Youtube Star Making a Career

Youtube Star Making a Career

Youtube Star Charice Making a Career

Hamburg, Germany June 28, 2010

There are many stars whose career began via the Internet. Among them is Filipina singer Charice whoAi?? managed to land her latest album debut directly on the Top Ten in the US Charts.

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In these times of the Web, you can rise up from rags to riches from being a YouTube hit performer to a Pop Star. That’s how the story has been written for 18-year-old Filipina, Charice who came from a humble background.

I was 12 at the time when I joined Purchase lady era 100mg this contest in the Philippines, it was on television, something like American Idol. I made it to the finals but I ended up only in third place. After a couple of months, someone posted the video of my appearance on YouTube. By the way, he’s my friend now who posted my video, and it got a million hits.

But the success on the video platform was not all. Charice was invited to casting shows worldwide and finally landed in a top American TV show, Oprah Winfrey. That was the breakthrough that Charice needed in the U.S.A. Now the 18-year-old has her first album produced by the 15-time Grammy winner David Foster where it landed in the Top Ten on the U.S Charts.

It’s really amazing, seeing all the teenagers. All the people know my Pyramid Song and they sing along with me. That was one of my dreams that people will sing with me and this time it is also my own hit. Before that, the people also sang but those were not my songs. And now it’s my song and they were singing with me. It feels so great.

But still, despite the sudden success, the 18-year-old keeps her feet on the ground and reveals her Plan B.

Of course I wanna live like a normal life. We do have plans. We plan to open a business in the Philippines. And of course I will finish my studies. And if, if my career really runs well… then let’s just see.

Whether Charice could continue to dream and live the dreams of a pop star also depends on whether the fans will be excited about her first album like they did on her cover versions of Whitney Houston and others.

Article text:
Aside from the videos on YouTube, the guest appearances on talk show queen Oprah WinfreyA?s show have helped Charice. Despite her success, the 18-year-old remains humble. If her music career doesn’t work out, she already has a ‘Plan B’ in her pocket.

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15 Responses to “Youtube Star Making a Career”

  1. Nancy Bulak says:

    I am a big fan of Charice. I have followed her on the web-youtube and In Texas I am having a hard time to find her cds. Can any one help me I want all her cds she is the best thing that came along in my life. Her music lifts me up spirtually and I want her music. I am old school and have not learned how to download music from her web-site I am a 58yrs old and to me she needs to write and sing more faith and christian music. Thank you,Always you and many other I wish I could buy in a accompantment cd. that would be so great I justt have to have it Charice can you help me get your music. A christian book store in BASTROP, TEXAS is helping me to find your music. Charice can you come to Bastrop and do a free consert to help us build a new church, come to Austin Tx something I wish to talk to you in person you have been an inspiration to me. Those songs you sing to your mother just lifts me up. My 80 yr. mother is ill and means the world to me that in the past yrs I have followed your career just jump out there and that is great But I need your music for my sanity. I listen to a few songs and I am filled with joy I am able to sleep and able to face another day and keep on going just by your songs you sing and the way you sing them From your Heart. When A Note To God came out and I saw it on Opra WoW! I just can not get enough of your singing that feeds my soul. Help me Charice find your music that I can buy one of your cds cost 18.00 plus. I don’t care how much I have to pay I need your sing in my home every chance I get I put a song on for a friend or relative and pass your music for others to hear. Keep the faith and keep sing don’t ever stop Your fan for ever Nancy Bulak

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  2. scarlet says:
    Hi guys i have been listening to almost every original song of charice and i can tell you all that i’m becoming addicted to it.I can’t wait for her album to be release here in Korea so then i could get one or more.Also i hope when she come and promote her album i wish she would sing one or more of her original song and not the cover song.I knew that she was discovered singing cover song and i was amazed coz she sounds i mean..she sang it perfectly. I wish her the best!

    chadicted from korea!! peace everyone!

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    • JediTouch says:

      I agree Charice voice and performance is addicting. Let this be a warn to those who are busy people, if you are so busy and need to meet certain deadlines, then don’t watch Charice videos on YouTube. But if you are a person that thirst for joy, excitement, mystery , surprise, and more importantly to feel love, then don’t waste your time, get up and type “Charice” on YouTube. Your taste bud for music will definitely change ;-) And you will be embrace with love once again and feel the touch of an Angel ;-) Take care all.

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  3. aaalo says:

    Warner music has a Chinese web page for Charice:

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  4. Roms says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  5. theroyalchaster says:
    yes cha, you are certainly on the right track.

    labyo labyo!

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  6. luvkcha09 says:
    Having an education is helpful for Charice especially as she becomes a global superstar. I am glad she is not discounting her education. Charice has a good head in addition to all her other attributes. She is worthy of the adulation and adoration of her fans. Yes and I hope all the young ones out there are learning from her. DREAM BIG AND WORK TOWARDS IT. For us young once, we can still learn too :)

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  7. Joe R. (Raytatlo) says:
    Have you seen this? I was watching Wowowee this afternoon when I saw this girl (Reds) singing Charice’s Pyramid. During the earlier interview, she said that her singing idol is: Charice. This goes to show that our young people look up to Cha and I hope this will be true around the world. She did very well.

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  8. idolming says:
    I will always love you!

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  9. Daniel says:
    I have a strong feeling Charice will follow Oprah’s footstep. She
    will become so BIG globally not only in music, she’ll finish her studies, become an entertainment lawyer, open up a business (maybe
    a chain of McDonald type restaurant), have a talk show like Oprah, and become a Billionaire in the process. And she’ll be known as the BIG “C”. With Oprah as Charice adviser and a big influence in everything she does, Charice might inherit part of “OWN” Network.
    And then I woke up………to be continued until my next dream.

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  10. jimfan155 says:
    I like to cover all my basis just in case, but for Charice, forget Plan B. Unless for health reasons, Plan A should be in full force and effect until, hmmm Tina Turner is 70 something so applying that formula – ok Plan B in 50 or so years.

    Quoting a Tina song “You’re simply the best, better than all the rest”. Continued success, Charice.

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  11. 2die4 says:
    Good role model! She sings so so well,intelligent,has ambition to continue to finish school, helps unfortunate kids, supports charity events,supports diversity,supports no text when driving, loves her country, loves her fans, covers any songs perfectly,sweet and funny.LOVE HER TO PIECES!

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  12. artemis gibran says:

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  13. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
    Wow Charice! You are indeed an inspiration to many. Your music is now capturing the whole world :-) Just keep soaring high but always stay humble. Love you :-)

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  14. CutieSinger23 says:
    Congrats Charice :)

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