sure if she needs some medical advise Dr Oz a medical expert who are personally ties with Oprah can tell her what to do. Not so rinky dinky Dr Belo hope Charice learn her lesson and cut her ties with her.

    Next time there is Philippine media interview they should run it first to her publicist Liz Rozenberg.

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  7. Charice at Beni Mezamashi Live Fuji TV (by sharisucharice)

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  8. livelifetothefullest says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • livelifetothefullest says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Mnemosyne says:
      Madam/Sir, this is not the appropriate article to reply to botox procedure. There was no mention of Botox here, is there? I don’t mean to be rude but…

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  9. Princess Serena says:

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  10. jhe says:
    morning tv program,about yesterday Mezamashi live,i was not ready to take vid,but hope you like it

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  11. melisma22 says:
    Without a doubt Charice would be well accepted in the Japanese market. However, Glee wants Charice to have a narrower face for the American audience. See this video:

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  12. joycebinct says:
    beautiful face, fresh and pretty and her outfit, very chic. like it!

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  13. Lemuel says:
    go charice!!! could we get the copy of that album here in THailand????tnx

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  14. CutieSinger23 says:
    woot woot (dance)

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  15. etucrepus08 says:
    Charice deserves to have both of Japan’s greatest makeup-artist and stylist. According to Cha she is now getting ready for her first shoot for Glee.

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  16. Princess Serena says:
    @SendMe: I totally agree with you! ;D

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  17. mooffin says:
    Here’s a translation of the NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV video.

    0:02 Good morning.
    Charice: Good morning.

    0:08 Last May, Tokyo Kawaii TV caught up with Charice who was in Japan for the first time for the production of her debut CD’s jacket.
    0:19 To capture the hearts of the Japanese youth, the who’s who of stylists, artists and producers were on hand for the production of her CD’s jacket.
    0:34 First up, make-up.
    0:38 The one in charge is super talented make-up artist Tomoko Okada who has been responsible for the make-up in fashion shows of 20 plus fashion brands in New York and Tokyo.

    Make-up artist:
    0:44 I wanna try your look more fresh style because in your country I saw you on TV and your CD jacket you look so really mature…really fresh and Tokyo girl style.
    1:06 I’d like to line her eyes like a cat’s, drawing the line going up while pulling her eyelid up and drawing the tip of the line very thinly.
    1:20 I’m gonna use just Japanese language so you just smiling and singing ok?

    1:29 Now the lips.

    Make-up artist:
    1:32 I’m thinking of just going with lip balm.

    1:37 Ms. Okada is using a technique of suppressing shine while emphasizing color.

    Make-up artist
    1:47 You know this is the kind of really popular for guys like this make-up in Tokyo…we call this “mote”. (Note: “Mote” comes from the word “moteru” which means to be popular with the opposite gender.)

    2:02 The stylist in charge is Keiko Hitsotsuyama, who has worked with very famous magazines abroad.
    2:11 She has chosen hard and edgy items like a black leather jacket, black short boots and a daring (feminine) mini one-piece dress which typifies the popular look now in Tokyo which mixes sweetness and edginess.

    2:27 She’s already a very cute girl so instead of styling her in a cute, frilly way, styling her in a cool, simple way will bring out what’s good about her. I wanted to bring out her strength as an artist and the power of her singing from the feet up (hence the hard, edgy boots). But I also wanted to show her femininity so I wanted to have some of her skin showing (hence the mini).

    2:58 The one in charge of the CD jacket overall is art director Shigeru Suzuki.
    3:06 He has been singled out as the one responsible for the Japanese PR of street fashion brands.

    3:14 She’s from the Philippines so she’s Asian right? And we Japanese are also Asian. We want her image as a singer to be almost Japanese, cool, someone we (Japanese) can relate to.

    3:41 After 2 weeks, a sample of her CD jacket was finished.
    3:34 Charice is shown on the CD case in head to toe Tokyo street fashion.
    3:55 On the left is the American version of her CD jacket. Her look here emphasizes her adult, glamorous side while her Japanese stylists mixed “cool” and “cute”, bringing forth the “Tokyo style”.
    4:12 An email from Charice herself arrived after she saw her sample CD jacket.

    4:18 Charice sent an email to the stylist and it seems that Charice uploaded the CD jacket’s picture to her blog and it seems to be very popular with her fans with them saying it’s so much better than her American CD’s jacket.
    4:41 When I heard that, it felt great and I was so happy.

    4:49 Asia’s Cinderella girl, Charice!
    4:52 Will she be a breakout star in Japan too?

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    • eve says:
      Thank you so much Mooffin!!! your translation is wonderful… me and Schoen posted it above and waiting for the video transcription to be done with English subtitles using your translation. Chasters around the world appreciate this very much!

      ~ Eve

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      • mooffin says:
        you’re welcome =). i’m just giving back…i too am so happy when there are translations of her videos with languages that i don’t understand =).

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    • ChrisJSS says:

      this is fantastic! Charice should definitely have a Japanese stylist. They are very very good.

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  18. daddy 0 says:
    Charice, I think on every photo shoot for your next album or single, have it made and done in Japan. You look fantastic and gorgeous on this cover. You are so beautiful.

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  19. CharisseToo says:
    @JustCharrie ~ you’ve been extra busy lately with Charice’s visit to Japan. Thank you for the translations and for the information you’ve shared. It means a lot to us diehards to always be in the know of the latestnews.

    ~ I must say Charice never looked more beautiful. The make-up artist is so skilled in highlighting Charice best features and not drowning her with too much cake and colors. Myyy, she looks so fresh and glowing! Her clothes are so chic & sharp, yet trendy for her age. I can go on and on and on… The big difference with Charisma’s style is her make-up artisty focuses in Charice best features and added definition to the rest, unlike other make-up artists who just want to show-off their supposed “artisty and style” with no thought if it would suit Charice. They only think of her as a canvas and a vehicle to get noticed. Even before I saw the photos, i had every confidence in their work. Japanese eats and breaths art – as shown in their food preparation, gardens, architecture and even in wrapping an item you buy in an ordinary store. Kudos to the Japanese team who worked with Charice!!!

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  20. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Wow! Japanese is indeed meticulous in their make up and fashion style. And the outcome is indeed amazing, very tasteful and classy :-)
    In my opinion, this (Japanese style) is the best look/fashion style of Charice.

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    • SaTrinomaNagkita says:
      I agree. The results are superior than ones in the Philippines or the USA.

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