Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

JULY 20 UPDATE Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Showcase cancelled! There will be a ChastersA? Gathering instead!
ANNOUNCEMENT: MommyRaquel announced today and Warner Brothers Malaysia has also confirmed that the Showcase with Charice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has been cancelled. Charice will be flying to Los Angeles on the 25th of July for the taping of “GLEE”.

Mommy Raquel announced that Charice will be on her Asian Tour this July. The tour is strictly to promote her CD on radio and interviews. Updates will follow as soon as we know.

Below are the tentative dates, please check Charicemania and the Warner Music links for more updates. We will post them as soon as they become available.

mommy raquel tweets Charice: Asian Tour July 2010


Charice in Seoul, South Korea

starking2 Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

  • July 12 – Taping for Star King
  • July 24 – The episode of Charice’s appearance in the show is scheduled to air on July 24.
  • .

    Charice in Manila, Philippines

    Charice Asian Tour Manila2 Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

    Catch Charice on the following dates and venues for a series of shows here in Manila:

    • July 15, 2010 – Newport Plaza at Resort World Manila (Pasay City)
    • July 16, 2010 – The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill (Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City)
    • July 17, 2010 – Eastwood Mall Open Park (Libis, Quezon City)

    For inquires for this show, contact the Eastwood Mall Concierge at 709-0888 and 709-9888.
    Source link: Eastwood City Facebook Page


    Charice’s 3 day Philippine concert advertised on Q channel July 13, 2010

    Video courtesy of Litepci

    Charice in Tokyo, Japan

    Mezamashi TV is a Japanese news magazine show broadcast every weekday on Fuji TV from 4:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. but not on TV Oita because there is “Zoom-in SUPER” produced and copyrighted by Nippon TV on TV Oita. Mezamashi is a form of the Japanese verb mezamasu (to wake up). Hence the title is quite close to the English morning show or breakfast TV.


    Charice in Bangkok, Thailand

    Charice, the girl from the Philippines, is set to become a world-wide sensation! Her self-titled album ai??i?? ai???Chariceai??? debuted at No. 8 on Billboard Charts. She is the first Asian artist in history to land on the Top 10 albums and her first single, ai???Pyramidai??? became a hit around the world.

    This cute, pretty and petite young lady who has an incredible voice is being called as ai???The Voiceai??? of todayai??i??s music industry. Charice truly has the ai???voiceai???, said David Foster, legendary songwriter and producer behind the success of artists such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion and Michael Buble. Charice is now busy promoting her first International Album in America. Warner Music (Thailand) immediately booked Charice for a show in Bangkok. Despite of her busy schedule, she kindly accepted the invitation.

    Video courtesy of 1stpopmusic

    To all Chariceai??i??s Thai fans who want to see her live, she will have a show called,ai???Singh Proudly Presents: Charice, Dreams Come True Showcase @ Siam Discoveryai???. This will take place at the Grand Hall, 1st floor, Siam Landau Gallery, Siam Discovery on Friday, July 23 at 5pm. This is your chance to see her perform live. Be amazed by Charice, the international singing sensation and youai??i??ll know why she is the first Asian to succeed in America.

    Manee Wongwaramet (Hua)
    Promotion Manager
    Warner Music Thailand Ltd.
    Tel. +(662) 675-5726 Ext. 115


    Translation by AnonymousFanatic

    Thai 300x240 Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

    Translation: CHARICE “Dreams Come True” Show Case @ Siam Discovery on July 23 this time 17:00 (Free Entry). Special offer for fans of Channel [v] Thailand will have a Meet & Greet Most closely with Charice just type. charice followed by a song you most want to hear Charice sing and send to 4221441 winners will be the second Meet & Greet with Charice immediately.

    charicethailand Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

    More information from Warner Music Thailand about Charice! The event will take place on Friday July 23rd 2010 which will be held on the 1st floor Grand Hall at Siam Discovery at 5 PM ! There will also be a special guest performance from Zani (The Winner AF6) (Reality TV/Music Contest Singer) ! It has also been officially announced that there will also be a meet and greet session for Charice Fans! Fans can get a chance to meet and greet with Charice by uploading their picture with Chariceai??i??s album at the following facebook page: or by submitting their picture in at . The lucky Fan(s) will be selected on July 21st 2010ai??i?? So Thai Fans what are you waiting for Send in your Picture NOW!!!! Ai?? Ai??- Ai??


    The showcase is cancelled due to ChariceA?s commitments to “Glee”. We know that Malaysian Chasters are disappointed right now. Wyip is planning for the first time in Malaysia, a Malaysian ChastersA? Gathering instead. There are many Chasters who booked their flights to Kuala Lumpur including hotel rooms just for this Showcase. We hope that Chasters will try to help Wyip in organizing this event. We will announce the details here later regarding venue. We all need your support Malaysian Chasters. Thank you very much.

    Message from Warner Music Malaysia: ChariceA?s showcase has been postponed to early November due to unforseen circumstances. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    Those who have passes for Malaysian showcase, please keep them as it entitles you to Charice’s next showcase planned in November. Hope this will cheer you all up a little bit. Thanks. – WYIP

    Charice in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    “The Most Talented Girl in The World” Showcase

    JULY 25 – DRAGONFLY Club (Jalan Kia Peng, Kuala Lumpur)

    This is a 30-minute showcase. You will have to purchase Charice’s album at the door to gain access to the show (1 album = 2 passes). There will be a mini M&G but details will be posted soon.

    Contact Dragonfly at 1700 80 2999 and

    Source: Dragonfly Facebook Page

    Win Tickets To Watch Charice Live In Kuala Lumpur

    Filipina sensation Charice is sure gaining lots of fans thanks to the hit single Pyramid featuring Iyaz. Not only has Charice confirmed that she will guest star in Season 2 of Glee, the 18-year-old is said to be featured on the cover of an upcoming issue of Teen Vogue. That’s quite a coup! But Charice’s ultimate dream is, “I want to sing and dance with Justin Timberlake!” That might just happen looking at the trajectory of her career.

    Charice will be making her first visit to Kuala Lumpur later this month where she will perform in a special showcase for lucky fans! And guess what? Autographs will be obliged with the purchase of Charice’s album!

    Charice Live In KL
    Date: 25 July 2010
    Venue: Dragonfly (formerly Orange Club, KL)
    Time: 7.30PM

    We have 10 tickets (each ticket admits two guests) to give away. All you have to do is answer two questions, complete a slogan and give us your details (name, IC no, phone no, mailing address) to be in the running to watch Charice Live in KL. Email Shatavari churna cost your entries to by 16 July 2010. Winners will receive their tickets via post.

    Question 1: Where does Charice hail from?

    Question 2: Name the song which Charice sings with Iyaz

    I love Charice because…..
    (complete this sentence in 20 words or less)

    [Note: You can also obtain tickets to the showcase when you purchase Charice's album at Speedy Video outlets (Pavilion, GE Mall, Mid Valley/Movie Magic, One Utama). First-come first-served basis.]

    Source: galaxieblog

    charice live kuala lampur Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

    Note: For Malaysia, whoever’s interested in seeing her LIVE in Kuala Lumpur, please contact Wyip via twitter wyipleong or message him on FB @ W Yip Leong

    charice japan2 Charice: Asian Tour July 2010

    Posted by Schoen and Capofret

    287 Responses to “Charice: Asian Tour July 2010”

    1. AMANDA says:


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      • darrah says: one also idmirer of charice.ididnot feel like htise to ohter singer but wen isee charice in starking i wow”i cant belive what hear and see..imnot complet my day if icnt visit in here web..just follw what d news..4her ..please dont change..ihope ucan acheive …wt u dream…

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    2. joey says:

      Hi chalice, you are so good..I’m so inlove with you…your so gorgeous…..luv u

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    3. Sally says:

      Hi Charice! I really follow you since you just started singing on television. It’s my first time to be so addicted to a singer like you. Please maintain your good image and be always strong. Our world needs someone like you as a role model to the youth. I always listen to your songs…God Bless always.

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    4. grendy says:
      Somebody, please give me some information about .. when charice will be come to Indonesia???
      Why in this Asian tour charice not come to indonesia??..
      actually, Charice have so many and biggest fans in here…
      so, Charice..we need you in Indonesia.. we really wanted to watch your perform Live!!!!… i love you as overall, Charice..
      LOVE YYOOUUU!!!!!!]
      please come to indonesiaaa!!!!!!!

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      • me says:

        david foster and charice in Indonesia , This concert will be held in the Ballroom of The Ritz Carlton – Pacific Place on October 27, 2010,
        at 19:00 pm.
        haha gue orang indo juga lho

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    5. chengna says:
      I love Charice even I am in the bottom of the pyramid. Let’s lift her up to the topof the ^^^^^^.

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    6. Chuck says:
      Just so you know, Charice has dedicated chasters in China. Her Pyramid video now has Chinese caption. Good translation, job well done by the uploader.

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      • romwaldo says:
        Her visit to China (I hope in the near future) could be one of the biggest or defining events in Charice’s career.

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        • Chuck says:
          She visited Macau, China for one day before her going to Japan. No details were revealed at the moment. Someone at this site had said a followup would be done. I doubt she went there just to see the beach or the shopping mall or a few private friends.

          Two Chinese cities she most likely to meet her fans could be HongKong and Maccu. There are a lot of fillipinos and other south asians, among other ethnic groups, working or settling in that region. Those are perfect places for a future charicemania invasion into the giant’s heartland.

          My feeling is that Warner will introduce their newest star to China only when they are ready. I think they are still plotting the ways/venues to start. These current tours to smaller countries such as Thailand, Korean, Singapore, Malasia are just part of buildup for bigger event in the future. One niceable comments from Charice recently was how she personally felt about revisiting Singapore. Simplly, the reception she got was awesome. In Singapore, most of the population is ethnic Chinese, and one of the two official languages used there is Chinese. I am sure, if Charice visits China one day, she will find that same homely feeling.

          What Warner music needs to formally introduce her to mainland China. Do that directly and seize the moment. They started a babe step in Taiwan through Warner Taiwan. But that is not thinking big if they hope somehow that kind of campaign will be good enough to have much resonance in the mainland.


          Hello Chuck, from US to Hongkong Airport then off to Macau for a private party,. Yet, Chasters on both cities tried to find there way to see/meet her, but no luck and they fully understood., They know someday, they will see her perform in every stadium of these cities,.


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          • starbuck245 says:
            Yeah, that Macau trip seems to have had better secrecy and security than the CIA.

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    7. LuckyRain0rig says:
      I just can not believe this: I am spending so much time streaming the Internet for any NEWS anout CHARICE and by the looks of it I am not just one of the few, there are thousands and thousands of people( ok, I admit I am not that good at Math, so MILLIONs of people around the world following Charice. I think I am crazy or maybe not. Charice Now is a part of our everyday life. We can not let the day go by without putting on our eyeglasses and poking on the computer keys and turning on the telee.
      YIkES! Charice is so addictive, listening to her songs complete my day!

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    8. rommel says:
      I am a huge fan of Charice, should i call my self Chasters too?i hope so. I am based here in the California where most of my co workers also are huge fan of her, It doesnt matter if she undergo some enhancement on her face , it will never affect our admiration to this cute and very talented girl .She is very famous now and most of the people are talking about her.Her botox issue will never be a hindrance for her to become one of the youngest diva.Be positive guys, even the most popular artist on earth touches his face and it doesnt stop him to become a legend and that is Michael J.Even the Superstar in the Philippines undergo enhancement procedure so what else is new in the entertainment industry , everyone is doing it nowadays ,once again nothing is wrong with it as long as it will be beneficial to them to look good .

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    9. cool_babe says:
      sad………ill wait 4 the concert 2 come

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    10. manang babes says:
      Thai Chasters, you guys are the best! Awesome! Thank you for showing much love to Charice! Charice, you are oozing with love! That’s it girl, show them what you’ve got! Fantastic, this is beyond amazing!

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    11. osuna says:

      For misinformed Chaster, please read link enclosed link

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      • SendMeAnAngel09 says:
        Thanks for sharing this very educational/informative clip. Hope this will help enlighten to everybody :-)

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        • osuna says:
          obviously she don’t have any defects on her smooth skin, so what else is the purpose of the treatment MEDICAL of course,

          everyone jumps the gun to soon without reading it, oh well, what can we say. very limited knowledge I suppose.

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          • Aloha Osuna, Still stamping out those pesky “brush fires”. Lol, they keep popping up on all the threads. Kudo’s for a great job.

            Aloha and Mahalo Chasters for Supporting Charice!

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    12. noellen says:

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    13. Tom says:
      I can’t beleive my eyes when I see the front page in one of newspapers here in Saipan, (Mvariety 07-21-01) the 1st time Charice has been featured in a local newspaper, this means one thing, she’s getting noticed now, she’s global,yeheey, I’m a chaster, lurker for 3 yrs now since Starking, woot woot. :-p

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    14. Swanee says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • You should read the link on medical uses of botox. It is used mostly for medical reasons. The only cosmetic application is the reducing of frown lines (wrinkles). It is a neurotoxin which takes several months to show it’s affect. It basically paralyzes the muscles.

        Charice only had a high tech facial and and muscle relaxant to her jaw muscles. Both procedures take over a month to show any effect.

        Any changes you saw in the photos was due to camera angle, lighting, makeup and hairstyling.

        Aloha Chasters

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    15. pauline says:

      Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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      • osuna says:
        Pauline are you an expert in “sign”, get a life please, its over with. thank you.

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        • pauline says:
          Im not but im a chaster too and I have my right for my opinion.

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          • osuna says:
            Okay I apologize Pauline, but do some research and reading about Botox and their uses, before you start yakking about nonsense, you might learn something and you will have a better opinion of what your are YAKKING about , UNDERSTAND ?

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            • pauline says:
              what I mean I dont mind what charice do to herself and Im approve of beauty enhancement but based from the news in the Phils this treatment was done publicly. what i know that botox if for anti aging or as they said or its also used for the treatment of jaw problem maybe thats why Im just like the other ignorant fans who doesnt know about it thats why we reacted strongly against it but not for charice be im supporting charice im just afraid this will spoil evrything and im not nonsense.peace.

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      • LuckyRain0rig says:
        It does not matter, The BOTOX was done to relieve TMJ which is a joint (jaw) disorder to relax her jaw muscles. TMJ is very common especially to young adults. My daughter did have and for a week she could hardly eat not even speak. I was so scared. If I could afford the botox just to relieve her the pain I would have let her have it too.

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    16. osuna says:
      We still got some lowlifers still talking about BOTOX in the neighborhood, drop it, its an old procedure, been doing it for quite awhile , you guys are from stone age or something get a life please.

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      • Aloha Osuna, People are equating Botox with cosmetology but it used primarily to relieve medical symptoms. It’s a neurotoxin used to treat symptoms like sweaty palms, “crazy eye” and uncontrollable muscle tension. It is slow acting and only lasts a couple of months.

        All Charice had was a high tech facial and a muscle relaxant for her jaws. So simple but people are making a big thing out of it.

        Much Ado About Nothing! Chasters get a life! Hope this is the end.

        Aloha Chasters and Mahalo for Supporting Charice!

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    17. neznez says:
      Charice just tweet about “Malaysia cancellation, but she will be back early November”.

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    18. neznez says:
      News now she actually has cosmetic surgery and botox to her face because it was confirm by “Dr Belo”. I hope the Warner Brothers sue Dr Belo for releasing in the Philippine media falsifying information.

      HOw can Charice would have cosmetic surgery when she performed just an hour away when it happen? IF she has one her face will all be swollen and bandage for at least two or three days.

      I am glad Charice is coming back home to U.S. everybody is wandering what she look like may be it will stop all this non-sense. I hope she guests at “Dr Oz” show to settle this matter.

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    19. ayoskanadian says:
      Botox thing is not a big deal. Its been around for so many years. Many Phil. and international celebrities have undergone extreme makeover but nobody makes it an issue. I don’t even consider botox a makeover. But why only Charice is getting so much attention? ‘Coz she’s very special, very popular and she’s a BIG STAR now. She’s the next BIG one that David Foster is talking about. Congratulations Charice! You made it to the top babe! We love u.

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    20. merger2 says:
      Just read an article about Charice botox issue in Stars & Stripes Newspaper 21st July issue.

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      • webmarketer says:
        Could be wrong but isn’t the Stars & Stripes a US military newspaper? Charice is all over the place.

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        • eve says:
          Stars & Stripes is always a reference to the United States Flag. So of course this is a U.S. newspaper and probably a good presumption that it is military. There are a lot of Filipinos in the U.S. Military btw.

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    21. flowjam21 says:
      OMG!!!!!!!!the hottest news about Charice is Botox?i dont really care about the botox news,ill only care why The all among Asian Tour dates only The Malaysian Tour is cancelled?I’ve been waiting this tour dates almost everyday watching my calendar n counting the day of the tours,huhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!Why!I know,she has a committment in Glee,yes of course..Im excited the Glee becoz of her but why on that day she needed to go to L.A?I’m depreest ryt now….and again,Why November?i think November is a very long month to waith for that dates.Pleaseeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!Ma’am Raque,do u have any idea to do so about the cancellation?n why not so early to pose this announcement….just only 4 days to go n when i open the Charicemania n this is the news that i read off?i felt im falling in the 80th floor of Twin Tower ryt now…….:(

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      • romwaldo says:
        Even though I’m not in Malaysia I feel sorry for the Chasters there. I know how you feel. I’m sure Charice also feels bad for her fans there and most likely she would make it up to you and visit Malaysia the soonest she becomes available plus visit also Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Hongkong, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and other Asian countries she has not visited yet… It will be nice if it will be an ASIAN CONCERT TOUR next time to accommodate as many fans as possible.

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      • Ripley says:
        @flowjam21 I can understand your disappointment. I felt very bad about a week ago for missing a TV show featuring Charice here in the Philippines. And this was even though I had seen her many times before, and even watched her perform live! So I’m very sorry for all the Malaysian chasters. But please take heart in knowing that Charice is now a GLOBAL STAR and you will surely have a chance to see and meet her later. I’m sure that when the Malaysian tour happens in November, Charice will make it doubly special and one that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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      • ebug says:
        Don’t be sad, November is just around the corner. Good things happen to those who wait you know. By that time, Charice will be so huge (read:Glee) that your showcase ticket will be a hot hot hot commodity. Consider yourself lucky. =)

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    22. pardzleo says:
      This medical (beauty enhancement) procedure only opened my eyes into some realities…that Charice’s popularity is huge now..when the glee news started to circulate, i said to myself that it’s huge because it’s Glee…but now, it is all about her and the the botox thing and it seem to be a lot bigger issue coz even a german magazine picked it up and among their top 5 stories…she’s global…the botox issue will die a natural death coz a lot bigger and greater things are gonna happen…she’ll get away with it coz her talent is the most important and her success is the chasters success too…

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      • transistor_09 says:
        I totally agree with you. I’ve been a fan of Charice for a long time and I’ve been a lurker here in CM ever since I can’t rememeber :). I love Charice and I just can’t help it anymore that a lot of “so-called Chasters” are bashing my lovely Charice, stop it already, it’s hurting me everytime I read awful comment about this “not a big deal Botox”, I’m just thinking, if I’m hurt then what about Charice, I guess she’s crying inside…. Crabsters please stop persecuting our Princess, I’m begging, :( stop it!!!

        Charice don’t worry everything will be fine… Stay strong.
        P.S. I never ever commented to other artist before I guess there’s always a first time.:) Labyo Cha!!! (I’m Chaddicted!!!)

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      • cafegodot says:
        This is sooo right, pardzleo! You nailed it!!!

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    23. SoCalGirl123 says:
      Everything happens for a reason. Maybe Charice can be an advocate against unnecessary cosmetic procedures and/or improper, incomplete medical advice. Knowing Oprah, she might just have an episode regarding this issue, with Charice as one of the guests. Remember, audiences/fans are a forgiving and forgetful lot. Many celebrities, with far worst transgressions guested in Oprah and have redeemed themselves. What more of Charice who I think had a lapse of judgment because of her youth?

      This too shall pass. Just roll with the punches, Charice. Sadly, this is the price of fame.

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    24. SendMeAnAngel09 says:
      Why all of a sudden the schedule in Malaysia was canceled? What I understand before that the schedule of taping for Glee is only after Malaysia’s scheduled event?

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    25. genesis says:
      CJ– thanks very much for your concern. but we cannot put out fire with fire ,the best thing to do is be cool,smile and kind will eventually put out itself…. we need to be positive for our charice….PEACE..

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    26. starbuck245 says:
      This seems to be the botox discussion thread, at least until we can get to Fan Talk on Friday.

      I was pretty hot about this when news first broke, but now I see it as a huge publicity stunt, I would like to think it was planned by her team.

      Think about it…sure many people are upset, but the coverage on this topic which not only concerns Charice, but also millions of other teens and people who get botoxed (reportedly, the most common cosmetic medical procedure!!!) As the say in Hollywood, good or bad, any publicity is good publicity. Afterall, in the end, the botox/Thermage is temporary and relatively safe.

      Give team CM credit, folks. It’s generated tremendous press coverage for Charice.

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      • ncube says:
        I agree. Those folks at Fox are probably loving this – free publicity. And while this puts Charice in a somewhat negative light it does make her the most anticipated new Glee cast member. I really wouldn’t worry about the negative publicity as Charice seems to have the knack of turning challenges into opportunities.

        I’m just hopeful though that she would not resort into anymore far more serious treatments. She is beautiful as she is.

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        • manang babes says:
          I would like to think so too, that publicity, positive or negative is still publicity. Will this translate into more album sales? We can only hope so. However, methinks that the backlash was way too negative. It would be interesting to check on the billboards chart, though.
          The idea of Charice being an advocate against the use of B is briliant. Yes, Oprah maybe can have an episode about it and Charice can guest. That’s damage control.
          Meanwhile, we need to get into the blogs and show our support to Charice and we as fans need to move on. Let’s not add fuel into the fire. Even the chatroom, I think should stop talking about this issue and stop posting links about the newest biz about it. It happened Saturday right? It was on the news Sunday, got picked up by the international community and bang it went like an explosion. Its Wed, now, five days after the fact, time to move on.

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    27. livelifetothefullest says:
      Just ignore those morons, Charice tremendous talent is too big enough for any criticism that would come her way. I’ve seen a lot of artist who aren’t blessed with good features and who are a lot lot way behind Charice natural beauty, and yet they’ve gained the stardom they have worked for, even if their talent and gifts aren’t as awe inspiring as Charice.

      I am 40 years old now, and I hate the look effects of botox on people, period.

      If it is for medical reason, it’s totally understandable, but for just cosmetic NO! NO! NO!

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      • livelifetothefullest says:
        But then again, i’m not so worried, as Botox only last a maximum of six months.

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    28. CJ says:
      Calling all Chasters…pls read write up about charice. British people who does not know her were judging her by her round face and even leave some insulting comments. I have already defended her but we need all the chasters army to let them know that they are bashing a very big wall…bigger than justin beiber’s wall and a legion of fan more loyal than beiber’s fan. Charice is the best and don’t deserve to be judge by her physical attributes by these snobs. Go forward chasters!

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